30 Of Our Favorite Disney And Pixar Characters Reimagined As Parents

While Disney & Pixar tug our heart-strings with their family-friendly films, these characters are reimagined with charming families of their own.

Disney and Pixar show and give a lot when it comes to family. Their stories show family relationships and their target audience consists of people of all ages, which is why their movies are often considered “family pictures.”

Speaking of family, there is no closer bond than that of a guardian and their child. Disney and Pixar know this and show that love in the very best ways. Disney presents this best in Dumbo, Lilo and Stitch, and Tarzan. Pixar is a little less on the nose, but they show many relationships that are guardian related, as you will see on this list.

Of course, there is also the Bambi or Frozen situations, where the parents meet quite tragic ends so to provide the main characters with more conflicting stories. Let’s not forget Mufasa’s demise, which we are going to have to endure all over again in the live-action remake of The Lion King. It’s these movies that give parents and guardians their short run times. For this reason, we cannot blame fans for creating their lots of parent and child alternate universe fanart. After all, we'd prefer a different take on the frequently used orphan scenes in storytelling.

30 A Different Mom

via: hellogiggles.com

Ariel’s mom is out of the picture in The Little Mermaid movie. That’s part of the reason why her father is so overprotective of her.

Ursula, despite being sinister, is a wise woman.

If she had a kid of her own, maybe she would be a loving and supportive mother like she was with her eel pets.

Still, it’s a little jarring to see her out in the sun and happy with baby Ariel. Under her care, Ariel certainly would have been a lot smarter.

Art was made by Maritza Lugo.

29 Frozone Family

via: fatherly.com

So many fans would be on board with this family getting their own movie. Frozone was like the cool uncle to the Incredible family, so he must also be a fun dad. That super-suit scene had his wife famous, despite her not even showing up on screen!

It looks like their kids have control of the elements: fire, water, and earth. Even without powers, Frozone’s wife should be qualified as a superhero to deal with all those magical children without powers of her own.

Art was made by Crystal Hill,

28 Kristoff’s Parents

via: deviantart.com/nightliight

Before being raised by trolls, Kristoff probably had nomadic parents. That would explain how they got separated and never found him. Did his parents pass away or could we conclude that the trolls legitimately stole him as a child? That is one of the many details of Frozen that was barely even glanced at.

Maybe we will find out more about Kristoff’s past in Frozen 2.

This fanart is very cute! You can see Kristoff in both their faces.

Art was made by nightliight.

27 Mama Shenzi

via: pinterest.com

A lot of hardcore Lion King fans believe that Shenzi is related to Janja from The Lion Guard TV show. For those that don’t know, Janja is the main villain of season one of the TV show and we know he comes from the same hyena clan as Shanzi, Ed, and Banzai from the original movie. So it’s possible that there is a blood relation.

Fatherhood is incredibly tackled in the movie, with Mufasa being a mysterious and godlike figure. Mothers are not explored so much despite the fact that they do most of the work in a lion’s pride.

Artist is unknown.

26 Anna And Kristoff

via: deviantart.com/nightliight

What person would not like the idea of having parents like Anna and Kristoff from Frozen? They are heroic, sweet, and adventurous. They have very compatible differences too like Anna’s recklessness and dreams versus Kristoff’s practicality. The kid would have a nice balance between parental personalities.

Besides all that, imagine having Elsa as an aunt.

She would be such an inspiration and could build the child snowmen, snow castles, and snow cones. Even better, what if the kid somehow gets ice powers?

Art was made by nightliight.

25 Dad Buzz Lightyear

via: pinterest.com

The hat and hair hint that the mother is Jesse. That’s very cute and all... but we have to talk about how this is possible. Did they adopt a little toy that looks a bit like them? That is the only explanation that could make sense.

The lore of Toy Story is pretty confusing. When is consciousness formed in their toy bodies? They aren’t exactly like babies, as we saw with Buzz in the first movie, so what’s the truth?

Artist is unknown.

24 On Patrol

via: pinterest.com

When you’re little, having cop parents is probably something you brag about all the time. As the kid grows older, it might become more stressful since by then they’ll realize being a cop can be dangerous.

It would be so cool to see him as a cop get his son ice cream to parallel when he committed a crime with a fake child.

It will be exciting to see Nick as a cop in Zootopia’s sequel, child or no child.

Artist is unknown.

23 Sully And Boo

via: deviantart.com/chibighibli

Of course, Sully is not Boo’s parent, but he was her guardian while she was stuck in the monster world. Their relationship was the most entertaining part of Monsters Inc. Having them separate at the end of the film definitely brought tears to the eyes of some fans. There is a lot of fanart out there of a grown-up Boo meeting Sully again.

What if she never returned to the human world and was raised by Sully and Mike in the monster world? That could have been an interesting turn.

Art was made by chibighibli.

22 Charlotte And Travis

via: geeks.media

Travis is a pretty forgettable character in The Princess and the Frog. He was a guy dressed as a jester at a party at the beginning of the movie who flirted with Charlotte only to get denied.

Charlotte gave him the line, “When a woman says later, she really means not ever.”

This fanart explored the idea that Charlotte ended up with Travis anyway. It’s not impossible, but rather doubtful. Charlotte is a woman who knows what she wants.

Art was made my Linnea Asberg.

21 Little Robots

via: deviantart.com/purplerage9205

Biology won’t have anything to do with the relation of these robots, but who can say that EVE and WALL-E can or cannot build little baby versions of themselves to raise? Though WALL-E seems already much like a baby himself, with EVE always having to protect him since she’s more high-tech.

This art piece was a collaboration between two artists.

One who did the line-work and the other who did the coloring. The end project is an adorable little family.

Art was made by purplerage9205 and CJizzlelette.

20 Zootopia Family

via: sami01.tumblr.com

“A family picture of Judy, Nick, and their nameless adopted son,” wrote the artist. “Yes, he has carrot sunglasses.”

The carrot sunglasses are a creative detail that is possibly the best part of this fanart. It is drawing back to the movie, where Judy used her carrot pen to audio record information to use against Nick to get him to work with her. In a way, that pen is the symbol of the start of their relationship, so it’s super cute to give their kid something that resembles that item.

Art was made by sami01.

19 The Wreck-It Family

via: deviantart.com/chill13

“During game-play, the new Ralph is tougher and worse than his old counterpart,” wrote the artist. “Off game, however, he is a mild family man, a 'honey I'm home' type guy who never wants to make waves with anyone.

"His wife is a woman who speaks her mind but like her husband really doesn't want to face up to the 'hero' of their game, as he has a bad temper.”

The family names are great. We have Wreck-It-Rita, Burnette, and Crash.

Art was made by chill13.

18 Chef In Training

via: pinterest.com

It’s possible that the artist meant for this child to be a fan of Tiana’s rather than her son. The hint is that he’s holding a doll that looks a lot like her. That could be kind of weird if your own child had a doll of you.

If Tiana ever had kids though, it’s easy to imagine this kind of relationship where they would experiment in the kitchen with her. They would be lucky enough to have her cooking every day too.

Artist is unknown.

17 Arendelle Family

via: pinterest.com

Kristoff would have a pretty unique approach to parenting. He has lived alone most of his life and he was raised by trolls. Anna and Kristoff would make a good parenting couple though. Anna’s occasional naiveté and optimism would balance Kristoff’s cynicism.

Also, Anna’s parents set the bar low since they isolated Elsa and Anna from each other.

Their kids would be beautiful of course; Anna and Kristoff are beautiful people. Would their uncle be Sven the reindeer? They would be some degree of royalty so they would also be spoiled.

Artist is unknown.

16 Kovu And Kiara

via: pinterest.com

The end of the Lion King 2 showed that Kovu and Kiara had a cub, so them being parents is canon. However, showing off their new baby is all we see. We never know the name or see Kovu and Kiara actually being parents to their baby.

Having two babies is not canon, but very possible. Kovu and Kiara are symbols of peace between two lion prides, so their babies will have a lot to live up to.

Artist is unknown.

15 Ohana

via: pinterest.com

Family is a huge deal in Lilo and Stitch. The best part is that it does so without being a traditional nuclear family. It’s just Lilo and her sister without their parents.

By the end of the film, it’s Lilo, her sister, and aliens!

In this fanart, Lilo is grown up and they have a baby! Is it Lilo’s or Nani’s? An even bigger question is does Stitch age? Will he live on through generations of Lilo’s family?

Artist is unknown.

14 Mulan And Shang

via: fanpop.com

If any Disney princess was to not have kids, it would probably be Mulan. Or if she did, she probably would choose to adopt children who were orphaned from the war. Maybe we can pretend the son Shang is holding is adopted. Still, there is a ton of fanart of Mulan and Shang having kids.

An important PSA: I don’t want to touch the sequels with a 20-foot stick so it could be canon that they have kids but I don’t know that.

Artist is unknown.

13 Fix-It Father

via: pinterest.com

Imagine having a dad who can fix anything. What if you were someone who accidentally broke everything but your dad was always there to fix it with his magic powers? That would be awesome but then your dependency would be over the roof.

So this girl has the right idea by trying to be like her dad.

We’re going to avoid the topic as to how video game characters can have children outside of their code. We will leave that to Disney to figure out.

Art was made by chill13.

12 Merida’s Little Monsters

via: buzzfeed.com

Actually, forget Mulan... Out of all the Disney princesses, Merida is the most likely to not have kids. Who can blame her when she witnesses how much trouble her triplet brothers can get into? In this fanart, it shows that triplets run in the family. At least they are super cute?

Knowing Merida though, it would be hard to determine who the father would be. Maybe she’s still not married and decides to take on raising kids on her own?

Art was made by Chabe Escalante.

11 Zootopia And Robin Hood Crossover

via: pinterest.com

Zootopia has a ton of crossover fanart from Marvel to other Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast. However, a popular crossover that actually makes a ton of sense is with Disney’s animated Robin Hood.

Like Zootopia, Robin Hood had all the characters as animals with Robin and Marian as foxes and Prince John as a lion.

So a lot of fans created the headcanon that Robin Hood and Marian are actually ancestors of Nick Wilde. They are foxes and they are Disney, so why not?

Artist is unknown.

10 Paper With Daughter

via: pinterest.com

Assuming this child is Judy’s, it’s cute that her coloring and markings are more similar to Nick. The way she is holding onto him is also cute because he’s a predator but she sees him as comfort and protection. It’s also refreshing to see Nick holding his child but also looking bored and reading the newspaper like he just woke up.

If a sequel had a baby bunny like the one in this fanart, she’d be very popular just by how cute she is.

Artist is unknown.

9 Belle And Her Mother

via: disney.wikia.com

We knew little about Belle’s mother in Beauty and the Beast before the remake hit theaters. She was out of the picture in the original film but never even mentioned while she got a couple mentions in the remake. We learned that the plague took her life.

She is one of many mothers that do not get to see their children grow up in Disney movies.

This art piece is actually not fanart but it's also not in the films! It's from Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Artist is unknown.

8 Little Beast Family

via: pinterest.com

The character designs for the beast children are adorable and creative. They are half human and half beast, which takes some work to make cute. The fact that they appear as girly girls with dresses and frills only them look all the more lovable.

Most fanart depicts Belle and Adam’s children as human after the curse is broken. But what if he was cursed to be a beast forever and Belle stayed anyway and they still had their happily ever after?

Artist is unknown.

7 A Crossover Family

via: pinterest.com

This is Rapunzel and Jack with little Anna and Elsa. It’s a big crossover family! Jack being Elsa’s father would certainly explain how she got her ice powers. Elsa and Anna even look like Rapunzel and Jack, so physically they can pass as their children.

Jack is shipped with many princesses, especially Elsa and Rapunzel.

We know Rapunzel and Elsa exist at the same time in the same world due to the Easter Egg of Rapunzel attending Elsa’s coronation.

Artist is unknown.

6 Papa Eugene

via: pinterest.com

This picture is all over Pinterest with the words, “Okay, but Eugene would make the best dad!”

Eugene is a well-loved Disney prince mostly due to the fact that he’s not perfect. He starts out as a rogue and a thief. Not just that, but he’s a funny and dashing rogue, which is everyone’s favorite cliché! Going from thief to a loving dad is fun to watch. The people of Pinterest are right, Eugene would make the best dad.

Artist is unknown.

5 Robin Hood

via: pinterest.com

Disney’s Robin Hood is one of their creations that is too often forgotten. It’s not because it’s a bad movie, it’s far from a bad one! It’s just kind of an old film now. It’s reaching fifty years old since it came out in the 1970s!

It’s buried under the groundbreaking films from the Disney renaissance that took place after the 70s.

If you haven’t seen this film, it’s definitely worth checking out. For a lot of kids, it was their first introduction to the story of Robin Hood.

Artist is unknown.

4 Snow White And Prince Charming

via: fanpop.com

Snow White and Prince Charming are the cookie cutter Disney prince and princess. They sing, they follow their hearts, and they love animals. They bear the clichés that Shrek made fun of.

So what would their child be like? There could be a lot of edgy possibilities in which the child does not have a heart of gold like her parents. Or perhaps she is even more beautiful than Snow White and Snow White becomes the new witch. That could be like a family curse.

Artist is unknown.

3 Frozen Family

via: pinterest.com

The reason this list contains a lot of Frozen pictures is that there are a lot out there. Frozen was a huge hit and created a ton of artistic fans.

This picture is adorable too, giving off the vibe of Christmas and family.

The outfits and expressions on the characters’ faces are warm. I especially love the look on the little girl’s face. That’s what any little girl’s face would have in the presence of Queen Elsa.

Artist is unknown.

2 Royal Family Of Agrabah

via: anunknownforeignbeauty.tumblr.com

This art was inspired by an Aladdin fanfic and some research went into it.

“Sultan Aladdin Bin Kasim and Sultana Jasmine Binte Hamed of Agrabah with their firstborn Prince Ali Aziz Bin Aladdin,” wrote the artist. “The word ‘Bin’ means ‘son of’ and ‘Binte’ means 'daughter of’ in Arabic. According to the Disney wiki, the name of Jasmine’s father is Hamed. So I assume their full names according to Arabic naming culture. In Descendants, Aladdin has a son named Aziz.”

Art was made by anunknownforeignbeauty.

1 The Doppler Children

via: deviantart.com/isaia

“I heart Disney's Treasure Planet, and I'm not afraid to admit that,” wrote the artist.

“Sure, the Disney version was more of like a futuristic fantasy-hybrid fun story yay adventure time-take, rather than a direct adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel."

“But I loved it for its surprisingly lovely story with heart, spirit, neat music, buttery smooth animation, art, character designs, and how they built that world. Ron Clements and John Musker deserved more recognition for directing this movie.”

Art was made by isaia.

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