Disney: 24 Crossover Relationship Fan Pictures That Are Too Sweet For Words

These Disney fan pictures are beyond cute — every fan of the movies will enjoy them.

Greetings, Disney fans. We're back to make you cross-eyed with another cross-over bonanza. You, being a seasoned Disney Fanart connoisseur, have seen your fair share of crossover art. No doubt. But today’s pickings are examples of the best the under-appreciated art form has to offer. We’ll be taking a look at Disney crossovers of families from different franchises. This means pairing up unlikely characters from all sorts of films— from the most obvious contenders to some of Disney’s lesser-known offerings.

Having been around the crossover block so to speak, I feel like I have an idea what makes a successful ship. It can’t be an in-your-face coupling, like Prince Philip and Snow White. That’s not that creative. Nobody cares either since the Disney princes are mostly interchangeable. What makes a sturdy ship is a pairing from disparate series that makes perfect sense in retrospect. Elsa and Jack Frost are only one such example, though that ship has been overplayed. The best artists like to take secondary and tertiary characters and remix them together in surround ways. Does the celebrity name Jimel mean anything to you? Oh, it will, dear reader, it will.

These images have been personally curated so as to appear as authentic as possible. That means I tried to evade bad photoshop jobs as best as I could. There is some seamless photoshop work here, as well as some impressive original art. Here are 25 Disney crossover families.

24 Jim and Melody AKA Jimel


Art by: Lawliette-chan

There’s an entire subculture devoted to pairing Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet and Ariel’s kid Melody from The Little Mermaid sequels. No, I’m telling you, it’s a major community. It's really surprising how committed they are — but hey, the internet is a big place. Here we have a fairly standard Jimel (that’s the couple’s celebrity name; not a celebrity name of Jimmy Kimmel coupling with himself). It’s their wedding day. I’m not sure whether this is photoshop work or original art but it is well done. Long live Jimel. Jimel! Jimel!

23 Tangled Up With You


Art by: FERNL

Now this is a ship we can get behind. Belle and Rapunzel make a good couple, considering they’re both introverts.

Belle is an introvert by choice and Rapunzel is forced to be one.

But no more! Somehow Rapunzel broke free from oppressive Mother Gothel and she’s escaped to the French countryside. Now she spends her days with her girlfriend Belle reading books in bucolic paradise. If anything could inspire a song, it’s that.

22 Meet Our New Guest


Art by: sonala

An unconventional pairing from the same film. Belle and Fifi, previously a feather duster and newly-minted French maid, are doting over their baby. Presumably this was Belle and Adam’s kid. You’ll notice he’s got the hair to prove it. I don’t know what beastly fate Adam encountered, but he’s out of the picture now. Instead we have a modern family. I’m okay with this. I think we’ll need an entirely new franchise to watch them grow as a couple. For science.

21 Hades And Facilier’s Modern Family


Art by: cancersyndromedits

Sometimes the worst people make the best parents. Here we have an unlikely coupling in Hades from Hercules and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.

Hades trapped Persephone in the underworld with him half the year, so he’s good with joint custody.

Maybe both these men were such grumpy Guses because they had never found The One until they met each other. You know Hades is going to be a good dad.

20 Tiana And Her Father-In-Law


Art by: cancersyndromedits

Continuing in the vein of unlikely pairings, enjoy this picture of domestic warmth. Princess Jasmine and her papa The Sultan are chilling in Tiana’s diner. I’m guessing that Tiana and Jasmine are the ones in a relationship and there isn’t some freaky swapping situation going on, but to each his own. The girls look like they’re really in love. Once again it’s such a heartwarming image that we’d love to see it as a feature film. It's joyful pairing that I'm sure most people would agree with.

19 Jariel Walks Down The Aisle


Art by: CancerSyndromEdits

This is a stunning piece of work. So often crossovers can look badly photoshopped— believe me, I’ve seen my share — but this is top notch work. I don’t even think this is photoshopped; it looks digitally drawn. It’s a testament to the artist’s ability that I can really make all the difference. The lighting technique is the clue that this is high-quality work, though I don't know where the green is coming from on Jasmine. Too often, characters are cropped and superimposed into each other’s scenes without the most cursory of light balances.

18 Nita And Her Belle


Art by: CancerSyndromEdits

Enjoy this coupling of Belle and Nita from Brother Bear. Nita is certainly one of the lesser known characters from Disney seeing as how Brother Bear isn’t a massive franchise. It’s touching to see these women together.

Anachronism has never stopped a fan artist worth their salt.

Unfortunately, they’re separated by hundreds of years and a continent. That never stopped fan artists though. The artist says they are

17 A Juliet And Juliet Story


Art by: CancerSyndromEdits

I don’t know if it’s just me, but something feels right about this pairing. Yes yes, it doesn’t make any sense in terms of history. They’re not even in the same mythology. But Megara and Esmeralda both have mischievous, femme fatale-like qualities to them.

The ancient Greeks were a bit more open-minded than renaissance France.

It isn’t hard to imagine that they’d run against the customs of their age to have a romance together. Of course, it would only be Esmeralda who would be running a risk.

16 The Force Between Us


Art by: shibamura-prime

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. How are they familiar? Come on. Look at the charged glance between them. Are you telling me there isn’t something going on here? Besides, it’s been well established that Elsa’s entire song Let It Go is a metaphor for a specifc kind of selfdiscovery. And Rey? She’s just has Kylo to choose from. That’s not a whole lot of selection. It looks like this queen/Jedi duo are going to battle their way out of some skirmish and then celebrate later together.

15 Giselle Is Enchanted By Gaston


Art by: AniMagix101

Watch out, Giselle! That Gaston is a bad egg! He’s not the catch he seems like! He’s only the most handsome, strong, charming, gregarious, and popular guy in all of his musical French village. He’s also got clout with every villager in town who will drop everything they’re doing to help him in a pinch. He’s also got a devoted fan base and a gay best friend depending on which version he’s coming from. He’s also the crush of these triplets who literally only love for him. So you know, watch out.

14 Octo Ariel’s Family


Art by: Lawliette-chan

Octo Ariel, nobody suspects a thing! No? Anybody? You’re too young. I love this piece of art because it doesn’t crossover Ariel with another franchise, it crosses her over with a character from her own franchise. Specifically, the villain Ursula. That’s pretty bold considering that Ursula is one of the most repugnant villains in the Disney canon (it’s the tentacles). Ariel is also joined by her daughter Melody, also part octopus. But if anybody can pull off being an octo-lady, it’s Ariel. She humanizes the creature. I think we’ve all learned something here today.

13 Jimel’s Engagement


Art by: Lawliette-chan

You guys. It’s another Jimel. Did you really think there would only be one Jimel on this list? You filthy casual.

We’re talking about one of the most celebrated tertiary couplings in an obscure shipping subculture ever.

Melody and Jim are enjoying a ride in a carriage, but it doesn’t look too boring! Jim is holding Melody’s hand. Is he proposing? The Jimel tabloids would go insane. I suspect this pairing is so groundbreaking and awesome since both characters are relatively minor. That sucks for Jim, who is a main character in an original feature.

12 Forbidden Love: Hiccup and Rapunzel


Art by: HirokoChu18

This pairing is pretty good, but it’s not Jimel good. In all fairness, what pairing is as good as Jimel? Can you guess who the man is in this image? You can? It’s because I included it in the title? Well, look at you, reading the text. The art is terrific here. I love the style the artist has used. There’s a vintage Disney quality to their designs and smiles that recalls classic films like Cinderella. Yet, the drawings are good enough that you can immediately tell these are modern Disney characters. Well, Hiccup is from Dreamworks after all. It’s a forbidden romance.

11 The Original Prince of Egypt


Art by: AniMagix101

Now, THIS is an unlikely pairing in a list of unlikely pairings. Do you recognize all the players here? First up is Zipporah from The Prince of Egypt. She’s got a baby with Aladdin’s dad! Didn’t know Aladdin’s had a dad? You clearly didn’t have parents who loved (or hated you) enough to show you the direct-to-VHS Aladdin sequel.

The whole plot is centered around Aladdin tracking down daddy. Oh my gosh, do you think Zipporah is Aladdin’s mother? That would change so much about the story ... it would be quite a lot for all of them to process, I'm sure.

10 Evil Queen Dream Team


Art by: jostnic

Ah how sweet. It’s two evil queens in a relationship! The evil queen from Snow White has matched with Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Who knows how they got together. It’s possible that they used a crystal ball dating app or something.

They’re in those first few days of their relationship where they stay up all night talking, presumably about the ways their enemies will be smitten.

You can really see how there bonding over their mutual love of inflicting misery. We need another franchise!

9 Belle Finds The Lost Boys


Art by: jostnic

Now here’s another pairing we can get behind. Belle has teamed up with Wendy and the Lost boys. I’m not so sure where the whole coupling comes in. Maybe there isn’t any. But we can definitely tell that there’s a familial bond here. Being such a bookworm, Belle is spending her time reading to the children. Even Peter Pan has stopped chasing his shadow long enough to listen. I think this is such an effective crossover because a mother figure is exactly what the lost boys lack.

8 Pocahontas And Custer


Art by: Boxjelly1

Colonel Custer is the main bad guy in Dreamworks’ Spirit. But there’s one Disney gal who has a habit of getting with guys on the other side, and that’s Pocahontas. Although this pairing makes zero sense historically or whatever, it also still kinda makes sense? I mean I can see Custer and Pocahontas getting together in frontier times... even though that’s about two hundred years after Pocahontas’ time. I love this picture very much as it implies so much. It’s a mundane slice of domestic life. There’s a lot to read between the lines.

7 The Lion King Before Time


Art by: SilverWolf866

Now I never thought The Land Before Time could make me cry more, but there ya go. Little foot is giving a big hug to Vitani, from one of The Lion King sequels. Here is the artist’s description: “Littlefoot is comforting Vitani after hearing her story of how she became a part of Simba's Pride, the difficult life she had in the outlands, and about her mother and brother. She, in turn, is glad and flattered by Littlefoot's kindness and consideration as they both come to relate and understand one another.”

6 Tarzan, King Of Africa


Art by: aleand13

Here we have The Lion King with one of Disney’s most famous wildlife. No I’m not talking about Mogli. What if Tarzan hadn’t ended up in the jungle and getting raised by gorillas? What if his parents got stranded (somehow) in Africa. Well, first of all, he never would’ve made it past this picture because lions are carnivores. You think that’s love in their faces? Wake up! They are a disappeared race because of the lions. I guess the price of getting eaten isn’t so bad if you don’t have to withstand so many Phil Collins montages.

5 Jimel Forever


Art by: Lawliette-chan

Guess who’s back? Back again? Jimel’s back. Tell your favorite fan shipping subculture. Gang, it’s the world’s most celebrated coupling of tertiary characters. Are we finally being treated to the Jimel origin story? Does God smile upon us this day? Jim is doing piratey things on board his ship when a girl stumbles across him. That’s Melody. It doesn’t matter that she’s not really a mermaid and that Jim’s ship is in space (it’s called Treasure PLANET). Those are incidental details. What matters is that artists at Deviantart have renamed their children Jimel.

4 Alice in Neverland


Art by: There-is-no-box

Wonderland is a whole lot like Neverland. Both end in “lands” for one thing, but more than that, they’re secret upside-down worlds hidden from us mundanes. Alice is our everyday peek through the looking glass, just like Wendy and the lost boys are the regular people that help us navigate the world of Neverland. It’s therefore not a great leap to see Alice as the one meeting Peter Pan. A film could easily work, since he is every bit as colorful as the characters she meets in her film.

3 Snorlax Keeps Aurora Company


Art by: VibaFleischer

Hey, it’s our most beloved narcoleptics of all time, Aurora and Snorlax! Not many people might have thought to bring these two together, but artist Vina Fleischer did. It’s so nice to see hear two socializing for once, since they’re usually sleeping the day away. In Pokémon, you need a Pokéflute to wake up Snorlax. In Sleeping Beauty, you need to kiss her. Let’s take a moment to switch the scenarios. I bet Ash would’ve had a much easier time if he had to kiss Aurora, but then he might’ve found something that interested him more than Pokémon.

2 A Couple’s Retreat


Art by: FERNL

A scene of pastoral bliss. Princess Tiana and Naveen are having a grand old time in the woods with Snow White and her man. We’re witnessing the first few moments before the guys broach mixing things up and making the girls uncomfortable.

Naveen has busted out the ol' guitar and is treating them to some Wonderwall.

In all honesty, this is a wonderful drawing from FERNL. The artist is well known for impressive Disney pairings, and so you’re highly encouraged to check out their page for more content like this.

1 Belle Likes Them Hairy


Art by: Boxjelly1

So, uh, just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder on this list— I throw this curveball at you. Here Belle is in love with a moose. You read that (and saw it) correctly. The truth comes out now. There’s been a longstanding theory that she was really only into The Beast when he WAS a beast— and now it’s basically confirmed. Once the beast transformed back into his gross male model form, Belle ran into the woods to find herself Bambi’s dad.

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