30 Unexpected Disney And Pixar Couples That Are Extra Sweet

Disney and Pixar have always had a knack for creating picture-perfect couples that emulate true love incredibly well. In most of these cases, the couples are of the more traditional variety with two beautiful people, who miraculously fall in love practically overnight, and live happily ever after.

But what if these traditional Disney and Pixar love stories were completely rewritten? And maybe in these new stories being told, two characters from an entirely different Disney or Pixar film than the other falls in love with each other. Or maybe an unforeseen love interest comes out of the shadows that you never would have thought of pairing with the main character, but thanks to fanart, it now makes perfect sense.

That is what we will be exploring in this list of Disney and Pixar fanart that features a wide array of unexpected couples. You won't believe the incredible creativity that many fan artists have to be able to come up these pairings of classic Disney/Pixar characters.

Here are the 30 Unexpected Disney And Pixar Couples That Are Extra Sweet.

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30 Two Lasses In Love

via DeviantArt (itanatsu-chan)

Art by: itanatsu-chan

Merida and Rapunzel may seem like an unlikely duo, let alone pairing for a couple, but there is actually an entire fandom dedicated to this fictional couple.

Many of the fans believe that the fact they are both princesses would be a bonding point between the two young women. But they also feel that Rapunzel would be able to bring out the softer side of Merida, while Merida would have a different type of influence on Rapunzel, where she would be stronger for her kingdom.

It's a cool thought - and an even cooler fanart of the two princesses in love.

29 A Frightened Pair

via Pinterest

Two of the most apprehensive and skittish characters have to be Fear and Piglet, of Pixar and Disney respectively. They are known for being afraid of everything, so it actually makes sense that fans would imagine these two together in an alternate universe.

While they both may be known for their cowardice, they were brave enough to fall in love.

But the fact they fell for one another has not taken their fear away, clearly. At least they are a truly adorable couple.

28 Elsa And Frozone Hit The Slopes

via DeviantArt (AriellaMay)

Art by: AriellaMay

Elsa is most famously known for her icy ways, while Frozone has his own abilities that involve ice: he can project ice and snow. The two would understandably have a lot to talk about and bond over, which is why this unlikely relationship is actually more likely when you think about it.

They could get away from their stressful lives and just enjoy the snow with one another.  This fanart detailing the rendezvous between the frosty duo captures the carefree moment perfectly.

27 Hei Hei And Becky Forever

via DeviantArt (ShamelessMagic)

Art by: ShamelessMagic

Honestly, these two birds are both a little kooky and not bright, which just might make them the most evenly matched and perfect couple. Hei Hei is obviously from Disney's Moana, while Becky is from Pixar's Finding Dory.  But in this new world, the two have found each other and settled down.

They even appear to have a new fandom name - Hecky.

If that isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen...then this fanart of the two birds in love will be.

26 Bring Me To Life

via DeviantArt (rain1940)

Art by: rain1940

The blue fairy in Pinocchio played a large part in the movie, by fulfilling Geppetto's wish of bringing Pinocchio to life and eventually making him into a real boy.

But in this new reality, it is Woody from Toy Story that she is looking to bring to life.

It is a surprising partnership of two characters from completely different movies, but it would be interesting to see the repercussions of the Blue Fairy attempting to bringing Woody to life, and then finding out he is already quite alive. But maybe she could make him into a real Sheriff instead?

25 An Evil Relationship In The Making

via Pinterest

Art by: theharmine

Maleficent and Hades are two of the most nefarious and dubious characters in Disney history. They are known for their villainry and had little to no redeeming qualities.

Yet, they seem to find plenty of redeeming qualities within one another in this fanart.

It seems that Maleficent has set her sights on Hades, the god of the Underworld. This is definitely a recipe for a disaster, and it's hard to not be intrigued by this turn of events. Though, Hades looks like he's concerned with this new arrangement and we honestly don't blame him.

24 When Woody Met Tinkerbell

via DeviantArt (seraphinagrayson)

Art by: seraphinagrayson

Woody may be known for being a toy Sheriff that comes to life in Pixar's Toy Story, but here in this fanart, his story has taken a different turn with Tinkerbell by his side.

Tinkerbell must have taken a break from her misadventures with Peter Pan and is instead adventuring with Woody instead.

They are definitely an unexpected couple, and even they seem to be frustrated with this situation, but it would be quite interesting to see how their tale turns out in the end.

23 Monsters Fall In Love Too

via DeviantArt (Chibi-N92)

Art by: Chibi-N92

Sully from Monster's Inc. was the title character of the film and won the hearts of audiences everywhere who witnessed his friendship with Boo unfold. But now we're seeing an even softer side to him now that he's fallen in love with Louis, the alligator from The Princess and The Frog.

Louis was the fun-loving and loyal friend of Tiana and Prince Naveen in the film, and it seems he has won over Sully with his caring personality.

This fanart shows a beautiful new relationship blossoming before our eyes between the two creatures.

22 Joy Will Rescue Eeyore From His Sadness

via Nerdist

The old saying goes that opposites attract, and it appears that is precisely what is happening between Joy from Inside Out and Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh, in this artist's interpretation of their relationship.

Eeyore is known for crushing sadness that always seems to be overcoming him, but now Joy who is known for her upbeat and happy personality will save the day and Eeyore from his utter despair.

Hopefully, by the end of it, the two will live happily ever after - literally.

21 Two Western Love Birds

via DeviantArt (Moony92)

Art by: Moony92

Maybe it looks like it would be completely obvious that Woody and Jessie from Toy Story should end up together since both toys are of the western variety. But in the Toy Story franchise, Woody is involved with Little Bo Peep while Jessie falls for Buzz Lightyear.

In this fanart, we get to imagine what the two would be like if they had fallen in love with one another instead. Woody and Jessie would understandably have much more in common and would enjoy line dancing events such as this. They would make a really cute couple, that's for sure.

20 From Friends To Lovers

via DeviantArt (DarkButterflyOfNight)

Art by: DarkButterflyOfNight

One of the greatest parts of the live-action Beauty and The Beast film was the changes they made to LeFou. It was more than clear that LeFou had other feelings for Gaston that were anything but platonic, and in this fanart, we see that friendship become more.

LeFou and Gaston are embracing, with a thought bubble from Le Fou indicating his love for Gaston.

Of course, Gaston is not the sharpest tool in the shed so his thoughts are a bit...scrambled.  But regardless, seeing the two fall for each other is beyond sweet.

19 Belle And Mulan’s Blossoming Relationship

via DeviantArt (CancerSyndromEdits)

Art by: CancerSyndromEdits

Belle and Mulan each fell for a man in their stories, but now in this artist's interpretation of the two, they are falling for each other instead, in a Jedi world, no less.

Just imagine these two princesses conquering the world together.

In all honesty, this fictional storyline of Belle and Mulan finding each other and starting a relationship of sorts would truly make for an incredibly interesting storyline for two of our favorite Disney Princesses, and boy, are we ready to see how this plays out

18 Joy And Sadness Together At Last

via moviesteem

Joy and Sadness were two of the main characters - and emotions - featured in Pixar's hit, Inside Out. In an alternate reality for these two characters, though, there is more than just friendship occurring between them.

In fact, one could say that the two emotions perfectly balance each other out. Which may be why they work so well in a relationship together. Not only does that make for a beautiful relationship, but it makes for a beautiful fanart thanks to this creative fan artist.

17 Belle And Anna Goofing Around

via Pinterest

Sometimes the sweetest and best couples are also the silliest. And having a good sense of humor in your relationship can be the key to thriving. That has never been more obvious than in this fan artist's iteration of Belle and Anna falling in love.

The two young princesses look as carefree and fun as ever, which might mean their relationship is a new one. Or it just means that they are absolutely perfect for one another. Either way, it is really fun to see this new story for each of them.

16 Elsa Keeps Her Enemies Close

via Fanpop

In this vivid and detailed fanart, we see that Queen Elsa and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles have set aside their serious differences and have taken a different route in their relationship.

Yes, it looks like Prince Hans is now courting Queen Elsa.

I am also loving the anime-inspired version that this artist came up with, and the addition of the sword Elsa is wielding makes it even better. Maybe love really does conquer all since this pairing seems to be the epitome of that.

15 Hector Forgives Ernesto

via moviesteem

Art by: YaoiLover113

Apparently, Ernesto De La Cruz is trying to get back into his former friend's good graces. You would think he would realize that literally ending his friend's life to become famous himself would put a damper on things, but he is still trying.

Hector looks like he is still trying to be angry, but is warming to the idea of a reconciliation.

If it were me, I would still be a little bit mad, which makes this quite possibly the most head-scratch-worthy couple on the list. Even so, it is a very cool fanart this artist created.

14 Woody And Buzz Become Something More

via topsimages.com

Art by: MaylovesAkidah

There's no question that Woody and Buzz Lightyear are incredibly close friends throughout the Toy Story franchise. But this fanart imagines a world where maybe they are closer than we originally thought.

The toy duo seems to be exploring their feelings outside of their friendship, and this cartoon fanart really shows their potential relationship moving forward.

It's honestly a really cute and unique take on the two friends becoming more than that. It'd also be fun to see a spinoff of their adventures as a couple.

13 A Day In The Park With Belle And Rapunzel

via Screen Rant

In this artist's beautiful interpretation of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel from Tangled has the two bonding over books and possibly seeing the other in a new light.

The princesses each look gorgeous in this painting where they look to be getting rather cozy.

While it may be odd seeing Belle without her Beast or Rapunzel without her love, Flynn Rider, maybe there is something just as special growing between the two young, strong, and pretty princesses.

12 A Dangerous Alliance

via DeviantArt (DrZime)

Art by: DrZime

It's really frightening to think of what trouble Dr. Facilier, from The Princess and The Frog, would get up to with Peter Pan's shadow in play. Especially seeing as Facilier's "friends from the other side" tend to manifest in his own shadow.

Evidently, it seems that Peter Pan and Dr. Facilier are becoming fast friends - and possibly more - in this fanart.

It looks like their shadows are even getting along famously, which can't mean anything good for anyone else they may come across. Peter must not have any idea of what he is getting himself into.

11 Disgust And Fear Get Cozy

via DeviantArt (Abie05)

Art by: Abie05

Disgust is one of the five emotions featured in the Pixar film, Inside Out. She would keep Riley, the main character, from being "poisoned - both physically or socially". So it is very odd to see her cozying up to none other than Fear, another one of Riley's emotions.

You'd think Disgust would find him rather off, but in this fanart, she seems to be blushing as they lean into a possible kiss, before his nose gets in the way. Fear is just as flustered, which can only lead us to believe that there is something brewing between the two emotions.

10 A Different Ending In Ratatouille

via Pinterest

In the film, Ratatouille, it features a rat by the name of Remy who also aspires to be a chef. He befriends an actual chef by the name of Linguini and the rest is history.

But in the film, Linguini falls for a fellow chef named Colette. In this artist's version of their story, though, Colette falls for Remy instead.

Remy looks to be putting the moves on Colette, much to Linguini's dismay.

While that is very unexpected, not to mention sad for Linguini, it has to be the weirdest pairing anyone could think of.

9 Mike And Sully: A Love Story

via Movies And Cinema

Imagine a world where Mike and Sully from Monster's Inc. were half-monsters/half-humans, and they were also younger versions of themselves. That is what is illustrated clearly here in this fanart.

But the two monsters and best friends are experiencing young love, it appears.

It is definitely an interesting take on the two beloved characters. Plus, it's really sweet to see a version of Pixar characters who are young and in love. Not to mention, this turn of events would be completely unexpected for these monsters.

8 A Wedding To Remember

via Pinterest

Jasmine and Ariel are both princesses who were thrust into the world of royalty based on their birth but wanted to experience a different reality.

Now, though, they have found each other in this new world they were looking for. And they are ready for their happily ever after.

Their two kingdoms will now unite, and the young princesses love story has resulted in a gorgeous royal wedding. They look like they are glowing and the happiest they've ever been, which makes this a truly gorgeous fanart.

7 Rapunzel And Merida See The Light

via DeviantArt (KikiKinchester)

Art by: KikiKinchester

How fitting it is that this fanart depicts Rapunzel and Merida during the famous "I See The Light" song and scene in Tangled. They have a large fanbase that "ships" them together as a couple, which is why this fan artist put Merida in the role of Flynn Rider during this iconic scene.

Merida also looks like she may be genderbent, giving it an even more unique vibe to their love story. It is a gorgeous piece of artwork done by this talented artist.

6 Quasimodo Serenades Rapunzel

via Tumblr (Johanna The Mad)

Art by: Johanna The Mad

In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo sings "Out There" outside of Notre Dame's bell tower. But in this fanart, he is serenading Rapunzel at the top of her tower rather than lamenting his life and wondering what the real world is actually like.

Rapunzel has known her own life of imprisonment, much like Quasimodo, so it makes sense that they would get romantically involved with their similar backgrounds.

And it honestly looks like Rapunzel is enjoying Quasi's song just as much as we did.

5 Moana And Maui’s Modern Love

via DeviantArt (RyukiGaryu)

Art by: RyukiGaryu

There are plenty of fans of Moana that would have loved to see Moana and Maui somehow be together, however unlikely that actually is. But in this fan artist's interpretation of the fictional couple, Moana and Maui are not only together, but have a modern twist to their clothing.

They look like they are young, in love, and as trendy as can be. It's a super cool version of these two characters who literally saved the day in Moana and are now happily in love.

4 Jasmine And John Smith’s Love Story

via DeviantArt (laetcroft)

Art by: laetcroft

John Smith and Pocahontas famously fell in love in the Disney film about Pocahontas and her tribe. But now, Jasmine from Aladdin has taken on the role of Pocahontas and has captured John Smith's heart.

The artist behind this wonderful creation of Jasmine's new role did a fantastic job at seamlessly working her into Pocahontas' story as the lead character.

The loving looks John is giving her tells the whole story, really. Cue "Colors of the Wind" to start playing…now.

3 Elsa Falls For Flynn Rider

via DeviantArt (YancyCatacata)

Art by: YancyCatacata

In what is possibly the most detailed and beautiful fanart on this entire list, this fan artist imagined a world where Queen Elsa falls for Flynn Rider...who we all know is actually Rapunzel's love interest in Tangled.

What is even more incredible is the fact that Rapunzel and Flynn were seen at Elsa's coronation ceremony at the beginning of Frozen. That is just one connection between the films, but seeing a crossover such as this one takes it to a whole new level.

2 Mother Gothel And Frollo Find Love

via Pinterest

Mother Gothel was the villain that aggravated Rapunzel throughout the Tangled film. Meanwhile, Frollo was the villain that imprisoned Quasimodo all throughout The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Both Rapunzel and Quasimodo know what it's like to be kept from the outside world, as we all know.

And it looks like Mother Gothel and Frollo are bonding over their nefarious ways.

Frollo even looks a little frightened of Mother Gothel, which he should be, but he is no better. They actually are perfect for each other, if you think about it.

1 Rapunzel And Hercules’ Day At Disneyland

via DeviantArt (Nippy13)

Art by: Nippy13

What's more romantic than going on rides at the happiest place on Earth with the one you love? Absolutely nothing, which is why Rapunzel and Hercules are engaging in that very activity together.

It looks like they are riding the famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride together with their Mickey ears on and everything.

It makes for a picture perfect day for the unlikely love birds and a certainly incredible fanart we can't help but enjoy. Who knows what other shenanigans these two will get up to?

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