Disney: 25 Frozen Characters Reimagined As Students

Disney's Frozen is set in a fantasy land — but that hasn't stopped artists from taking the characters to modern schools.

School can be one wild ride. There are cliques and classes, tests and papers, proms and sporting events. It’s a time to find out who you are and who you want to become. It’s full of pressure, yes. But in the long run, it’s worth it – especially when you come out on the other side.

Elsa and Anna had some challenges of their own. Elsa had trouble letting anyone in, and her sister chased after love in all the wrong places. It took a giant blizzard, some trolls, and snowman to figure their problems out. But what if their biggest obstacle wasn’t Elsa’s powers? What if it was instead high school or college?

We’re here to take you on a trip through this alternate reality. If your favorite Frozen characters played games against high school sports teams rather than an eternal winter, this is what they’d look like.

Who would Elsa take to a winter formal? How big would the sisters’ school squad be? What sport would Kristoff play?

Thanks to some of the best Frozen fan artists out there, we don’t have to make guesses. We have a few answers.

Get ready to check out the halls of Arendelle High. Here’s the Frozen cast reimagined as students.

25 Soccer Star

via: weheartit.com

Sports are a huge part of school, so we’re loving how Anna looks in this jersey. Her classic twin braids fit the outfit, and pink is 100 percent her color.

Although Anna is usually a little clumsy, we bet she can pull it together on the field.

Maybe she’s in soccer for the fun more than the competition, but hey – that’s what matters, anyway.

If Anna managed to save Arendelle, how hard could a game actually be?

24 High School Romance

via: lenzor.com

It’s not high school without the romance!

This cute piece shows a teenage Elsa falling for Jack from Rise of the Guardians. These two are often shipped, and it’s not surprising why; they look right together.

We’re a big fan of Elsa’s skater dress and her huge blue eyes in this pic. Long distance doesn’t work for everyone, but we can imagine that this romance blossomed far past high school. How could it not have worked?

23 College Pals

via: pinterest.com

In this piece of artwork, we see our favorite sisters and Rapunzel settling into the flow of college life. Is that Hans in the background?

We’re loving their innocent smiles. It’s as if they don’t realize all the papers, pop quizzes, and exams looming on the horizon, just waiting to destroy their social lives.

These three probably still could have had some fun at college. After all, with ice powers like Elsa’s, how could you ever get bored?

22 Hogwarts Students

via: deviantart.com (Willemijn1991)

What if Elsa and Anna went to school alongside Harry Potter and Hermione?

This reimagining of the princesses shows them decked out in Hogwarts gear. Do you think Anna belongs in Gryffindor?

Although these two are decked out in items from a different film franchise, their looks borrow features from their own. Elsa remains in cooler colors, and both girls sport their classic braids. While Anna’s boots differ from her Frozen ones, they seem to match her style.

21 Pastel Princesses

via: pinterest.com

Here we see the sisters plus Rapunzel chatting it up after classes. Like many modern teenagers, yes, it seems they’ve come from a coffee-run. Elsa’s latte has got to be toasty, even if the cold doesn’t bother her.

Pink looks good on this trio, and we’re loving their new hairdos

The artist of this one managed to make the girls as adorable and trendy as possible.

Can we add an iced coffee to their order?

20 Arendelle Trendsetters

via: deviantart.com (starrywhitewall)

This depiction of the girls is a little more grown-up than the last. That being said, it's still drawn incredibly well. We also like this different side of the princesses.

They both seem pretty cool and collected here. The warm colors of Anna’s outfit seem to balance out the icy ones of Elsa’s getup.

Our favorite parts of this one include the girls’ matching book bags, messy hair, and creative shoes. Let’s hurry to class!

19 High School Crew

via: deviantart.com (Psycho-Knight)

Who’s ready to hit the halls?

In addition to Arendelle’s royalty, this picture includes a variety of popular characters like Merida, Jack, and Hiro. If they all went to the same school, they’d probably get along.

With similar styles and a whole lot of confidence, they make a good team.

Notice how Elsa and Jack are standing next to each other again here? It doesn’t surprise us. Neither does the fact that Elsa’s hiding her hands – again.

18 Basketball Queen

via: disneycastbr.blogspot.com

Based on everything we’ve seen up to this point, yes, Elsa probably would have been a sports-star at her school. Is it cheating if she uses her ice powers to make a few baskets?

I think we can all agree that Team Frozen is a good one to be on. Maybe this ice queen would have been captain!

If she can let it go, she can make some baskets. Her hair’s already in the perfect sports-friendly braid.

Let’s go, team!

17 Confident Queen

via: deviantart.com (Ladybug-17)

Elsa’s face is probably closest to her movie one in this image. That being said, she’s way taller here than in Frozen.

In an earlier pic, she had a snowflake necklace. She sports a different, larger one here. It doesn’t surprise us.

Her light blue cardigan looks cozy and she seems pretty confident. Although it's more heartwarming to see her alongside her sister, it’s no shocker that she can rock school as a solo act. That being said, classes are always way easier (and more fun) when you’ve got your best friend with you.

16 Frozen Freshmen

via: pinterest.com

While Elsa seems a little nervous about her first day of – let’s guess high school – she’s got her sister by her side.

Anna’s more of an extrovert and Elsa’s more of an introvert. This piece captures that perfectly.

The brown tones are also a neat artistic choice. It’s a nice change from all the bright colors and elaborate patterns.

We think Arendelle's favorites will rock their classes!

15 Prom Sisters

via: pinterest.com

Ready to bust some moves and have a few glasses of punch?

While taking the quarterback to a dance can be fun and all, there’s nothing quite like going to prom with your best gal pal. Being sisters doubles the fun!

Elsa’s prom dress is sleek and elegant, while Anna’s gown is fuller and a bit more lively. It's as if they were designed to fit the girls' personalities.

We bet they were the talk of the dance.

We hope Frozen-prom included at least one playing of “Let It Go.”

14 College Kristoff

via: pinterest.com

We don’t know exactly how old Kristoff is here, but we do know that he looks down to have a good time.

Here, he’s sporting a modern T-shirt and hat that resemble his usual getup. His goofy smile makes it seem that he’s a little too excited to be in school. Maybe summer break is approaching?

Sure, it’s weird to see him not dressed head-to-toe in warm clothing, but we could get used to this.

13 Hipster Elsa

via: deviantart.com (Yinamon)

With glasses almost as large as her eyes, Elsa is totally channeling her inner-geek here. And yes, she’s doing it in the most fashionable way possible.

You know how in every teen movie ever the nerdy girl turns into the popular one by pulling off her glasses? We think Elsa’s moments away from doing that here. Although she’s hiding under a hoodie, she won’t be in the background for long.

Side note: we’re also kind of curious as to what music she’s jamming to. Perhaps it’s a number off of her movie’s soundtrack?

12 Shy Anna

via: deviantart.com (jungie14295)

We’re huge fans of this rendition of Arendelle’s favorite princess.

Anna is pretty subdued here. Drawn in black and white, she might fade into the background of a big school.

Her flannel looks awfully comfy, and her braids are cute as usual.

We're getting total autumn-vibes from this one.

Hopefully, she’s got a good book. More than likely its algebra, but we can dream, right? What’s all of Disney without dreams?

11 Sporty Sisters

via: deviantart.com (fairy)

We already covered that Anna would make soccer fun. Could you imagine Elsa as a tennis player?

These two look ready for a game. While the movies never mentioned an Arendelle High School, we imagine that it would be a fun place. Had the castle not been on lockdown for so many years, maybe Anna and Elsa would have gone there themselves. We bet they’d always be in the sidelines at each other’s games. Who wouldn't want to cheer on the home team?

10 Princess Squad

via: pinterest.com

If Anna, Elsa, and a few of their fellow princesses went to high school together, they’d probably look something like this. We’re loving how their personalities show through their character design in this pic.

Merida would clearly be on the archery team, Rapunzel would be doing great in art class, and the sisters would be acing ever project. With a library as big as the one in Elsa’s castle, how could they not be succeeding?

Although these girls would clearly be popular, they’d also probably be a lot nicer than the leading chicks in high school movies.

9 Ice Skater Elsa

via: pinterest.com

If Elsa didn’t do the whole tennis thing, we’re positive she would have picked up ice skating. There are lots of high school ice skating programs, and with Elsa’s natural talent, it wouldn’t have been hard for her to fit right in.

The snowflakes detailed into her dress look perfect, and we’re loving the blue ribbon in her hair. While Anna might have been a little clumsy in the rink, Elsa would have ruled it with as much grace as she rules her kingdom.

8 Average Teenagers

via: pinterest.com

While we’ve already seen a few images of Anna and Elsa thrown into the everyday high school world, this one, in particular, brings out unique sides of their personalities.

Anna rocks some tomboy style while Elsa gets busy texting back her friends.

This picture actually seems to mirror Anna and Elsa’s relationship during the actual movie. Elsa was constantly blocking Anna out with a closed door, so maybe modern teenage Elsa would have blocked Anna out with a cellphone. If she takes a moment to put it down, she might realize how great of a friendship she can have with her sis.

7 Frosty Formal Friends

via: pinterest.com

What if Jack had asked Elsa to homecoming? The results would have looked something like this.

It’s hard not to sigh over how cute these two are together. Their outfits match so perfectly, we couldn’t imagine them going with anyone else. Just notice that dreamy look in Elsa’s eyes!

We hope their formal was winter-themed. After all, nothing could have fit better. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it was also snowing on this magical night.

6 Young Anna

via: pinterest.com

Although we see Anna at a few different ages throughout “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” there were some years we missed. Had Anna been in our world, this would have certainly been a snapshot from one of them.

Anna’s smile is innocent, her eyes are huge, and her overalls are the definition of cute. She would have torn up middle school with her friendliness. Sure, those years can be a little difficult. But based on this pic, we’re betting she traded in her awkward years for adorkable ones.

5 Snowboarder Kristoff

via: pinterest.com

Kristoff would have been a natural snowboarder in high school.

We bet he was always shredding up the competition.

If we were to make a guess, he’s probably a senior in high school or early in college in this depiction.

It’s also possible that snow-related sports are as important in Arendelle as football is in modern schools. All the folks in town would have certainly watched this ice master kill it on a board.

4 Stylin' Sisters

via: pinterest.com

How cute are these two here?

Disney princesses are often criticized for having the same exact heights, weights, and figures, but this artist decided to go against the stereotypical look, and we’re loving it!

As per usual, Elsa looks a little guarded while Anna seems to remain her bubbly self.

Did you notice how Elsa’s sleeves seem to cover most of her hands? I guess she would have had to wear long sweaters if gloves weren’t an option for concealing her powers.

3 Cutest Couple

via: deviantart.com (Septyong)

We’ve seen a few of these two together, but why not look at one more?

We’re betting these two got their faces plastered all over the pages of the yearbook. When in high school would they not have been glued to each other?

We’re loving their innocent eyes and simplistic looks.

They seem pretty content, so it’s unlikely they would have had any exams this week.

Is that a snowflake necklace we spy on Elsa’s neck? Could Jack have given it to her?

2 Flower Power Friends

via: pinterest.com

Sure, school takes up a good amount of life. But Saturdays exist, too.

These girls are chillin’ in some casual weekend wear. Their flowers are pretty, and look – even their nails match!

Arendelle has some giant lakes, and they look ready to go hang out by one. We’re betting it’s a nice summer day. Where’s Olaf when you need him?

Hopefully, these two will get to celebrate the end of the week with sandwiches as big as the ones in “In Summer.” Let’s relax!

1 School Uniform Twins

via: deviantart.com (nicatamayoo)

Matching much?

Although we don’t know what kind of uniforms the sisters are wearing, they look great in the same getup. Their thick eyelashes and faded colors give this picture a soft feel. Their sisterly love shines through.

School has its good days and its bad days, but these two have each other to get through it all. At the end of the day, your family – whether blood-related or not – is who you go back to. We’re glad they seem to have figured that out.

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