10 Awesome Disney Gadgets For True Fans (And 5 That Make The Perfect Gift)

These incredible Disney gadgets are perfect for fans of Disney movies.

Disney has been producing movies for over eighty years, and in that time, they have amassed one of the largest and most devout fanbases in film history. Not only are the films incredibly popular and timeless, but the resulting merchandise always stirs up excitement. Think about how many pieces of Frozen merchandise you saw throughout 2014. In fact, the merchandise is so popular that Disney maintains its own brick and mortar stores (which are somehow always packed, no matter the time of day). It's clear that there is an enormous audience for Disney, its films, and its characters, and fans aren't afraid to flaunt their fandom.

And it's not like this "merchandise" consists of princess dolls and backpacks. Think of pretty much any item, and chances are that Disney has created some unique version of it. Sure, you may not be able to find the wacky gadgets in the Disney stores, but that's why Amazon exists! Amazon has thousands of pieces of Disney merch, ranging from the typical toys and school supplies to the awesome things that will comprise this list.

Some of these items are things that true fans absolutely need in their lives. Whether you're a fan of Disney in general or specific movies or characters, there is always something out there to prove your devotion. Other gadgets make fantastic gifts for children or that zealous Disney fan in your life (every friend group seems to have one).

With that said, let's take a look at ten gadgets for true fans, and five that would make the perfect gift.

15 True Fan: Classic Mickey Waffle Maker


Get it on Amazon: $29.99

You're not a true Disney fan unless you make your waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse's face! This beautiful silver waffle maker comes with non-stick baking plates, allowing for an incredibly easy clean-up with nothing but a damp cloth. The power indicator is also in the cute shape of Mickey's head and lights up red to let you know when the waffle maker is on. And, of course, it makes Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles! This is perfect for both true Mickey Mouse fans and parents. Which kid WOULDN'T want to eat a Mickey Mouse waffle?

14 Gift: Beauty And The Beast Rose Kit

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Get it on Amazon: $24.99

There are a lot of Beauty and the Beast fans out there, so why not gift them their very own rose! This kit comes equipped with the signature rose, fallen petals, a glass dome, and a wooden base (all as one piece). It also comes with LED lights to give the rose a beautiful luminescence. This rose kit serves as a versatile gift. You can give it to any Beauty and the Beast fan, but it also makes a great gift for wives and mothers! Why give them boring old real roses when you can give them this?

13 True Fan: Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

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Get it on Amazon: $12.99

What better way to show off your Disney fandom at the office than this Mickey Mouse mug warmer? This little mug kit comes with a ten-ounce black and orange mug emblazoned with Mickey Mouse on both sides. It also comes with the necessary warming base, which continues the black and orange color scheme. It's a cute little gadget that helps keep your coffee or soup hot, and it's perfect for both the house and the office. And unlike other novelty gifts like this, it actually works as advertised (if the solid reviews are anything to go by).

12 Gift: Princess Coffee Mug

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Get it on Amazon: $10.99

Now you have the perfect gift for that special someone who loves Disney AND Starbucks! This eleven ounce ceramic mug is emblazoned with The Little Mermaid's Ariel in the style of Starbucks' signature green, black, and white logo. And instead of Starbucks Coffee, it says "Princess Coffee." Drinking from boring old Starbucks mugs can get stale, so why not spiff it up a little? It would certainly make for a great conversation starter, and it allows the gifted to flaunt their love for Disney while enjoying their drink. And the best part? It's totally affordable at just $10.

11 True Fan: Lumiere Light-Up Figure

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Get it on Amazon: $65

This light-up figure makes a perfect companion piece to the Cogsworth clock, and the best part? It's cheaper! This fully sculpted, authentic light-up figure comes straight from the Disney store, so you know it's of the upmost quality. It comes with a slip-free pad on the base, a beautiful golden finish, and three LED lights to represent Lumiere's candles. The lights also flicker to simulate real candle light. It serves as a great bedside lamp or a unique showpiece and conversation starter. Either way, it's an absolute must-buy for Beauty and the Beast fans.

10 Gift: Disney Song Challenge

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Get it on Amazon: $12.50

You can't go wrong with board games. The Disney Song Challenge is manufactured by Hasboro, and the cover states that you "show off your Disney song skills or spin the Wheel of Fun-sequences!" Players flip a card with a movie title, and someone has to sing a song from the movie. The first person to sing five songs wins. And if you stumble or forget the lyrics, you have to spin the Wheel of Fun-sequences which contain punishments like "do a Donald Duck impression." It's cheap, it's a perfect gift, and it's fun for the whole family. What's not to like?

9 True Fan: Minnie Mouse Bluetooth Speaker

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Available on Amazon: $49.99

This Minnie Mouse Bluetooth speaker retails for $50, but you're getting a heck of a bang for your buck. For one thing, it's adorable, complete with two giant "ears," a beautiful silver band, and a red bow. It wirelessly streams audio from up to thirty feet away and comes equipped with SRS TruBass "for dynamic audio performance." It also contains a rechargeable battery and comes with the necessary charging cable. And the best part is that it's voice-activated and compatible with both Siri and Google Now! You can see that it's much more than just some lame novelty speaker.

8 Gift: Disney Princess Headphones

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Get it on Amazon: $19.99

Kids love electronic devices, and they also love Disney. So why not combine the two with these Disney princess headphones? These headphones are pink and white, emblazoned with various Disney princesses like Jasmine and Ariel, and equipped with a tiny gold tiara to make your daughter feel extra special and princess-y. It also comes with a parental control volume limiter so you can control the loudness of the device. Kids can enjoy their music and videos, but you also need to keep them safe! You don't want them going deaf at 10, do you?

7 True Fan: LED Light-Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

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Get it on Amazon: $12.99

Who wants to eat with boring, regular chopsticks when you can eat with LED lightsabers!? These lightsaber chopsticks, or ChopSabers as they're lovingly called, are simply chopsticks with LED lights, which of course gives them the appearance of lightsabers. Each ChopSaber is 10.25 inches long and 3/8 inches thick at the base, and each ChopSaber has a button to turn the neon lights on and off. Like a real lightsaber, some mastery is required, but once you get the hang of the ChopSabers, you'll be eating sushi in true style. These babies are sure to turn some heads.

6 True Fan: Pixar Popcorn Popper

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Get it on Amazon: $30

Everyone makes popcorn for movies, right? Well now you have the perfect companion for Pixar and Disney movie night! This popcorn popper makes 10 cups of popcorn in just five minutes, ensuring that the whole family will be popcorn-ed up in no time at all. It also has a nonstick heating surface and a protective dome that doubles as a serving bowl! And the best part? The fifteen Pixar characters emblazoned along the bottom, each of whom has their own unique cartoon style. Throw out the twenty-year-old popcorn maker and treat yourself to this. Your children will thank you.

5 Gift: Mickey And Minnie Disney World Gift Set

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Get it on Amazon: $25

It's practically every child's dream to go to Disney World, but unfortunately for their parents, Disney World is not cheap. Not only are the tickets exorbitantly priced, but you also have to account for accommodations and the various essentials that you don't think about until you're there. Luckily, you can purchase this gift set of essentials for just $26.95. It comes with an autograph book and pen, a mouse ears headband, a lanyard for park passes, and a unique, surprise gift! It makes for a great gift for the younguns, but it'll also have you thanking yourself.

4 True Fan: Cogsworth Clock

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Get it on Amazon: $95

There's nothing better for Beauty and the Beast fans than to sit next to Cogsworth himself. This 10-inch tall Cogsworth clock is part of the Art of Disney Parks Collection, and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's beautifully sculpted in a faux wood grain finish and golden paint accents, but it's not all about the looks. The clock is also fully functional, complete with a swinging pendulum and a hinged glass window, allowing for easy access to the pendulum. It's a little on the expensive side but it's very high quality, so at least you know what you're paying for.

3 True Fan: R2-D2 AC/USB Power Station

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Star Wars fans, sound off! While you probably already have some great pieces of Star Wars merchandise, why not add a unique R2-D2 power station to the group? That's what he's for, after all! This wall-mounted power station plugs directly into a standard Type B socket and contains two USB ports and four standard AC outlets. And the best part is that it's relatively small, so you don't have to worry about finding room and doing that awkward outlet shuffle. It's like an extension cable, only without the mess of a cable! Isn't R2-D2 so  helpful and wonderful?

2 True Fan: Belle And Beast Salt And Pepper Shakers

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Get it on Amazon: $17

If there's one way to impress your dinner guests, it's to whip out your fancy Belle and Beast salt and pepper shakers! These shakers come straight from the Disney ceramics line, and as you can probably imagine, are made out of ceramic. Each shaker is beautifully hand crafted and painted, and each stand at just 3.5 inches (or 9 centimeters for all you non-Americans). The Beast shaker can be seen nervously gesturing, while Belle can be seen smiling, holding roses, and wearing her iconic yellow dress. Food will taste even better coming from these! OK, maybe not, but they're still cool!

1 True Fan: Death Star USB Car Charger ($16.76)

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Available on Amazon:$16

While you charge your electronics with R2-D2 at home, you can charge your phone with this fun little Death Star in the car! This phone charger is specifically built for the car, as it sits comfortably in the center console's cup holder. Each Death Star is small, light, and portable, and each comes equipped with two USB charging ports. Both you and your passenger can charge your phones at the same time! It's perfect for work commutes and long road trips alike. It's also much cheaper than the R2-D2 power station, so really, what's not to like?

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