21 Disney And Pixar Characters Reimagined As Parents

Disney fan artists everywhere have reimagined the classic Pixar and Disney characters as parents.

At first, this article was Pixar-centric. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of quality Pixar parent fan art out there. I know. Shocker. In order to fill out a whole article, I decided to include modern Disney films too. This turned out to be for the best. Most of us have seen the Kristoff/Anna ships out there, but there is a lot of quality Rapunzel/Flynn Rider fan art too. You want babies? We got ‘em. After all, these are some of the most popular characters on the planet — of course, artists are going to draw these characters at every stage of their life. So what if there's a shortage of Pixar art — Disney more than compensates for that with decades of nostalgia and love.

Do you know what it took to deliver these fabulous gems of fan art to your screen today? Never let it be said Patrick Belmore doesn’t suffer for his art. Never mind how I had to dredge up these diamonds among the zircon mines that is Google Images and Pinterest. Finding the best Disney and Pixar art on the planet is serious (and fun) business! So enjoy the wonderful world of Disney art from classic films like Toy StoryMonsters Inc., and of course Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph. (As a complete aside, who isn't excited for Kingdom Hearts III to finally tackle these ripe worlds?)

21 Look, Daddy, A Spaceship!


Art by: darkmatternova

An adorable piece. This image is called, “Look, Daddy, A Spaceship!” Honestly, there’s no better title. Of course, Buzz Lightyear’s daughter would believe she’s an astronaut too.

I’m not sure what to make of the fact she looks like Woody.

Maybe Buzz hasn’t told his daughter she’s a toy. Maybe there’s a weird Blade Runner premise going on and she’s half-toy, half-human. Either way, all self-respecting fans of Toy Story will love Emily.

20 They’re All Love Experts


Art by: nightliight

Artist Nightliight is a back with another vision of Kristoff and Anna’s fairy-tale marriage. Nightliight truly draws some amazing art. It’s not just for the young fans, either. If you like what you see here, I recommend you click through to their page where you can see different versions of the same drawings. Really beautiful stuff. I doubt we’ll get to see their children in Frozen 2, but who knows? I’m sure it will give Nightliight material for the rest of his/her life.

19 Nick And Judy’s Feisty Family


Art by: ziegelzeig

There are untold yottabytes of data dedicated to Judy and Nick ships. I’m serious. Some on the internet took to the animal duo from Zootopia with worrisome zeal. A cursory Google search will unearth vast swaths of fan fiction and fan art— some of which requires significant eye bleach to recover from. Hey. I’m not judging. I love a good fan art as much as the next guy. If you’re into anthropomorphic animals, that’s cool.

18 Stuck In The Tower Raising Twins


Art by: xxukarixx

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from Tangled get the anime treatment. Not only that— they get twins! According to the artist, they are male and named Alexis and Dylan. If you want to learn more about them, you can click through to the artist’s page and see some fan art where they’re all grown up.

Now she’s going to be locked at home for a different reason: raising two boys.

Their birth reveals a side of Flynn we haven’t seen before: his sensitive side. Pff. Crying at the birth of your children? Lame! *sniffs* Now excuse me, I… I just cut onions directly into my eyes while at a funeral.

17 Frozone’s Family


Art by: chill13

Now this is terrific for a number of reasons. First, the art. Second, we never get to see Frozone’s family in The Incredibles. In the first film, his wife remains an off-screen voice simply because the filmmakers thought it was a good gag. There were plans to show her in the second movie— and she had even been drawn, I believe— until the filmmakers decided it would be funnier if we never saw her.

16 Daddy’s Got You


Art by: lokotei

This is some of the best Tangled fan art I’ve seen. Not only are the characters gorgeous, Flynn dangerously walking his daughter across a railing is pitch-perfect characterization. Artist lokotei sets the scene brilliantly: “If his in-laws knew what he was up to, they’d throw him in prison for endangering the heir apparent to the throne of Corona, but Eugene didn’t care. They didn’t always get to tell him how to raise his daughter. He lifted her onto the palace railing, the view of the lake and the mainland beyond stunning.”

15 Sully’s Got Good Genes


Art by: benjaminsapiens

Here we see Sully with his mom and dad. I love how the artist represented Sully’s dominant traits in both parents; the mom has Sully’s fur while the dad has his son’s general physique. Here’s the inspiration according to the artist: “I got curious about how monster traits were passed down from monster parents to children, and what the characters' parents might look like, and I ended up with this.” We’re happy you did too!

14 A Day Fit For Royalty


Art by: nightliight

Artist Nightliight over at Deviantart is the real MVP of this article. Nightliight has loads of fabulously drawn Frozen fan art. It’s so good, my girlfriend confused Nightliight’s work with official Frozen content. Nightliight likes to envision what Princess Anna and Kristoff’s life looks like post-happily ever after. Tender scenes of domestic bliss characterize the work. Nightliight is obviously fascinated by Anna and Kristoff’s romance and the start of their new family life.

13 Boo Is All Grown Up


Art by: kawacy

If you needed to complicate your feelings towards animated men and woman, look no further. What if Boo found her kitty once again after growing up? This supremely awesome work from artist Kawacy re-imagines Boo as a beautiful, anime girl. She’s helping Sully tie a tie before he goes to work presumably. In this scenario, they seem to be living together. I’m not sure whether he’s in the human world or she’s in the monster world, but we’re glad they found each other again.

12 The Wazowskis


Art by: benjaminsapiens

We've seen Mike as a college student in Monsters University. We saw him as a disgruntled scare factory employee in Monsters Inc. We’ve never seen him as a father. Sully always seemed to be the one with the strong paternal instincts, from the way he naturally took to Boo.

Mike and Celia’s little monster has inherited the best (most creepy) traits from both sides of the family.

Maybe Mike just needs to meet the right woman. It turns out he worked with her.

11 Meet The Wreck-Its


Art by: chill13

For your enjoyment: Wreck-It Ralph’s family. But guess what? These aren’t just his wife and kids.

Meet the four main villains from Fix-It Felix.

That’s right, artist chill13 envisioned a world where Ralph’s family members were also villains in his game. There is a lot of backstory to this image, including some material about Fix-It Felix’s dad, so click on through to the artist’s page if you want to learn more.

10 Kristoff’s Parents Before The Trolls


Art by: nightliight

At the beginning of Frozen, we see him with a whole bunch of ice-harvesters who freakin’ LEAVE HIM BEHIND. He then gets taken by Trolls. Why? Pretty much to justify a later musical number.

Ever wonder what Kristoff’s parents looked like? Neither did anyone else in Frozen.

Nobody ever questions his backstory in the movie besides making jokes about the love experts. Is this not weird? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

9 Fix-It Pixie


Art by: chill13

Artist Chill13 already gave us Wreck-It Ralph’s family. Now he’s back with his vision of Fix-It Felix’s daughter. Like her dad, Fix-It Pixie likes to fix things. Aw. Apparently, chill13 doesn’t cotton to the canonical Fix-It Felix and Calhoun romance. It is quite a divisive romance, shippers will tell you. Happily for us, Chill13 has decided to forever hold his peace because he needed to draw their kid so darn much.

8 The Daughter He’ll Never Know


Art by: whisperseas

Okay, I might have cheated here a little. That’s Hans with a young Princess Anna… maybe. For our purposes, I’m going to say that’s him with the daughter they would’ve had if he hadn’t been such a jerk. I’m going to even make it official in the punchline:

Too bad Hans will never meet the daughter he could’ve had with Anna.

Okay, so that’s the official story for the people who only skim. The rest of us know my hot take might be a leap. I’m sticking by it, though.

7 Keep His Hair Short


Art by: inuyashagirl

I’ve been so deep into the Anna/Kristoff shipping scene, I neglected Flynn and Rapunzel for so long. I bring shame to my family. Fortunately, many others have already answered the call.

It looks like they love their son, but they’re harvesting him for his life-sustaining hair.

Here Rapunzel and Flynn and tousling their kid’s hair. Hopefully, it’s an innocent gesture and they’re not using his sweet golden locks to live young forever a la Mother Gothel.

6 The Old And New Model


Art by: moonwolf03

What? You think only humans need love and affection? That is such an anthropocentric worldview. Check your human privilege. Fortunately, most moviegoers think cars deserve love too. Did you know Cars is one of the most profitable franchises of all time? To quote Owen Wilson: “Oh wow.” No, but seriously. Think about that. A movie about talking cars is one of the most profitable franchises ever. Above all, don’t think about how anthropomorphic cars have kids.

5 Christmas In Arendelle


Art by: nightliight

That’s right. Another fantastic piece of Frozen fan art from artist Nightliight. There’s a holiday twist this time. I think this image came out before Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which is all the more impressive. Here is the story behind the drawing: “Heidi, Kristoff and Anna’s 4 year old daughter, wanted to make special Christmas wreath crowns for her family as a gift. She pleaded for her brother Joseff, 8, to help her with them. He did so, somewhat reluctantly. As her big brother, he can never bring himself to say ‘no’ to her.”

4 Mother Rapunzel


Art by: jackdawsonsgrl

Did you think I was only going to include one Rapunzel/Flynn family picture? That sentence doesn’t make sense because they flipped around the entries after I submitted and you’re seeing this for the first time? Either way, enjoy the Tangled fan art. Rapunzel gets a daughter of her own now. Artist jackdawsonsgrl painstakingly redrew this image for hours so you could have something to scroll past without reading this before you leave a mean comment.

3 Baby Shoes, To Be Worn


Art by: nightliight

Here is another stellar piece from Deviantart’s Nightliight. As is typical of this series, Anna and Kristoff are depicted in an intimate moment. They’re expecting, if you couldn’t tell from the baby bump or the Hemingway-esque baby shoes. Here is a summary from the artist’s page: “Anna's expecting and tired, so she spends a lot of time resting in her room. To keep her spirits up, Kristoff keeps her company and entertains her by playing with the little baby booties they'd gotten as a gift.”

2 Robots Need Love Too


Art by: seacobalt and schiffercake

That’s right. We found a way to give WALL-E the love it deserves. Unfortunately, since robots can’t have families (yet), this is the next best thing. Artist seacobalt imagines what it might be like if the cast was human. According to the Deviantart page, user SchifferCake is responsible for the humanized design. WALL-E remains one of the most adorable love stories about machines since me and my microwave.

1 Inside Out: The Family Tree


Art by: kikaigaku

There is a highly interesting moment at the beginning of Inside Out when Joy is created. She seems to spontaneously materialize into existence, being an embodiment of abstract brain processes. Here artist kikaigaku says forget that. She imagines what the emotions’ parents look like. I’d like to think that the parent emotions are more mature versions of those emotions. Meaning, they act the same way but with a touch more wisdom. Sadness’s parents would be Melancholy. Joy’s parents would be Fulfilment or Happiness. That sort of thing.

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