30 Wild Disney Fan Theories (We Can't Believe Are True)

Most people are probably so hypnotized by the art and music of Disney movies, they don’t even notice all of the small details and easter eggs. Thankfully for the internet, we don’t have to. Hardcore Disney fans must really watch the films with a magnifying glass, considering their ability to analyze the smallest of details and post their thoughts on various sites for us to indulge in.

With the hundreds of movies that Disney has made, come thousands of fan theories on the internet from fans eager to put their input into the story. While there are plenty of fan theories out there that make tons of sense, such as Ariel being related to Hercules and Tarzan being the lost sibling of Anna and Elsa, there’s also many that seem a bit far-fetched. With all of the realistic theories that have you impatiently awaiting their confirmation, there’s definitely an equal amount of fan theories that will have you looking at your screen thinking “What the heck?”

Even though realistic fan theories are really cool and smart, where’s the fun in that? Everyone knows and loves the Pixar theory, which consists of the belief that every Pixar film exists in the same universe. But there’s plenty of other theories that attempt to connect Disney films to movies and shows completely unrelated, and try to create their own silly backstories for characters you know and love.

Here are 30 of some of the wildest fan theories on the internet. Some are so crazy that they even kind of make sense.

30 Mary Poppins Works For The Ministry Of Magic

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Mary Poppins can do magic, she can fly, she’s British and she even has a purse that can hold an endless amount of items, just like Hermione does in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So obviously, Mary Poppins must take place in the same universe as Harry Potter (despite the fact that it was released years before), because we all know coincidences don’t exist in the world of fandom.

The theory suggests that she worked for the ministry of magic, and it was her job to help muggles adjust to the fact that magic exists.

So, why wasn’t she in Harry Potter? Well, apparently she passed away before the rise of Voldemort. Or maybe it’s just because Disney hasn’t bought the rights to Harry Potter yet.

29 The Beast Is Chip's Father

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One of the craziest theories we’ve heard, this one somehow managed to make its way into popularity and is widely believed. This theory suggests that the beast from Beauty and the Beast is Chip’s real father – but don’t feel too disgusted, because the theory also claims Mrs. Potts isn’t his real mother (huge sigh of relief). Apparently, the beast had a brief fling with a random peasant woman and left Chip in the care of his trustworthy servant, Mrs. Potts.

As crazy as it sounds, it does make sense that Mrs. Potts is too old to give birth to a child, and there is a slight resemblance between Chip and the Beast. But there’s also the possibility that Mrs. Potts is simply just his grandmother instead, which is way more fitting for Disney.

28 Maui Is Responsible For The Fate Of Lilo's Parents

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If you didn’t already know, Maui is a demigod that can control the weather and shape-shift. Considering Maui is part god, his life-span could easily mean he still existed for the duration of Lilo and Stitch.

At the beginning of the movie, Lilo says she’s on her way to visit a fish called Pudge that can control the weather. One Youtuber claims that Pudge the fish is actually Maui in disguise and the rainstorm that causes Lilo’s parents' car accident could have been caused by the trickster god by accident, which isn’t out of character for him. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the power to revive people.

27 Mushu Wanted To Get Rid Of Mulan

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Mushu is a guardian of the Fa family, who is assigned to restore honor to the family by making sure Mulan’s secret isn’t revealed during the war.

Everyone just assumed his job required him to protect her, but what if it actually wasn’t? In a podcast about fan theories, one man claims that it’s possible the best way to make sure no one finds out she’s a woman, would be to get rid of her before it’s revealed. This would ensure honor is restored to the family, and would seem as if their son is actually a war hero instead of a fraud.

26 Wall-E Is The Ruler Of The Underworld

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Wall-E is clearly the biggest villain in all of Disney, and one Reddit user knew exactly how to point that out. The movie's similarity to the Bible would have the ordinary viewer believe that Wall-E represents Adam and EVE represents, well, Eve. But don’t be fooled! That’s exactly what he (Wall-E) want you to think!

Just like Eve was given an apple from an evil being, Wall-E gives EVE a plant, which would help bring humankind back to earth. The movie makes this seem like a good thing, but humans are living in paradise on their ship. Living on earth could bring plenty of new problems, such as fighting over land, greed, and agriculture – the horror!

25 Sully Was Turned Into A Toilet Seat Cover

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You’d never think a small easter egg of a toilet seat cover could erupt into a storm of theories about the fate of your favorite character, but given the state of the Disney fandom, that’s exactly what happened.

From a few images posted on Tumblr, you can see in the first Monster’s Inc. movie, Randy tells Sully that he heard humans skin monsters and turn them into toilet seat covers. Sully didn’t believe it. But later, in a Toy Story animated short film, there’s a scene of a little girl in a bathtub and the toilet seat cover in the bathroom looks EXACTLY like Sully’s fur. Yikes. Pixar sure has a lot of explaining to do.

24 High School Musical Shares Universe With The Purge

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There’s plenty of weird things the teenagers in High School Musical do without ever being punished for.

Mrs. Darbus commits forgery and applies to college for Troy, they completely trashed their school in the beginning of High School Musical 2, they also most likely contaminated the kitchen while they danced to Work It Out in the sequel. All of these actions surely should have gotten them in big trouble, but no one else seemed to care.

According to a user on Reddit, all of this clearly must mean they live in the same universe as the Purge, the film series in which there’s one night every year where all crime is legal.

23 The Winter Soldier Got Rid Of Spider-Man's Parents

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In Civil War, in order to hypnotize Bucky into the menacing Winter Soldier, a few words have to be said. One of the words was “homecoming”, which caused plenty of debate amongst fans, considering it’s the title of Spider-Man’s first MCU movie.

Some fans believe it’s because Bucky went on a mission called Homecoming, in which he eliminated Peter’s parents.

Bucky Barnes has a history of doing damage to superheroes' parents, primarily with Iron Man’s dad. Could it be possible that he’s also responsible for Peter Parker’s parents?

22 Jafar Is Actually The Good Guy In Aladdin

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We all know Jafar is evil, but some fans believe there’s a possibility that he’s actually the good guy. Remember the sales merchant at the beginning of the film? They’re the ones telling the entire story of Aladdin, but what if they changed a few details in order to convince us that having a magic lamp is a good idea? It’s not uncommon for salesmen to lie in order to sell a product, and the only way the lamp seems ideal is if Aladdin is the good guy.

Maybe Jafar really did want to become Sultan in order to help the kingdom, but Aladdin came along and ruined everything. There’s also the fact that Aladdin is no doubt a liar and a thief at the beginning of the movie, so it makes sense for Jafar to want to get rid of him.

21 Rapunzel Is Elsa's Real Sister

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Taking place in the same timeline, having a striking resemblance, magic powers and both being left-handed must mean Rapunzel and Elsa are twin sisters, right?

According to a Youtube video, Rapunzel’s mother drank a magical healing potion while pregnant with twins that granted both of them magic powers, which explains the origin of Elsa’s ice abilities. After Rapunzel’s parents lost their daughter to Mother Gothel, they wouldn’t want to risk losing the second (Elsa), so they shipped her away to the kingdom of Arendelle to live safely.

Perhaps with the sister of Rapunzel's mother, which would make Anna and Elsa cousins.

20 Snow White Is A Vampire

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Based off the film's description of Snow White, which states she has “lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow,” one tumblr user points out the fact that those are quite vampiric features. Another user responded, stating that if she were actually a vampire, it would explain a lot in the movie. Such as her ability to convince the dwarves and animals to help her out, and why the queen desired her heart.

If you’ve seen the Vampire Diaries, you’d know some vampires can control minds and live forever unless their heart is removed. Perhaps the queen put some vervain in the apple to poison her?

19 Ursula Once Loved A Human Named Vanessa

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If you’ve seen the Little Mermaid, you’d know that Ariel’s mermaid form and human form pretty much look exactly the same, minus the tail. When Ursula becomes human though, she turns into an entirely different person and even invents a new name for herself. A user on Reddit suggests that it’s odd how she specifically decided to look that way and call herself Vanessa, so perhaps it’s because Vanessa was once a real woman that she knew.

Could it be possible that Ursula once fell in love with a human woman named Vanessa, just like Ariel fell in love with her Prince? Personally, I think it’s a really cool idea, and provides more backstory to her character.

18 The Fly In The Emperor's New Groove Was Human

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Animals in the Emperor’s New Groove don’t talk – unless they’ve taken a magic potion. But there’s one little critter in the film that breaks these rules, and cries out the words “help me!” before becoming spider food. Considering Yzma has tons of potions that turn people into multiple different animals, is it possible that the small fly was once human and had also taken a potion? Maybe. Or maybe Disney fans just have way too much time on their hands.

Although this theory is likely untrue, the scene of the fly is still tragically sad.

17 Peter Pan Is Actually A Villain

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All you need is faith, trust, and the souls of children?

Based on a Reddit post from 5 years ago, Peter Pan purposely takes children away from their homes under the orders of evil pixies in exchange for immortality. Captain Hook, who is aware of the harm done by treacherous Peter Pan, is constantly trying to stop him. Believable? I think not. But the twist of Peter Pan being evil seems to be one people love, considering the hit ABC show Once Upon a Time followed a very similar storyline.

16 Jessie's Previous Owner Is Andy's Mom

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Jessie was previously owned by a little girl named Emily before she was abandoned and taken by the same collector who took Woody in Toy Story 2. Now, if you paid attention to Andy, you’d notice he sometimes wears a hat that resembles Woody’s hat – except, not exactly. Andy’s hat has white lace just like Jessie’s hat, while Woody’s doesn’t. So why would Andy wear Jessie’s hat when he didn’t even own her yet?

A theory on the internet convinced plenty of people that it’s because Jessie’s previous owner, Emily, is actually Andy’s mom. There’s even a flashback scene where you can see Jessie in Emily’s room, and Emily has the same exact hat as Andy! Crazy, but totally believable.

15 Inside Out Was Joy's Plan To Get Rid Of Bingbong

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Joy only has one job, and that’s to make sure Riley always stays happy. Considering Bingbong is imaginary character Riley made up, one Reddit user believes that if Bingbong was still around by the time Riley went through puberty, it could cause problems for her in the future. Joy was aware of this, so within the film, her main priority was to make sure he was gone. Bingbong falling into Riley’s forgotten memories was no accident, it was all set up by Joy in an attempt to secure Riley’s happiness.

This theory is a bit of a stretch since it invents a whole new hidden storyline, but it sure is creative either way.

14 Anna Has Nature Powers

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Elsa has powers of ice, so it would only make sense that Anna has powers of her own, right? Many fans have theorized about this, considering that maybe Elsa is ice and Anna is fire. But one Reddit user suggests that instead of fire, it makes more sense that her powers are nature-related.

Considering Elsa always wears blue to symbolize ice, Anna has a tendency to wear green and floral clothes. Her auburn hair is reminiscent of autumn, and her blue eyes could symbolize the sky.

Far-fetched? Kind of, but who knows what Frozen 2 will bring to us.

13 Aladdin Was Completely Made Up

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Similarly to the theory of Jafar being evil, this theory relies on the same salesman being an unreliable narrator once again.

Just like they could have tweaked the story to make Aladdin seem like the good guy, while it was actually Jafar, they could have completely made up the entire story. 

Who would have thought that the entirety of events in Aladdin could actually be fiction? Certainly not us. Although, considering the merchant at the beginning of the film has actually been confirmed to be the genie, I'm not sure how well this theory truly holds up anymore.  

12 Hans Isn't A Bad Guy

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If you’ve watched Frozen, it becomes clear at the end that Hans is the villain that betrayed Anna in an attempt to take over her kingdom. But what if that’s not really the case after all? According to a video on youtube, it was theorized that Hans was a good guy at the beginning of the film, but at some point, he was later influenced by the trolls to become evil. According to their theory, Hans turning evil was an attempt by the trolls to get Kristoff into the royal family instead.

This theory is based on the fact that Hans refused to harm Elsa, even though he was given the opportunity to do so at various points in the film. Many fans are hoping for this to be revealed in the upcoming Frozen sequel, although it does seem unlikely.

11 Aladdin Appears In Hercules

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Unless you watch Disney films with a magnifying glass like the hardcore fans (probably) do, you probably wouldn’t notice the purple shooting star that appears while Hercule sings Go The Distance. In Disney’s Aladdin, during the music sequence for A Whole New World, they just so happen to visit Greece and many other places in a short time-span. This theory suggests that the purple shooting star seen in Hercules, just so happens to be Jasmine and Aladdin on their magic carpet ride.

This probably won’t ever be confirmed by Disney, but it sure is my one last hope.

10 The Government Allowed Syndrome To Get Rid Of Supers

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The government agents in the Incredibles had one very important job: supervise the supers. They also happened to be very bad at that job, considering Syndrome was taking Supers to his island and harming them. This grabbed the attention of one Reddit user, who believes the government must have purposely allowed Syndrome to take Supers, in order to make their jobs easier.

Obviously, the superheroes caused a lot of damage and issues for the government, which you could see in Incredibles 2.

A group that secretly allowed supers to be taken away by a villain makes this the most believable theory on the list.

9 Dopey Grew Up To Be Gepetto

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A user on Tumblr believes that Dopey from Snow White and Gepetto from Pinocchio have very similar personalities and even look alike, which clearly means they must be the same person. Her theory suggests that Dopey actually wasn’t ever a dwarf, but in fact, he was a small child.

When he grew up, he changed his name to Geppetto and created a doll that even resembles Snow White, because he misses her. You can hold back your tears because it’s probably not true. But it’s still nice to believe.

8 King Candy Is Venellope's Father

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In Wreck-It-Ralph, it seemed as if Turbo invented the character King Candy in order to rule Sugar Rush. But what if that’s not the case?

This theory suggests that King Candy was already a character, and Turbo simply erased him and stole his code. If King Candy previously existed, then that would mean Princess Venellope is, in fact, his daughter, which would make her story even more tragic than we thought. 

Although, this theory is up for debate because the movie doesn't indicate that King Candy was ever a character in Sugar Rush before Turbo infiltrated the game.

7 Captain Hook Responsible For The Fate Of Ariel’s Mom

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In one popular scene of the Peter Pan movie, there’s one mermaid that looks quite similar to another redhead that’s part of another world… or is she? One theory suggests that the mermaid seen in Peter Pan is actually Ariel’s mother, and Captain Hook is the man responsible for her disappearance.

Though this does raise many questions, such as: what was Ariel's mom doing in Neverland? Why was she being so mean to Wendy? And most importantly: why is Ariel's mother so interested in Peter Pan when she's supposed to be with the king of the seas?

6 Moana Takes Place In The Same World As American Gods

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According to a post on tumblr, the film Moana takes place in the same universe as the Prime original series. Apparently, a character on the show states, “The first island they set foot on came to bear the name of Maui, demigod of the Wind and Sea, hero to all.”

The show's premise focuses on Gods from Mythology living in the modern-day US. Considering Maui is an actual trickster God according to mythology, this theory is incredibly far-fetched and coincidental. Although, we can’t deny that it would be cool if Dwayne Johnson reprised his role as Maui for an appearance on the show.

5 Boo Is The Witch From Brave

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Everyone who’s ever seen Monsters Inc. loves Boo. She’s cute, funny and one of the main characters of the film. But what happens to her when she grows up?

Many people believe that she learned how to create her own magic portals with doors after her adventures with Mike and Sully, in an attempt to find her old monster friends. She opened one door that took her back in time to which the events of Brave are taking place. Eventually, she becomes the evil witch that becomes obsessed with wood, because the portals only work with wood. This theory is backed up by some easter eggs in Brave, such as a drawing of Sully in the evil witch's workshop.

Although it’s hard to believe such an adorable little girl can grow up to be a mean witch, this theory is, in fact, part of the Pixar theory, which has too many believers for me to knock it.

4 Elsa Is Frozone's Ancestor

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You’ve heard Tarzan is related to Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel is also their cousin, and Hercules is Ariel’s cousin, but what about Frozone? I mean, for obvious reasons, no one would suspect him to be an ancestor of Elsa, but they do happen to share the same superpower. According to one Reddit user, Elsa is actually related to Frozone.

In addition to that, Elsa’s reign of Arendelle sets up the future of Incredibles, which is basically a world where supers are accepted.

Interesting theory, but this has got to be the most unlikely one of all. Can we just accept that not everyone in the Disney universe has to be related to each other?

3 Ron Stoppable Is Secretly A Lady's Man

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Ron Stoppable was perceived as dorky, clumsy and silly in pretty much every episode of Kim Possible. A video on youtube points out that despite the way that he’s presented, Ron went on plenty of dates (more than Kim), and even turned down Yori, a ninja who was interested in him.

There was also an episode where Bonnie (the most popular girl at school) even showed an interest in Ron when he was announced homecoming king. Maybe Ron was a lot better with the ladies than he let on. Possibly because of his obvious interest in Kim?

2 Jar Jar Binks Is A Sith Lord

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Jar Jar Binks somehow managed to become the one character everyone agrees to hate in Star Wars. He’s goofy, dumb, and annoying. No one thought he could ever be capable of much, until one fan theorized that he’s actually supreme leader Snoke.

This theory is based on small details in The Phantom Menace, in which Jar Jar appears to be a skilled fighter, and also possibly a master of mind control. This just so happens to be one of the wildest, and also most widely believed fan theories. Could it actually be true? (I highly doubt it.)

1 Herbie Is A Transformer

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Herbie Fully Loaded is a movie about a car that just so happens to be alive with pretty much no explanation in the entire movie. Thanks to the internet, one Reddit user made an interesting connection and claims that Herbie is, in fact, a part of the Transformers universe. 

The theory states that Herbie was actually an Autobot that was sent to earth in order to prepare for relocation, but Herbie abandoned his mission because of laziness and decided to just become a race car instead. I mean, I guess I'd wanna do that too if I were a Transformer. 

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