25 Crazy Facts About Disney Movies That Change The Way We See Them

Disney seems to be the biggest creator of children’s shows and movies out there, they even have an entire theme park that people from all over the world come to visit. They have been more than successful with the things that they produce, and they never seem to disappoint with their storylines. All of their movies and cartoons are filled with magical things and themes that never cease to amaze. It seems to be pretty cut and dry when it comes to the meaning of these movies and cartoons, and as adults, we are pretty sure that we are catching onto everything that Disney is laying down in their movies, but there is actually a lot that we have not noticed or caught onto just yet. Some of your favorite movies, characters, and some of the greatest all-time classics, have things about them that little to nobody knew about, until now. There are things like characters being erased from the movie altogether, all the way to sounds not really being what you originally thought that they were. Sometimes things go on behind the making of these movies that could have totally changed the way the movie played out without us ever even knowing that they happened in the first place. There are so many things that we never knew about this movies. In this article, we are going to go over 25 facts about some of the best Disney movies out there that you would have never even guessed.

25 Ariel Has A Kid

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In almost all Disney movies out there, there tends to be a couple at the end of the movie who are said to live happily ever after, but what does that happily ever after mean? Do they go on to get married and start a family of their own? Most of the time when it comes to this issue we are left in the dark, leaving our imaginations to finish off the story of the couple that we became emotionally invested in while watching the movie. There is, however, one Disney princess that we know for sure did go on to start a family of her own with the Prince that she met, and that Princess would be Ariel.

In fact, Ariel is the only known Disney Princess who has a child.

This is not something that a lot of people typically put any thought into, but reading about it now it is probably clicking in your mind that she is the only Princess that we have ever seen to have a baby in a Disney movie. We are not sure why Disney does not finish out their stories in this way, but there is a lot of fan fiction online, where we can read about these people having babies, or even fan art where the characters are depicted as parents.

24 The Lion King Rip Off

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The Lion King was such a successful movie for Disney and made them millions, if not, billions of dollars. So naturally, when a Japanese cartoon maker thought that it was simply a rip off of their own cartoon, they started to point fingers and ultimately wound up filing a lawsuit against Disney for copying them. The reason that the makers of Kimba thought that the Lion King was a rip off of them, was because their lion looked exactly like Simba does when he is all grown up, only their lion was all white. Let’s not ignore the similarity in the two lions names either, Simba and Kimba are only one letter off from being the same name after all. So it is very easy to see where the confusion stems from, but obviously what they did was fishy, to say the least.

The Lion King went on to make more movies and sell more mechandise. So, it is safe to assume that this lawsuit never got anywhere, and it is easy to see why it did not. After All, Disney did change just enough about the main character to make it so that it would not actually be a copy of the original Japanese cartoon.

23 When Movies Collide

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It is always interesting when we watch movies and catch onto cute little things, that we probably would not have noticed had we not been paying super close attention or did not have the movie paused at the time that we saw it. Sometimes these things could be as little as a typo, a hidden image in the background, or even characters from other movies making appearances as background people in other movies. Sometimes when we read of these things, it makes us want to go back and rewatch certain movies so that we can see it with our own eyes. For instance, in the movie Frozen, there is a Disney couple from another movie who can be seen in the background at the party where Anna and Elsa finally open the doors of their castle to the public. The couple that can be seen are Rapunzel and Flynn from the movie, Tangled. Now that you know this, you are probably dying to go see it for yourself, but don't blink, because you might end up missing it. In fact, Rapunzel and Flynn are only seen for a very brief second and even then they are only seen from behind, so it is very easily missed.

22 Ariel's Real Life Model

The Disney animated movie, The Little Mermaid, was a movie about a beautiful red-headed mermaid who wanted nothing more than to grow a pair of legs and live a life on the dry earth with the prince of her dreams. This movie is filled with songs, fun, conflict, and happy endings, making it a favorite of little girls almost everywhere. Of course, Disney Princesses are always so flawlessly beautiful. It is an ideal that seems impossible for us girls to live up to, but the inspiration for the looks of these Princesses must have come from somewhere, right?

Well, as it so turns out, the beautiful mermaid Ariel was actually modeled after a real-life person named, Alyssa Milano.

Looking at the pictures side by side, we can certainly see the resemblances between the two, and it makes us realize that this kind of beauty really does exist in the real world, and that we are surrounded by Princess like beauty every day. Apparently, Ariel is not the only Disney Princess who is modeled after real-life people either, in fact, most of the animated Princesses are modeled after real-life models. You learn something new every day, and whether that information was useful or not, it certainly was interesting.

21 The Lying King

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Here we are again, talking about little-known facts that took place in The Lion King, there seems to be a lot of stuff about this movie that very few people knew. This next little-known fact, however, is one that might leave you shaking your head wondering why in the world they did it in the first place. If you listen closely while watching this movie, you will notice how realistic the roars of the lions are, but you might be surprised to learn that they aren’t really lions at all. Of course, they had to use something to get the vocals in the movie, but they openly admitted to the fact that they never did use an actual lion to get those loud roars.

They instead ended up using the roars of various different tigers.

This one really has wondering why they even did it in the first place, I mean surely they could have gotten their hands on a recording of some lions roaring, but instead, they decided to go with tigers, and to be totally honest, it makes no sense at all. Obviously, this has no effect on the movie whatsoever, but it certainly is an interesting piece of information to know.

20 Aladdin And His Mom

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We have already gone over the story of Aladdin, a young man who comes across a lamp from which a genie escapes and grants him his most desirable wishes. We have even gone over the fact that in most Disney movies both parents never make it to the end of the movie without at least one of them dying, but what Disney decided to do for this movie was just uncalled for. For anyone who remembers this movie, you might remember that Aladdin didn’t exactly have a mom in the movie, but what you probably did not know, is that the only reason that he doesn't have a mom in the movie was because Disney decided to get rid of her. Way to axe off a guy’s mom before the movie even started being produced! That’s right, they originally had a mom for Aladdin put into the original script, but they later decided to delete the character all together to streamline the story. There was even a song called “proud of your boy” that was to be sung by Aladdin and his mother, obviously this song did not make into the movie because of his mother being removed. News of this is kind of upsetting to be honest, animated character or not, how could they just deny a man his mother?

19 Alice's Hour In Elfland

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Basically, everyone out there has seen at least one version of Alice In Wonderland, it is a classic that nearly everyone loves. The movie, Alice In Wonderland, stemmed from the 1865 book Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. It focuses on a girl named Alice who falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world of different creatures and games. She is forced to drink stuff that makes her shrink, and eat things that make her grow in order to make her way through these fantasy worlds. It paints a picture of fun, conflict, and adventures, that is sure to grab the attention of children and adults alike.

An interesting fact about this book/movie that not a lot of people seem to know is that it was almost called something else entirely.

Of course, the title of the book would not have had a huge effect on the success of the book or the movie, but it was actually almost called Alice’s Hour In Elfland. We do find wonderland to sound much more appealing, but Elfland would have done just as well in our eyes, especially with how well written the book was and how visually appealing the movie ended up being.

18 The Famous Spaghetti Scene

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The Lady And The Tramp was an iconic Disney Classical movie that everyone today has heard of. It was first released in June 1955, and it tells the story of a female cocker spaniel a male mongrel who fall in love. This is an original movie from Disney that helped shaped Disney into what it is today. When you think about Lady And The Tramp there is one thing that is sure to come to mind, that beloved spaghetti scene, this is the scene where the two dogs are sharing a plate of spaghetti, and they both munch on one string together until their lips meet, and they kiss. This was a sweet, innocent scene that made the movie as great as it is today. The spaghetti scene is what Lady And The Tramp is known for today, but how would this movie have done if they had not included the Spaghetti Scene? Since it has become such a vital part of the movie, it is hard to say whether it would have been as popular, but still it was almost left out.

Very few people are aware of the fact that scene almost never made it into the final cut of the movie, to begin with.

In fact, it was not until somebody campaigned to have it put back in that it finally made it in.

17 One Parent Is Always A Gonner

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As animated movies, Disney movies can certainly be surprising at the emotional connection that they manage to establish with the people watching their movies through their storyline. Take, for instance, Frozen, we start off the movie getting to know the parents of young Elsa only to have them perish right in front of our eyes. For those of you who did not notice, this happens in almost all of the Disney movies that there are. We get to know the main characters as children, and then we watch as their parent's lives are taken away, an emotional roller coaster that Disney never seems to do without.

They do this so often in fact, that there are only three Disney movies in which both parents remain alive throughout the entire movie.

Those three movies are, 101 Dalmatians, Mulan, and Lady And The Tramp. This is probably one those things that not very many people would normally take notice to, but this is probably just due to how normal it is in these movies. So next time that you sit down and watch a Disney movie, unless it is one of the above three mentioned movies, then you should know what to expect.

16 The Lion King Lawsuit

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The Lion King is another Disney movie that everyone seems to have watched at least a dozen times. This is a movie about a young lion named Simba whose evil uncle, Mufasa, plots to take the throne from young Simba’s father. He plans on doing this by luring him into a stampede of wildebeests. The father says his goodbyes and Simba lives on, he later returns as an adult with some friends to take back his homeland. Out of all of the Disney movies out there, this definitely holds up in at least the top 10 category of movies that they have made. It's the circle of life.

Anyone who has seen this movie will remember the scene with the laughing hyenas, well it turns out that scene actually led to a lawsuit.

A hyena biologist did not like the way that Disney was portraying hyenas as villains, and so he ended up filing a lawsuit against them. It sounds to us like someone took their hyenas a little too seriously, to take out a lawsuit and pay legal fees over something as silly as an animated movie, it seems like going a little too far for me. We are unsure of the outcome of this lawsuit, but we can not imagine that the judge settled on the side of the plaintiff.

15 Aladdin And His Lies

The 1992 Disney animated film, Aladdin, is about a street rat named Aladdin who comes across a lamp from which a genie escapes. This genie gives Aladdin the ability to grant some of his greatest wishes, but evil gets in the way and has other plans for Aladdin and his newfound love Princess Jasmine. There is an interesting thing that takes place in this movie, that unless you pay close attention to, you probably never noticed until today. Aladdin seems to be known for his tiny little white lies in order to land himself the Princess of his dream, and if we know anything about movies, it is that lies are always given away by some movement of the body. Whether it be a blink or a nose growing to unreal sizes, like in the movie Pinocchio. With Pinocchio, it is known that his nose grows in length whenever he tells a lite, with Aladdin it is something a little less embarrassing and much less noticeable.

It turns out that whenever Aladdin lies, the purple feather on his hat falls down in front of his face.

When you first saw the movie and noticed this happening, you probably thought that it was just some cute little thing that happens, but surprise, it is actually because he was just lying.

14 Arora's Dress

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All little girls grew up loving the story of Sleeping Beauty, a beautiful Princess who is put under the spell of a witch, cast into a deep sleep that only the kiss of a Prince will wake her up from. In this movie, you can see the fairies as they try to make her the perfect dress, much like in Cinderella when the fairy godmother creates the perfect dress for her, but they seem to be having some trouble agreeing on what color to make the dress. Originally the dress that Sleeping Beauty wore was going to be blue, but that sparked a lot of controversies. In fact, there ended up being a whole big debate on whether to make the dress blue or pink. Instead of giving people the satisfaction of choosing which color it should be, depending on how many votes each color got, Disney decided to get creative with it. They decided to put an entire scene into the movie that would not have even been there had it not been for the debate. They did this by making the two fairies debate on what color to use, and as we all should know, Pink ended up winning that battle.

13 Mickey Meets Mortimer

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Mickey Mouse seems to be the mascot for Disney, he is the most beloved cartoon character out there today, and if you take a trip to Disney World you will likely see a sea of people wearing his ears on their heads. Mickey Mouse is such a fun and cute name to give a mouse, that it really stuck for everyone, but what not very many people know is that he was actually almost called something entirely different. Mickey Mouse was actually almost called Mortimer Mouse, but Walt Disney’s wife urged him to change it to something more fun. I guess his wife knew best, because I don't think that we would have loved him as much if he had such a bland name like that. Of course, Walt loved the name so much that he couldn’t just let it die when he changed the name to Mickey, so he went on to create an entire character just to use the name. In fact, Mortimer Mouse now makes appearances in the Disney cartoon show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We have to admit, the character that was created for the name, is very fitting based on the looks of it, but it certainly would not have went well with the looks of Mickey Mouse.

12 Pixar Grants A Goodbye Wish

The movie Up was an emotionally moving movie that captivated its audience, it has probably one of the most moving story lines in an animated film ever and we just can not get over it. This movie centers around a couple named Carl and Ellie. When Ellie falls ill, and ultimately dies, Carl remembers their childhood dream to visit paradise falls. It is not until his home is threatened to be taken away that he ties balloons to it, and rides his house all the way to the destination, taking along a stowaway boy scout. It turns out that Pixar must have been awfully touched by the beautiful movie that they created, because they ended up granting one little girl’s last wish.

There was a little girl who was terminal, and her only wish was to see the movie Up, before she passed away, but she was too sick to go to a theater. When Pixar got news of this they actually flew an employee out to her with a DVD of the film for her to watch. This was a very touching story to hear about. It must have been very hard for everyone involved. This is obviously something that impacted the little girl and her family before her passing, and it makes the movie that much more beautiful.

11 Tangled Makes History

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Tangled is an animated Disney movie that focuses on the story of Rapunzel, the Princess with the long flowy hair, who manages to escape by using her hair to climb out of the window of her abductors' castle. This movie had some pretty amazing graphics, and it was a big hit, good thing too because it cost a pretty penny for Disney to produce. In fact, Tangled ended up costing over 260 million dollars to make, making it the most expensive animated Disney movie out there to date. Tangled was also the first animated Disney movie to receive a PG rating instead of just a G rating. Making this a legendary Disney movie, that people will remember for years to come. It is easy to see how this movie cost them so much to make, I mean let's take that memorable flying lantern scene, for instance, that could not have been easy to make happen and it was so beautifully done. Obviously, Rapunzel is a story that has been around a lot longer than the movie has been, so when the movie was released it was a long time coming and it made girls everywhere want to have long flowy hair just like this princess had.

10 Frozen With A Twist

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Frozen is a Disney movie that really took off, in fact, kids today are still annoying their parents by singing Let It Go. It was a movie about a young girl who has the power to freeze things with her hands, afraid of what people might think, her parents made her hide her powers after her sister nearly died after an accidental freezing. After her parents passed away, however, Princess Elsa and her sister Anna were left in charge of the castle. This movie really focused around the relationship between the two siblings instead of focusing on a Princess trying to find a prince, so it was a nice change for a Disney movie that drew in a lot of people. However, this movie almost went a completely different direction.

It turns out that Elsa was originally supposed to be the villain in the movie, something that would have completely changed everything.

When creators made her character sing the song let it go, however, they were so inspired that they decided to make her the main character and totally change the direction of the movie altogether. This movie would have turned out totally different had Elsa been the villain, so it is hard to say whether or not it would have still been such a huge movie, or if it would have tanked.

9 The Lion King

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Here we have another entry about the wonderful movie, The Lion King. This time instead of it having to do with something that happened in the movie, it had to do with something that was taking place when they were casting people to voice the characters. It turns out that The Lion King could have sounded a lot different than it did. We all know that James Earl Jones voiced Mufasa and Nathan Lane voiced Timon, two voices that we are very familiar with, but what if they hadn’t? It is said that Sean Connery was originally supposed to voice Mufasa and Eddie Murphy was offered the role of Timon. Even more interesting, is the fact that Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella, the voices of Timon and Pumba, originally came in to read the part of the hyenas. So as it turns out, this movie could have sounded way different than it did, and as we all know, the voices of characters are very important because the voice needs to at least somewhat match up with the character’s looks. It is hard now that we have seen the movie, to imagine Eddie Murphy being the voice behind Timon, so it is probably a good thing that they chose to go the other way with it.

8 Beauty And The Beast

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Beauty And The Beast is a magical movie with a great lesson to be learned from it. It is a movie about an arrogant young prince and his castle's servants who end up falling under the spell of a wicked enchantress, who turns him into a hideous Beast until he learns to love and be loved in return. The beautiful, headstrong village girl Belle enters the Beast's castle after he imprisons her father Maurice. From there Belle offers herself to the beast as long as he lets her father go. Belle is scared at first, but after some time with the beast, she learns what happened to him, she is then able to transform him into the loving and caring person that he should have been all along as they fall in love. If there is one thing that we all remember from this movie it is that awful man, Gaston, the guy who has a major thing for Belle.

During the fight in this movie, Gaston was supposed to say, “Time To Die!” Disney, however, thought that this was a little too dark for an animated film, and so they then changed it to, “Belle is mine!”

This was probably a good call on their part because, let’s be honest, nobody wants their children running around trying to mimic Gaston saying “Time to die.”

7 Lilo And Stitch

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Lilo And Stitch is a movie about a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo who adopts what she assumes to be a stray blue dog and names him Stitch. She shortly finds out that he is actually an extraterrestrial being and there are people out to get him, throughout trying to evade the FBI like men, Lilo and Stitch create a strong bond between each other and consider each other family. It was a very bittersweet movie that really showed the bond between a girl and her pet. Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind

Would you look at that cute little girl Lilo the same though, if you knew that she was actually voiced by the same exact girl who played Samara in the ring?

She might not seem so cute anymore, knowing that her voice is coming from the same person who managed to scare people everywhere with her creepy looks and weird spider-like crawling. However, even if this did not creep you out then it is still an interesting thing to know. We hope that news of this doesn't cause too many people nightmares of an evil little cartoon character who crawls out of a television set.

6 Pocahontas

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Pocahontas is a Disney movie that tells the tale of romance between an American Indian girl named Pocahontas and Captain John Smith, who traveled to the new world with all of the other settlers to begin a new life. However, with her unapproving father, making this relationship work seems almost impossible. In this movie all of the animals are mute, and Pocahontas seems to have a best friend/sidekick raccoon. This is not however how it was always supposed to be. In fact, when this movie was still in the early stages of being made, they originally made Pocahontas a talking turkey for a sidekick. The creators however quickly decided to do without this because all of the other animals were mute, and they did not think that it would be right to have just one talking animal. It certainly would not have made sense, and we are kind of glad that they went with the raccoon anyway, because let’s be honest, he was absolutely adorable. Of course, this would not have made a huge difference in the movie, but it would have been slightly weird. This is just another one of those things that we could have gone our whole lives without knowing, but now that we do know it, we will all probably be bringing it up in our next conversation as a neat little-known fact.

5 Perfectly Imperfect

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In the movie Beauty And The Beast, Belle is looked at as this beautiful girl who does not conform to the typical female standards. She is said to be pretty, smart, strong, and very independent. She might even seem like the perfect girl to anyone who watches the movie, and a role model for all of the little girls who fell in love with this movie. Disney, however, must have thought this through, because they made sure to make one small flaw, to show everyone who watched the movie that Belle was not perfect at all. Of course, this flaw was so small that not everyone caught on to it. If you watch this movie again, then you will notice that there is one lock of hair that keeps falling down in the front of Belle’s face. It is so subtle, yet Disney thought that it would be the perfect way to show that no single person is perfect, not even Belle. If you think about it, that kind of makes this movie even more amazing, because it is teaching children not only to be respectful of others (in the way that the prince is turned into a beast after turning down the old lady) but also in the way that the children watching should not hold themselves to such unrealistic standards.

4 101 Dalmations

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101 Dalmatians is a pretty basic Disney movie when it comes to the plot, it is a movie about two Dalmatians who live together and go on to have 15 litters of puppies. The evil Cruella Deville wishes to buy them all, but their owners decline. Cruella then hires a man to go on and steal the puppies, and then by the end of the movie they are all reunited and live happily ever after. With there being over 100 Dalmatians in this movie, there is obviously going to be a lot of spots. Have you ever found yourself wondering just how many spots there are in this movie though? Well, we have, and we came across the answer fairly quickly.

Throughout the entire movie, there was a total of 6,469,952 spots throughout all of the Dalmations seen in the movie. That sure is a lot of spots!

If we had a dollar for every single spot in this movie, we would be incredibly rich by now! This movie was released in theaters in the United States on January 25, 1961. That is a whopping 57-years-ago! Most of us have seen this movie growing up and couldn’t even begin to fathom that it was that long ago. For some of us, our parents or grandparents may have seen this movie when it first came out!

3 Sebastion From The Little Mermaid

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Who doesn’t know who The Little Mermaid is? By now, you should know all there is to know, right? After all, we are going for round three on this childhood classic Disney movie that came out on November 17, 1989, in the United States. If you are a millennial, you know most of the characters voices by heart. Could you possibly imagine if one of them were to have been very different? Maybe even different to the point where it would have changed the whole feel of this entire movie? We can’t. However, in The Little Mermaid, one of your favorite beloved characters was supposed to have a British accent. That’s right, Sebastian was supposed to be British in the movie! That would have definitely changed things up a bit. The voice of Sebastian was actually portrayed by Samuel E. Wright. Do you think the movie would have come out the same if they had chosen to make this bright red, yet adorable, crustation British? We feel it may have. Just tweaking the tiniest thing in this movie probably would have changed how we viewed it, or at least how we viewed this character. Their decision to nix that idea turned out well!

2 Aladdin And Jafar

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Jafar is the antagonist of the movie Aladdin, he has a very distinct voice and he plots to get the genies magical lamp from Aladdin. Obviously, since he is the antagonist no one liked him anyway, so we are unsure of whether or not this next fact would even make a difference. We all know that Jonathan Freeman is the voice behind this evil sorcerer, but he almost didn’t make the cut. In fact, it was actually Patrick Stewart who was originally offered the role of Jafar, and even though he did want the part he had to turn it down to go film Star Trek. Of course, this might seem like a useless piece of knowledge to have, but still a piece of knowledge that you didn't know before now and some people might actually find it to be very interesting. We wonder how Jonathan Freeman felt knowing that he was not their first choice for the role, but he was probably just happy that he ended up getting it in the end anyway because a job is a job. Again, it probably would not have made much of an impact on the movie itself, but we are kind of curious now to know how Jafar was supposed to sound.

1 Hercules

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Hercules makes its first, and only, appearance on this list with something that would have changed the whole feel of the music within this movies. Maybe even the whole feel of the movie itself, actually. Before we get to that, let's start with one basic fact: This movie came out in the United States on June 13, 1997. If you think back to the late 90s, there was a massive take over in pop music by a group of five British women. Can you guess the group, yet? If you guessed the Spice Girls, you were right! Now, you may be thinking what do they have to do with Hercules. Well, if you remember the soulful sounding muses from this Disney hit movie, imagine that they were voiced by the Spice Girls. That would change everything. They wouldn’t have had that amazing soul sound to them. Instead, they would have been British! And that almost happened because they were supposed to be voiced by this pop group! We are sure this movie would have gotten even bigger when it came out because the theater would have filled with nothing but screaming preteen girls! But, we believe they made the right choice instead of using the Spice Girls!

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