Disney+ Will Launch With Xbox One And PS4 Support

Disney+ has announced the platforms and devices that will be able to support the streaming service.

Disney+ has announced the platforms and devices that will be able to support the streaming service. Both Xbox One and PS4 will be able to support the new Disney streaming service from day one.

Streaming services are looking to be the industry standard going forward. What once started with Netflix has become so prevalent in today's entertainment culture that Disney couldn't resist getting in on it. With the acquisition of Hulu and ESPN+, Disney is looking for the trifecta with their own branded streaming service; Disney+. This a service many fans are looking forward to because it promises not only new content and shows, but also a massive backlog of Disney releases over the years.

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Disney released a long list of devices that will support their Disney+ streaming service; the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both were among these devices. Not every streaming service had the option to be played on the consoles day one and some still don't have both consoles as options (looking at you DC Universe). The inclusion of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 right out of the gate certainly gives Disney+ a leg up on the competition.

Turning your console on and streaming your favorite shows and movies on screens larger than your laptop or phone is a nice feature.  In a world where streaming services are becoming more prevalent, the ability to get the most out of them is important.

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Disney+ is sure to be a wonderful success as a streaming service. It will feature original content in the Star Wars and MCU franchises, making it a must own for fans of those series; especially since the majority of them will be canon with the film universes. With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 able to stream Disney+ on day one, it will be able to reach an even wider audience and help make the home viewing experience that much more rewarding. Disney+ will launch on November 12th.

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