25 Disney Kids Characters Reimagined As Video Game Heroes

Talented fan artists have taken these popular Disney characters and put them into a whole new world: video games!

There are two things in this world that we can always rely on: video games and Disney! I’m sure there are plenty of times in your childhood that they did a bigger job of raising you than your parents did.

Disney characters always seem to bring back nostalgic moments for some people. I’ve met grown-ups who collect Disney toys and still watch the old cartoons on a regular basis. I’ve met multiple people who got engaged at Disney land and even had Disney-themed weddings. (Plus, we’ve all heard the stories of people sprinkling ashes in the Haunted Mansion.)

This does make it very annoying when people tell me to “grow up” for liking video games. Some people, guilty of the above, have told me that I take video games too seriously and that I play them too often! It’s not so much the pot calling the kettle black as the pot yelling at the kettle for being too much of a pot. Video games are fun. Some of these games and classics, with characters we remember forever.

That’s why I want to show the world these fan arts. Why not let these two obsessions coincide, showing how memorable characters both from Disney and gaming are? They obviously both meant enough to someone for them to cross-them over. It’s also interesting to see which video games are played by which Disney fans. While everyone most likely enjoys multiple video games and Disney movies, some of these crossovers might surprise you. (Most are just fun!)

25 Aloha Pikachu!

via deviantart.com/yastach

I’ve never really understood what Pokémon are. Are they animals, aliens or just weird experiments? Now that I see the most famous Pokémon, Pikachu, next to Stitch, a lab experiment that went wrong, I think I’ve finally decided what Pokémon really are.

Stitch has always been one of the cutest Disney characters in my opinion.

While I’ve never found Pikachu as cute (although they are cute), Stitch in that little onesie is positively adorable. I wish they made plushies of this!

Artwork by Yastach.

24 Aurora Of Hyrule

via deviantart.com/glimpen

If there is one thing Disney and Nintendo have in common, it’s their obsession with princesses. Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is one of the oldest and most well-remembered Disney Princesses of all time. Princess Zelda has been appearing in video games since 1986 and hasn’t left us alone since! Bringing wisdom and bravery on several occasions.

Aurora isn’t the first Disney Princess I would think of if we were looking for a soul mate for Zelda. But both characters are known for big flowy blond hair and for staying locked in towers.

Artwork by Glimpen.

23 The Legend Of Bunnies

via deviantart.com/supacrikeydave

If there are two, small misunderstood characters that coincide, it’s probably these two. I’m imagining Judy as the “toon version” of Link from Wind Waker and its sequels.

The character is half the size of most adults but still far more dangerous, but there is an obvious contrast here.

While Judy had to stand up to pretty much everyone and prove her skills with difficulty, Link had all these expectations put upon him without even saying a word! Judy is without a doubt a much more interesting character than Link. She could probably kick his behind too!

Artwork by SupaCrikeyDave.

22 Ferb-Fletcher Bros

via deviantart.com/thelombax51

Phineas and Ferb is one of the few kids cartoons that I didn’t watch as a child, but actively watch as an adult. It’s just got this cute little charm to it, being funny while still keeping this childlike sense of wonder.

Still, I would have liked to have seen one episode where the brothers decided to stay in and play video games!

I haven’t seen every episode, but does that ever happen? Okay, so it wouldn’t be a very interesting episode. But it would be relatable and make me feel better about how I spent summer vacation as a kid.

Artwork by Thelombax51.

21 (Disney) Princess Peach

via deviantart.com/willemijn1991

Given Disney’s desire to buy just about everything, I worry that one day Princess Peach may become an unofficial Disney Princess after Disney buys Nintendo. Sure, there is no evidence that they have plans to do so, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past them.

Even though Peach has just been Nintendo’s trademark damsel, she’s still been a fun character for the franchise for decades. Even if her dress meets the requirements, I’d much rather she stuck to being the Mushroom Kingdoms Princess than become just another Disney Princess. Her Disney-fied face is also really creeping me out!

Artwork by Willemijn1991.

20 (Disney) Princess Daisy

via deviantart.com/willemijn1991

I couldn’t bring up Princess Peach without bringing up her slightly less irritating friend Daisy. Even though Disney Princesses have improved rapidly in the last eight or so years, I doubt you’ll see them running off to play golf and go go-karting with these guys.

What’s amusing to me about this is that Daisy’s dress looks quite plain underneath when she picks it up in this picture, since real Disney Princesses have white ruffles underneath their big gowns. But shoot Disney through a cannon during a race and you’ll see plenty of white layers underneath her skirt!

Artwork by Willemijn1991.

19 Resident Princess

via deviantart.com/glimpen

I say that Disney Princesses have improved in the last eight years; by that I mean they’ve become more independent and have had more interesting goals than “be saved by the prince,” but I’ll always acknowledge that Mulan lived up to this long ago. That’s why she became a Disney Princess purely out of popularity.

That’s one of the reasons why this cross-over, showing Mulan as Resident Evil’s Ada Wong works. Both characters bring funny moments and are very strong (both mentally and physically).

Artwork by Glimpen.

18 Nintendo Wars

via youtube.com/jamesfarr

Remember what I said about Disney buying franchises? Well, them buying Nintendo doesn’t seem as crazy when you remember this!

Star Wars, whether you love the new films or hate them, has taken a different turn than when it was first released.

I just can’t help but feel they’ve lost some of their original charms. (Possibly due to the advances in CGI.) But if I saw a Star Wars film being played out by these characters in this style, I’d find it both hilarious and adorable.

Artwork by James Farr.

17 Inside Mario

via deviantart.com/oliverarts01

I know that this, much like the Princess Peach and Daisy fan arts shown earlier, aren’t so much Disney characters reimagined as video game characters as video game characters reimagined as Disney characters. But the princess artwork was beautiful and we’re all better off having seen this!

If I’m honest, Mario doesn’t seem to have as much going on as adolescent Riley.

Sure, he’s fighting bosses and rescuing princesses, but he doesn’t do it with a greater range of emotion. He’s mostly just happy to be running around jumping on stuff. Maybe there is something we can learn from that.

Artwork by OliverArts01.

16 Jasmine Croft

via deviantart.com/glimpen

What could be better than combining one of the most classic Disney Princesses with one of the most memorable video game characters?

I’ve often criticized both these characters. Lara Croft for being designed to appeal to a young male audience rather than a female audience, even if as many girls and women play video games as boys and men. And Jasmine for being… well, young. But we don’t know what became of her ten years after the events of Aladdin. It’s a fan theory we haven’t heard yet, at least!

Artwork by Glimpen.

15 Legend Of Halloween

via deviantart.com/meomai

The Nightmare Before Christmas, as well as being my favorite Disney movie is one of my absolute favorite films. For all the debates of who should and shouldn’t be considered a Disney Princess, I hate that no one ever brings Sally up. She’s canonically married to Jack, who is a King, making her a Queen and giving her as much right to appear in the Wreck-it-Ralph 2 trailer as Elsa.

The art style here so perfectly takes me back to Wind Waker, my all-time favorite Zeldas. I don’t know what role Sally would take in the game; maybe as some legendary Princess.

Artwork by Meomai.

14 The Bigger Mermaids

via deviantart.com/miss-lollyx-33

I’ve never liked The Little Mermaid that much, finding it again a little bit questionable given Ariel’s age and that the film only lasts about a week.

Maybe if these girls were around to talk some sense into Ariel, the film might have been a bit more interesting to me.

My only big issue with this is that there is a reason why Ariel only wears that seashell top. Swimming around in those dresses is going to get very difficult! Toadette’s isn’t that bad, but how has Daisy not sunk to the bottom of the ocean to play with the anglerfish?

Artwork by Miss-lollyx-33.

13 Two Kings And Queens

via pinterest.com

Video games today wouldn’t be the same without Nintendo, most notably without Mario and Peach. Alongside this, animation wouldn’t be the same today without Disney; and what is Disney without Mickey and Minnie?

This to my eyes shows the King and Queen of animation combined with the King and Queen of video games.

Given how much all four characters influenced their art forms, I would have been incredibly surprised if a fan art like this one didn’t exist at all. So many happy times come from such a small picture.

12 Queen Tinkerbell

via deviantart.com/glimpen

When I bring up adding Sally to the Disney Princess line-up, people always respond by telling me that she isn’t a princess. (Let’s, for now, ignore my earlier argument about Elsa.) But my argument to that is that she’s more royal than Tinker Bell who sometimes finds herself in princess line-ups. Well, now in this cross-over with Celine, she finally is.

Kingdom Under Fire happens to be one of my favorite video game series of all time, so I love this cross-over. (Even if Celine’s story might be a little dark to put Tinker Bell through.)

Artwork by Glimpen.

11 Kim Effect

via deviantart.com/captainkodak1

Kim Possible is another one of those Disney Channel shows that defies age. It’s literally not possible to grow out of this show!

I’ve personally never seen the appeal of the Mass Effect games. It’s purely a personal preference, as with the Disney Movies I’ve said I don’t care for. I love science-fiction games, but I’m not often a fan of shooters, and Mass Effect seems to be a mass of games with little story or character to them.

But if Kim was the main character in the series, with her stories and awesomeness, I would have been all over it.

Artwork by Captainkodak1.

10 Paper Falls

via deviantart.com/yufery5

I really want some stickers of this Mable to stick on literally everything I own. It won’t be practical, but it’ll make me happy. I did enjoy the Paper Mario series. It wasn’t perfect, but it never really claimed to be.

Gravity Falls, on the other hand, was perfect!

If I were to replay the Paper Mario series with the characters from Gravity Falls, I’m sure I’d be able to look past all my issues with the series, so long as the magic from the show was there. And so long as Mable wasn’t the one getting stolen!

Artwork by Yufery5.

9 Queens In Blue

via knowyourmeme.com

I’ve certainly compared these two in the past in my mind. They’re both blond royals with blue gowns who show a lot more independence than the other princesses in the spotlight. True, their worlds and stories are very different, but I’m sure were they to meet in some strange circumstances, they’d bond easily.

Maybe if Elsa does get a girlfriend in Frozen 2, she could be something like Rosalina.

Maybe she could be Rosalina in some bizarre cross-over. If that actually happened, then it would be incredibly weird, but it’s fun to think about.

Artwork by Patriot712.

8 Cindy Aran

via deviantart.com/glimpen

Metroid is honestly a series that I’m not overly familiar with myself. But since the latest game in the series came out last year, I’m assuming it’s at least somewhat good.

What I can say is that I love this look for Cinderella. I love seeing the traditional Princesses from the early days of Disney in some slightly more interesting clothes. Cinderella has been wearing that same blue poufy dress since 1950. Perhaps if she’d wished for a suit like this instead of to go to the ball, she could have destroyed her stepmother and taken over the world. But hey, to each their own.

Artwork by Glimpen.

7 Mickey's Inspiration

via deviantart.com/rustywolf14

Last year was a great year for video games, Cuphead being one of the most celebrated amongst them. It just possessed so much charm to it, despite being monstrously hard!

You maybe wouldn’t get that this was a Cuphead reference if you weren’t told. One of the best things about the game was its old cartoon style, reminiscent of classic Mickey. These characters fall into the role so easily. Plus, Mickey going on an adventure to defeat the devil and collect souls of his victims wouldn’t have been any freakier than The Mad Doctor!

Artwork by Rustywolf14.

6 The Princesses Of Games

via cheezburger.com

Something like this reflects how distinctive the style of Disney Princesses are. Sure, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Merida stand in the posters in their original clothes, being who they are. But the classic image of a Disney Princess is still thought to be a big, flowy dress adorned with ruffles, sparkles, and a plastic smile.

I’m not trying to be overly critical of them. There is originality in the line-up and I love that. It’s just that this style is what the princesses are known for. But I like that the style of the Nintendo girls change with the reimaginings; especially Zelda’s.

5 Belle Of The Fight

via themarysue.com

What I do admire about the Disney Princess franchise is how they show strength in different ways. Belle isn’t a warrior like some of the princesses, but she’s certainly one of the strongest characters. She’s the smartest and one of the bravest of the line-up

Even if the film does have this weird, Stockholm Syndrome feel to it, Belle’s an awesome character.

This fan art, as well as being hilarious, could be symbolic of the power of books. You can hit everyone you disagree with in the face, but you won’t succeed in anything unless you educate yourself!

Artwork by Mikevdesign.

4 Frozen Pipes

via deviantart.com/keikei11

The continued excitement of Frozen never ceases to amaze me. I’m not saying it’s a bad film, it’s very sweet and it’s great to see Disney do something original. But it’s still amazing that a whole five years after its release, people still play the songs, talk about how great it is, and kids still want pictures of the characters on their everything!

If the Mario franchise is anything to go by, the craze might never end.

Since 1981, the Mario series has carried on invading our console and the minds of our children. Perhaps in 37 years, we’ll still be getting Frozen things!

Artwork by Keikei11.

3 Ariel Of Hyrule

via deviantart.com/meomai

This artwork shows Disney Princess Ariel in an art style similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. (Although Flounder in this looks a little like one of those weird brown frog creatures from the Mushroom Kingdom.)

I’m sure Ariel could appear from the magical pool like the Fairy Queen from Wind Waker and appear perfectly in place. But she might have to replace her seashell top with something a little more in place for her to fit in. This look adds a new layer to Ariel; maybe there is more to her than I assumed.

Artwork by Meomai.

2 Belle And Soul

via deviantart.com/glimpen

This fan art shows a great new look for both Belle and Xianghua from Soulcalibur. Perhaps combining the two brings the best out of both of them!

I love the character of Xianghua, I find her very cute and entertaining, but I’ve never been sure of her outfits. Particularly in Soulcalibur IV. Sometimes her clothes are cute, but other times they feel a little too risky! But I really prefer this outfit on Belle than her big, yellow ball gown. Firstly, the gown is very… yellow. Secondly, this looks more comfortable! And better for fighting!

Artwork by Glimpen.

1 Super Stitch

via deviantart.com/piranhartist

I started with the adorable, fluffy alien and I’ll finish with this adorable, fluffy alien. A lot of these crossovers are fun to think about but wouldn’t make very good movies in reality. But this one, I would watch! I’ve been saying for years that I’d really like to see a sequel to this show.

There is nothing Stitch can’t do, and nothing he wouldn’t do for Lilo.

So, if Bowser stole her, he better watch up. He might be a spikey shelled fire-breathing giant turtle, but Stitch could still win in a fight.

Artwork by Piranhartist.

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