Disney: 25 Ridiculous Mistakes In Frozen Only True Fans Noticed

Sometimes when a finished product shows errors, you've just gotta let it go. An animated film takes a lot of time and manpower to make. From the concept art to the animation and voice acting, there are a ton of cogs in the machine. Unfortunately for them though, the cogs are ordinary human beings, just like you and me. While they may do some amazing work, it's a simple truth that no movie will ever go without mistakes to the viewers with an eagle eye and a lot of free time on their hands. Even a casual viewer who has access to video sites like YouTube can notice these inconsistencies. Once these mistakes are noticed, they get published and are known forever, unable to be unseen by those who know.

Frozen is indeed no exception to the rule. When it came out, nearly every young daughter wanted to be Elsa for Halloween. I knew a woman in particular who told me that she wished she had bought two Elsa dresses, so that when her daughter's ripped, she could let her play in the other one until the first was fixed. Sometimes, the mistakes are in consistencies, while others are in its details. A large portion of the mistakes on our list are related to the animation. Watching the animation closely can not only give you an idea of how many mistakes don't get corrected in movies, but also some pretty funny screenshots. Even though we love the animation, we also love to see all of the mistakes. Here are 25 Ridiculous Mistakes in Frozen Only True Fans Noticed.

25 All Dressed Up And Somewhere To Go

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Anna has a very convenient outfit bought at Oaken's Trading Post that included a hat to keep her head warm. It seems that the hat had other ideas when Anna and Kristoff were being shown out by Marshmallow. For a split second, the hat is completely gone. It comes back in just a split second, but it's long enough for fans with eagle eyes to have noticed the mistake. It might be logical to think the fall caused it to slip off, but that doesn't explain why it comes back.

24 Gone With The Wind

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Speaking of Marshmallow, Elsa was able to create a giant snow monster that ends up protecting her castle and keeping visitors out. When Hans and the men from Weselton come to put an end to the endless winter, Marshmallow does his best to deter them.

At one point, the men begin to battle the snow creature with their crossbows. As their bolts stick into his arm, in only a couple of seconds later, the bolts are gone. Sure, they could have fallen out, but that's unlikely.

23 Consistency Matters

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Nearly all of the water we see in the movie has assumed the movie's title and is frozen solid. From the lake where the boats are located, to the waterfall and ice shards on the trees near Olaf, it is clearly cold enough to keep water in its solid state. So, it's a little unusual that Anna should fall into a stream of running water. The fact that the water is running helps it remain liquid, but for it to have frozen Anna's skirt makes me think differently.

22 I Need A Tutorial

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Something that bothered me from the first time I saw the movie is how Elsa's hair worked. Her braid was clearly put more to the side, but during her song, it moved to the middle of her head.

You'd think that the creators would be able to find some way to make her hair make sense, or at the very least, give her a smooth transition that complements the way she looked before.

21 A Handy Loophole

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According to most laws, there is one rule that a king or queen are incapable of breaking, and that is the act of treason against the state. According to some cultures, the monarchy is the equivalent of the state, which means anyone in this position, in our case, Elsa, cannot commit this crime because it would be against themselves.

So, once Hans accuses Elsa of treason, it doesn't make any sense at all. Hans could have literally accused her of anything else and it would have been just as good.

20 Furniture Continuity

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Remember that fun bit where Anna was mimicking the paintings in the gallery before the coronation? What if i told you the blue sofa she jumps on is a continuity error? If you rewatch it, you'll see a wide shot of the room seconds before she jumps, and the seat right next to the appropriate painting is not a couch, but a bench instead. The only way that couch could be in that shot is if there is an identical painting on the other side of the room and Anna made it in one jump.

19 Impeccable Timing

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Details are something that Disney and Pixar are known for. Just looking at the character's clothing will tell you all you need to know about how hard the animators work. So, something as simple as a sword disappearing should be a forgivable offense, right?

Hans' sword appears on and off throughout the movie. Specifically, this happens right at the end, as Hans' sword is missing in the shots leading up to when he's going to inflict his judgement on Elsa. Makes you wonder if the trolls aren't the only ones with magic.

18  Making Assumptions

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Speaking of those trolls, one of the lines they sing in their song talks about not seeing an engagement ring. However, there is no way they would have seen one, even if Hans had prepared something sparkly. Anna is wearing fairly thick mittens, so even a large diamond would have been camouflaged in the yarn. They also don't take too much time to look for it, so it's almost as if they were hoping Kristoff would meet Anna and fall for her.

17 Maybe It Let Go?

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During Elsa's power ballad, there is a great panoramic shot of the area close to her ice castle that got in front of the camera. You might not think anything of it until you see a similar camera angle later in the very same spot showing that the rock has disappeared between the two scenes.

Did Elsa's magic cause it to take a tumble? Did it get put into the ice castle or buried in the snow? My guess is a very tired continuity editor.

16 Dramatic Timing, Olaf

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Family get-togethers can be a little awkward, especially if you haven't made personal contact with your only family for several years and ran away right after being named queen. So, when Anna and Elsa meet back up again for the first time in forever, Olaf wants to help bridge the gap. Only, he disappears right away. When Anna is on the bottom step, you can see Olaf. In the next shot, he's no where to be seen. Maybe it was part of Elsa' s magic that brought him to life?

15 The Way To The Frozen Heart

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The opening number is one of my favorites in the whole movie. Between the use of traditional language and the all-men choir, it has just the right stuff. But, what's a little unusual about the whole scene is the fact that these are professional ice harvesters who break the first rule of their craft: for ice that deep, they'd need to drill a hole first. They wouldn't be able to just start sawing into it. Also, you have to wonder just how deep it actually is, given that they can just break through it that simply.

14 No Logic Zone

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There is one rule you have to obey when watching a Disney movie: you can't really apply too much real-world logic to it. This is applied to the scene where Elsa is locked away awaiting her sentence, specifically, when her shackles don't break.

Elsa's shackles should have shattered, but they didn't. Metal reacts in two very specific ways, depending on if it's heated or cooled. Though it looks cool once Elsa's shackles bend out of shape, the only way this could have happened was if she had applied heat to it. In other words, the audience should have seen the metal shackles shatter completely once Elsa uses her powers, not bend.

13 An Ice Blind Leader

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Elsa's glove canonically somehow keeps her from freezing everything (even if her shoes don't), so of course, she doesn't like to be seen without them. So, when she has to do the coronation without her gloves, ice starts taking over the ball and staff. How on earth did the leader who held the items not notice the frost? Wouldn't he have at least reacted a little bit to that? It's almost like he isn't bothered by things out of the ordinary.

12 Disappearing Act

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Once again, it seems like the animators had a hard time with Olaf. Just like it was mentioned earlier with Anna, Olaf goes missing beside Elsa as well. Right after she creates him, the next shot should have him sitting in the snow.

However, he's nowhere to be seen in the shot. Is it more artistic? Probably. Is it logical? Not in the slightest.

11 From Another Dimension

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We've already gone over the scene where the guardsmen from Weselton have a little skirmish with Marshmallow. But, there is one more mistake in there that you might notice as you keep watching. After being tossed to the ground, one of the men picks up a bolt that was sitting there and uses it to move on with his mission. But, you have to wonder where it would have come from. In theory, they used all their ammunition. Even if they didn't, not a lot of people keep their bolts that close.

10 A Fair Fight?

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Anna is a pretty tough cookie. Considering that she spent her entire childhood locked in the castle, you'd think she'd be fairly anxious about the outside world. However, she hits the ground running. When she and Kristoff were battled by wolves, her quick thinking goes to fire and the nearby torch, fending them off. However, right after one of her strikes lands, the torch simply disappears. It could have fallen off, but then it wouldn't have gone out so soon.

9 Loose Threads

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When Anna's horse comes back alone, it's only natural that Hans would appear concerned for her in order to complete his master plan. The horse comes up so quickly that it ends up startling a guard who drops a pile of clothes.

In the very next shot, though, he is holding the same pile like nothing happened. They might be connecting Frozen to other Disney movies that don't make sense, so should we include Mary Poppins? It makes about as much sense as Tarzan.

8 No Stuntman Needed

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Kristoff and Anna fell off the mountain after visiting Elsa. While not focusing on the missing rope between the two, their landing happened to be very convenient. We see Anna landing in a patch of freshly fallen snow, with Kristoff managing the same. However, there was the same kind of powder on top of Kristoff after his fall. How did he manage that? We saw Anna leave a hole in the snow, and according to physics, the same thing should have happened with Kristoff as well.

7 Imaginative Lyrics

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During Elsa's song, one of the lines that stands out is when she sings about frozen fractals to describe her ice powers. It's a great lyric and one that sticks out for sure, except for one small thing: Frozen takes place somewhere in the neighborhood of the 1800s, maybe.

The term “fractals” wasn't actually coined until 1975, an incredibly long time after the movie took place. So, what did it mean to Elsa, and why would she use a word that neither she, nor anyone else for that matter, would have understood?

Art by: lily-azalea

6 Dragging His Feet

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Sven is one amazing reindeer. He carries so much of Kristoff's ice and he is the best friend anyone could ask for. He's also a pretty big fan of the Anna and Kristoff ship. It makes you wonder, though, why it took Kristoff longer to get back to Arendelle than it took for him to leave. When we see him out of town, it hasn't been very long, yet somehow, even with gravity, ice, and Sven to carry him, Kristoff doesn't get back into town until it's dramatically convenient.

5 Did They Melt?

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We know that Kristoff and Sven's main line of work is hauling ice. Kristoff even mentions it when he first meets Anna. However, when we see the sled, it is surprisingly lacking ice. Instead, there are Kristoff's belongings and supplies that he would need to survive out in the blizzard. So, either he was lying just to keep Anna off his back, or it somehow melted in the brief time between shots. Makes you wonder why he brought it up, considering Anna could have called him out on it anyway.

4 A Beautiful Blue

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Where magic is possible, I suppose some things can be explained. Despite her having nearly boundless powers and being a very useful tool for getting them out of badly written plots, one thing is very distracting.

The wolves that chase Anna and Kristoff have blue eyes, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense as, genetically, wolves don't typically have blue eyes. They can have nearly every other color, but to see a whole pack of them? What are the odds of that happening?

3 Motion Picture Clipping

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Clipping is the term used when (typically in video games) something goes wrong with the animation and one object goes through another that it isn't supposed to. For example, a character clipping through a wall in a game.

This happens for a very split second at the end of the movie as Kristoff twirls Anna in the air. At this moment, his thumb phases into her side, which would have at least interrupted the flow of the dance.

2 Almost Correct

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Disney did a fairly good job on the shadows displayed on the sail when Anna and Hans were singing “Love is an Open Door.” However, they forgot one teensy thing that would have changed how the whole thing looked: the railing.

Most people will remind you how there is no floor projected onto the sails, but where they're dancing, there should also be a railing. After all, they're dancing pretty far up. A railing is necessary or else there is no rest of the movie.

1 A Braid To Live In Infamy

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Most lists you see on this topic will include Elsa's transformation from stuffy princess to free queen. Part of that transformation is a change in her hairstyle. We've gone over part of a mistake made by the animators, but here is one that everyone can laugh at.

When she's taking out her braid, the hair goes through the shoulder instead of over it. The internet is forever, and even though Frozen was one of Disney's latest successes, it still has its problems.

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