5 Disney Franchises That Need A Video Game Adaption (& 5 That Wouldn't Work)

Disney movies offer up classic entertainment. While some of the films would make really fun video games, there are a few that wouldn't work.

The old way of making a movie was to make sure that a video game that cost approximately $12.50 to develop was always released alongside it. These games were generally considered shovelware, but the trend was a successful one that went on for years. Nowadays, there aren’t many tie-in games. With the number of classics that Disney releases to theaters every year, that’s quite a shame. They have a ton of properties that would work great in video game form.

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Thus, we’ll be taking a look at five of these franchises that need a video game adaptation, along with how those supposed titles would work. We'll also look at five other properties that wouldn’t work all too well in video game form.

10 Need: Frozen

Frozen is a perfect candidate for the video game treatment. Whether it was an adaptation of the movie or a completely new story, there are many ways that Frozen could work as a game. The main gameplay hook would obviously be playing as Elsa, using her ice powers to take down enemies (or run away from her demons), with maybe a few levels in between controlling Kristoff’s sled.

Honestly, you could also just make it the entire Let it Go sequence from Kingdom Hearts 3 too. It would work either way, really.

9 Wouldn’t Work: Moana

Moana is absolutely one of the best Disney movies of the past decade, but a video game adaptation really wouldn’t work. The best way it could be formulated would be a Wind Waker-esque title, exploring the oceans to your heart’s content.

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Even, the locales that Moana visits in her film are so sparse that there simply wouldn’t be much to do or explore in this format. Don’t worry, you have several thousand mobile games to pick from, though.

8 Need: Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is the ultimate video game crossover… in a movie. The film is absolutely begging for a video game adaptation. While the second title certainly strayed a bit from video games in favor of the internet, there’s still a ton of potential to make a game out of the series.

Some of the fictional games featured in the franchise could also be turned into real games. Gal Gadot starring in the live-service game Slaughter Race? Anthem could never.

7 Wouldn’t Work: The Princess And The Frog

The final (and stunning) traditionally animated Disney film The Princess And The Frog wouldn’t work too well as a game, unfortunately. If you follow the movie’s plot, there’s not much to do at all, and if you do an original take set after the movie… maybe you run Tiana’s restaurant?

The original film doesn't give many ideas for how this would work in a video game since you would need it to be interactive. Honestly, the time is right for a Frogger return so there’s an avenue to explore.

6 Need: Toy Story

Toy Story definitely lends itself to a video game format. There are many possible playable characters in these movies, and players could run around Andy's house along with other locations. This is the perfect recipe for a great video game. There are tons of different ways to go with a video game here.

The best possible course of action would be an open world styled game with main missions and side content, but realistically, a minigame collection is also a likely candidate. Disney, give us the 1st person action-horror Toy Story game that we deserve.

5 Wouldn’t Work: Cinderella

Do you know what Disney fans want to play? A cleaning simulator followed by instructing your mice slaves to make you things. Yeah, there’s really not too much to work with when it comes to a Cinderella video game. It would probably be more fun to play as Lady Tremaine, foiling everyone’s plan. She is a true icon.

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No matter what angle you take, a video game adaptation wouldn't work here. Now Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time, boy there are just too many games to make (just kidding).

4 Need: Once Upon A Time

The TV show Once Upon a Time would be perfect for a video game adaptation, simply due to the sheer amount of properties that were explored throughout the show’s run. There are several different worlds and incarnations of each and every character, and creating a fully explorable hub world would make for a fun time for players.

While not the biggest Disney property, it holds lots of possibilities for a great game.

3 Wouldn’t Work: Inside Out

The fact that Jurassic World beat the Disney movie Inside Out at the box office is absolutely preposterous. However, there’s no way that this movie could work as a game.

The only possible avenues would be exploring Riley's memories, which doesn’t really make sense. Also, since this movie is so sad and emotional, we don't need a video game adaptation anytime soon.

2 Need: The Little Mermaid

Two huge, open, explorable maps in the form of the sea and land alone are a great hook for a possible Little Mermaid game. Now the content of the game, you might ask? Hmm, hold on a second. Oh, got it. An action-adventure game that has Ariel dealing with oceanic and land issues that need fixing.

Okay, so it's not the most fleshed out idea, but players would find an ocean-focused game to be fun, that's for sure.

1 Wouldn’t Work: One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Yeah, okay, this is kind of out of left-field. But One Hundred and One Dalmatians wouldn't work as a game. Who would you play as? The dogs? Cruella? It could be done as a platformer maybe… but honestly, why bother?

It just doesn’t suit itself to... wait, no, nevermind. Here's the perfect video game: a real-time strategy title similar to Pikmin. Alright, give us a 2020 release date right now because this is the Disney game that we deserve.

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