24 Disney And Pixar Characters That Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Pulled It Off)

When Pixar and Disney cosplays are so popular, fans can get high expectations. How will you stand out of the crowd of other Snow Whites or Buzz Lightyears? This is how some amazing cosplays are created. Due to the popularity of the characters, the bar is high, so cosplayers aim high.

For Disney and Pixar, cosplay is a business. They find the best of the best actors and look-a-likes they can for their parks. That’s right; you can literally be paid to be in character and dressed up as a princess, villain, or creature all day. But those are not the kinds of people we will cover in this list.

Cosplaying animated characters presents an extra challenge. Disney and Pixar’s animation exaggerates features. That’s hard to nail down in a cosplay. By exaggeration, we mean traits like Rapunzel’s or Merida’s hair or just inhuman characters like Sully from Monsters Inc. or Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

But cosplayers find a way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mermaid, rat, monster, or robot. These pictures prove that when there is a will, there is a way.

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24 Sadness

via: piximus.net

Pixar’s Inside Out made some characters that would be difficult to cosplay due to their exaggerated sizes and colors. However, this cosplayer pulled it off and even added the extra detail of storm clouds! The sad face, blue skin, the hair, the sweater, and the glasses were all nailed down perfectly.

This photo was taken at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. Out of the sea of thousands of cosplayers that attend that event, this one probably stood out from the crowd.

Cosplayer is unknown.

23 Emcee

via: intagram.com

An amazing Coco cosplay takes amazing makeup skills. Sometimes the best cosplays are not about being a main character, but to be an amazing-looking side character.

This cosplayer recognized the gorgeousness of Emcee's character design.

Besides the perfect makeup, the wig is also worth mention. It does not perfectly match the character’s hair, but it’s hard to care when the colors work so well anyway.

Cosplayer is Mayrel Leilani.

22 Toy Story Group

via: deviantart.com/oelfe

The only thing better than a great cosplay is a great group cosplay. These costumes are good enough for a home-made live-action Toy Story. Ken’s hair actually looks like it’s made of plastic. All the clothes are perfect and the extra detail of Woody’s pull-string on his back is the cherry on top. Does he even have Andy written on his bottom boot?

The action shot is cute. Woody and Bo Peep always did have a special relationship.

Cosplayers are Hikarulein as Woody, Kaorulein as Bo Peep, Masda as Ken, and Oelfe as Barbie.

21 Nick, Judy, and Bellwether

via: kotaku.com.au

If anyone thought Zootopia characters could not be cosplayed, then they probably don’t know about the furry community. However, it’s not always just furries and fursuits, as this photo shows. Some ears, a wig, and makeup can do the trick too.

Judy and Nick cosplays are very common, but not Bellwether. Adding her into the mix is adorable and sets this group apart from other Judy and Nick cosplayers. The photo shows how Nick really wanted to touch Bellwether’s wool in the movie. Good times.

Cosplayers are gniteae as Judy, TimFowl as Nick, and anna_berten as Bellwether.

20 Darla

via: pinterest.com

Contrary to popular belief, Finding Nemo was not all just fish. Humans played a very small role, but Darla was a character to not be forgotten. She was a fish ender. It was actually portrayed in a super funny way too.

She’s not sinister, just an overexcited kid who accidentally eliminates fish because she does not handle them correctly.

The insane look on this cosplayer's face as she holds the fake deceased fish is awesome. The clothes, hair, and dental work all bring this character out as well.

Cosplayer is Life of Shel

19 Roz

via: twitter.com

Talk about a difficult cosplay, pick any character other than Boo from Monsters Inc. or Monsters University. Roz, in particular, is a giant slug with a tuft of pointed grey hair.

However, this cosplayer pulled it off. A simple dress can translate to a slug body. What makes the cosplay stunning is her makeup work, wig, and accessories. She got Roz’s makeup down to even the beauty mark on her chin. The glasses are a perfect match too.

Cosplayer is unknown.

18 Alfredo And Remy

via: reddit.com

The adorable points are through the roof here.

It’s pretty easy to cosplay Alfredo. You just need curly brown hair, an angular face, and a large nose with a chef outfit. However, what will make you stand out is if you had a baby dressed as Remy. Some of the best cosplays are by families who dress their babies up. For example, a Pokémon trainer, tons of people cosplay that. However, if you have your actual baby dressed as Pikachu, you have struck gold.

Cosplayers are unknown.

17 Merida

via: powderroom.kinja.com

This cosplayer did this outfit at only 15-years-old! She’s so talented.,designing and sewing all her cosplays herself for events like AnimeNorth and Otakon. If she can do this at 15, imagine what she could do in the future!

“One of my major Merida cosplay pet peeves is people using broadcloth or very lightweight, swishy fabrics for Merida’s dress,” wrote the cosplayer.

“Or even worse, materials with a sheen and glitter! We are supposed to be in 10th century Scotland, and a horse-riding-archery-master-tom-boy-all-around-awesome-strong-female-character....”

Cosplayer is Angela Clayton.


via: facebook.com/VanHelenCosplay

This photo was taken at London MCM. The cosplayers had to use their imaginations to bring these little robots to life through cosplay. They really got down EVA being a futuristic and clean model and WALL-E being a down-to-earth junk-bot with a heart of gold. The plant in the shoe is the plot of their movie, and they are immediately recognizable when holding it.

Using goggles for WALL-E and a visor for EVA is perfect. It’s just too cute.

Cosplayers are Van Helen Cosplay as EVA and Outlaw Cosplay as WALL-E.

15 Go Go

via: pinterest.com

Someone “womaned up.”

Out of the Big Hero 6 team, Go Go was a favorite for her bluntness and sarcasm.

Her talent out of the group of heroes is industrial design and mechanical engineering.

Her character design is simple and human, but she’s popular enough that you almost require to be a look-alike to pull off a cosplay of her. This cosplayer is a look-alike with spot-on clothes. She even has the chewing gum trait Go Go has!

Cosplayer is unknown.

14 Yzma And Kronk

via: pinterest.com

These characters really carried the comedy of The Emperor’s New Groove. Kronk was funny enough that he got his own TV show for a time.

There are their natural outfits, but their scientist look is pure kookiness.

The lab coats, the gloves, goggles, and Kronk’s ridiculous hat really make them an entertaining cosplay couple. It’s hard to look like Yzma, but with the right makeup, you can do it like this cosplayer did. Also, it may be the goggles hiding part of his face, but that cosplayer looks like Kronk in a natural way.

Cosplayers are unknown.

13 Russell

via: reddit.com

According to the Reddit post with his picture, this photo was taken at the 2016 New York City Comic-Con.

It really shows you don’t have to be a kid to cosplay a kid character; you just need to love it and be creative! A lot of love went into the patch collection, the outfit, and the balloons are a sweet addition. Admittedly, having a similar body type to Russell pulls this cosplay together well too. Cosplayers can’t control that aspect though.

Cosplayer is unknown.

12 Ursula

via: thedisneybelles.com

This cosplay comes from the D23 Expo, which is one of the ultimate Disney fan events out there. If you go there, you are bound to see incredible Disney cosplay.

She made the Flotsam and Jetsam sidekicks herself.

Not only do they work as an extra detail, but they also help hold up Ursula’s octopus tentacles. Walking around the event may be hard, but it’s definitely worth it to be this beautiful. She even has the necklace from the movie.

Cosplayer is unknown.

11 Aurora

via: m.cospix.com

“There are two camps of people in life. Cake or ice cream? Puppies or kittens? Aurora's dress... blue or pink? Both are very lovely, but I'm definitely more of a blue gal,” wrote the cosplayer. “I've been in love with Aurora's blue dress for a very long time. I love the 1950's influence and the clean elegant lines.

Plus, Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney films!

“I started this costume by first creating a petticoat from Simplicity pattern 5006. This same pattern was also used to create my corset.”

Cosplayer is Dessi-Desu.

10 Jane

via: deviantart.com/ryoko-demon

Someone sign this cosplayer up to live at the Disney parks! This Jane is unmistakable. The cosplayer has the butt-dress, umbrella, gloves, and everything else that Jane is most recognized for. Despite not wearing this outfit the whole movie (and who would? It’s the jungle), it’s certainly the most recognizable.

The cosplayer is a fan of Disney, doing other cosplays such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Amelia from Treasure Planet.

Cosplayer is ryoko-demon.

9 Tiana And Naveen

via: facebook.com/leledrawcosplay/

The Naveen cosplayer loves to dress up as other Disney princes like Aladdin, Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast, Hans from Frozen, Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove, and John Smith from Pocahontas.

Besides Disney cosplay, he has also done characters from Digimon.

In other words, he is a shapeshifter. He shows that being a beautiful royal Disney character is not just reserved for women or little girls. Men can definitely embrace Disney magic.

Cosplayer for Naveen is leledrawcosplay. Tiana cosplayer is unknown.

8 The Sultan

via: pinterest.com

The childish and gullible Sultan from Aladdin is a minor character compared to his daughter, the villain, and the hero, but he is also very recognizable. This cosplayers outfit, body shape body size, and beard fit the Sultan’s look perfectly.

You know what could be the cutest thing in the world? If this cosplayer had a daughter and they did a group cosplay. Imagine a tiny Jasmine by his side with a stuffed tiger! That would be the only way to make this cosplay even better.

Cosplayer is unknown.

7 Gothel

via: deviantart.com

Mother Gothel is not difficult to cosplay, but this cosplayer looks like she literally has Mother Gothel’s face and figure. The clothes are simple, but you can also tell that they are high quality just from the photograph.

As it’s easy to guess, this is a veteran cosplayer who has dabbled in all sorts of characters.

She has done cosplay of Harlequin from Batman, the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, Princess Leia from Star Wars, Lucy from Elven Lied, Misa from Death Note, and many more.

Cosplayer is morganacosplay.

6 Hercules

via: reddit.com

“HUNK-ucles” indeed. This man is not just a cosplayer, but a bodybuilder. Combine those, and you get an amazing cosplay that not just anyone can pull off. He should have a photoshoot of lifting weights as Hercules.

On Reddit, the cosplayer wrote to fans, “I always was in sports since I was 4 years old and climbing and boxing in international level for years but I stopped everything and only lift since 6 years ago. Continue to work, eat healthy, and do your best.”

Cosplayer is Leobane Cosplay.

5 Megara And The Muses

via: deviantart.com/usagi-tsukino-krv

The Muses from Hercules is probably one of the best Disney group cosplay ideas out there. Not only are the cosplays amazing, but they found a location with pillars to take a quality photo of them in character. When all these characters are together in the movie, Megara is singing “Won’t say I’m in love.”

This photo looks like a live-action version of that song. Megara even is holding the flower.

Megara’s cosplayer has also cosplayed characters from League of Legends, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, and so much more.

Cosplayer of Megara is usagi-tsukino-krv. Muse cosplayers are unknown.

4 Cruella De Vil

via: popsugar.com

The only way to make the best Cruella De Vil cosplay is to group cosplay with your pet dog. Finding the famous black and white wig this villain is known for is the easiest part. Any black and white outfit works with it, so that’s a fun part.

But this cosplayer went the extra mile in including the villain’s smoking pipe, bright red accents, pearl necklace, make-up, and of course, the dog. The dog’s Dalmatian costume was not needed but it’s that extra touch that makes this cosplay stand out.

Cosplayer is unknown.

3 Queen Of Hearts

via: ezcosplay.com

This woman is less a cosplayer and more of a model for selling this amazing dress. The Queen of Hearts cosplay is a rare case where it’s actually the live-action version that is more difficult to cosplay than the animated version. Why? Because the live-action version has a head almost larger than her body!

It would be hard to come up with a high-quality solution for making an enormous head.

However, the dress, the makeup, and the wig come together to make this a recognizable character.

Cosplayer is unknown.

2 Maleficent

via: pinterest.com

It’s a hard call to tell which Maleficent would be more difficult to cosplay. Would it be the villainous animated version for her greenish-gray skin, fall figure, and fancy gown? Or would it be the live-action young hero of her for her incredible wings?

Whatever the case, this cosplayer did an amazing job with the wings. The horns and dress are great, but the wings are definitely the show-stopper in this cosplay. She also looks naturally like young Maleficent in face shape and hair!

Cosplayer is Lopti.

1 Buzz Lightyear

via: kmhk.com

This is an example of a cosplay that’s hard to move or eat in, but that didn’t sway this cosplayer away. The picture does not show it, but this cosplay actually has light-up parts! Yes, the helmet and buttons are functioning!

“It’s made entirely from lightweight plastics such as styrene and PVC-foam,” the cosplayer wrote. “With a little bit of EVA foam on a few pieces.”

The photo was taken at the Emerald City Comic-Con by photographer, Nicholas Park.

Cosplayer is Thomas Sergneri.

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