Disney: 29 Disney Prince And Princesses Reimagined As Parents

Disney fan art is incredibly popular — these artists have reimagined the Prince and Princess as parents.

Some princesses’, like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, had sequels where they had kids. That was a rarity though. Few to no other princesses have kids in their canon stories. Despite being from different times, maybe these princesses are subconsciously following the same trends.

So for most of these characters, children are expected at some point. It may not technically be canon, but it logically makes sense. This makes more sense than some other princess lists like princess, but if they were tacos (no seriously, look it up!)

For those wanting a bit of cuteness or just brainstorming for your own fanfiction or fan art, you’ve come to the right place! This list will show various Disney princes and princesses with offspring. If you’re s stickler for the princess rules, (Jane from Tarzan isn’t technically a princess), then we apologize in advance. Still, these are some fan favorite characters who fit the archetype and are fascinating to seen drawn this way. So, join us in opening up the storybook to see all these Prince and Princess reimagined as parents.

29 Belle And Adam’s Talented Daughter

via: deviantart.com/mareishon

This fan art is actually the second one made by the artist that depicts Belle and Adam’s daughter learning how to play music. “It's a follow-up pic of ‘Family music,’” they wrote on deviantart. “Where Belle is passing on the love of music down to her daughter, and teaching her while playing in the family reed organ. In this one, their daughter is performing for her family.”

We don’t see Belle play on the piano in the movie, but she certainly has a love for music shown by her singing.

Art was made by mareishon.

28 Crawling On Kristoff

via: deviantart.com/nightliight

“A bit of KristAnna family fan art is good for the soul,” wrote the artist for this piece. “And so are their precious babies. Heidi is 2 years old and Joseff is 3 1/2. He likes to point that out.

"I didn’t get too creative with them, Disney kids usually just look either a lot like mom or a lot like dad. Kept it simple.”

You can say that again about Disney kids looking a lot like their mom or dad.

Art was done by nightliight.

27 New Member Of Rapunzel’s Family

via: deviantart.com/funkytoes

Eugene’s smile and tears are the centerpiece to this sweet fan art. According to the artist, the baby is a girl named Ariadne. This is only one of various pieces the artist has done of Rapunzel and Eugene’s kids. They have a series of fan arts! The purple’s of the dress, bed, and curtains really put the royal in this image. Are those bright blue flowers in the hall for congratulations? Rapunzel has that typical “just given birth face,” tired and happy.

Art was made by funkytoes.

26 Robin And Marion’s Kit

via: deviantart.com/samantharobinson

Baby foxes can be called kits, cubs, or pups. That fact is kind of weird in a world where they are also people. A lot of fans have actually theorized that Disney’s Robin Hood takes place in the same world as Zootopia. Maybe we are looking at Nick’s Wilde’s great great great grandfather. Nah, if he was the son of ancient royalty... he probably knows. There were rabbits in that movie too and like the joke in Zootopia, they also had a ton of kids.

Art was made by samantharobinson.

25 Tarzan And Jane Family Portrait

via: deviantart.com/ashren

“Here's my little story about it: following the happy birth of their second child, Jane thinks it would be ever so nice to have a 'proper' family portrait taken,” wrote the artist.

“Tarzan consents - but we all know how he feels about clothing - and finds the setup difficult to take seriously.

"While standing for the shot he jauntily lifts his elder-daughter into the air, to her surprise, just as the photograph is taken.” This is done by the same artist as the piece of Jane and her baby.

Art was made by ashren.

24 Family Trip

via: pinterest.com

All sweetly dressed for a winter walk it seems. Anna looks pregnant and Kristoff and is carrying a mini version of himself on his back. Mini Kristoff even has a mini Sven! Where could they be going? Maybe to get ice for Kristoff’s ice gathering job? Does he still do that? He seemed passionate about it in the film so he probably does it still even though he’s in it with the royal family. The mittens on this family are so cute.

23 Belle And Adam Family Stroll

via: pinterest.com

These fields appear to be the same ones at the beginning of the movie where Belle sang about desiring adventure. Now she can take her family back there!

Sometimes narratives show us that people have to choose between family and adventure, but maybe to Belle the two are one of the same.

She looks extra pale in this fan art though. She needs some sun from hanging out in the castle library too much. Adam looks like the happiest man in the world.

22 Rapunzel Cradling Her Baby

via: deviantart.com/kacey-lynn

One aspect of Rapunzel that would make motherhood complicated is her strife under Mother Gothel. At first glance, we could say that would make her a great mother. She just has to do the opposite of what Gothel did with her. For actual recipients though, it’s not always so simple because they have new norms to figure out. Of course, she would be better than Gothel though. She would do everything in her power to give her baby freedom.

21 Rapunzel Painting With Her Daughter

via: deviantart.com/arbetta

“Here Rapunzel is teaching her daughter to paint on the walls... Something you shouldn’t do, really!” wrote the artist for this piece. “In the original tale she and the ‘prince’ have twins... I should draw something of Eugene and his son, probably stealing something or fighting with frying pans.”

In one version of the Rapunzel tale, the prince falls from the tower becomes blind!

Guess that’s not in this artists’ canon though. The daughter in this looks a little like Sophia from Disneys’ Sophia the First.

Art was done by arbetta.

20 Belle And Adam Family Portrait

via: pinterest.com

It’ll certainly be crazy when this kid gets old enough to ask questions. “Mom, how did you and dad meet?” will give them an answer they probably will not expect. “Well sweet heart, he kidnaped your grandpa and then I traded myself to free him. Oh, did I forget to mention that your dad was an actual beast back then? He got cursed for being a jerk. Oh, and the servants were all furniture.” Maybe they will wait until the kid is much older to tell their story.

19 Anna Sledding With Her Kids

via: buzzfeed.com

Nothing reflects a joyous winter childhood more than sledding. They probably use a sled for more than sledding. Anna probably uses it like a stroller when they go out and just drags the kids behind her.

When it’s not winter, they can just see Aunt Elsa and she can make snow for them to sled on.

It’s easy to imagine Kristoff dragging the sled around too, especially if she still harvests’ ice. He brings the kids to work and they run around in the snow to play.

Art was made by Chabe Escalante.

18 Esmerelda And Phoebus Family Portrait

via: pinterest.com

Here are characters that technically are not princes or princesses, but Disney can be loose around these definitions sometimes. Esmerelda and Phoebus are very often ignored by the Disney fandom. The Hunchback of Notre Dame itself is sort of ignored. Its villain was certainly touching on more grown-up issues. It was also interesting to see Esmerelda get together with Phoebus instead of Quasimodo. It goes to show they did not go full-on Disney, but they definitely strayed away from the disturbingly dark book.

17 Changing A Diaper With Rapunzel And Eugene

via: growingyourbaby.com

Gas masks definitely did not exist during Rapunzel and Eugene’s time, but judging them their modern clothes, that doesn’t matter in this art. We are going modern!

One interesting thing about the "Rapunzel as a mom" art is whether her hair is long and blonde or short and brunette.

The brunette with a kid version would be closer to canon. This one is obviously straying far from canon due to the gas mask, modern clothes, and her blonde long hair.

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

16 Pocahontas And John Ralph

via: pinterest.com

If you’ve read my other takes on Pocahontas, you know I can be harsh due to its off level of historical inaccuracy. Pocahontas 2 made this argument even stranger when they brought in who she actually marries in history, John Ralph. In history, Pocahontas did have kids with John Ralph too. There is a conspiracy theory that Pocahontas was actually ended by Ralph in history though, and there is convincing evidence for it since it was right after her visit to England to see the Queen. Awkward.

15 Merida Trying To Potty Train Triplets

via: buzzfeed.com

Having triplets runs in her family genes, so this is quite the possibility (if she even settles down with someone). This art was featured on Buzzfeed with the words, “Merida has her own set of triplets she can't seem to potty train. This drives her mad, especially when they pee around the potty.

"She often scolds, ‘If I can hit a bull's-eye from a hundred yards, you can tinkle in the toilet!’”

Their curly red hair is super cute. They look cuter than the canon triplet brothers from the movie!

Art was made by Chabe Escalante.

14 Baby Peeing On Naveen

via: popsugar.com

That baby has possibly the weirdest hairline a baby could have. Hopefully, it will grow more on the rest of its head later. A noticeable number of these fan arts are centered on bathroom humor, aren’t they? That’s what we get though since that’s the reality of having a baby. Disney can be classy, but sometimes they can’t help but put a fart or pee joke in there. In other words, this would totally believable that this would happen if this scenario was canon.

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

13 Large Aladdin And Jasmine Family

via: pinterest.com

Plot twist! These are not just children, these are grandchildren! Wait, does that mean the tiger cub is a grandchild of Jasmine’s tiger? What even is a tiger lifespan?

Like some of the other fan art, this picture seems to be set in more modern times judging from the clothes and furniture.

The Sultan’s portrait is a nice touch to show that they are remembering him and he is now a part of family history. So what happened to genie?

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens

12 A Winter Family Outing

via: pinterest.com

Belle really knows her winter fashion. That dress looks as warm and cozy as a bed with comforter blankets. Not only does it look warm, but it looks gorgeous. It sort of has a Christmas vibe to it due to the red and white colors. Their children look like miniature versions of themselves. It’s sweet to see Adam help his daughter make snowballs. This also gives a nostalgic feeling for the original movie where Belle and Adam have their own snowball fight.

11 Cinderella Baking A Cake For Her Daughter

via: buzzfeed.com

Cinderella is no stranger to laboring over others. This time, however, she gets to labor over someone she loves who is actually thankful. This piece also had a modern twist with the characters dressed as modern people.

The castle note board is cute. Where can I get one?

The blue and pink colors give this piece a cotton-candy girlie type of nostalgic feeling. Is this a special occasion like a birthday, or does this kid get spoiled with strawberry cake often?

Art was made by Chabe Escalante.

10 Expecting Jasmine

via: cosmopolitan.com

Disney needs to expand on its narratives. Sure, it’s doing that in Frozen with sister love and Merida with being single, but what about love through pregnancy? Stories, in general, like to explore first-love or meeting the right person. What about the love that happens after? Is happily-ever-after too boring? That’s the issue, we don’t explore the turmoil and magic that happens afterward. That’s what this pregnant Jasmine is making me think. The colors in this piece are so luxurious and calming.

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

9 Mulan And Shang Family Portrait

via: deviantart.com/freewingss

According to the artist on deviantart, this piece was a commission. Apparently, Shang and Mulan named this baby Ping!

That’s what Mulan’s name was when she disguised herself as a man to get into the army. How...sweet?

It’s weird, but there is something ironically charming about naming your kid after the fake name you had when you met your husband. Another good name would be after Shang’s dad from the movie who ended in the war.

Art was made by freewingss.

8 Ariel Trying To Feed Her Baby

via: popsugar.com

We want to cast emphasis on the “trying to feed” part of this fan art. How different is it to raise a kid with legs versus a mermaid? Probably a lot since mermaid babies definitely would not wear diapers. They would just go in the ocean you live in and that’s kind of gross but diapers are also gross because you have to intimately interact with the mess. Ariel looks miserable so Eric should be helping her. At least the sailor bib is cute.

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

7 Snow White And Prince Charming Family Portrait

via: pinterest.com

Snow White’s baby is a like a little clone of her. Apparently being the fairest of them all is a strong gene. Then again, we know close to nothing about Prince Charming (not even a real name) so why would we want the baby to look like him?

It would be cute if the dwarves helped care for the baby.

What if it was ironic and the baby loved Grumpy the most and they would cry whenever it saw Happy or Dopey?

6 Mulan’s Girlie Girl Daughter

via: pinterest.com

We love irony, so we love this fan art of Mulan having a daughter who loves girly things like pink, fairies, and dolls.

Did Mulan try to get the daughter to play with the toy sword? She looks bothered.

Mulan is definitely a feminist story, but feminism is also about women just embracing what they love. If her daughter loves girl things, then that’s also something to be loved and respected. It’s also cute because she has two prominent warrior parents.

Art was made by Chabe Escalante.

5 Pocahontas And Her Baby

via: pinterest.com

Historical fact time! Pocahontas actually married and had a baby with Kocoum. Yes, like Pocahontas, Kocoum was a real person. Also a historical fact: they had a son together. Is this baby that son? It’s worth noting that when she married Kocoum and had a baby, Pocahontas was around fifteen or sixteen years old. Records show that she was never allowed to see Kocoum or their son again. Maybe that's why this fan art looks so sorrowful?

Art was made by Isiah Stephens.

4 Elsa And Her Baby

via: pinterest.com

Why does Elsa have ice powers? This fan art is suggesting that the powers are genetic. If so, where did it all begin? Did it skip many generations? Did their family get cursed?

Were the parents surprised when they had Elsa or were they like, “Great, powers,” and never did research on why?

Did Elsa also first use her powers as a baby? That’s a dangerous baby. Or is this kid special and using them so early that they could be the next bringer of an Ice Age?

Art was made by Isaiah Stephens.

3 Agrabah’s Favorite Family

via: deviantart.com/agivega

“Iago, who we all know left with Al's dad at the end of King of Thieves, decided to return to Agrabah, because he'd been missing the comfort of the palace (how very typical of him, huh?),” wrote the artist of this fan art on deviantart. T”o his surprise he finds Al and Jas with three kids, and the little boy (let's name him Cassim after Al's dad) develops a habit of chasing him. Poor Iago. As for Abu, he's been miffed ever since the kids were born, because he feels neglected. Poor Abu.”

Art was done by agivega.

2 Jane And Her Baby

via: deviantart.com/ashren

“I tried to make something that looked as close as possible in style as the Tarzan clipart produced by Disney,” wrote the artist for this fan art on their deviantart. “Jane is not supposed to look sad, she is just concentrating!” The artist did a great job of having the baby look like Tarzan when he was a baby, but not exactly the same. Jane is really cozy, isn’t she? She has like four different pillows to cushion her chair.

Art was made by ashren.

1 Elsa And Her Daughter

via: pinterest.com

Who is the father? We’ll never know since this daughter looks like a clone of her mother. If she looks like a clone, does this child also have ice powers?

If so, they’d be luckier than Elsa since they have her as a mother to make it so they learn how to control their powers.

Elsa didn’t have that and that got us a whole movie about why that sucks. This kid’s powers won’t freeze a whole city while she has a mental breakdown in the mountains.

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