Disney: 25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Tangled Left Hanging

Tangled was a masterpiece of Disney storytelling but there were some definite questions that needed answers. Here are 25!

I truly do mean it when I say that I love the 2010 Disney film Tangled more than my own family. Every single aspect of this film from start to finish is an utter masterpiece, and I continue to be absolutely blown away every single time that I rewatch this film. In fact, I love this movie so much that I have been known to watch it not once, not twice, but three times in a row. The villain is the perfect combination of over-the-top cruel and realistic. There are a lot of people like Gothel in the real world with Rapunzels of their very own. Eugene is the greatest male character in the Disney lexicon. And Rapunzel is an absolute force to be reckoned with (but more on that later).

I have been waiting literal years to get the chance to write about this magnificent film. So, without further ado, I present you with twenty-five questions that I still have about the 2010 Tangled film. If we missed any burning questions, please let us know!

Note: This article is solely referring to the 2010 film and does not take the straight to DVD sequel, the prequel to the animated series, nor the animated series into consideration. All of these additional pieces of content are absolutely phenomenal and some of the greatest things to ever come out of Disney but for the purposes of this article, we will only be focusing on the film itself as the series does address many of my concerns.

25 Where Do We Go From Here?

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Rapunzel has spent her entire life in that tower and now that she is free of that, where will she go from here? Will she launch herself into another adventure or will the sheer size of the world hold her back? Will her parents even let her leave the palace walls again or will they be so afraid of losing her that she will lose her new found freedom and find herself simply locked in another tower? Her life has truly begun; what will she make of it?

24 Are There Others?

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I hate to say it, but what if Gothel was right? What if there truly are hoards of people out there who want to leech the magic out of Rapunzel’s hair for their own gain (just like Gothel did)? What if they don’t believe Rapunzel when she claims that the magic is gone? How far will they go to get what they seek? Will Rapunzel find herself living in fear that another attacker is lurking in the shadows? How will that affect her newfound freedom; especially if the King and Queen are paralyzed by this same fear?

23 Family Bonds

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Is the intense connection that some people feel towards family members innate or learned? Will Rapunzel and her parents immediately find themselves bonded and connected or will there be an awkward/rough patch that they have to get through? I mean, they are all relative strangers to each other and have no idea what kind of person the others is.

Will they struggle to understand each other?

Will the King and Queen end up smothering the free-spirited Rapunzel trying to make up for 18 years of lost time? How long will it take to feel like a real family?

22 Missing Education

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Now, I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way because I truly do love Rapunzel and she is innately incredibly intelligent. But will her lack of real world (as well as generalized, considering she only had three books) knowledge hold her back in life? Though kind and considerate, she has no knowledge of how to respectfully and properly interact with other people in polite society. And a knowledge of proper social decorum is vital for the members of the royal family. Will her lack of knowledge turn the lost princess into a social pariah?

21 Life-Saving Lengths

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I have always been curious to know just how much the magic that exists within Rapunzel affects her. Does it support her immune system and prevent her from physical illness? Does it protect her from injury and pain? Did it keep her from being mentally broken down by Gothel’s actions and behaviors? Did it keep her skin smooth and acne free? Did it keep her nourished and healthy despite lack of resources? Prevent astigmatism? IBS? What will happen to her now that that magic is gone?

20 Medical Emergency

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I know that magic is a plot device that allows anything and everything to happen without the need for explanation. But I find myself wondering whether or not that gigantic head of hair would cause her severe neck pain. When I was eleven years old, I had incredibly thick and long hair and it caused me daily pain. Cutting it all off was the greatest feeling in the entire world and my hair has not been anywhere close to that long since. So, nonsensical magic plot devices aside, how badly would that neck hurt at the end of the day?

19 Magical Recurrence

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There is magic in this world. My question is, how much? So far, we are aware of the powers of Elsa, Rapunzel, and Gothel.

But are there others? And to which side will their magic align?

Just how deeply does magic affect this world in which this story takes place and will this cause issues later down the line if Rapunzel’s magic does not return? Is this particular family sensitive or drawn to all types of magic? Will that endanger Rapunzel? In a world containing magic, it would be very unlikely to think that it was contained to these three.

18 Adjusting To Morality

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We all know that Eugene spent the majority of his formative years delving into a life of crime. But how will that affect him now that he has turned himself over to the good side? Will he instinctively act as if he has no idea where his next meal is coming from? Will he swipe goods at the market and subconsciously case every place he is taken to for the first few weeks after drifting away from the evil end of the moral alignment chart? Or will he easily shed his old ways like a snake slithering out of an old skin?

17 Protection Detail

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The King and Queen were forced to face every parent's biggest fear and were lucky enough to have their daughter returned to them. It only makes sense that they (or their guards) will be absolutely glued to Rapunzel’s side in order to prevent this from ever happening again. However, Rapunzel has recently been freed and will no doubt continue to relish in that newfound freedom. Will her parents attempt to protect her end up suffocating her to the point that this home she craved will turn into another prison? Will she need to make a second escape?

16 Hair Don't Forever

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Now don’t get me wrong, short hair is exceptionally rad. And I highly doubt Eugene was aiming for any specific length and/or style when trying to save Rapunzel’s life. But the tiny brown curl which Rapunzel had carried around for years shows that her hair cannot grow once it has been cut. Will she be stuck with this choppy bob forever? Will she grow sick of this cut and attempt to style it or even cut it further in order to change it up over time? Will the hair exist as a permanent reminder of everything that she’s been through?

15 In The People We Trust

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Will the citizens accept this new addition to the royal family? Will there be an adjustment period or will they welcome her in with open arms? Will her free-spirited attitude and unconventional behaviors be alienating or endearing?

What will the official story be?

How will they explain her lengthy disappearance without calling Rapunzel into question nor causing unrest and fear amongst the populace? How will they reassure the people that this threat has been dealt with and will not come back to wreak new havoc?

14 Lanterns No More

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Furthermore, will the annual lantern festival continue? The festival was enacted as a way to guide the kingdoms lost princess home and was held each and every year on her birthday. Now that she has returned home, will the festival continue to be held? Will there be one final festival to celebrate her return the following year or will it continue each and every year as an established celebration within the kingdom whose meaning may or may not be lost to or evolve over time?

13 Long-Term Consequences

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What long-lasting psychological impacts will the imprisonment have on Rapunzel? The constant belittling at the hand of Gothel, the isolation, and the imprisonment itself must have all had significant impacts on her psyche.

My question is, how will these issues affect her behavior and worldview in the years to come?

Will it make her rebellious and adventurous? Will it make her timid and afraid to leave the nest, should it happen again? Will she live in fear that she will be taken again or will she commit herself to the life that she was meant to have in spite of that?

12 Immune System Deficiencies

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If the magic that exists within Rapunzel protected her from illness and antibodies, how will she fair when it is gone? Will that immunity remain or will she suddenly be susceptible to everything? If the magic did not protect her and her lack of illness was simply due to her isolation, how will she fair in the real world? Will the exposure to other germ riddled humans, the dirty outdoors, and foreign pathogens simply overcome her entirely? Will she spends her first few weeks in the palace stuck in bed, struggling through every illness known to man?

11 Royal Aptitude

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How will both Rapunzel and Eugene adjust to their new lives as members of the royal family? Eugene has spent his formative years as a criminal and knows nothing but. Rapunzel has spent her life to date trapped in a tower with no human contact or ability to learn the ways of the world and society. How will they adjust to the strict ways of royal life? Will they laugh at the ways of the court and the proper social decorum that will be expected (if not demanded) of them? How long will the adjustment period be?

10 Audience Appeal

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This question is directed at the audience. How can you watch a film about a girl who held strong during years of isolation and neglect, who defends herself from villains and danger at every turn, and is willing to sacrifice herself to save someone and think, even for a second, that she is weak/naive/idiotic? She is a force to be reckoned with. She charted the stars, educated herself, and did her best to explore the world from her prison. She kept her head on straight while Gothel did everything she could to break her down. How is that anything but formidable and strong?

9 Vacant Real Estate

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What will become of that tower? Will it be torn down either by command of the king or by Rapunzel herself? Will it be left alone in those woods so it can be overtaken by nature as the years pass?

Will Rapunzel want to protect this place that was once her home?

Will she want to take her paintings to the palace with her or would its existence be a painful reminder of what she went through in the back of her mind? Will she order its destruction in order to get a sense of peace and distance from those memories?

8 Loss Of Power

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From what we can see early on in the film, Rapunzel does rely on her hairs magic to a certain extent. Like a monkey’s tail, she uses it to accomplish certain tasks that are outside of her own abilities. What will the adjustment period to that loss be like? Will she find herself forgetting that her hair won’t break her fall if she climbs higher than she really should? Will she be frustrated at having to walk across the room to fetch the things she needs? How will she adjust to this loss of power that has been her normal for so long?

7 Dreams Left Untouched

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Though the epilogue of the film briefly touches on this, how many of the patrons of The Snuggly Duckling successfully get to explore the dreams that their previous thuggish status kept out of their reach? In my heart, I like to think that each and every single one of them get to experience their dizziest daydreams and wildest fantasies to some degree. If Rapunzel got to see those floating lanterns gleam and Eugene got both Rapunzel and his enormous pile of money, then surely those men deserve a little something for their efforts as well.

6 Magical Lineage

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This may be an odd question but will the children that Rapunzel and Eugene bear have a certain degree of magical abilities as well? The magic must have left some sort of impression on Rapunzel’s DNA and that same magic entered Eugene when she saved him. Therefore, that magic flows through the veins of both people; even if it doesn’t show.

Any children that they might bear possess that magic as well.

And if it comes from both parents, will it manifest in more visible and apparent ways?

5 Adjustments Needed

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Not even considering the royal side of the equation, how will Rapunzel adjust to the normal world? A world without threats (for the most part) and filled with people who expect you to act a certain way. Will they gawk at her awkward patch and missteps or will they be patient while she tries to figure it all out and find her place? Will she stubbornly hold on to the things that make her Rapunzel or will her need to please others force her to shed shades of herself in order to fit in?

4 Gathering Dust... And Other Things

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I know that the magic within her hair keeps it shiny, healthy, and tangle free. But is it strong enough to repel debris, dust, bugs, and any small animals that may be caught up in it?

How does Rapunzel not accidentally catch it on things and knock herself to the ground?

I’m sorry but after running through the forest it should be absolutely filled with rubbish and would end up wrapped around and caught on every single branch and tree root in the world.

3 I Do... Or Do I?

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Does it take a while for Rapunzel to jump into a romance with Eugene or is she willing to fall headfirst into love right away? Does she want to explore the world, cherish her newfound freedom, and truly get to know herself before committing herself to another person or will she want to settle down immediately and jump into married life? Will Eugene understand her hesitancies, will he travel with her, or will he be ready to create a new life for himself right away?

2 I Beg Your Pardon

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Will the crimes be expunged from Eugene’s record or will he be tried for his years of misbegotten adventures? I personally think that saving the lost princess from a fate worse than death and reuniting her with her parents should be enough to warrant a squeaky clean criminal record. And if it’s not enough to wipe that slate clean, then what would he have to do to get those crimes forgotten? How would Rapunzel feel about the love of her life being imprisoned and punished by her newly discovered parents?

1 Gone For Good?

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Is Gothel truly gone? I mean, I know she exploded into a puddle of dust but like how can we be sure that a fragment of her does not still exist? Would she be able to come back due to that remaining fragment and find some way to ruin Rapunzel’s happily ever after? What would that do to Rapunzel? If Gothel came back, would Rapunzel ever be able to accept that Gothel was truly gone after that? Or would she spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder?

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