20 Disney Heroes Reimagined As Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters

Our favorite Disney heroes are taking on new responsibilities as benders from the Avatar universe, thanks to fan artists.

If you haven’t seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’re missing out. It’s seriously one of the best cartoons that’s come out of the 2000s. It’s got everything: drama, humor, amazing action sequences, wonderful characters, and gorgeous animation. And the show wasn’t afraid to talk about some heavy themes, making them understandable to a younger audience, but not patronizing. It’s really a perfect cartoon that everyone can enjoy. No wonder the show gained such a huge following of fans!

These fans have shown their love of the show in various ways. And what better way to show your love than to do fan art? What’s fun about fan art is that anything goes. You can play around with character designs, do different art styles, and even do crossovers. And a lot of fans have done crossovers with the Avatar characters and many other shows. After all, who doesn’t want to see their favorite characters as powerful benders and warriors?

And a popular crossover is between characters from Disney and Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s fun to see how these iconic characters would look bending the different elements. We also like to see what types of benders and warriors people think popular Disney characters would be. Plus, people have come up with some incredible fan art of these crossovers!

So here are 20 Disney heroes who have been reimagined as Avatar: The Last Airbender characters. Let’s see what these artists came up with!

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20 She Now Controls The Colors Of The Wind

Via: racookie3.deviantart.com

I think Pocahontas should get more love. She’s an amazing lady who uses her connection with nature to promote peace in a time where war is looming. When everyone was consumed with hate, she dared to look beyond prejudice and choose love. It takes courage to fight, but sometimes it takes even greater courage not to fight.

Considering Pocahontas is about peace and against conflict, she seems perfect as an airbender. And there’s the whole “colors of the wind” thing she does. I could see her taking to airbending so easily. And I think Pocahontas would get along great with Aang. They’d probably be fascinated by each other.

19 Don’t Mess With This Waterbender

Via: isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

Tiana is a pretty awesome lady. She’s willing to work hard in order to make her dreams come true, but that can make her a bit blind to everything going on around her. And good luck trying to get her to relax. This lady is always moving, always working, and always with her mind on the prize. Maybe that’s why the more relaxed Naveen is a nice fit for her.

Tiana as a waterbender seems pretty good since she did have to be adaptable to her situations. I also love her in the water tribe outfit. We normally see her in green mostly, so seeing her in blue is a really nice change.

18 Make Way For Avatar Kida

Via: racookie3.deviantart.com

Kida is a seriously underrated character, and it still bugs me that she’s technically not recognized as an official Disney Princess. This lady has some amazing skills and a love for her people that goes beyond her own well-being. Seriously, she was willing to merge with pure energy in order to protect Atlantis. She deserves all the love.

I could see Kida as the Avatar. 

And portraying Kida as the Avatar with Rava, one of the big deities in the Avatar universe, is strangely fitting. She’s proven in the past that she can handle large amounts of power and not lose herself. Plus, this art piece of her is seriously so cool!

17 She’s The Sweetest Airbender

Via: 1010amy-kia.deviantart.com

Rapunzel is such a sweetheart; you can’t help but root for her as she struggles to fulfill her dream. And the fact that she makes friends with pretty much everybody she meets is pretty impressive. This girl is a ray of sunshine for sure.

I could see Rapunzel being an airbender. She’s got the airbender mindset, though detaching one’s self from the world may be a problem for her. But she would totally go around making friends with people from other nations, which just seems like an airbender thing to me. And she would love to use those gliders! Though her hair may cause a problem.

16 He Does Have A Hard Head

via: cartooncookie.tumblr.com

I think the biggest thing about Kristoff was that he wasn’t this perfect guy. He was a guy who wasn’t used to talking to people, and talked to his reindeer more. Frankly, the guy is a little weird, but in a cute, dorky way. And when it came down to it, he was willing to risk his life to save Anna.

Kristoff as an earthbender is so fitting. The guy is stubborn for sure and when he sets his mind to something, you can’t change it that easily. Plus, the fact that he was raised by trolls, who are made out of rock, just makes him quality earthbender material. I wonder if he ever bended his family on accident?

15 He’s Got The Strength Of A Raging Fire

Via: isiahstephens.deviantart.com

I think Li Shang doesn’t get enough credit. He was put in charge of troops at a pretty young age, had to deal with the passing of his father, and was willing to take on an entire Hun army. And all things considered, he did pretty well. And he put his trust in Mulan, even when tradition dictated that he shouldn’t even acknowledge her.

Firebending fits Shang so well. 

Shang would totally be a firebender. He does have a bit of a temper, and there really is this fire in his eyes that you see. He’s ambitious and dedicated, and nothing’s going to stop him. Plus, his fighting style is more aggressive. And this art piece of him is awesome!

14 Do You Want To Build A Fire?

Via: cartooncookie.tumblr.com

You had to feel a little bad for Anna. Elsa shut her out because she was scared of her own powers, but to Anna, it just looked like her sister wanted nothing to do with her. And she was stuck in that castle most of her life. So, it’s understandable that she would want things to change.

I get that giving Anna fire powers to complement Elsa’s ice powers is a cool idea, but I’m not sure if I see Anna as a firebender. I guess she can be a bit aggressive. And her personality is more open and brighter than Elsa’s, so a firebending Anna isn’t too crazy. And I really like this art piece of her because she looks fantastic!

13 She Controls The Sea Now

Via: robbycook.wordpress.com

What was cool about Ariel was her endless curiosity. She was fascinated with the human world, and she was willing to do what it took to get up there. Did she make a smart decision in trusting Ursula? Well, no, but things did work out in the end.

Since Ariel was a mermaid, it’s kind of a no-brainer to make her a waterbender. And she would be an amazing waterbender. I love that this artwork gives her the water tribe outfit; it looks pretty awesome on her. It would be pretty cool to see a mermaid not only swimming in the water but controlling it too.

12 She Can Take You Out Easily

Via: racookie3.deviantart.com

Mulan is my favorite Disney Princess for so many reasons. But the biggest reason is that she’s a tough warrior who wasn’t afraid to defy expectations in order to protect her family and prove herself. She went from a clumsy girl to a proud warrior who took down a powerful Hun. Let’s also not forget that she wiped out the entire Hun army. Don’t mess with this lady.

Mulan would make a fantastic Kyoshi Warrior. 

Mulan as a Kyoshi warrior is absolutely perfect! She doesn’t need bending to be an amazing warrior, and you know she would absolutely love being part of the Kyoshi Warriors. Considering she already knows how to fight with a fan, she’s set!

11 These Old Men Are A Powerful Force

Via: cartooncookie.tumblr.com

While most of the Disney movies focus on the young protagonists, we can’t forget the supporting characters. And a lot of these characters are the older men and dads of Disney. These guys are often the comic relief, or they fill in a mentor role for the protagonist. And we really should give them more love.

Having these guys as members of the White Lotus is very fitting. This group usually consists of old, wise men, so having these Disney Dads be the White Lotus is pretty awesome. (Yes, Merlin wasn’t a father, but he was a mentor to Arthur, so we’re counting it.) I like all their designs; they all look seriously impressive. Don’t mess with the old guys!

10 She’s A Great Beauty

Via: robbycook.com

I think people forget that Jessica Rabbit is technically a Disney character. (I also think people forget Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a Disney movie.) And some may question if she’s a hero, since she was kind of an antagonist at the beginning. But since she did everything for the sake of her husband, I’m counting her as a hero.

I really like this design the artist gave Jessica. She looks great and tough, and she’s got this whole femme fatale thing going. And she may not be a bender here, but you know she would use technology to join the fight. Don’t count this lady out!

9 He’s The Biggest Airbender

Via: mossanimation.tumblr.com

Chien Po is the definition of a gentle giant. He’s basically this giant, soft marshmallow of a guy. Out of the guys, he’s definitely the calmest and he was the first one to reach out a bit to Mulan/Ping. Pretty much this guy will be your friend if you’re nice to him. (If you give him food, he’ll love you forever.)

Chien Po would be an amazing and confusing airbender. 

Chien Po would be an amazing airbender. He’s all about peace and getting along with everyone, so the airbending life would suit him pretty well. Plus, the idea of this big guy just being super light on his feet and floating around is a hilarious image. He would confuse his enemies so much.

8 This Girl Will Take On the World

Via: cartooncookie.tumblr.com

Merida is a pretty fun character since she’s the epitome of a tomboy who hates having to do anything ladylike. She’d much rather be out riding her horse and exploring the woods than training to become a princess and a queen. She may be a wild child, but she’s an awesome wild child.

I like that this artist did Earth Kingdom Merida with a bow and arrow; she wouldn’t be Merida with out them. While Merida as a bender would be pretty cool, I think she’d be rocking it as a nonbender too. This feisty lady will take you down no matter what.

7 She’s A Fire Princess Now

Via: racookie3.deviantart.com

Jasmine is a nice mixture of hot-tempered and slightly naïve. She had never been outside the palace walls, so she’s inexperienced in life. But if you try and tell her what to do, watch out. This princess will put you in your place pretty quickly.

Firebending suits Jasmine pretty nicely. She’s a pretty aggressive person anyway, and she’s not afraid to tell people what she thinks. And she looks amazing as a firebender. I also like what the artist did to Raja. I don’t know if lightning tigers exist in the Avatar world, but if they do, Jasmine would totally have one.

6 The Big Four Will Take You Down

Via: rise-of-the-brave-tangled-dragons.wikia.com

A lot of fans like to play around with the idea that Hiccup, Jack, Merida, and Rapunzel all know each other and team up. They’re called the Big Four and a lot of fanart has been dedicated to them. I have to admit, it would be fun to see these four interact.

I think everyone's bending fits them pretty well. 

Yes, Jack and Hiccup are both from DreamWorks, but we’re still counting this group because it has Merida and Rapunzel. I do like Merida as a firebender; she definitely has the temper for it, and she would totally rock it. Rapunzel is perfect as an airbender, and her hair looks pretty awesome in the wind.

5 She Would Be The Nicest Earthbender

Via: racookie3.deviantart.com

I’ll admit that Snow White isn’t my favorite princess. She’s a bit on the annoying side for me (plus I always found it a bit creepy how young she was.) But you have to give her credit for staying positive through things. Having your evil step mother trying to end you can’t be easy.

Snow White as an earthbender is a surprising choice since Snow White doesn’t seem like an earthbender. Though she does make friends with dwarves, who are all about rocks. And Snow White is pretty stubborn in her own way. While it wouldn’t be my first choice for her, she does look pretty awesome as an earthbender!

4 He’s Gonna Wreck

Via: disneythorn92.deviantart.com

Yes, Ralph is technically a villain in the movie, but he’s a hero in Vanellope’s eyes, and he did save Sugar Rush from cybugs (that he accidentally brought in but hey, details). And he’s actually a pretty nice guy in general, so I’m counting him as a hero.

Ralph would be a perfect earthbender. The dude’s already crazy strong, and those huge hands are perfect for moving rocks. He does have a bit of a temper, but he’s also pretty stubborn when he wants to be. And I love this artwork of Ralph. He could do some serious damage with that rock.

3 She Wouldn’t Leave The Air Temple’s Library

Via: trishna87.deviantart.com

Belle is a pretty amazing woman. She’s a bookworm who’s not afraid to dream of something bigger. And when she meets the Beast, she isn’t afraid to call him out on his temper issues. And through her compassion, she shows others that it’s not what’s on the outside but what’s inside that counts.

Bell would make a pretty awesome airbender. 

I like Belle as an airbender (though I think she would make a good firebender too.) I think she would get along pretty well with Aang. And this art piece makes her look awesome as an airbender. The forehead tattoo is a nice touch, and it’s interesting that the artist decided to have her keep her hair.

2 These Guys Are Having Fun

Via: selinmarsou.deviantart.com

What’s interesting about Aladdin is that he’s pretty much a criminal in the beginning. Granted, he only stole food, but he didn’t exactly start out in the most honorable circumstances. But that’s what makes him a pretty great hero. He knows what it’s like to struggle, and he has a lot of compassion for people.

Granted, this art piece shows Aladdin just dressed as an Avatar character for Halloween, but I’m counting it. I don’t really know if Aladdin would be an airbender, but he looks pretty cool in that outfit. Plus, Jasmine is so cute as Katara and Genie is hilarious as always.

1 She’d Be Unstoppable

Via: racookie3.deviantart.com

It’s a shame Esmeralda isn’t an official Disney Princess because she’s a seriously awesome lady. She fights for the justice of her people, shows compassion to those in need, and doesn’t ask for anything for herself. She’s not afraid to stand up to corrupt officials, even if it means her own life is in danger.

And Esmeralda as a firebender is just perfect. She’s already associated with fire in the movie, and her fighting style is pretty aggressive. And this art piece of her firebending is just gorgeous. You know that Esmeralda would make firebending look both beautiful and deadly. It’s a dangerous and gorgeous dance.

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