24 Disney Princess Reimagined As Superheroes

Disney Princesses, everyone knows them, loves them, and adore them. There is a full range of Disney princesses. Some shy, some outgoing, and some that are just straight up quirky.

Anna, we're talking about you.

They’ve captured our hearts since the 1930s from stories that turn you into a hopeless romantic or make you feel fearless, like you can take on any challenge. Our parents grew up with them and they trickled down into our own childhoods, continuing on for future generations.

We’ve watched these princesses go from shy, waiting for a prince to save them, to being independent and not needing a male counterpart to help them save the day. These princesses have evolved into much more than your typical princess. They’ve turned themselves into leaders. Taking on responsibilities they couldn’t possibly dream of.

Now, imagine if these same princesses were superheroes. They already are heroes in their world, fighting off danger, only to return home to their friends and families awaiting them. Welcoming them with open arms and just glad that they’re safe.

In an alternate universe where the young royals that we know and love have taken on more than just a protection role. Some of these princesses could go on to rule and continue their superhero life on the side. Some would just continue to be a superhero, not really wanting to continue the royal life. Who could honestly blame them? Being a princess is tough work and juggling both could prove to be rather difficult. Regardless, we admire them. So here is a list of your favorite Disney Princesses turned superheroes.

24 Who's The Beast Now?


I’ve never really taken Belle as a hothead who had no control of her emotions. Actually, I took Belle for the complete opposite, calm, focused, and always dreaming. Belle was a memorable character with her love of books, the love for her father, and the passion of not settling down to get married. No matter how much she was pursued and pressured.

“Gaston we’re looking at you dude.”

Belle as She-Hulk might come off a little strange at first, but if you understand the story and understand what she went through before things started to take a turn for the better, you would understand why that role would fit. Minus the green skin.

Belle could take on the beast herself. Especially, after the beast took her hostage, and put her father’s life in danger.

We know he didn’t mean it at first and it was more protection for himself than anything, but it’s still messed up. Belle could also fend off Gaston and he would leave her alone forever, once he got a glimpse of her green skin and large muscles. He would no longer think she’s beautiful because the man is all about vanity, but he would leave town forever after a few “Hulk smashes” and never return.

23 A Bullseye Combination


The headstrong redhead with sass and grace, who means well, Merida, the first Scottish princess known to Disney, is not to be messed with. She’s not your typical princess as most Disney princesses are. Sure, she struggles with parental guidance, and she has amazing red curly hair that she just refuses to tame. She’s also an amazing archer.

Picture her taking on the role of Hawkeye after she saved her kingdom and saved her mother. Oh yeah, and she saved her little brothers too from harm after they were turned into baby cubs. Adorable baby cubs that still got into mischief. Merida already has the awesome ability to control a bow and arrow. Again, in Disney fashion, a princess has a duty to her people and her kingdom, but more on that later. She can still manage the throne and protect her people with her amazing skills.

Although she is not great with compromise, everyone would thank her for keeping them safe and sound. Merida would not only be perfect as Hawkeye, she would be happy because handling sovereign duties wouldn’t be her only job and it would keep things from being too boring around her kingdom. We support you, Merida.

22 She's The Captain Now


Snow White has always been the quiet type. She’s refined and a complete lady. She is what the 1930’s thought of as the perfect young lady. She is, cute, pale, and had perfect dark hair. She is also Disney’s first official princess. If she was in today’s world she would be considered sheltered, and a complete introvert.

People would also wonder why she was living with 7 little men, but let’s not get off topic. Disney lovers and fans of the original story know that Snow White’s story wasn’t exactly a happy one. An evil stepmother that was completely jealous, that she wasn’t the most beautiful in the land. So, she wants someone to take her out.

“Nice move for the evil queen to get rid of the competition of your teenage stepdaughter. Can you say insecure?”

Think of Snow White as an Avenger, but not just any Avenger. The first Avenger. A female version of Captain America, taking revenge of what her evil stepmother did to her and taking back her kingdom.

One thing Snow White will have to learn, will be to stand up for herself. Not letting anyone talk down to her or take advantage of her kindness. Wonder what she would do with the dwarfs though? She could give them jobs, make them her sidekicks.

21 Defender Of The Deep

Deviant Art-MuiMushroom

Ariel is more than just The Little Mermaid. Daughter of king Triton, princess, and the youngest sister to six other princesses. She has a lot on her plate, but she handles it well and no her being a red head has nothing to do with it. Though, it might have something to do with her being a hot head and doing whatever she wants. Never really listening to her father and always trying to follow her heart.

I’ve always been envious of her. Well, not the part about her being a fish, but the part of her being independent.

Ariel as the female version of Aquaman is the perfect fit. Not because she’s a mermaid that lives in the sea, but because Ariel is a natural born ruler. Imagine her with the powers of Aquaman. She would be unstoppable. Literally a force to be reckoned with. Urusla, or any enemy that would come across Ariel and her kingdom wouldn’t stand a chance.

“That’s right Ursula. Ariel is no longer the poor unfortunate soul that you thought her to be when you made her sign away her voice.”

That shouldn’t have ever happened though, because if Ariel could write her name. Why couldn’t she read the contact prior to signing it.

20 The Original Ice Queen

Deviant Art-whitewolfdreamer27

The title is enough right? Elsa, Queen Elsa isn’t exactly the typical Disney Princess. Elsa had to take on the role of queen after her parents encountered a horrible accident at sea. Elsa definitely didn’t want to take on her new role, because she was afraid of her power. She even locked herself away in her room after she accidentally hurt her sister Anna. Anna knew she didn’t mean it, but Elsa couldn’t convince herself otherwise. She later embraced her power for the better and became a great queen.

The title of Ice Queen is perfect. Elsa would be the one queen/superhero, who wouldn’t have to operate under a secret identity because her whole kingdom knows of her powers and they’re glad she has them too. They wouldn’t have to worry about invaders in their kingdom, people getting hurt, and in a perfect world they wouldn’t have to worry about war, because they know their queen is there to protect them. Anna could create a secret lair for Elsa to operate out of. Like Batman but it would be her ice cave. Anna is clever, not saying she can make weapons and armor like Shuri, but she can help run the kingdom. She is a princess too after all.

19 Hopefully, There Are No Spiders In Her Hair


Oh, Rapunzel. Okay, it wasn’t exactly her fault that she was taken from her kingdom by a crazy evil woman and being raised by her, as if she were her own child. Forced to live in a tower that was impossible to escape from while the evil woman posing as her “mother” was around. Plus, Rapunzel had some serious anxiety when it came down to trying to leave the tower.

Once she figured out how I’m sure her fear of heights became nonexistent. That’s why Spider-Gwen is a great role for Rapunzel. Instead of Peter Parker getting bit by that radioactive spider, it would be Rapunzel. Princess crime fighter with powers of a spider.

She wouldn’t have the same outfit as Peter. Instead, she would be rocking something completely different and stylish. Throw in the healing powers of her lovely golden locks and boom! Magic.

She wouldn’t be a vigilante as Peter was when he first started out. She also wouldn’t have to deal with bullies like Gwen or Peter did because she would be sweeping her kingdom and locking away the bad guys. Including, the woman who kidnapped her in the first place. I would hate to be that woman when Rapunzel gets her hands on her.

18 You Better Leave Her Alone, Bub


The daughter of a great chief and the princess of a village that she never wanted to lead. Pocahontas was born into a life that she never really wanted.

She literally walked to the beat of her own drum without much regret. Unfortunately, all of that is ruined when a certain ship docks on native land without warning and sends things into peril. She even falls for a man that she shouldn’t really trust, but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.

“Seriously though girl, you gave up Kocoum for John Smith? Sigh, not exactly the best choice.”

The artist Robby Cook, turned the native princess into Wolverine. If Pocahontas really was Wolverine, those new settlers wouldn’t have stood a chance.

She would’ve made them go back to England with the promise to never return. (You know Disney magic didn’t give the true ending of what really happened, so we won’t talk about that.)

Kocoum would still be alive and she probably would be married to him. Then again, being a superhero and chief is a full-time gig and she wouldn’t have time to be married, let alone have babies and take care of a family. Female independence during the 17th century anyone?

17 Would Aladdin Be Dare Devil?


When she wasn’t dealing with annoying suitors, her father trying to get her married, and an evil advisor that wanted no more than to marry her and steal her kingdom, she was daydreaming about what she wanted.

Can we just take a minute to thank Disney, for having princesses wanting other things besides a husband? Letting young girls know that you can be independent and want other things.

Jasmine was a spitfire. It wasn’t a good idea to get in her way and in the way of what she wanted most. She even had a tiger. A full-grown tiger that would defend her to the grave.

That’s why Jasmine as Elektra would be perfect. Jasmine could potentially be a life-taker for her country by night and remain doing her princess duties during the day.

Since there was no such thing as giving up your rights to your throne during that time period. Jasmine would have no choice but to be queen when the time comes. Imagine her as Elektra, no one could get in her way or steal her throne. Let’s face it. A princess turning queen during that time period and in that part of the world ruling on her own? She’s bound to gain a few enemies.

16 A Storm Brewing In The South


It really is no contest. Tiana is a hardworking woman with dreams of her own, turned princess. Not just any princess though. The first African American Princess. She’s always wanted to own her own restaurant. So, she worked very hard to save up to go into business for herself. After, she assisted prince Naveen when they were both turned into frogs, by an evil witch doctor.

The story then took a turn for the better, a happy ending. In complete Disney fashion. This ending resulted in Tiana becoming a princess. Marrying the very prince who she helps save and turns him back into his human form.

That’s right, gaining a title, her restaurant, and everything she could possibly dream of in the process.

Tiana depicted as Storm works. Giving her the power over the weather and much more would make her quite powerful. Plus, her being royalty just sweetens the deal. She could protect her hometown and maybe she can take the humidity from New Orleans. No offense to the town it’s an amazing place, but humidity is no friend to anyone. Tiana could handle all of the crime fighting. She wouldn’t even have to keep it from her husband since he’s had a run in with magic before.

15 A Wonderful Woman Indeed

Mulher Maravilha

Our lovely Hua-Mulan but known as Fa-Mulan in the Disney version. The girl who saved her father from demise and a whole nation. Seriously who else can say they’ve accomplished that? Sure, she had her friends by her side and a guy who she really wasn’t into at first, but give Mulan credit for being creative, and literally defeating the leader of the Hun army. Not saying this for nothing, but those are serious bragging rights.

Can’t blame a girl for not wanting her father who was of old age, to go right back into the army only to end up being eliminated. Not saying I would personally do that, but I get where she was coming from. It’s still a stretch girl.

But she prevailed and brought honor back to herself, her family, and even her cow.

Mulan was literally Wonder Woman, but without the Demigod powers. She trained in the army and grew skill just like Diana did herself. As many times as she was knocked down she kept going. Diana didn’t discover her powers until much later and Mulan didn’t discover that she had the power to fight and win until later as well. They both ended up doing more than they thought they could. Twinsies!

14 She's Not Sleeping Anymore


Aurora, A.K.A Sleeping Beauty, and the third official Disney princess. Gentle, sophisticated, elegant, and kind. Too bad she got off to a bad start and was cursed before she even had the chance to live her life. Aurora was a newborn when the evil Maleficent made her appearance uninvited.

She curses baby Aurora, telling her parents with glee I might add, that on her sixteenth birthday Aurora would perish. Jeez Maleficent, jealous much? Couldn’t you just get the baby a cruddy gift? Her parents feared for her life, so three fairies saved her by hiding her, making her live a peasant life for sixteen years.

In those times the fairies could have totally trained Aurora to be a superhero in secret. Not wanting her to grow up a completely helpless young woman, since she was taken away from her home as a baby.

Talk about having a tough life. All is not lost though. Aurora wouldn’t even need to return to her kingdom if she lived the life of a superhero. She could also get the guy if she really wanted to. Giving her the best of both worlds. She could battle Maleficent and take her down, so she wouldn’t cause any more harm to anyone else.

13 Her Backstory Is Similar

Deviant Art-MuiMushroom

Disney’s second official princess. She had great love growing up with her parents and lived in a cute French Chateau, where she had a happy childhood. Unfortunately, as the story of Cinderella goes, it wasn’t exactly happy at first. Her mother perished when she was young.

Her father, not exactly knowing what to do with such a young girl, came up with the brilliant idea that she needed a mother. So instead of taking on the responsibility of a parent himself, he married an evil woman, who had two not so great children of her own. They took the poor girl and made her a slave after her father passed. How could her father not see past her evil ways when he married the woman?

Batgirl works for Cinderella. She has a lot to motivate her. She lost her mother and then her father. She was left under the care of someone who wouldn’t care if she lived or perished and she wasn’t sure if she would ever live a life that would truly be her own. She could create her own version of the bat cave. Locking away criminals just like her step mother and stepsisters. She can use her animal friends as spies too.

12 She Was Made For This Role

Isaiah Stephens

Can we just vote Meg as a favorite, please? She is just amazing. She took herself off men, after she was burned badly and who could really blame her.

She hated the idea of even getting involved with someone else. She did get involved with an evil god, which wasn’t any better. Thinking about it now, Meg was her own spy. She knew how to infiltrate an area, get the information she needed, and was never caught.

Meg as Black Widow is exactly where she belongs, and she wouldn’t need Hercules. No offense Hercules, but this is a woman’s world. Meg is completely independent. She doesn’t need a guy to save the day for her. In fact, she could save herself. Meg is so clever that she could even run her own spy organization with ease. It can even be an all women’s spy organization for women who don’t exactly have the best background. Meg could team up with Hercules to take down demons, rouge gods, and whatever else might threaten humankind. Since he decided that he wanted to stay on earth and not go to Olympus, being Meg’s partner is the next best thing.

11  The Great Island Protector


Beautiful, Powerful Moana. Walking her own path, just like the other princesses before her. Moana always wanted to leave her home, neglecting her future duties as chief like another certain native princess that we know of. She loved exploring, but unfortunately, her parents wanted her to do what they thought she was destined to do.

Basically, taking over the family job of being chief. This is not what Moana really had in mind. She did end up leaving her island and going on a journey with the blessing and guidance of her grandmother after she perished. Her grandmother was just as much of a free spirit as Moana.

Not sure exactly who Moana is supposed to be, but we are here. The artist definitely captured her in this superhero form. After she saved her people from living the life of being on an island that was slowly decaying. She returned home after her journey.

She saved everyone. This persona is what Moana must have felt like after she returned home to her island and was embraced with happy cheers because she did something great. She could even team up with the demigod Maui. He’s a little full of himself, so not sure how long that partnership will last.

10 Ice Is Nice, Lightning Is Frightning


No more building snowmen for Anna. She’s graduated on to better things. Anna just wanted to belong, and she strived to just find her happiness. After Elsa became queen she was reluctant to open the doors of her castle to the people in her kingdom. She ran off out of fear, and Anna suffered because of it.

The night of the ball Anna met a man, who she thought was “nice” and genuine. This was one of the signs that the girl was deprived of human contact. After a song number and some chatting, she was ready to marry this dude. Yes, exactly. She was ready to marry a complete stranger that she only knew for a few hours.

Luckily, Elsa put a stop to that.

Anna as Thor would be great. When she found out that her sister left her behind she got upset, but instead of crying and feeling sorry, she set out to get her back and bring her home. Anna and Elsa would be the perfect superhero duo. Superhero sisters! This would make Anna a god. She would have powers and abilities to help Elsa keep their kingdom safe from harm. They just need a team name.

9 Quite The Enchantress

Deviant Art-whitewolfdreamer27

Belle’s personality isn’t like everyone else’s. That’s why she could be more than one type of superhero. An enchantress could potentially be a good fit for Belle, now that she’s an official princess. After breaking the spell the beast was under and setting everyone who occupied the castle to return back to their normal self as humans instead of household objects.

How would she gain this power though? Belle likes to explore, she could have easily come across a cave that she never saw before and ventured in, only to find an ancient artifact. The artifact holds an ancient power that was lost to the world thousands of years ago, until Belle comes across it.

Belle awakens the power only to find that it links with her, thus, creating enchantress Belle. She could conjure up spells and protect people. No one would be afraid of her like they would She-Hulk Belle. This could lead to Gaston crawling back, unfortunately. She could even create a second library after Beast presented her with one and this library could be a collection of spellbooks. Spellbooks that would help improve her skills and help the people of her kingdom. Enchantress Belle has a nice ring to it.

8 She's Be Called A Witch Before


Esmeralda, a Romani woman that lived in Paris, France. She’s a beautiful performer that can enchant anyone with her dancing. Her Romani culture isn’t exactly accepted in France and she’s been called a gypsy, which isn’t a nice term. She’s also been accused of performing witchcraft. Luckily, she was saved with the help of a few friends, one of them being Quasimodo, who has a heart of complete gold.

Since she was accused of doing witchcraft and almost punished by demise for it, because of the laws of France, she might as well take on the role of Scarlet Witch. Esmerelda already has the ability of enchanting others and not just with her beauty.

We can definitely picture her having witch-like powers.

Phoebus can team up with Esmerelda and save other people who are facing false accusations. People who are accused of being a witch who aren’t exactly witches. Though, with the powers of a witch now, Esmerelda would have to watch it when it comes down to the guards.

Both Esmerelda and Phoebus could even create a safe haven for people, including the Romani people who are accused for no reason, other than just being themselves. Quasimodo would be a part of this too now that he’s no longer afraid of coming outside.

7 The Powers Of Atlantis


Atlantis The Lost Empire is considered a classic movie. Kida is one of the Disney princesses that stood out. She is far from a damsel in distress and she doesn’t need anyone to save her. She is a warrior princess. She was trained with skill and in combat and she is also over 8,000 years old.

Old, wise, beautiful, and can end you within minutes. What’s not to love?

Kida had a rough time when she saw her mother sacrifice her life to save Atlantis from a scary Tsunami. Kida did become queen later on, after her father’s passing. She happily accepted and was already seen as a hero when she saved Atlantis with the help of the new friends that she made.

Kida can be a superhero living to protect her people and watching over Atlantis. Using her laser power to cut down enemies and intruders. Milo is a scientist, who fell in love with Kida during his stay at Atlantis and opted to stay behind.

Milo can assist Kida, in making all kinds of gadgets for her to use, and even create a lab, that can help to make further use of Atlantis technology. Helping the civilians there rediscover the culture that they lost. Would Milo become a prince of some kind? Or would he just remain a Civilian?

6 A New Witch Doctor

Deviant Art-whitewolfdreamer27

Tiana is back again. This time as a witch doctor hero. She’s already a professional when it comes down to her cooking and her food, so why not spells and medicines? She has New Orleans and the culture around her to keep her inspired.

Picture this; after Tiana and Naveen defeat the evil witch doctor and finally get themselves returned back to normal. Tiana could have inherited his power. Not the evil side of him though. After she inherits his powers, she becomes the new witch doctor.

A princess, restaurant-owning, witch doctor? Tiana would be a triple threat. She could now defeat enemies with her spells, and charms. While on the side saving people with health issues. Tiana loves her town, and what’s a better way than seeing her helping the people when they find themselves in a bind. Sometimes being a hero isn’t always about fighting crime but taking care of the people. Tiana is a princess now so watching over the people is something that comes first. Picture her walking into town and visiting the doctor’s office to assist with people who might be in need.

The perfect hero/princess who loves and takes care of her people, who also owns her own business

5 She Mei-ks A Great Ranger


Mulan II is…. well, it’s an interesting sequel to the series and honestly, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as to whose idea it was to write the story. Mulan II's story is about Mulan and Shang, escorting three princesses to marry princes who they’ve never met. Mulan doesn’t like the idea of this, but of course, her traditional fiancée see’s things a little differently. Out of the three princesses. Mei is the outgoing one.

Mei is tired of living the same life, doing the same thing, and she is definitely not thrilled about marrying someone that she has never laid eyes on. No matter what her father, the emperor says.

Not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but Mei being a pink ranger is gold. She does know how to defend herself thanks to Mulan helping out with that. She also now knows how to stand up for herself, as well as her sisters.

Mei could be another warrior for China. She might have to operate secretly because her father might not be thrilled about one of his daughters fighting bad guys. This is ancient China that we’re talking about here. Women fighting bad guys or women fighting period is frowned upon.

4 Don't Mess With This Lioness

Deviant Art-whitewolfdreamer27

Fans of the Lion King movies will know exactly who Kiara is. She is the daughter of Simba and Nala and just like her father she doesn’t exactly listen to what she’s told. That’s your karma working for you there Simba. Just like Simba, Kiara had the same ceremony performed for her after her birth. Where everyone gathered at Pride Rock to celebrate the future queen being born into the world

Her curiosity has gotten her into trouble with her parents more than once.

No, she wasn’t exactly caught exploring an elephant graveyard, but she did make friends with some not so great lions. Kovu being one of the worst. Kovu was seen as Scars heir and when Simba discovered this he wasn’t too pleased about it.

Things did work themselves out in the end and Kiara married Kovu. Being a Lioness hero suits her because she is already a princess who became queen. Once she became queen, she could use her abilities to keep her tribe safe from harm. Being a lion in the wild is not easy and having her around would make her tribe feel safer. She could even have Kovu at her side as her partner.

3 She Never Left The Battle

Deviant Art-whitewolfdreamer27

Mulan is back, but this time as the Green Dragon. She is weapons specialist and a master strategist. The artist Whitewolfdreamer27 captured what is already known about Mulan and turned her into a completely awesome superhero. Mulan, who already saved China from the evil Hun army, deserves a break.

In Mulan II, she went on another mission where the emperor needed her assistance to escort his daughters. The question is what she will she do now that her life of missions is over? Green Dragon will give Mulan the job that she loves and that’s saving people.

No one is saying that Mulan has to go back into war, which raises the question of whether or not if women are still forbidden from participating in war. Or is it just Mulan that is allowed in? If that is the case she could possibly become a general like Shang, or if rules get in the way, use Shang as her way in to set up war plans in the army.

She was already successful once, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be successful again. With Shang assisting her she could be the brains behind the operations and Shang can be the voice. There should be a statue built in Mulan’s honor.

2 The Sands Of Time

Deviant Art-whitewolfdreamer27

Getting serious Prince of Persia vibes right now, only the main protagonist is a woman. Yes, a woman. As Hourglass, Jasmine would literally control the sands of time. Definitely total Prince of Persia vibes. After defeating Jafar twice, and finally marrying Aladdin, she becomes queen. Man, that happened really fast didn’t it?

Taking on the role of queen is completely exhausting, and Jasmine just doesn’t want to have that as her only role. She ends up in an accident and somehow gets these powers that let her control time.

Fun and powerful, but at the same time dangerous and not as easy to handle as she might think.

Unlike Jasmine as Elektra, being Hourglass would allow her to do so much more when she learns how to control her powers. The city of Agrabah isn't the safest city on the planet. There are issues with crime and people getting hurt. Jasmine is sick of what is going on in her kingdom, so she decides to tell Aladdin about it, wanting her husband’s help. Aladdin, still being the mischief-maker that he is, has no problem with diving into this new journey and helping Jasmine out with this new dilemma. Exciting isn’t it?

1 True Flower Power

Deviant Art-whitewolfdreamer27

Rapunzel is back as Starflower. Starflower has different powers this time around. She can fly and has control over light. Instead of being dragged out of her tower by a thief, Rapunzel takes measures into her own hands. Her powers manifest early and she has no idea what to do.

One thing she does think about is escaping her home and leaving behind the woman who claims to be her mother. She knows this woman really isn’t her mother, so she starts thinking that her real parents have to be out there somewhere. By barely grasping how to fly, she escapes the tower and goes on her journey to find her real parents.

She runs into Flynn Rider, but tells him that she doesn’t need his help. He insists, but she tells him to come along of his own free will. She won’t be responsible for him. In the end, she finds her parents. She’s overjoyed, but she also makes sure to lock up the woman that stole her away from her family in the first place. Instead of taking on the duties of being a princess, Rapunzel decides that it’s nice just being who she is now. She would rather stay a superhero, it is much more fun.

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