25 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Disney Movies

Presently, Disney is on a crusade to collect every single studio akin to a poorly conceived card game that nobody else can afford to play. Mickey Mouse might primarily be associated with family-friendly cartoons, but the conglomerate's reach far exceeds the animation industry. Regardless of whether someone appreciates Disney's products or business practices, films affiliated with the brand tend to be quite polished. Even if deemed a flop, the project is typically a pretty flop. Be it animation or live-action, Disney employs hundreds of people to ensure the final version meets the brand's standard of quality.

Periodically, something slips through the cracks. Nitpicking has practically transformed into a sport, with YouTube channels existing that are solely dedicated to highlighting plot holes or continuity errors. Is it fun? We could say no, but lying is never the answer! Now, in all fairness, there is no such thing as a perfect product. Disney has produced some of the greatest movies of all time, and the company's legacy is hardly diminished due to the occasional trivial mistake. Nevertheless, slips happen and there is no point pretending otherwise!

Strap yourself in, it is time for a rocky trip down memory lane! Hopefully, our childhoods survive in one piece! Here are 25 mistakes fans completely missed in Disney movies!

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25 Ariel Is Not Illiterate...

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The Little Mermaid separates Disney's weird '80s output and the Renaissance period inaugurated by 1991's Beauty and the Beast. Ursula is a villain for the ages, but Princess Ariel's rebel without a cause attitude grates on the nerves as one grows older. Yearning to learn more about the world of man, Ariel ventures to the surface and ultimately saves Prince Eric's life.

There is only one problem: Ariel cannot physically speak to the Prince.

Does this spell the end of their romance? Is there no way Ariel can communicate with Eric? Alas, the writing was on the wall for these two. If only, a parchment existed that permitted words to be efficiently related!

24 A Scallywag Joins Jack's Crew

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With each passing sequel, Disney has earnestly strived to ruin any of the mystique surrounding Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. Languishing with a disappointing 29% on Rotten Tomatoes, the franchise's fifth entry lacks much in the way of innovation, charm, or genuine wit.

Unfortunately, nobody noticed the guy in the cowboy hat and white t-shirt admiring the open sea in the corner of the shot. These clothes were definitely not available at the time the movie was set, so it's a wonder how nobody noticed him during production.

23 Rajah's Magical Bite

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Aladdin blends catchy music, thrilling action, and Robin Williams to produce a thoroughly enjoyable adventure filled with memorable quotes and hilarious one-liners

Aladdin's CGI has aged about as well as can be reasonably expected, but these dated scenes enhance the cartoon's charm.

In order to drive away a suitor for Jasmine, Rajah bites into the pompous man's pants, bringing the dude down to his undergarments. Aladdin specifically flashes the dude's pants to the audience. However, Rajah is shown carrying the guy's undergarments in its mouth rather than the outer pants.

22 Cinderella Breaks Its Own Rules

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Cinderella's rules are not complicated: The magic spell wears off at midnight. The Fairy Godmother explicitly explains this point to the protagonist, and her prediction generally proves to be accurate. At the stroke of midnight, any item influenced by the spell reverts back to its initial form! Considering those are the laws set by the storytellers, Cinderella's glass slipper should have also converted back to its original design along with everything else. Simply put, this is terrible writing.

Who are we to criticize Disney? As long as any absurd actions are explained by the rules established for the fictional world, suspending disbelief is possible; however, Cinderella broke that one requirement! Was the Fairy Godmother just messing with Cinderella?

21 Snow White's Reappearing Door Handle

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Released in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs established Disney as a powerhouse in the animation world. Serving as the company's feature-length debut and the first to utilize only cel animation, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a landmark release in cinema. In approximately two decades, the film will celebrate its 100th birthday; amazingly, the visuals have stood the test of time! In fact, some of Disney's best work can be found in its debut.

That's not to say Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs does not have its fair share of problems. Putting aside the bland protagonist or the heroic prince who was deemed not worthy of an actual name, there are a handful of continuity errors. At around the half-hour mark, Dopey accidentally separates the door from its handle, but the next scene fails to reflect the dwarf's destructive act.

20 Mulan Confuses China With Japan

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Desperate to protect her father, Hua Mulan masqueraded as a man and took his place when a family member was ordered to enlist with the mandatory army. Proving skilled in various combat styles, Mulan enjoyed a lustrous 12-year career as a soldier, before returning home to her relieved parents. Opting to shorten the timespan and adding Eddie Murphy into the equation, Disney's Mulan played fast and loose with the source material. In the original poem, Mulan's gender is never discovered by the other soldiers, but the cartoon understandably used this revelation to inject a touch of drama.

In order to produce a more enjoyable experience, adaptations should be allowed to alter certain elements. Nevertheless, certain changes simply should not happen. For example, Mulan is based in China, a country that presumably does not paint Japan's flag on their tents.

19 A Wrinkle In Time (& Fashion)

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A Wrinkle in Time is a pretty mess. Based on Madeleine L'Engle's 1962 novel, Disney took the story's skeleton and rearranged the parts to create an ungodly abomination packed with hilariously bad acting, idiotic characters, and a Kaiju-sized Oprah Winfrey. Failing to secure top spot in its opening week, A Wrinkle in Time seems set to be Disney's biggest flop of 2018. Pointing out all of the plot's inconsistencies demands a list of its own; instead, this entry centers around the cast's unpredictable wardrobe.

Throughout the film, Meg and Calvin remove certain clothes like their jackets, which are seemingly abandoned in magical CGI planes backed with weird plant birds. Once the climax gets underway, the children are spontaneously reunited with their wayward garments. A Wrinkle in Time is a boring kind of magic!

18 Hades Should Have Discerned Hercules Was Alive

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Far from Disney's greatest cartoon, Hercules is held together by a memorable villain, a likeable female protagonist, and a handful of infectious songs. 1997's adventure failed to replicate the epic tone of the Greek legends, but James Woods' Hades is phenomenal enough to justify the price of admission. Seeking to overthrow Zeus and rule Olympus, Hades sets out to dispose of Hercules while he is still a child, as the demi-god will be the only one who stands in the way of Hades' victory.

Tasking Pain and Panic with the job, the incompetent duo manage to remove Hercules' immortality but are thwarted prior to delivering the final blow. Realizing their boss is not the forgiving type, Pain and Panic inform Hades that Hercules is gone, and the idiot believes them! As the lord of the Underworld, Hades should be able to confirm whether this was actually the case!

17 Nala Wears Contact Lenses?

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The Lion King holds a special place in the heart of many '90s kids, with the 1994 film often hailed as Disney's crowning achievement during its Renaissance period. In truth, Beauty and the Beast trounces The Lion King any day of the week; nevertheless, Disney's take on Hamlet was more than acceptable.

As Simba's oldest friend and potential love interest, Nala plays a significant role in the story, especially during the second act. Assertive and committed to the Pride Lands, Nala is arguably a more fascinating character than Mufasa's son, an opinion complimented by the lioness' fluctuating eye color. Depending on her age, Nala's eyes are either teal or a more pronounced blue. Now, in all fairness, eye color fluctuates depending on the light and can even be influenced by emotions.

16 Genie Shortchanged Prince Ali!

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Genie cheated Aladdin! The street rat is granted three wishes by the fast-talking supernatural entity. Robin Williams' blue sorcerer states the only limitations are that Aladdin cannot wish for somebody to fall in love with him, revive a lost soul, or demand for someone to be put in the ground.

Otherwise, Genie can do it all!

In order to impress Jasmine, Aladdin wishes to be a "prince." Pay close attention to the phrasing, as Aladdin specifically asks to become a "prince" and not merely resemble one. Consequently, Genie should have bestowed Aladdin with a kingdom to govern. By the end, Prince Ali is treated like a glorified costume, but that should not have been the case! Aladdin is a bona fide prince!

15 Cool Runnings Gets Ahead Of Itself

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Disney's live-action filmography carries more than its fair share of stinkers. That is not to say the studio is incapable of producing hits, but Disney frequently struggles to replicate its animation department's magic in any other genre. Obviously, Cool Runnings is an exception. Loosely based on a Jamaican bobsleigh team's attempt to take part in the 1988 Winter Olympics, Cool Runnings is a fun sports drama with a ton of heart and John Candy.

The film exercised many creative liberties with the real-life events, but Cool Runnings works well as a stand-alone project. Regardless of one's personal attachment to the flick, there is no denying that Cool Runnings is not the most technically impressive film ever put to tape. A particularly egregious continuity error sees the bobsled team practicing on a black sled prior to Cool Runnings dedicating a scene to the guys painting the thing for the contest!

14 Alice In Wonderland's Sourcing Blunder...

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Lewis Carroll wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Incredibly, Disney's massive staff failed to realize they had misspelled the author's name as 'Lewis Carrol' in the opening credits! How did nobody notice this? Even if a copy of the book was not within arm's reach, Carroll is a relatively common surname. More importantly, this glaring mistake essentially serves as the film's opening.

Talk about leaving a bad first impression!

Admittedly, most members of the audience are unlikely to notice or care about a typo, and Alice in Wonderland's brilliance shined through irrespective of the botched introduction. Honestly, the error compliments Alice in Wonderland's anarchic nature.

13 The Princess And The Disappearing Earrings

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The Princess and the Frog is the 21st century's equivalent of The Little Mermaid. Hinting at a potential return to form for the beloved studio, 2009's cartoon acted as a stepping stone to Disney's current solid run of movies. Returning to traditional animation, The Princess and the Frog is worth checking out for fans of classic Disney, even if the individual components fail to create a particularly satisfying whole.

During the film, Princess Tiana is seen wearing a pair of gold earrings at Charlotte's ball. As she's watching Charlotte and the prince dance, her earrings mysteriously disappear, and then reappear in a later frame. Continuity errors are few and far between, but Tiana's disappearing earrings cannot be ignored.

12 Anna And Kristoff Lose Their Ropes

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At long last, Frozen's popularity is beginning to subside. Originally, Walt Disney attempted to adapt Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen as a successor to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but the ambiguous characters proved to be a sturdy roadblock for the studio. In 2011, a barely recognizable adaptation hit theatres and quickly earned Disney all the money in the world.

Frozen is surprisingly littered with goofs and mistakes, but the cartoon's innate charm successfully papers over most of the cracks. During the scene when Elsa's Marshmallow chases Anna and Kristoff off a cliff, the lucky heroes survive by landing in a pillow of sand. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rope that tirelessly endeavored to halt their descent. By the time the couple plummets to the ground, the rope has vanished!

11 No Soup For You!

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The Princess Diaries basks in its cheesy tropes and clichés. Anne Hathaway's irresistible magnetism and Julie Andrews' class deserve the bulk of the praise lavished at Disney's teen romantic comedy, although the addition of Chris Pine could not elevate the sequel above bargain bin territory. Regardless of whether part of the film's target audience or not, one can still appreciate The Princess Diaries as shallow wish-fulfillment.

News flash: Not every film needs to be for everyone!

Coming across as a Disney Channel movie that snuck its way into theatres, The Princess Diaries pays little mind to the story being told, with the focus resting squarely on Hathaway's modern princess. Consequently, scenes feel floaty and inconsequential, therefore, it is easier to overlook any mistakes. The dinner scene went out of its way to reveal the individual courses, which highlighted the fact that one of the guests can clearly be seen eating a bowl of soup prior to the meal's arrival.

10 Tarzan's Wounds Heal Quicker Than Wolverine

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Disney permits violence to be displayed, providing the conflict does not result in any lingering damage. Family movies should limit graphic violence, but it seems counter-productive to remove any consequences of partaking in a fight. Cartoons inspire impressionable young viewers, who might fail to realize that a tiger's claws are more likely to leave a permanent scar than an irrelevant scratch.

Overall, 1999's Tarzan is a mixed bag. The eponymous hero's fight against Sabor is among the film's brighter moments, but its impact is slightly diminished due to Disney stance on violence. At one point, Sabor is clearly shown scratching Tarzan's chest; however, the wound disappears almost immediately.

9 The Quickest Dry Cleaning Ever

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Driven by Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl's commercial success, Disney turned to another theme park ride for inspiration. Aspiring and failing to compare favorably to any of Jack Sparrow's adventures, The Haunted Mansion validated everyone's initial skepticism when Disney announced plans to turn Disneyland's attractions into blockbusters.

Now, in all fairness, The Haunted Mansion is a bright spot in the second half of Eddie Murphy's career. Sadly, that has more to do with the comedian's terrible filmography than the film's prowess. Laced with laughable special-effects and anchored with a derivative narrative, continuity errors are the least of The Haunted Mansion's problems. Nevertheless, viewers should have known they were in for a rough time when Murphy's rain-soaked family spontaneously dry-up the second they enter the mansion.

8 A Dress For Every Occasion

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In retrospect, Cinderella is not Disney's most exhilarating production. Released in 1950 and based on Charles Perrault's fairy tale with the same name, Cinderella tells the story of an orphaned girl made to work as a glorified maid under her stepmother's care. Confusing groundless optimism with strength, 2015's live-action recreation transformed the protagonist into a happy-go-lucky doofus. In the original, Cinderella resisted against her stepmother's tyranny and earnestly fought to improve her fate.

Ultimately, Prince Charming links the glass slipper to Cinderella's foot and the couple lives happily ever after. Freed from her stepmother's oppressive nature, at long last, the girl could let her hair down and embrace life! Apparently, this newfangled freedom proved so overwhelming, Cinderella disintegrated the sleeves attached to her own dress!

7 The Parent Trap's Piercing Scene

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A remake of 1961's romantic comedy, The Parent Trap established Lindsay Lohan as an actress with a blindingly bright future. Despite coinciding with her feature film debut, Lohan effortlessly portrayed two widely distinct twin sisters and successfully carried most of the movie on her own. In hindsight, The Parent Trap is comfortably Lohan's best project, which is a shame.

Freaky Friday is a close second!

Seeking to reunite their divorced parents who selfishly elected to split up the siblings when they were toddlers, Hallie and Annie steadily develop mutual respect for each other. In a pivotal scene that firmly established their friendship, Hallie pierces Annie's ear using a needle and a lemon, resulting in both sisters unleashing glass-shattering screams! The Parent Trap pulls in for a close up of Annie's ear, which reveals the lobe was preemptively pierced. Now, in all fairness, Lohan is hardly a method actor.

6 Mr. Potato Head's Convenient Eye

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Toy Story 3 is a masterpiece. No, subjectivity has nothing to do with it! For the longest time, Pixar completely overshadowed its parent company. UpWALL-E and The Incredibles seamlessly blend humor, action, and drama to create an experience suitable for the entire family. Serving as the studio's debut, Toy Story immediately established Pixar as a powerhouse, while the sequel confirmed Disney's subsidiary was here to stay!

Toy Story 3 concluded a mouthwatering streak for the studio, one that was ultimately ruined by Cars 2. Following a brilliant fantasy sequence that launches the sequel, Andy removes Mr. Potato Head's eye to reflect the fictional iteration's eyepatch. In the very next scene, which continues from its predecessor, the toy has been magically reunited with its eye. Pixar is not immune to mistakes, but Toy Story 3 is nevertheless perfect!

5 A Prince Without A King?

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Beauty and the Beast broke new ground by becoming the first animated film to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. Sustaining traces of the original fairy tale's gothic atmosphere, Beauty and the Beast brought Disney back into the public's good graces! The 1980s were a weird time for the studio, but The Little Mermaid and its superior successor ushered in an exciting new era.

2017's live-action remake lacks much of the original's charm, but Emma Watson's version attempted to answer some commonly cited plot holes. For example, why did the prince answer the enchantress' knock? As evident by the dozens of anthropomorphic furniture included as part of the cast, clearly, the castle does not lack for servants. Yet! The selfish prince is tasked with answering the door. More importantly, the existence of a prince typically implies that a king and queen are in the house.

4 Santa's Secrets Revealed!

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The Santa Clause's premise pivots on Saint Nick taking a nose dive off a roof and, essentially, blackmailing the perpetrator into accepting his job. Disney's soft touch lingers over Tim Allen's 1994 comedy, but a slightly dark edge permeates the entire story. The sequels might be better ignored, but the original is a decent Christmas movie.

Minutes after Nick's unexpected leap, Scott discovers a group of reindeer and begins to question whether this trespasser might be the real deal. Unfortunately for the protagonist, this Saint Nick is not merely a thief with a strange calling card! While Santa might be genuine, the same does not hold true for the reindeer. Wisely electing to use animatronics, a reindeer's ear movement briefly reveals that the animal is nothing more than a machine.

3 Maleficient Picked A Lousy Weapon To Prick Aurora

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Who among us has come into contact with a spinning wheel? One could safely assume most people's familiarity with the equipment starts and ends with Sleeping Beauty and the occasional period drama. Throwing a temper tantrum over being refused an invite to Aurora's christening, Maleficent curses the baby to succumb to a neverending slumber at the age of 16. What triggers this enchantment?

Princess Aurora pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.

Taking into account the fact that spindles are quite dull instruments, Maleficent sets herself up to fail. Unfortunately, Princess Aurora is such a fragile creature, she accomplishes the task despite the villain's blunder. Is it impossible to prick your finger on a spindle? No, but the spinning wheel must be specifically designed to be as dangerous as possible!

2 Tangled's Escapable Shackles

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Among the more commonly cited continuity errors, Tangled refuses to decide whether Flynn Rider's shackles are necessary! In one scene, Flynn brushes Rapunzel's face with an unshackled right hand. In the following scene however, the shackles magically re-appear as he chops off her hair. Due to the restraints featuring prominently during a number of shots, it is near impossible to ignore the one time Flynn drops the accessory. Showing a close-up of Flynn's hands hardly helped matters!

Just to be clear, Tangled is a thoroughly enjoyable romp and a tiny mistake can be forgiven. Films consist of countless moving parts, especially when dealing with such massive productions. Consequently, inconsistencies are to be expected, and minor errors should be forgiven.

1 The Mighty Teleporter

Via sbncollegehockey.com

Sentenced to 500 hours of community service, Gordon Bombay transforms a group of outcasts into a fantastic hockey team. How does he accomplish this majestic feat? Well, he steals the strongest team's best player, Adam Banks. Bombay is The Mighty Ducks' true villain!

Preferring to play for the Ducks than abandon the ice, Banks is effectively a one-man team for most of the games. The teenager is such a fantastic player, it almost seems like he can be in multiple places at once! At one point, Banks scores a goal before The Mighty Ducks cuts to the bench to show a second Banks celebrating the achievement. The Mighty Ducks: The Clone Saga would have made for a far more interesting sequel than D2: The Mighty Ducks.

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