Disney Switch: 25 Awesome Pictures Of Princesses Reimagined As Princes

Disney princesses are already pretty awesome, but we always wondered what they would be like as princes.

Yes, that's right, Disney fans! It's that time again. It's the highlight of my week, and I hope that you enjoy it, too. Can you guess what it is? It is time for us both to indulge in a bit of Disney fancy. Now, we know that making up stories and fantasies about characters has been a thing since we started making tales, as a species. It is a bit of harmless fun to imagine roles reversed, princesses as princes, and princes as damsels in distress. Or even princesses as princes still with their prospective princes! Hey, we don't judge here!

From little Alice from Alice in Wonderland, along with Elsa from Frozen, all the way to Belle from Beauty and the Beast, you can find just about any character with their gender swapped. This is thanks in no small part to the beautiful and artistic fans, maybe even fans just like you! I like to think that Disney would approve of all of our artistic endeavours, so long as we keep the spirit of childhood and fun alive.

No matter what medium you choose to search, be it Tumblr, DeviantArt or maybe even Facebook, you will probably be able to find just what you are looking for. There are as many possibilities as there are minds to convince, guys! So, grab those tiaras and venture forth into the world of fantasy together.

25 Ready To Melt Frozen Hearts

via kokonoix.deviantart.com

So, Elsa here has been renamed as “Ellis,” which is honestly not a bad idea for Elsa's male counterpart. Aside from the obvious exercise in creativity, our favorite part of seeing gender-bends is looking at how the artists transform the princesses’ eyebrows.

Will the eyebrows be big and thick? Will they be dramatically angled?

Ellis here looks dramatic and sparkling, like the finest ice crystal. He is straight out of a figure-skating dream. The drama of his sleeves is mirrored only by that fabulous cape. His cheeks have filled out a bit, and we really enjoy the smattering of freckles across his nose and under his eyes. His nose, however, is still just as delicate as ever. Don’t forget that earring!

Art by Kokonoix.

24 Quite A Tale

via sakimichan.deviantart.com

Okay, we absolutely love, love, love this piece. In our search, we saw many versions of Beauty and the Beast but none strike such a nostalgic note. The style is very visibly that of Sakimichan, and while Belle has made quite the transformation herself, it is the Beast’s transformation that is so captivating.

We vote for the name “Beau,” as it’s the obvious equivalent of Belle. 

The Beast is quite clearly a “beast” still, but she is soft and feminine, with big eyes, talons, and really cool horns. Plus, those teeth! Or do they count as tusks? Whatever they are, they might make one wary of planting a smooch on that mouth. The way Beau’s outfit has been updated is perfect.

We love the glasses haphazardly stuffed into his vest pocket, too!

Art by Sakimichan.

23 A Very New World

via sakimichan.deviantart.com

Sakimichan is well-known in the fan art and online fantasy art world. Her paintings are next to legendary, and you will almost undoubtedly see her represented on nearly all fan art lists. This painting was the first of hers that we ever saw on this topic, and it is a gender-bent Ariel.

The details are really what make this piece go from very well-drawn to exceptional.

He has a necklace to represent the sea-shell bustier Ariel wears, and a fork wrapped in seaweed around his bicep. Ariel isn’t the only one to undergo a change! Take a look at Flounder on his shoulder. He is now a she! What do you suppose her new name is? And do you think Ariel has that fork strapped his arm because he doesn’t carry his coral pink goodie bag anymore? Too girly, maybe?

Art by Sakimichan.

22 Don't Rock The Boat

via roma0303.deviantart.com

We have another excellent specimen with this piece. Straight talk: we love Moana. The movie is an all-time Disney favorite, in no small part due to Lin-Manuel Miranda. We also adore the mind-blowing talent of Auli’i Cravalho as the titular character. This image works for a multitude of reasons.

We love the tattoo that male Moana is proudly displaying.

If it looks familiar, there is a reason for that. It is identical to the one belonging to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, aka Maui —which may confuse one just a bit, concerning who might voice Moana in her male version, but let’s not dwell.

The look on Moana’s face is admirable. He is determined to save his people! The only critique is that his hair seems so much more manageable than Moana’s wild and lustrous curls.

Art by Roma0303.

21 You Are The Dancing Queen

via sakimichan.deviantart.com

So, this again blurs the line of “princess,” but we'll say that Esmeralda is the queen of all of our hearts, so it works. Don’t think about it too much! This is again the work of Sakimichan, who is beyond talented. Her work is amazing, and she has done many Disney gender-bends!

This is one of our favorite pictures of Esmeralda, and we love that she is now a “he.”

As for a name swap? We're thinking of maybe using just the end of Esmeralda's name, for added quirkiness? Alda’s eyebrows pack a wallop! They are giant, fuzzy and expressive. His smirk is sassy, and his eyes are the same shockingly electric turquoise that we know and love. We also love that Esmeralda's costume hasn't been changed too much, and we can still see the classic purple and green combo!

Art by Sakimichan.

20 The King's Brother?

via kishishiotani.deviantart.com

Guys, do you understand how many pictures of these gender-bent siblings are on the internet? We assume people have all day to look up awesome gender-bent art, so don't disillusion us now. It is an astronomical figure, and that is a precise number with no hint of exaggeration. If you could not tell, this is Anna from Frozen.

What name should we give this new prince? 

Shall we name him Andersen as a tribute? As in Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Snow Queen. Andersen here looks spunky! If you could not tell, he is tossing a snowball up and down in his hand. Our favorite part of this piece is the way Andersen’s eyes have been colored. It is reminiscent of mid-2000’s anime, and in the best way possible.

Art by Kishishiotani.

19 Some Things Never Change

via kokonoix.deviantart.com

We don't think it's actually wrong to include Megara from Disney’s Hercules, which, by the way, should be “Herakles” as they use the Greek name everywhere else in the film. No one cares about these historical details but us!

We do not get to see Megara’s history in the movie, but we promise you that she is a princess of Thebes. In this amazing version by Kokonoix, Megara the princess is now Menelas the prince.

We really like the route this artist took. Menelas still has the blocky and swirly body details that Hercules' art design is known for. Just look at those kneecaps, and you will see what we mean. Menelas’ hair is still curly, and he has Meg’s headband, which is a nice detail. His garment is nearly the same as well, save for the bare right shoulder.

Art by Kokonoix.

18 Still Not Amused

via dragonstrace.deviantart.com

When we first looked at this painting, no lie —it took us a moment to figure out how, and even if the genders were swapped. Then we noticed the color differences in the outfits! You can totally see Aladdin’s trademark cocky smile on Jasmine's face. Plus, Aladdin has hair that is so much more unruly than Jasmine’s perfectly coiffed and fluffy ponytail.

The expression on Jasmine's face is perfect. He looks so completely done with Aladdin, and we don't blame him one bit.

Let’s talk about Raja, now. The look on the royal pet's face is priceless. It is just as annoyed with Aladdin as Jasmine is. Speaking of Raja, would her gender be swapped too? Hard to tell with a tiger!

Art by Dragonstrace.

17 This Is Snow Joke

via sakimichan.deviantart.com

We bring you not one, but two Elsas! Remember how we said that there are approximately an infinite number of pictures of Elsa and Anna from Frozen? This is another one for you to enjoy. Are you tired of looking at Sakimichan’s beautiful, heart-breakingly gorgeous art? No, because that is impossible, so let us examine this picture closely.

Male Elsa has some fabulous hair, like 90s Australian surfer hair, and two wicked earrings that bring a little extra shine to his look.

But let’s not overlook our traditionally-gendered Elsa. Look at the way she has matched her eyeshadow to her lipstick! Truly thinking ahead there, Elsa. They both have an eyebrow quirk, but male-Elsa’s is so much thicker, as are his sideburns.

Art by Sakimichan.

16 Bromance Forever

via haru-naru.deviantart.com

While we are on the topic of Frozen, we should take a careful look at this version. You can find much artwork with Elsa, but it's still rare to find both sisters together. We really like this updated royal portrait of the two brothers, however!

Thus, we have two slender, male versions of both Elsa and Anna. The streak in Anna's hair is more pronounced than the previous picture, which is a nice touch and reminder that he still shares Anna’s past.

They have near-identical blue eyes, which is a nice way to drive home their relationship as siblings. I also like that Elsa seems to be wearing a three piece suit, sans coat. His vest is a gorgeous robin’s egg blue, and we're pretty sure we'd like one ourselves.

Art by Haru-Naru.

15 We Three Kings

via ureshi-san.deviantart.com

This is our kind of portrait, guys. We have our very own deal! Three for the price of one! We have the very handsome Beau, or rather, Belle. Next, we have Alda, or Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Lastly, we have our favorite Ariel, whose name totally works for all genders.

The style is a very nice and clean anime-inspired look, and this piece is lovely to look at.

Ariel is cuddling Flounder who, judging by those eyelashes and the “hair” (or rather, fin) curl, we'll say is also gender-swapped. Ariel still has his puffy, gravity-defying fringe, and while Beau’s facial structure is harder, with more angles, the kindness in his eyes is definitely all Belle. Alda still looks super handsome, but we're sure we all agree Sakimichan's version had a certain "je-ne-sais-quoi."

Art by Ureshi-san.

14 Oh Fabio, Let Down Your Hair

via rebenke.deviantart.com

Do you get it? That's because this Rapunzel looks like Fabio, if he had a goatee. Before we start, please, for all that is good in this world, do not ignore the twins in the back. They make this entire picture worthwhile. They are everything.

Aside from the fact that you are supplied with not one, but five of the main cast members, we see the artist has done away with Disney’s style, and opted for their own.

Rapunzel-…ino? Punzo? Our prince is looking determined and confident. He is going to get his dream, and nothing is going to stand in his way! We will stick with Flynn because female Flynn still looks like himself to us, but she seems happy to go along for the ride.

There is still that bit of mischievousness in her face, and we adore that.

Art by Rebenke.

13 Pocahontas, The Brave

via sakimichan.tumblr.com

We cannot keep this gorgeous painting of Pocahontas for ourselves, and we wish we could. Let us begin by taking a peak at Meeko and Flit. Meeko has been feminized, with long eye lashes and a more feminine frame. We're not entirely sure how a raccoon seems feminine, but look at Meeko and tell us that is not a female animal!

It's good to know that hummingbirds are omitted from the gender-bending process. Oh well.

Like with the film, liberties have been taken with Pocahontas here. That is not a fourteen year old! He is mid-twenties, and nothing will convince me otherwise. The war paint looks great, as well. We absolutely adore Pocahontas’s features here. The strong jaw, the eyes, the fact that he still has his tattoo. All of it!

Art by Sakimichan.

12 One Cool Cucumber

via neoruki.deviantart.com

Oh, we're so sorry. Did you think that we were done with Frozen? We will never be done with Frozen. As parents of singing toddlers everywhere can attest, there is no escaping Frozen, "snow" let it go.

This time, Elsa is the newly crowned King Elric of Arendelle.

His hair is definitely more of a yellow-blonde than Disney’s Elsa, and while he looks definitively manga-esque, he is still visibly a male version of our favorite Ice Queen. Looking at his expression of nerves and fear, we can tell precisely what scene this is. He is trying to hold the scepter and fancy royal orb in his bare hands, without the gloves he is so accustomed to using to keep the world at bay.

This is before the frost spreads up from his hands and freezes the gold, but probably right before he notices it.

Art by Neoruki.

11 You Can Be My Viking

via mabychan.tumblr.com

Okay, so only one of these two is a Disney character, but How to Train Your Dragon is just as good as any Disney movie, and you can fight us on that. Go ahead. Tweet us. We dare you.

Here, we have Astrid and Merida as large male warriors, neither of whom seems to be particularly happy.

Based on that thought, it might be because they are not friends. Not yet, anyway. These sorts of things always end in friendship. Our favorite detail on this inked sketch? Merida’s armpit hair. For some reason, it's incredibly funny and endearing. That, and his goatee.

You cannot brush your hair for the life of you, Merida, but you can meticulously shave and trim a goatee? Come on, now.

Art by Mabychan.

10 It's All Greek To Us

via klaustrofovia.deviantart.com

There's a really cool web in this picture, guys, and we are determined to unravel it for you. We know that The Little Mermaid was originally by Hans Christian Andersen, who was Danish. Yet, in Disney’s version, Ariel is the daughter of King Triton, a figure of Greek mythology.

Technically, that means that Ariel exists in the same universe as Hercules.

You may have already figured out where we are going with this, but in case you did not, we'll spoil it for you. Ariel is Hercules’ first cousin, once removed. Triton is Hercules' cousin, as their fathers Zeus and Poseidon are brothers. While this picture is beautifully rendered, we could never support such shenanigans!

Besides, what is the deal with the huge shell on Ariel's shoulder?

Art by Klaustrofovia.

9 Cut Too Short

via vorabend-taboo.deviantart.com

We are reaching the end now, guys, so let us keep this short and sweet. We have Rapunzel once again, but this time, our favorite spunky hero seems to have had his hair chopped short. It's interesting to note that his hair hasn't turned brown like it does in the movie!

He still has that fiery spirit, however! He has a somewhat mischievous smirk and is probably busy planning his escape to see the lights.

He still has his cute button nose, bright green eyes, and his purple vest harkens back to the dress he would wear as traditional Rapunzel. If you have ever watched Gundam Wing, you will know whom he reminds us of— Quatre! And no, before you ask, that is not a number. It’s his real name.

Art by VoraBend-taboo.

8 Put This Trend On Ice

via juliajm15.deviantart.com

There is no point in rolling your eyes, guys. We told you that we were not done with Frozen. Well, we are now. This is the very last piece we will foist upon you, we swear it! We wanted to show you this version of gender-bent Elsa simply so you could marvel at the freaking detail that went into his outfit.

Just look at that amazing cape! It's basically made of suspended icicles, and we love it.

If we had a cape that looked like that, you would never get us out of it. It would be all about constantly frolicking around, twirling dramatically, and probably getting it caught on any number of dangerous objects because, unlike Elsa, we are clumsy oafs. Look at how many snowflakes are sketched on that cape, and many of them are different from each other! Plus the detail on that clasp?

Awesome, my friends.

Art by JuliaJM15.

7 Arabian Knights

via cristinakokoro.deviantart.com

This is one of our absolute favorite pieces, hands down. I love the realism in Jasmine, coupled with the traditional look of Raja the tiger. I love that Jas is still wearing his jewelry—those huge golden triangles, and that beautifully ornate, jewelled headband.

To top it all off, Jasmine is wearing an outfit that closely resembles that of his female counter part.

He has on a tiny, cropped top vest with similar billowing pants and a low waistband. His hair, while still luxurious, seems more manageable, but his eyebrows have gained even more character. Don’t overlook the border on his vest, or the detail on the carpet beneath Jas and Raja. It is detail like that that truly makes a picture pop and feel alive.

Art by CristinaKokoro.

6 It's A Snowy Time Of Year

via siobhan-racoon.deviantart.com

After reading that title, it might have looked like we'd surprise you with one last Frozen gender-bend! Instead, check out this absolutely lovely picture of Snow White. He is a prince, but who says he can’t still be the fairest in the land?

You could take that literally or figuratively because, dang, that boy is pale.

However, unlike plenty of other gender bends that we have seen thus far, his eyebrows have not morphed into something five times their original size. Instead, they seem only double the usual thickness, which is fine, but somehow lacks the drama we crave.

Is it just us, or does his cape make him look like a superhero? Young Superman, maybe? Like, really young Superman.

Art by Siobhan-Racoon.

5 A Kilt-y Pleasure

via mabychan.tumblr.com

Here, we have another gorgeous and brooding gender-bend of our wild princess, Merida. This time, the artist has dubbed him “Meraud," and we actually really enjoy the French-sounding name.

The small details of this particular drawing are what really make it shine for us.

The necklace, the tie of his red curls, his belt buckle, and the small ornaments that bedeck the leather strap across his chest and quiver are all noteworthy. We love each and every dramatic curl, and the delicate pattern of his tartan, but we adore the fact that his goatee is back again, and making the rounds on good old Tumblr.

Sporting that facial hair is very brave, wouldn’t you say?

Art by Mabychan.

4 A Whole New Jasmine

via mabymin.deviantart.com

This is probably one of our favorite versions of Raja, and yes, it is entirely because it is more realistic while still maintaining a very clear expression. Jasmine makes one very, very handsome man here. We keep saying it, but the details on his outfit are intricate and eye-grabbing. Heck, even his boots and turban are ornate. Check out the jewel in the center! That’s directly from the traditional female version of Jasmine.

We would say this is the outfit he uses to blend in when he goes traipsing about the market, but that just cannot be.

With clothes like that? He would be spotted in seconds! The subtle touch of facial hair is a nice addition, softening his otherwise chiseled facial features, ready to attract his paramour —or hey, even an Aladdin of his own. Who are we to judge?

Art by MabyMin.

3 Down The Rabbit Hole

via sakimichan.deviantart.com

We told you that we would get Alice in here, and we managed it! In this image, we have a young and freckly boy, let us call him “Al,” shall we? He has a thin bowtie in lieu of a hair bow, and is enjoying a cup of tea. Or, rather, we hope he gets to enjoy it.

If Al is having tea, it was probably made by the Mad Hatter.

And we all know how that tea tasting is going to go— right as Al tries to take a sip, the Hatter shall yell, “New cup! Move down!” and force Al into the next chair, only to repeat the process. The Cheshire cat, too, with his toothy grin and sharp claws, seems a dangerous companion. We’d be careful if we were in Al’s shoes.

Art by Sakimichan.

2 Atlantean Lord

via kira108.deviantart.com

This particular piece is very intriguing, since it took a second to identify whether or not this truly was a gender-bend. Princess Kida of Atlantis is from the very underrated Disney classic Atlantis, and we really feel like more Disney fans need to give this movie its due.

This is another Atlantean royal we could totally get behind!

The glowing eyes are particularly interesting, since the Atlantean folk have glowing eyes when they interact with their ancestors, and when their magical crystals are activated. Artist Kira108 totally captured the mythical look of such a cool civilization. We'd love to see a female version of Milo Thatch too, and maybe even of the whole cast! Let us know if you've seen any cool renditions!

Art by Kira108.

1 'Round The Bend

via sakimichan.deviantart.com

Okay, okay, okay. We know that this technically is not a “princess” picture, but it's still Disney! You could argue Sally is the Queen of the Pumpkin Patch (as Jack is the King), so she is still royalty in our book.

Anyway, here we have Jack and Sally, but let's call them Jackie and Sal because that’s cute. Sal looks almost like Frankenstein’s monster: vaguely green, covered in stitches, and looking as buff as any Disney prince!

Our favorite part of this image, though? Jackie's updated wardrobe. Look at how gorgeous it is! If we had a sewing machine, you can bet your boots we would be making that into next year's Halloween costume.

We have six months! It's doable!

Art by Sakimichan.

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