29 Disney And Pixar Characters Reimagined As Girls

These Disney and Pixar Characters take on a whole new life when they fan artists transform them.

Genderswapping and genderbending characters in the fanart community has become a staple in both fanfiction and fanart. It basically means to flip the gender that the original character had to tell a new story in the role of the opposite gender. It creates fun and exciting storylines and pieces of artwork that most of us would never think of. But it's very enjoyable to see the creativity behind it all.

Sometimes, the creators of the works of fiction or art have to get really creative because it is so difficult to imagine characters like Gaston or Hercules as anything other than strong men. But many artists have taken on that very challenge, which is what we're about to see in these versions of Disney and Pixar men as girls.

In this list, we will see many different characters from the world of Disney and Pixar in a totally new and unique take on their characters. Seeing Jack Skellington or the Beast is a much more feminine state is particularly interesting because they are characters you would never think to see in such a new and exciting light.

We have to give it to these incredible fan artist for making us completely rethink even the most classic of Disney or Pixar films thanks to their astounding genderbent fanart. So be prepared to be as amazed as we were when we saw the phenomenal Disney and Pixar creations from these fan artists.

Now, without further ado, here are Disney And Pixar Characters Reimagined As Girls.

29 Jude Hopps And Nicki Wilde

via Pinterest

Art by: Unichrome-uni

In 2016, Disney released yet another hit film by the name of Zootopia. It focused on the unlikely partnership between Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, a rabbit, and fox, respectively.

The two embark on a series of misadventures together during the film but in this fanart of the two, there's a new twist to their story.

The artist decided to make Nick into a female fox, making him Nicki Wilde, presumably. And as for Judy, she is now a male rabbit who we like to call Jude.

28 A New Take On Disney Princes

via Tumblr

Art by: Johanna The Mad

Prince Eric, John Smith, and Hercules were all great male leads and love interests in their respective films. They were manly and romantic, while still being very attractive and gentlemanly.

Now, we get to see a different version of those classic characters. And the twist is they are women now.

Hercules as a female is a different sight since she is still extremely muscular. While John Smith and Prince Eric look just as gorgeous as women. Regardless, the three depictions of these Disney characters are very well-done.

27 A Bewitching Hades

via Geek Tyrant

Art by: sakimichan

It's hard to believe that an artist was able to take the likes of Hades and turn him into an extraordinarily beautiful Goddess of the Underworld. But that is precisely what has been done and the results are stunning.

Hades still looks as nefarious as ever with evil schemes she surely has up her sleeve, but this interpretation of the God(dess) is not only gorgeous but incredibly detailed. We get to see this version of Hades in a new light, but with the same fiery blue hair still aglow.

26 A Coco GenderSwap

via Pinterest

Art by: shofichila

Coco has been one of the most recent blockbuster hits from Pixar and for good reason. It's a beautiful story about the afterlife and cherishing your family and culture. The main character is Miguel, a young boy who dreams of being a musician even though his family forbids it.

His ancestors Hector and Mama Imelda were also prominent characters in the film. And here, we get to see all three characters as the opposite gender.

It is particularly interesting seeing Hector and Miguel in female form.

They still have many of the same characteristics, and female-Miguel is even seen here with his dog, Dante. It's an amazing piece of fanart.

25 A Series Of New Villains

via superstarfloraluk.com

Art by: esmeraldabelle13

Disney villains are a staple of all Disney films. That is the only way the plot of the children's movies moves forth. And while there were plenty of villains who were women, there was also a lot of men in the role of the villain.

In this fanart, we see a series of male Disney villains now in a feminine form.

From left to right, we have Rasputia as Rasputin, Francine as Frollo, Rebecca as Ratcliffe, Jaya as Jafar, Scarlet as Scar, and Gale as Gaston. Each of the new womanly villains has their evil plans ready to go while looking completely beautiful.

24 A New Take On Prince Hans and Kristoff

via Pinterest

This features the two men after the heart of Princess Anna in Frozen. Only one was doing so for completely ridiculous reasons while the other was entirely genuine.

Now we have Prince Hans as a demure Princess and Kristoff, as a female ice harvester.

The two still look like they have the same personalities, with the Princess clearly scheming while the female Kristoff has a look of hopefulness on her face. This fanart shows both the stark contrast between the two characters as well as the differences in their new female forms with their former male forms.

23 No One’s As Pretty As Gaston

via DeviantArt (Miranh)

Art by: Miranh

Of course, Gaston would still be outrageously good looking when he is turned into a woman through the art of fan artistry. This artist did a new take on the Disney villain who's known for being a hairy, burly, handsome man who is also entitled and brutish.

Now, Gaston is of the female variety but still very impressed with her own good looks.

She is even wearing his red and yellow ensemble he wore throughout Beauty and the Beast. It's a truly incredible depiction of the villainous Gaston.

22 Pocahontas And John Smith’s New Love Story

via Pinterest

What would have happened if John Smith had actually been a young English woman who was a settler on Pocahontas' tribe's land? And in turn, if Pocahontas was indeed a male tribesman?

They would still fall madly in love, evidently.

The two may be from completely different worlds, but they understand each other and are able to move past their differences not only for the greater good, but to find love within each other. And that has never been more clear than in this artwork of the two in opposite gender roles.

21 Part Of Your World

via Whimsical Publishing

Art by: Micheline Ryckman

It is hard to picture any other little mermaid than Ariel herself. But thanks to this artist's reimagining of The Little Mermaid, we can now see that it is possible. With Prince Eric becoming Princess Erica and Ariel in the role of a merman rather than a mermaid.

He still has fiery, red hair and Princess Erica is wearing a sailor's dress with her long, dark hair flowing.

Even with the gender swap, the two honestly make a gorgeous couple.

20 To Infinity And Beyond

via mohamed-saad.com

Art by: Mohamed Saad

It would be hard to picture anyone else in the role of Buzz Lightyear. And it'd be even more difficult to imagine Buzz as anything other than the strong male astronaut toy that we got to know in the first Toy Story.

But here we see Buzz in a totally different form.

He stills looks like a strong astronaut, but now has beautiful feminine features. It's quite the departure from the Buzz we're familiar with, but the fanart is truly astounding and the detail is impeccable.

19 Nemo’s A Mermaid Now

via Screen Rant

Art by: kayadoodles

Finding Nemo was a Pixar production that told the tale of a young clownfish who gets lost in the Great Barrier Reef, and his father must go on a journey to save him.

In this artist's depiction of the character, though, Nemo is seen more as a hybrid of a mermaid and clownfish.

This new version of the character is quite gorgeous even if it is a lot different than the Nemo we grew up watching. It looks as though The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo had a crossover and it's pretty cool.

18 Aladdin’s Gender Twist

via Pinterest

Aladdin is known for being a lot of things, particularly a "street rat," but he is not known as being a female Princess. Here, though, we see the tables have turned and he is the Princess in this tale.

Jasmine's father is seen here, but this time as Princess Aladdin's mother. While Jafar is now a lanky female, as well.

With all of these changes, this artist's new depiction of the classic Disney film looks as if it jumped right off the screen. It's really amazing.

17 Meg And Herc’s New Story

via DeviantArt (Miranh)

Art by: Miranh

The iconic love story that is Megara and Hercules has been completely redone with the roles reversed. Yes, Hercules is now a female while Megara is now a man that Herc is still trying to woo.

It's a wonderful reiteration of a classic scene between the two unlikely lovebirds.

They are each dressed in their original outfits with a slight twist to better suit their gender role reversal. It would have been seriously interesting to see the movie played out with these two characters in different roles.

16 Captain Hook’s New Look

via Pinterest

Art by: MabyMin

Captain Hook is one of the most feared captains on the high seas and has become quite the icon in terms of pop culture pirates. But we know him more for his waxed mustache and his mound of curly hair. Oh, and of course, his sharp hook for a hand.

Yet here, we have a similar depiction of the fearsome pirate Captain, only now she looks more like a pirate wench.

Captain Hook is now a lady, it seems.

And she has a sultry vibe to her that the original Captain certainly didn't possess.

15 John Smith Gets A Makeover

via DeviantArt (WortCat)

Art by: WortCat

Pocahontas and John Smith were star-crossed lovers who were trying to navigate their relationship while turmoil was occurring between their different worlds.

Pocahontas was the heroine of the tale, but what if John Smith was instead?

Yes, it would have been a completely different story to see Pocahontas as the male lead and John Smith as the female protagonist, but it also could have been quite interesting. In this fanart, we get to see just how different that story could have looked, at least from the female John Smith's side of things.

And his look is just as striking in female form.

14 The Beautiful Beast

via Deskgram

Art by: Esther-Shen

The Beast in Beauty and the Beast was a troubled character who learned from his mistakes and became the gorgeous Prince he once was when Belle fell in love with him, fur and all.

But now, the Beast is a female waiting for the Enchanted Rose's last petal to drop.

Of course, I'd imagine she doesn't want that to happen but feels it's inevitable regardless. Perhaps she just needs a handsome version of Belle to come along and save the day.

13 A Whimsical Petra Pan

via Art Tu Brut? - Wordpress.com

Peter Pan is a rambunctious young man who never wants to grow up and won't thanks to Neverland. But we get to see a totally different side of Peter Pan in the form of Petra Pan.

She is most likely just as rambunctious as her male form, but now has long hair and looks more whimsical than we've ever seen Peter.

It's a wonderful piece of artwork done by this fan artist and is easily one of my favorites on this list.

12 Ernesto De La Cruz’s Womanly Side

via Screen Rant

Art by: Seline Abanto

For anyone who has yet to see the Pixar hit, Coco, shield your eyes from the slight spoilers ahead.

Those of us who have seen the tremendously well-done film knows that Ernesto De La Cruz is the main villain of the movie, but the famous musician has now been reimagined in a new way.

Here, Ernesto is a woman in a very similar garb to her male counterpart. She still loves playing her classic guitar, which means we have to imagine she is just as villainous as the original Ernesto, as well.

11 The Hunchback Gender Swap

via Pinterest

Art by: let there be doodles

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a wonderful story detailing the lives of Quasimodo, Esmeralda and her love, Phoebus.

While Esmeralda was the object of Quasimodo's affection, he accepted that she loved Phoebus and put his love for her aside. It was beautiful yet tragic, and here we see a well-known scene with the three being reimagined in this fanart.

The three are being attacked thanks to Frollo, but now Quasimodo and Phoebus are the heroines of the story, while Esmeralda is the dashing young man. It is a totally revamped version of the classic story.

10 Captain Jaqueline Sparrow

via Pinterest

Art by: MabyMin

Captain Jack Sparrow is the infamous pirate captain that was at the helm of the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. He played an integral part in the storylines throughout each film and is known for his uniquely hilarious personality.

In the franchise, Sparrow has long, brown hair with smudged eyeliner lining his eyes and a goatee to finish off the pirate look.

In this fanart, though, the main difference is the goatee is gone and there is now a woman in the role of Captain Jack.

Captain Jaqueline may look far more feminine here, but she still is rocking the same pirate garb as Captain Jack.

9 Jackie And Sal

via Pinterest

Art by: NoFlutter

A pin-up inspired fanart of the iconic Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is amazing enough, but especially so when you see it's also gender-swapped. Jack is now taking on the role of Jackie and looks like the epitome of pin-up doll. Then there's Sally as the male lead.

To top it all off, they even included Zero but instead of a ghostly dog, it's a ghostly cat.

All of the changes are great while still making it feel similar to the original versions of the characters.

8 Emperor Kuzco Is All Dolled Up

via DeviantArt (ChichiriYuki)

Art by: ChichiriYuki

The Emperor's New Groove is hands-down one of the most underrated Disney films. And Kuzco, the Emperor, is known for being outrageous and arrogant which is why he is turned into a llama.

In this fanart of the Emperor from the Disney film, she is looking gorgeous despite her saucy and vain personality.

She is still wearing a very similar outfit as the original Kuzco, but now has a full face of makeup on with gorgeous long hair. This gender-swap has definitely helped Kuzco in the looks department.

7 The Tramp Is Now A Lady

via DeviantArt (Kitchiki)

Art by: Kitchiki

Who could forget the beautiful love story that unfolded between the Lady and the Tramp in the film by the same name? The two were not meant to end up together by society's standards, but their love could not keep them apart.

This artist decided to give the beloved pup, Tramp, female features in her facial structure to look the part of a lady. The artist succeeded and now this new version of the Tramp looks gorgeous and like the perfect fit for Lady.

6 Rapunzel And Flynn Switched Places

via DeviantArt (DarlingDreamer94)

Art by: DarlingDreamer94

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel started out as enemies of sorts but eventually turned their relationship into that of romance. And this fanart looks like it starts out at that good point in their relationship.

Flynn is seen here as a woman and is even carrying a frying pan that Rapunzel had hit him on the head within Tangled. While Rapunzel is a man with short, brown hair. This indicates they already have their happy ending since that is what happened when Rapunzel cut off her long, blonde, magical hair.

The two still make a darling couple.

5 Young Kristoff And Sven With A Twist

via Pinterest

Art by: juliajm15

Kristoff and his reindeer Sven are known for being best buddies in the Frozen film. Even when they were young, they were inseparable and the same goes for the female versions of their characters, it seems.

Here, Sven is a young, female reindeer while Kristoff is a grade-school-age girl.

They still share carrots while learning the art of ice harvesting, too.  It is a pretty cute depiction of the two best friends and what they would look like if they were females instead.

4 A Cast Of New Disney Females

via Pinterest

Art by: juliajm15

Some of the best Disney leading men are now being depicted here by this fan artist in new female forms. From left to right, top to bottom, we have Kristoff, Prince Hans, Phoebus, Prince Naveen, Milo, and Tarzan all being portrayed as women.

They still look very much like their original characters in certain ways, but the artist has made some alterations to little details in their faces or outfits to give it a look of authenticity in their new feminine looks. It's truly great.

3 Cinderella And Prince Charming In Swapped Roles

via DeviantArt (Willemijn1991)

Art by: Willemijn1991

Cinderella and her Prince Charming have completely swapped genders and roles. Now, Cinderella is a Prince in a very similar icy, blue outfit. Instead of a ballgown, though, he is wearing a suit. And Prince Charming is also wearing a similar ensemble but is now decidedly more womanly in her ballgown.

The two are still falling in love before our eyes, regardless of the change in their roles.

It seems that no matter what alternate universe they find themselves in, they will always find each other.

2 Flynn Is Now A Woman

via Tumblr

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, as we all know, did not start out on the best of terms. But eventually, they fell for one another and Rapunzel even saved his life by the end of Tangled.

Now, we get to see the process of the two falling in love, but with Flynn in the role of a woman, instead.

Rapunzel is still in her normal, womanly form. But Flynn is a female who is progressively falling faster for the beautiful Rapunzel. It is a really sweet version of the two by this fan artist.

1 The Leading Women Of Disney Films

via DeviantArt (legend654)

Art by: legend654

Some of the starring male characters in Disney films play such huge pivotal roles in the plotlines that it's difficult to imagine a story without them. But in this fanart, we don't have to imagine the story without them; we just have to imagine them as the heroine now in their story's.

Hercules, Milo Thatch, Prince Eric, Flynn Rider, and Peter Pan have all received the genderswap treatment.

They each look gorgeous while still retaining certain features that made their characters who they are. It's a really astounding take on the characters.

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