25 Disney Princes And Heroes Reimagined As Girls

The princes and heroes of the Disney universe really need some more appreciation in the fandom! Sure, personality-wise, there isn’t much known about the guys in comparison to the girls. And not all the focus is on them. But they do have some interesting points about them to explore, don’t you think? When it comes to the ladies and princesses of the Disney universe, there's just so many fan versions floating around online.

In comparison, there isn't a lot out there on the heroes and princes. Most of what you can find are weird attractive pieces of art that show them looking like action heroes. While there’s nothing wrong with that, a little a variety would be nice. So why not genderbend them? It’s been done before, but there’s always a surprise to be found when characters end up being genderbent. For one thing, there would be all kinds of twists to find, not to mention personality changes with whole gender role switch to consider.

Heck, there might not even be any changes other than how they look. Even then, though, some guys just somehow look better as girls. It’s both fabulous and a little unfair at the same time. Honestly, there are all kinds of fans that get real creative in their designs, and they need to be shared. So get ready for some exploration, some speculation, and a new look into the males of Disney.

25 A Twist In The Mystery

via: lanyiny.deviantart.com

Here’s a question for the series: was there ever a girl ninja on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja? Throughout the whole series, there were only three ninjas shown, including Randy, and they were all guys. Oh sure, it would make sense to make them all guys to keep the legend going, but wouldn’t it spice the mystery up a bit if there were maybe one or two female ninjas? The conspiracy theories that would pop up from this would be amazing. For one thing, the shape shifting theory would definitely be on table. And besides, just look how sassy Randy looks here. We wish lanyiny had made a design of female Randy in ninja mode. Wouldn’t the ponytail just add character to the persona? And let’s not get started on the difference in fighting styles and costume design.

24 The Fandom Is Already Readying The Ships

via: adamasto.deviantart.com

There was one thing that the Pirates movies needed more of: female pirates. Think about it. Do you remember any female pirates from the whole film series, outside of the one we all know? I don’t think so. Seriously though, if Jack had been a female, there would be a lot of things that would be different. One thing that would come out with a female Jack and the others remaining the same would be banter. There'd be more flirting on her part with all the males around. And it would be extra sweet to see this character, designed by one AdamaSto, taking out all kinds of characters who don’t think she has what it takes to be a captain. Then there is also the fandom to think about, and… the shipping.

23 It's Like Looking At A Mirrored Future

via: daryfy.deviantart.com

Okay, so being fraternal twins, the stars of Gravity Falls are pretty much visually the opposite image of the other. But this is a pretty nice image here, done by daryfy. Not only does this make for a lovely teen female version of the mystery loving teen, but there’s just something about this piece that gives so much personality to her. From the way her hair is styled and the way her lip quirks into a half smile, there’s just a more mature vibe to this female Dipper. Really, can you just imagine her and Mabel sitting on the floor and playing with each other’s hair? That’s quality sisterly bonding right there. Sure, there are all kinds of versions of the characters, but it’s nice to see an extension and growth of the original version.

22 A Sweet Smile But Steel Fists

via: juliajm15.deviantart.com

Wait, first, is Sven also genderbent here? The softer features are a pretty big giveaway and if it is in fact so, then that’s adorable touch from the artist of our friends from Frozen right there. But let’s turn our attention back to this rather cute rendition of the iceman, or icewoman in this case, by juliajm15. First, those pigtails? They're a pretty good look for her. And should all the characters be genderbent for this piece, then there are all kinds of twists to imagine for this story. From the looks of this piece, a female Kristoff would most definitely be a tomboy. But more than anything, she’s got a sweet side to her and maybe even a shy side to be romanced.

21 Change In Look, Change In Personality?

via: johannathemad.tumblr.com

If John were to be Joanna in the story, would that mean that she would be the one wooed instead of the other way around? Come on, look at that daydreaming gaze, you can already imagine the male version of Pocahontas sneaking behind this lovely lady to surprise her. Not trying to tack on the gender roles here, but you can’t help but wonder the differences in story and characters when something like gender is flipped around. If this lovely character, done by one johannathemad, became the actual design of a genderbent John Smith, it'd be incredible. You can already imagine this lovely blonde's changes. For one thing, would they be the opposite in terms of personality?

20 She's Just A Little Doll

via: gramunion.com

There is the saying that girls tend to mature emotionally faster than guys. So would that work the same in this case? Oh sure, she’s an adorable little doll, and we have katielyn526 to thank for sharing this lovely piece. But you still can’t help but wonder if Pinocchio would make the same mistakes if he was a girl. Honestly though, she looks like a sweet little girl. And the way she’s looking at that book, we might be looking a curious lass here. The chance of her getting into an adventure is still there, but it may be safe to say here that she may not get into as deep as trouble and might listen to Jiminy maybe once or twice. Hey, even if she could be a somewhat smarter version of Pinocchio, she’s still a kid.

19 She Looks More Like A Fighter Than A Wrecker

via: akiratoshine.deviantart.com

Without those familiar big hands and outfit, you'd be hard pressed to believe that this cool character is actually the loveable villain character that we all know. Kudos to you AkiraToshine, just, kudos to you. It’s different, something you wouldn’t expect, and the anime style of it just brings out something different for the character. Veering away from talking about certain assets being exchanged for another, let’s just imagine the possible difference in personality for this character. With the way her features look, the whole scary villain schtick might end up being different. Here’s an idea: what if she had a hidden sweet side to her who liked hugs? What? Genderbent characters always have one or two surprises to them. So why not this one?

18 Now, This Is The Romance That We Needed

via: miryah.deviantart.com

It’s one thing for Milo to be the geeky male and the underdog of the story, but if he were to be a female intellectual? Now that’s just a whole new ballpark of ideas, right there! Putting that aside for the moment, though, let’s just take a moment to appreciate this lovely piece done by miryah. This is a key romance scene right here, and somehow, no offense to the movie, but with this piece, it just feels like there is a deeper connection here. Do you not see the way that they’re looking at each other here? Prime story material right here, people. And besides, you can’t deny that Milo as a girl is rather adorable. Those curls? Just perfect for this character! The same goes for Kida’s male design. Just, wow.

17 This Looks Familiar

via: wortcat.deviantart.com

We already had a whole bunch of questions about Tarzan growing up in the forest, but how much more would we have if he was a girl instead? The biological questions in this would be an explosion of debate alone. Still, wortcat did make a rather adorable female Tarzan. If you think about it, this is kind of a jungle version of Atlantis. Look at the male Jane here; doesn’t he look like a relative of Milo in a way? Besides, there’s always something sweet about this dynamic, where it’s the guy who ends up being swept away by the girl instead of the other way around. What’s more, this would mean that Clayton would be a female here. There’s always a good twists and interest with a female villain.

16 A Pretty Rose With Hidden Thorns

via: juliajm15.deviantart.com

What? While he did turn into a villain, Hans does hold the title of a prince. Besides, just look at this piece by juliajm15. Doesn’t he make for a lovely princess? And just look at this transition here with the three costumes of this royal character. It adds a nice little touch to the work, don’t you think? Take a look at that smirk she has when wearing her usual outfit. That’s the face of someone hiding something. Honestly, she’s just like the perfect image of a delicate rose hiding her thorns until needed right here. And when you think about it, this makes for a more interesting surprise villain than the original. A femme fatale always has one or two tricks up her sleeves, after all.

15 Make Way For This Fabulous Lady

via: twitter.com

He already holds the official title of Disney princess for his sass alone, so how much more would it be if this Emperor ends up being an Empress? Putting that technicality aside, though, doesn’t she make for a fabulous and stylish young lady? And we have the artist Philip Light to thank for that. Seriously, that dress? Highly chic. Added with the shoes and accessories, she looks like a modern day model. The outfit is one thing though, but can you just imagine her personality? Oh sure, she would still be practically the same, but here’s a little idea to get some fans churning. What if she liked Kronk? What? It’s not that crazy of an idea, and sure, he has a sweetheart in his film, but… the IDEAS people, you can already see the fanfics rolling.

14 A Female Warrior Has Her Own Issues

via: camusaltamirano.deviantart.com

Would Hercules qualify as an Amazon woman? This design done CamusAltamirano would definite have her running up for the title. More than looking amazingly close to the classic Disney style, it’s nice that the artist made a rather androgynous figure for the known muscleman of a hero. Really, the way her features look so soft and curved makes for a great match with the lean figure makes for a lovely female warrior character. Now, let’s just imagine how the romance would go here. For one thing, there’s the whole issues with being a female warrior to think about. And what if instead of her being the lovestruck one, she’s the one who’s trying not to fall in love? Then there’s also the idea of the male Megara for this flipped story to think about. Anyone else sense a playboy type for him?

13 All That's Missing Are Sparkles

via: lehannaa.deviantart.com

Is it ok to say that Eric and Ariel look way better as the opposite gender than they do as their original genders? Seriously, lehannaa did some high class work for this piece. Oh sure, you can argue that the anime style can make any character look good if done right. But just look at these two, they look like they’re meant for the cover of some fluffy romance story. Taking focus on the female Eric, just the way her expression is working here just says so much. For one thing, she just seems like a confident young lady with big dreams and always has a smile on her face. And with the way they're looking here, you can already hear the music starting for their dance. Really, they just look adorable here.

12 This Is A Dream Squad Family Right Here

via: paulofranzen.deviantart.com

Look at that little doll face and short hair, paulofranzen did an amazing job in not just making a female Hiro, but also creating a flipped version of everyone in the crew. Just look at the others. Gogo still looks like the moody one of the group, but now he has a sort of mysterious vibe to him. Then there is Wasabi here, rocking a sassy side with Fred looking rather dreamy. Basically the entire squad here are looking beyond fabulous. Putting aside how different their personalities could be, can you just imagine the character interactions between the group? With Fred as the free spirit, Wasabi as the mother hen, and Gogo helping in keeping Hiro in line? It’s a quality bonding story waiting to happen.

11 You Can Already See Her Swinging And Grooving

via: juliajm15.deviantart.com

So… would Naveen be the one who is being wooed here? And if so, how would that work out? There’s no doubt here that she would be a flirt, so would she be the assertive type? There’s just something fun about trying to figure out how different a story would be if a playboy type of character would turn out if he was a he instead a she. There’s no denying the the suave prince would make for a pretty woman, juliajm15 made sure of that. From that hair to the way the artist incorporated Naveen’s outfit, this is just a lovely little piece presenting a fabulous young lady ready to make her way through town with her smile and music ready. Is it right to say that the description of smooth lady somehow fits her?

10 She Looks Like A True Free Spirit

via: galaxyspeaking.tumblr.com

The change in gender and hairstyle is one thing, but the way that galaxyspeaking designed our high flying character here gives off a completely different vibe. Oh sure, she still has the look of an adventurer, but it just seems Petra here doesn’t isn't as self-centered as her male counterpart. Here she just seems like a laid back gal, who’s not afraid to take to a fight and holds a caring side to her. It’s a sure thing that she would be a tomboy, but it’s also another sure thing that there would be quite a change in dynamics, not to mention story. Can you just imagine how different the meeting between her and the male Wendy, named “Wren” here? You can already see her unknowingly charming Wren and making him go all kinds of red.

9 Anyone Else Hear The Fandom Rising?

via: twitter.com

Well, looks like someone made a foxy lady. Okay, puns and jokes aside, this is some quality work presented by SheistyWildeFox here. The details, the style, and the way that they’re looking at each other? You would think that this was a piece of art from the film, if not for the glaring gender difference. Still, would the story be all that different if their genders were reversed? Well, it’s a fun little thought that this version of the sly fox would have a much more flirty side to her. And then there is also the male Judy to take note on here too. Anyone else think that there would be a higher amount of chemistry would go on, or is it just the fandom talking?

8 She Makes The Armor Look Better

via: mabychan.tumblr.com

A girl who not only knows her way around a sword but fought her way through battle is always a great character to have, and MabyMin shows just that with her own rendition of the noble Phoebus. Not only is it great that the artist managed to adapt the armor into something that could be for a female warrior, but just the way her face is done, she looks so cheeky and unafraid to make her voice known. Then there is the romance between this lovely lady and the male Esmerelda to think about as well. The romance dynamics for this list have so much to talk about. Outside of this, though, can you just imagine this golden suited lass getting into a good ole’ spar with a fellow soldier? She seems like the kind of fighter who would be able to sweep the ground with her opponent.

7 She Looks The Same But Better

via: mabychan.tumblr.com

Would we still have the same anger ridden teen if Jim ended up being a Jane? Well, she definitely still be the stubborn adventurer that we all know, but exactly how big of a troublemaker is this young lady? Still, though, MabyMin did good as she’s definitely rocking the signature look. There is always the chance that the story remains the same, unlike with the other characters on this list. That idea is still interesting in that it would mean that a father-daughter relationship would occur. And Silver being the overprotective type? Now that’s a sight that would be amazing to see! Other than the potential amount of bonding moments that would occur, there’s also the idea of her being a Disney female engineer to tackle on too. Heavy tech and a smart girl to figure things out? Yeah, there’s a lot that could happen here.

6 Different, But Always A Thief

via: mabychan.tumblr.com

A sassy female thief is another character type to have in this list, and Flynn definitely fits the bill for this with the way that MabyMin did his female counterpart’s design. Just look at those hips; this is one sultry looking lady. Added with the way that smile conveys just a smidge of her uncertainty though, it just adds more to the piece with its characterization. Here’s a little funny idea: what if instead of her nose, it’s her hair that the wanted posters keep messing up? Just a little comedy sidenote. But let’s look back to this fun piece. There’s no doubt that the artist needs more appreciation for doing some amazing genderbend work. Seeing this version of Flynn, though, there’s just something about the way she’s working herself in this piece that makes her seem like a different character as well.

5 Now This Is A Halloween Queen

via: sakimichan.deviantart.com

Ok, first, let’s just put aside all of those questions regarding the genderbent Pumpkin King, and just take a moment to appreciate one of the many amazing works done by artist Sakimichan. That gown that’s peeking out? Fabulous. Even the way that her skull was designed is a nice touch for this overall scene. The romance is a sight to admire the photo for as well. If she looks as fabulous as she does in her regular clothes, though, how much more would it be if she slipped into the Santa costume? Imagining her running across rooftops to help with Christmas is an adorable idea to hold onto, at least. If Jack was a genderbent version of himself, there's a chance of her dressing up in the future. 

4 She Could Still Kick Everyone's Behind Without Trying

via: foresterrr.tumblr.com

Marco has proved himself in all kinds of ways throughout the series as a good friend and strong fighter for the group. So how much would be changed if Marco was instead a Marcia? There are all kinds of stories on this, as Foresterrr has shown here. They've added their own two cents in creating a female Marco, and can we just say that the whole skull disguise just looks so much better than the original? Everything about this work just screams Marco in a different world she she’s kicking behind, taking names, and all the while still having that dorky side to her. The final image of her wearing glasses just ties everything together. And let’s not get started on how the romance of the series would work, especially if Star is not genderbent. Oh man… the amount of twists that would happen.

3 A Fight Scene That Should Have Happened

via: dorodraws.tumblr.com

This is a scene we know that’s taken for a completely different turn, and this image right here by dorodraws makes it all that more interesting. For one thing, what if here, this male Maleficent decided that the beauty would make for a much more interesting companion for himself? Really, just what type of fairy tale would it be, if that was the twist for this story? And Philip here looks like a rather good hero with the way that she’s rocking her signature look against the dark fairy. Seriously, just look at how he’s holding on onto the sleeping Aurora. What if this ended up as a type of hand-to-magic type of battle without the transformation bit? Now is the battle that needed to happen!

2 A Fabulous Pair Filled With Trouble

via: tooraloora.tumblr.com

They were already a charming and mischievous duo with their own roguish looks. How much more fabulous would they look as females? Well if this piece shared by one Emaline Thorn has anything to say, it’s that Tulio and Miguel from DreamWorks' Road to El Dorado would make for a fabulous pair of ladies. Just look at the curves these ladies are rocking. With those looks, it wouldn’t be surprising that they would get out of trouble with some well placed feminine charm on Miguel’s part. And what if they were the only ones who were genderbent? Well, for one thing, the whole conflict involving Chel may not happen. Or would something more twisted happen? Like say a certain high priest falls in love with one of them? Okay, yeah, that’s went a bit too dark there. How about we move on and just appreciate this lovely piece, yeah?

1 A Whole New Ballgame

via: dorodraws.tumblr.com

How different would this fairy tale have gone if Aladdin was the female of this tale? For one thing, dorodraws shows that he would make a rather lovely lady and an even lovelier princess. Seriously, that white outfit of hers looks better than the original one. And with the way that she and the genderbent Princess Jasmine are looking at each other here, it seems like this fairy tale is having a smoother sail. Think about it: rather than being a proud and boisterous figure, she would have to present herself as a graceful and delicate flower who would do well as a support for the prince. With her mischievous side and the way that she grew up, though, there’s all kinds of ways that this story could go. Isn’t it great?

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