21 Extra Sweet Fan Pictures Of Unexpected Disney Princess Couples

These Disney couples come out of nowhere — but they're too awesome for words.

Author Stephen King once analogized the writing process to making eggs. I’m paraphrasing here because I can’t find the YouTube video so bear with me if I’m wrong, but I believe he said something to the effect of, “stories are like cooking eggs; you try to make the same old thing a new way every time.” Now he said it in a distinctly spookier Stephen King-y way, but the point remains. You have the same ingredients every time. You can only hope to mix up the recipe. I feel like Disney articles are my eggs.

The fact is you’ve seen all the Disney princess stuff out there. Boring! Who needs another perfectly-drawn version of hipster Ariel? Not me. I’ve got binders full of those, thank you very much.

Instead of giving you the same old expected relationship crossover, we will bestow upon you an unexpected relationship article. Ah-ha! The key is calling it unexpected. Here you will find some of the top talents across the ‘net who have given us Disney princess relationship pictures that go against the norm. Here are 22 extra sweet fan pictures of unexpected Disney couples.

21 Jimel Still Forever


Art by: lawliette-chan

That’s right, kiddies. It’s time for more Jimel. When they invented this ship, there should have been a national day of mourning for fan shippers everywhere. It has never been outdone.

No, I don’t mean Jimmy Kimmel. I mean the far more important Jim Hawkins x Melody ship.

Legend has it Disney is sitting on a Jimel script. They have it buried deep beneath the surface of the earth because it would make TOO much money and bankrupt the planet. Economics.

20 Une Belle Ménage


Art by: precia-t

No joke, I went looking for some princess pieces that weren’t done by Precia-T and stumbled onto this gem. I read the description and, lo and behold, Precia-T is credited. It appears to be a commission. Thank goodness I am so good at my job and do the minimum effort of reading the comments (this time) so we have all the facts. There are two versions of this photo; the other is mirror-reversed and shows a surprised Belle.

19 The Little Beauty And The Beast


Art by: laetcroft

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more Ariel x Beast. When you get to be as world-weary and cynical as me, you feel like you’ve seen it all. Then an artist like laetcroft comes along and gives you a ship so good, you remember why you left behind your promising career in mechanical engineering to become a memologist. The artist has done a splendid job drawing the two together. It looks ripped from the films.

18 Carpet Adventures

deviantart.com precia-t

Art by: precia-t

Here is a fantastic crossover from artist Precia-T combining The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Aladdin. This is a personal favorite of mine. Not only is the art so strong, but it’s also refreshing to see a princess on princess relationship. I’d say we don’t see too many of those these days, but boy oh howdy, take one look at this article and you’ll know times, they are a-changing. Let’s hope Jasmine and Esmeralda enjoy their carpet ride.

17 Meet Jasmine Smith


Art by: laetcroft

Imagine Jasmine was the one who John Smith fell in love with? Well, first of all, she’d have to be surrounded by animals all day— er, not that different. She’d also have to have a thing for a guy who takes things that doesn’t belong to— er, okay.

What if she became Jasmine Smith?

It’s only a matter of time before Disney stops remaking the cartoons and starts remixing them with princesses swapping the roles. And we’re alright with that.

16 Pocahontas Sees The Beauty In Everyone


Art by: laetcroft

Now, this is a fresh ship. I haven’t seen a lot of Pocahontas and Beauty and the Beast ships throughout my journeys. I don’t think the time period makes ANY sense but I think it’s time to give up on that hope. I think The Beast x Pocahontas make a good pair.

If Pocahontas can love a vile, destructive beast like John Smith, regular Beast has a shot.

Pocahontas is the Disney princess most attuned to nature. She hangs out with raccoons all day. Odds are the Beast wouldn’t give her a scare.

15 Bonding Over Books


Art by: seraphinagrayson

Milo and Belle are a dream couple. Both of them are, like, nerds because they like books. Only nerds like books. It’s Disney law. Notice how Milo gets to be a gangly, bespectacled nerd? That’s how you know he likes books = nerd. Now, look at Belle. She— wait, she’s literally named Beautiful? Wow. It seems studios don’t believe audiences are ready for a lady nerd who doesn’t look like a cartoon Emma Watson. I demand they destroy stereotypes by catering to other stereotypes.

14 Wendy And Alice Never Want To Go Home


Art by: precia-t

Now this one’s magical for all sorts of reasons. Fan artists have long noticed a big parallel between Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. It isn’t because the films feature places with “land” in the name— okay, in a way they do. In both movies, young English children are whisked away to a whimsical, topsy-turvy world where the rules of the logic are rejected. It’s good to see Alice and Wendy have found themselves in this crazy world because, to quote the artist, “Friendship is Magic.”

13 Two Queens


Art by: precia-t

Well now, ain’t this is a twist. This immaculate piece of work comes to us from virtuoso Precia-T, whose work you will see a lot of in this list. This picture is part of a series titled “Friendly Villains." As you see in some of the other entries’ description, the artist uses the term in a wink-wink nudge nudge way. Like all of this artists' other work, this really is a striking and lovely take.

12 Her True Love All Along


Art by: precia-t

Yet another fabulous entry from renowned artist Precia-T. There can be no doubt these two are simply friends; Maleficent was really the knight in shining armor that Aurora needed this whole time. Sure, Maleficent was also the one to curse her and stick her in the castle in the first place. But anybody who’s ever seen a romantic comedy will tell you that’s par for the course when it comes to wooing a mate.

11 She’s A Bard Lover


Art by: aleand13

I spent a whole entry going a calculus quagmire crunching the numbers on making Miguel and Esmeralda work, but I’m going to abandon all that now for this spicy fan art piece. I did some digging to see if this could be contemporaneous (there’s that word again) but results are inconclusive.

Fortunately, fan artists have never let facts stand in the way of a good ship.

Aladdin doesn’t have a set time period. I recommend this quora article to see the lengths one crazy rabbit-hole-diving interneter went to for an answer.

10 Frozen-Zone


Art by: ariellamay

Now HERE’S a ship I can’t believe we don’t see more of— Frozone from Incredibles and Elsa from Frozen. It’s a perfect match. Both of them have ice powers. Don’t think that’s enough? Please explain the petabytes devoted to Jelsa where that is the ONLY connection between the two. I think Samuel L. Jackson’s Frozone would bring Elsa a lot of joy. He could teach her to really let go by ice-sliding while belting out Oscar-winning songs that make parents hate her.

9 The Spirit Of The Wind


Art by: boxjelly1

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Some of you probably have never seen this ship before, and that’s because you need to get on the bandwagon. Can you guess who Pocahontas is shipped with here? That’s right, The Colonel from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

I like to think all horses think in Matt Damon’s voice.

That’s the movie with the horse who thinks like Matt Damon I just found out about because I just googled it.

8 Jimel Forever


Art by: lawliette-chan

Dude. Did you REALLY think I was going to write one of these crossover Disney princess relationship articles and not reference the greatest ship of all time? That’s right, I’m talking about Jelody or Mejim. My boy Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet and Ariel’s daughter Melody from Little Mermaid 2. When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island in 1881, he dreamed that one day his main character would be adapted into a sci-fi movie by Disney, and then shipped with the daughter of a direct-to-VHS spinoff character.

7 Furry Lovin’


Art by: guardianofnightmares

This is where we are, you guys. In lieu of my interpretation, there is a direct quote from the artist’s page below.

Our scientists were so busy wondering if we could ship it, we never stopped to ask if we should.

“The idea of this "pairing" is not mine: a couple of years ago I came across several images on the internet and I really liked the idea behind this crossover, because these characters are very similar to each other (both in designs and in behavior).”

6 Never Let It Go With You


Art by: yancycatacata

Melikes this fan art. Artist yancycatacata has no paucity of Elsa x Eugene photoshopped work on their page because, um, why would they? But this has to be the winner, as far as I’m concerned. Yes, as the artist points out, it would be better if Elsa didn’t have her fur coat on. What sets this particular piece apart, though, is the standard light effects. The light isn’t shining on Eugene and Elsa in the same angles but it’s close enough.

5 Wedding Bells In Agrabah


Art by: syndromedits

Artist syndromedits is doing God’s work by giving the people what they need. As they point out in their description for this piece, it may be 20-30 years before Disney gives us a protagonist that swings the other way. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for some quality fan art. I like to think we’ll see those kinds of protagonists way sooner, especially given Disney’s good track record with these values, but it still may take another decade.

4 The Princess And The Princess


Art by: syndromedits

Princess Jasmine is reimagined as an early 20th-century debutante in New Orleans. Not only that, she’s crushing hard on Princess Tiana. The Princess and the Frog was a frog leap forward for Disney, marking a long-awaited return to traditional animation and its first black princess. Artist syndromedits envisions yet another step forward, with an untraditional union. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we see this king of thing on the big screen.

3 I Was Frosty Until I Met Him


Art by: kt-exreplica

I’ll be honest here. I sorta kinda maybe forgot this article was supposed to be princess-centric and included some prince x prince. It’s for the best. If the princesses all get to date each other, who says the guys can’t too? Oh wow— just realized these two are not even Disney either. I messed this one up. It’ll never happen again. (But it's still amazing and we had to include it).

I know some people think this type of relationship is unnatural… yes, I’m talking about Dreamworks x Dreamworks relationships.

Artist kt-exreplica has done a stellar job; the aesthetics, colors, and lighting are all professional-looking. Jack Frost and Hiccup need to officially be a thing now.

2 A Foxy Pair


Art by: nippy13

Oops. I forgot the Princess part again — but come on, it’s Disney’s most famous foxes. Most of you will recall Robin Hood. Sitting next to him is Jason Bateman’s Nick from Zootopia. Now if you’ve ever opened up Google images even by accident, you’ve been bombarded with a bunch of strange Zootopia comics no one could explain. That’s ok. It’s refreshing to see a much more wholesome take on romance from the Zootopia fan artists out there. Now we demand a spin-off. Make it happen, Mickey.

1 It Could Happen (With Proof)


Art by: o-luna-o

GUESS WHAT, FAM. I took one look at the image and didn’t think these characters could live contemporaneously. That’s a five-dollar way of saying “at the same time.” Then I crunched the numbers (used Wikipedia) and it turns out they feasibly could take place together. Hunchback opens in 1482, but flashes forward 20 years later to 1502. The Road to El Dorado takes place in 1519. Esmeralda and Miguel have a chance of meeting after all. Romance wins the day.

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