31 Disney Logic Comics That Prove The Movies Make No Sense

We all love Disney, don’t we? Well, most of us anyway! Disney is known for creating timeless classics that many of us have grown-up with. There are old Disney classics that children and adults still watch today, decades after the films were released. There is no other film company that has made as much of a stamp on history as Disney has, and they are still making wonderful, colorful movies today!

But while we all continue to enjoy their creations, you can’t deny that there is the occasional slip-up! A film can feature memorable songs, dedicated voice acting and beautiful animation, but they’ll still be one or two questionable moments. There are so many great plot holes and question marks that some of the character’s actions result in.

I wasn’t as into Disney when I was younger, so I watched most of the films as an adult. Because of this, my cynical mind was probably a lot less forgiving than the minds of others. That, and I’m known for being a nit-picker when watching any movies!

It may seem pointless to pick apart Disney logic when most of them live in worlds of talking animals, evil witches, and random uncalled-for singing. But sometimes we just can’t help ourselves! Besides, I imagine most of these comics were created by fans of the franchise.

So here are twenty-five comics that show flawed Disney logic!

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31 Well, That Ended Quickly...

via: boredpanda.com

Now, I'm sure this is something that has bugged many fans of The Little Mermaid, myself included. It's shown in the movie that Ariel knows how to write. She definitely can at least write her own name, since she signed Ursula's contract. She used regular letters (not any weird Atlantean language or something). So she definitely has at least some knowledge of writing and how to do it. So why did she not write to Eric that she was the girl who saved him? Yeah, her voice was gone, but come on! It's not that difficult of a plan, and surely someone (her, Flounder, Sebastian, anyone) could have thought of it. It just seems like a glaring plot hole that would have made the movie go by a lot quicker.

Comic by CollegeHumor.

30 Evil People Singing Evil Songs

via: dorkly.com

I can understand that Scar scared Simba into not telling him what happened. I can even buy that he truly convinced Simba that he was responsible for his father's passing. After all, he was an impressionable child, and Scar had a position of power over him, being his uncle. But I ask you this: why did none of the other lions question Scar's story? Why was nobody like "Hey, that sounds fishy?" or "Hey, doesn't that guy hang out with all sorts of hyenas?" There's just so many things that don't add up here. Nobody should have believed anything that Scar said because he was just so clearly evil and jealous of his brother. Someone should have gone to try and find Simba. And they should have banished Scar.

Comic by Dorkly.

29 At Least The New Movie Solved This

via: megacynics.com

So before anyone gets upset over this, yes, the new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast solved this. Kinda. They explained it away as a spell being put on everyone, causing the villagers to forget that the castle (and its inhabitants) ever existed in the first place. And while that's fine, and a good explanation and all, I just don't think that it's good enough for the original movie.

While the original Beauty and the Beast has a few plot holes, perhaps none are more prevalent than this. I could maybe get behind the villagers not knowing about the castle, as they all seem to be pretty dumb and self-absorbed. But Belle and her father seriously never noticed it there? Even with Belle's father going off to show his inventions every now and then? Come on, Disney!

Comic by MegaCynics.

28 Eric Is A Jerk

via: pinterest.com

I’m probably a lot more critical of The Little Mermaid than of any other Disney film. This points out the flawed logic of the film, but at the same time proves that I’m bothered by a lot more than Ariel’s character. Despite Ariel looking exactly like the woman who saved him from the shipwreck, Eric refuses to believe that she is the woman who saved him as she cannot speak. Although this probably could have been avoided by Ariel writing down that she has a cold and lost her voice (in her defense, maybe she didn't know what a cold was), there is no real explanation for Eric wanting to keep her around.

And while Ursula’s hold on him can be chalked up to “magic,” the last few days with Ariel seem to disappear from Eric’s memory after meeting Vanessa.

27 She Has A Dragon!

via: dorkly.com

Mulan is a very iconic Disney Princess, being the only one in the franchise not to be an actual Princess. She was added to the Disney Princess lineup purely due to her popularity and the values she stood for during the film. The film Mulan is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, about a young woman who disguises herself as a man in order to take her elderly Father’s place in the army.

In the Disney film, Mulan is shamed by her comrades after her gender is discovered and General Shang for lying to them, even being threatened with execution. But she had a freaking dragon! The film doesn’t explain any negative consequences from Mushu being revealed, so why didn’t he spring out at this point to interfere? Surely that would have been worth some reaction.

Comic by Dorkly.

26 It’s Her!

via: dumpaday.com

This is probably my biggest problem with the story of Cinderella.

Even if the Prince didn’t know her name or where she came from, he looked at her face all night and not her feet. While all our feet look different, people generally have the same shoe sizes and can fit into each other’s shoes. And again, we all have different faces! Therefore why, upon seeing Cinderella, did that Prince not just scream “It’s her!” and whisk her away for her happily ever after, regardless of whether or not she could fit her foot in the shoe? If they had stopped at the house of someone with the same shoe size as Cinderella before arriving at her house, would the Prince have ended up marrying them? Even if they looked totally different from Cinderella?

25 I Lust You

via: dorkly.com

There is always one, isn’t there? That one person who would just wish for infinite wishes. However, while most Genies do come with the rule that you can’t wish for more wishes, the genie from Disney’s Aladdin never specifies this. His rules are that he won’t end anyone, make anyone fall in love with you, or bring back the deceased. Even so, wishing for more genies isn’t the same as wishing for more wishes, so it doesn’t break any rules. It’s just giving yourself access to more wishes.

I think there must be some way making people retroactively immortal goes against the third rule, but the other two are solid. Also, and I don’t want to get dark, but couldn’t you just wish for your enemies to have a terminal illness or something…

Comic by Dorkly.

24 Cover The Duck

via: pinterest.com

This isn’t really Disney logic, but just the logic of animals in clothes or puppets in general. Like in Rainbow, when Bungle the bear had a towel wrapped around his waist despite never wearing clothes in the show.

The idea of anthropomorphic animals getting embarrassed when their clothes come off is a way of humanizing them, giving them the same feelings a human might have in that situation. But mostly it’s just supposed to be funny. To young children, the idea of being unclothed is just funny, and it’s even funnier to see an animal, who is normally like this in real life, embarrassed about not wearing clothes.

However, this would make a lot more sense if Donald ever wore trousers! Yes, he’s used to wearing clothes, but why is he covering an area he is never shy about during his day to day life?

23 The Laws Of Toys

via: pinterest.com

I have a love/hate relationship with Toy Story. While it is a good, well-animated film with some rather funny jokes, it also traumatized me into never getting rid of my toys as I feared I would hurt their feelings. And maybe they’d come get me in my sleep if I hurt them in any way!

The rules for toys in the film aren’t that clear. Generally, when a child comes in the room they go still, but for some reason are allowed to come to life in order to traumatize Sid! So there must be some exceptions. Besides, why didn’t they just try calling for help when they were about to be destroyed? If there was anyone around they would have heard the cries for help, they might have stopped the conveyer, giving the toys an opportunity to escape and save themselves.

22 Can’t Read Pictures

via: pinterest.com

This one is my favorite, as it’s one that I’ve asked since being a very small child. It’s probably the fault of the animators not collaborating closely enough with the writers, but it’s really stupid. While Belle is singing, she is looking at a picture of a castle in her book and dreaming of romance/adventure (even though she is established as a bookworm and doesn’t need pictures to imagine a castle or romance). Uber manly man Gaston then comes over, takes the book, and says that the book is stupid because it has no pictures. Belle then says that some people use their imagination.

Except that the book has pictures. Gaston is stupid for missing them and Belle is annoying for not pointing this out and saying that she used imagination to imagine the picture of the castle.

21 Wait, What?

via: wanna-joke.com

Yeah, this one doesn’t really need any explanation.

This is my biggest problem with anthropomorphic animals. Some animals are human-like and can communicate, shop, cook, have jobs, etc. But for some reason, the animals of our world are still present. As pests or pets, whatever role they play. Why haven’t they evolved? Why are some mice running Clubhouses and driving cars, the general things that Micky and Minnie do, while some are still living in walls and sewers?

And why would you be scared of those animals? Even if they are pests, you surely know that a mouse isn’t going to hurt you! If very certain that this comic was done just for the lols, and I’m ranting about what was just “the joke.” But still, come on, Minnie!

20 All The Other Feelings

via: pinterest.com

Inside Out, while a questionable concept, is a very in-depth look at human emotion and the complexities of our feelings that you rarely find in a Disney film, or indeed any kids' films.

Having said that, it’s very bizarre to imply that we only have four emotions! I get that Riley is a young girl and is going through a lot of growing up, therefore might not understand as many feelings. But when we look into the brains of the adults, they have four emotions too! Where are nervousness, anxiety, disappointment, love, embarrassment, empathy, confidence, excitement, trust, bewilderment, etc? One could argue that they are linked to other emotions, but no more than something like disgust could be linked to anger or even fear. And also, why is Joy the only really positive emotion?

Comic by NeoDusk.

19 They’re Always American

via: pinterest.com

There is something weird about Disney that everyone around them speaks with an American accent. Mulan, despite being Chinese and living in China, has an American accent. John Smith from Pocahontas has an American accent, despite never being in America before and everyone in Hercules has an American accent!

The weirdest thing about Tarzan’s American accent, however, is that both Jane and her father are portrayed as being British! It’s even weirder when you consider that Jane is American in the original book, so they could have just kept her American and not had this issue. I think the decision was purely based on the stereotype that British people are more refined or prudish (and as anyone who’s been to Portsmouth, Liverpool, or Essex knows, this isn’t true).

18 Is That Tiger Safe?

via: popsugar-assets.com

So, if you have a wild animal for a pet, you’re already living on the edge a little bit!

I remember reading that after 101 Dalmatians came out, kids all over demanded them as pets, which lead to hundreds of dogs being abandoned. This is sad, but now I’m wondering if Aladdin lead to some kids wanting tigers as pets? It would have been very sad when the tigers were abandoned. Plus, they're just generally very dangerous.

I really don’t know why they decided that she should have a pet tiger. A fully-grown Bengal tiger (which I’m assuming Jasmine’s is) can weigh over 300kg! That rejected suitor in the beginning wouldn’t have just had his trousers ruined, he would have been gone. But sure, Jasmine, getting on that flying carpet seems like a risky decision.

17 What Do The Gloves Do?

via: pinterest.com

Frozen has become a really big thing ever since its release! It’s more than just a Princess movie, and I know just as many grown-ups who are as obsessed with it as children. Elsa’s powers are pretty amazing and can be used for a lot of random things. I just can’t see how dressmaking and decoration are related to creating ice and snow.

But what I really don’t understand is how the gloves help to stop it. Other people’s clothing isn’t affected by the ice. When she accidentally shoots Anna in the heart, she isn’t protected by her many winter layers (which are actually designed to keep out the cold). Also, why can’t Elsa wear gloves during her coronation? She’s the one who’s going to be Queen. Why can’t she call the shots?

16 Don’t Touch!

via: pinterest.com

We’re taught from a young age not to touch stuff. Don’t touch breakable things, don’t touch other people’s things, don’t touch anything you find on the street, don’t touch anything sticky, etc. But for some reason, in Disney films, these rules don’t apply and people are encouraged to touch stuff!

I’m sure people can protest that Aurora was in some kind of trance caused by Maleficent when she touched the spinning wheel and therefore it isn’t her fault. Well then, what is Belle’s excuse? Most of the scenarios in Disney films could be avoided with a little more common sense. Don’t eat apples given to you by strangers, don’t trust the evil sea witch, and for the love of anything, don’t freaking touch stuff!

15 Where Does The Music Come From?

via: whisper.sh

I quite liked the witty sarcasm of Tangled. While it did seem weird to me for a time before it came out that Disney had never made a film based on Rapunzel, since classic fairy tales in the public domain seem to be their thing, I’m glad they waited as long as they did. Rapunzel would never have been the excitable, creative, strong character she was in the film had it been made around the same time as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. And we would never have had Flynn Rider!

As much as I like the cynicism of Rider, it is a bit weird to criticise the singing in a Disney film. I get that it’s supposed to be self-deprecation, and that’s why we love Flynn Rider, but asking why people are singing at this point is like asking why all the good guys are conventionally attractive.

14 Handsome Strangers

via: pinterest.com

Speaking of all the Princesses and Princes being conventionally attractive, here’s another poor lesson that Disney has been teaching our children. Just like being told not to touch things, we are always told not to talk to strangers. While there are some exceptions to this rule such as substitute teachers, doctors, and bus drivers, they don’t include strangers wandering around in the forest.

Okay, so don’t talk to strangers is a rule that should be taken with a pinch of salt, considering that we are all strangers until we talk to each other for the first time. But if you are walking alone and someone does come up to you randomly to start talking or singing with you, then get away from them as soon as you can!

13 Ariel’s Dream Date

via: pinterest.com

So, we’ve already established that Eric’s behavior towards Ariel is slightly weird. But so is Ariel being desperate to get back on the water when she literally sold herself for some legs. Surely, she would have preferred to go dancing or something? Disney decided to leave out the part where Ariel’s legs feel like she’s walking on knives and her toes are bleeding, so why not retell it so Ariel loves dancing rather with Prince Eric, rather than being in unbearable pain?

I’m sure someone would point out that Ariel couldn’t protest against going or say what she wanted to do, but I never understood why anyone in this film ever asks her if she can write anything down. I guess she just wanted to be around Eric because she loved him! And she’d become a prisoner if she didn’t get that kiss.

12 She Lied!

via: art-zealot.deviantart.com

This one probably isn’t as laughable as the rest of them. After all, Let it Go was basically a whole sequence about how Elsa was going to change and not let anything get to her anymore. So, while she didn’t dance before, maybe because she didn’t like getting close to people or because she was scared of revealing her powers to Anna or others, she doesn’t care about what others think anymore and wants to, well, let it go! I’m sure there were lots of things Elsa really wanted to do, such as interact with Anna. Maybe one of those was dancing!

Nevertheless, this is still a cute piece of fan art and does lead one to question why everything changed so quickly. Even if she thought she couldn’t go back.

Comic by Art-Zealot.

11 He Should Talk

via: pinterest.com

Disney has very strange rules about who can and cannot talk. In an animated film, anything is possible. Anything can be a real thing with feelings, emotions and the ability to communicate. It's one of the reasons why they scared the heck out of me at times! So, while Princesses can have talking mice, and while furniture in a house can be cursed to talk, it is very weird that they decided that Wall-E shouldn’t be able to talk.

After all, the dogs talk in Up because Charles made some kind of device to make them talk. That, and I’ve seen talking robots nowadays! Maybe not robots with emotions and sentient thought, but it’s not irrational to think that by the time Wall-E comes around we might have it.

10 Kids Need Boundaries

via: tumblr.com

I really love Lilo and Stitch. It’s random enough to be funny, along with being very sweet and at times heart-breaking. Even so, the opening scene is very weird. I get that Hawaii is a very small island and that Lilo and Nani live in a very tight community where everyone knows everyone. But isn’t really safe for Lilo to be wandering off on her own. I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to be swimming along in the ocean, especially not as deep as Lilo goes, and doubly especially not if you’re five!

It doesn’t help that Hawaii has sharks in its waters along with poisonous plants, fish, and bugs, nor that Nani is trying to gain custody of Lilo! This isn’t going to impress the social worker!

9 Terrible Role Model

via: pinterest.com

If your child is very impressionable and likes to copy nearly everything they see, do not let them watch Pocahontas! Children should never eat berries they find in forests!

I’m sure Pocahontas would personally know which berries were safe to eat and which weren’t, but it’s not a great idea to tell someone who has just arrived in your world to “taste the sun sweet berries of the earth,” since John Smith doesn’t know what’s safe to eat. Besides, Pocahontas does more questionable things than eat random berries. She jumps off cliffs, climbs high trees, plays with wild animals, and kayaks down wild rivers on her own. There is a difference between being adventurous and being stupid. Kids, don’t do these things! Even with a cute raccoon friend!

Comic by Adam Ellis.

8 The Hierarchy Of Dogs

via: pinterest.com

This is a little bit of a follow on from the comic about mice. While it does confuse me when not all animals in a universe are anthropomorphic, it confuses me even more when animals keep animals as pets. Why does Arthur from Arthur have a pet dog when some of his friends are dogs? Why do the ponies from Friendship is Magic have pets, when they are ponies? But Pluto and Goofy are the most confusing of the two. Pluto is Mickey’s dog, while Goofy is his friend. But they’re both dogs!

I guess Goofy has learned to walk upright and has grasped some form of speech, but there is never any explanation as to why Pluto can’t. He even seems smarter than Goofy a lot of the time!

7 Jewels Are Worth Money

via: dorkly.com

It seems pointless criticizing Snow White, as it was Disney’s first full-length film along with being the first full-length cel animation. But I can’t deny that the story is a little disturbing. Snow White herself is aged up from seven to fourteen in the film, she’s still far too young to get married, be thrown out into the woods, or be a threat to someone desperate to be the most beautiful! And if someone is asleep or has perished, then please don’t kiss them!

While I don’t want to ruin a Disney Classic for people, this honestly would have been a better ending. These dwarves mine diamonds daily, so why doesn’t Snow White borrow some of them to buy an army and return home to overthrow the Queen? Or as this comic suggests, just bribe the guards!

Comic by Dorkly.

6 A Really Harsh Punishment

via: pinterest.com

I always thought the beast in Beauty and the Beast was given a much too harsh punishment. There are said to be ten years between the beginning of the film when the beast is cursed and when Belle comes to the castle. But the Prince’s age at the end of the film is supposed to be twenty-one, meaning he was only around eleven when the sorceress came to his castle. Going back on the whole, don’t talk to strangers cliché, if a stranger comes to your door and asks to come in, wouldn’t you want your eleven-year-old to turn them away? What’s this eleven-year-old doing answering the door anyway in a huge castle?

I’m very glad that in the remake, the specified that the castle was frozen in time, so the beast is twenty-one at the start. But still, that Witch was super rude!

5 Super Bird Strength

via: pinterest.com

During the “be careful what you wish for” song I Just Can’t Wait to be King from Disney’s Lion King, aide Zazu ends up at the bottom of a large pile of animals, all outweighing him by a ridiculous amount. Despite this Zazu shows a moment of superhuman strength when he manages to hold up the rhino, if only for a few moments before crushing him. Not only does this not end him, it apparently drains him of all his superpowers.

I’m sure there was some sort of adrenaline involved, where Zazu used an act of strength in the moment to save himself. But given how heavy a rhino and all those other animals actually are, there is no way he couldn’t be able to pick Simba off that branch and carry him to safety.

4 Those Helpful Animals

via: deviantart.com

Nobody likes doing chores. Some of us find cleaning peaceful, or you might enjoy to satisfaction of a clean house. We all have chores that we prefer and we all have chores that we can’t stand. But very few, if any of us, wake up in the morning and think “Oh boy, cleaning!” Luckily, for many Disney characters, the pain of keeping a clean house is taken away by the magical animal friends who come along to help out. Maybe they’ll make a dress for you or help you dust a room, or just sing a happy tune while you go about your happy, joyful life!

Once you get over the tricky magic, evil witches, and curses, Disney characters have a pretty cushy life. Why can’t I find some singing mice?

3 The Right Way To Do It

via: collegehumor.com

Preach! Listen, the Evil Queen might have been in the wrong and all, but she was certainly powerful. She had the ability to do all sorts of crazy stuff, like disguise herself as an old woman, and make a sleeping potion. So... what was stopping her from just making an actual poison to end Snow White? Are you telling me that poison doesn't exist in this universe? Beyond that, why make one that has such a simple antidote as kissing someone? It just doesn't make sense. Snow is a very weak girl and probably wouldn't have been able to defend herself against the queen. And if the queen didn't want anyone to know that she ended Snow's life, she could have just done it in disguise or in private or something. It's all quite simple.

Comic by CollegeHumor.

2 Asking The Real Questions

via: happletea.com

Honestly, I think we've all wondered at one time or another why the Fairy Godmother was so useless. Sure, she helped Cinderella out and all, but she did it in the most backward way possible. The woman literally made her wear shoes made out of glass, and made the magic have this totally improbable expiration date. Wouldn't it have made more sense for the spell to wear off after a set amount of hours, rather than just at the end of the day? Cinderella didn't even get a full day's use out of the stuff! And why was it that the Fairy Godmother had never shown up to help Cinderella before? She was suffering at the hands of her step-family for such a long time. You can't tell me that this woman never once noticed that she wasn't well off and needed help.

Comic by HappleTea.

1 So, What's The Truth?

via: instagram.com/imaneimagination

I know that a lot of millennials have complained that Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about love. But it's honestly true. We've basically been taught that if we wish hard enough, the right guy will come along. We'll fall instantly in love and live happily ever after. And while I'm really happy to see that Frozen took that trope and spun it upside down, it's still a little bit crazy to me that it took that long to happen. And beyond that, Anna doesn't have any other positive role models in the Disney Princess lineup to look forward to! So who can really blame her for falling for Hans so quickly? In a way, Anna is all of us.

Comic by ImaneImagination.

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