All Grown Up: 25 Disney Princesses Turned Into Parents By The Community

These incredible fan artists have taken the Disney Princess to new heights. Every Disney fan will enjoy these reimaginings.

Whenever you think of Disney Princesses and the trials and tribulations they go through, you probably think of beautiful girls with elaborate ball gowns who have been cursed somehow by a villain. And all of that may definitely be true in most cases for these princesses, but there is clearly more to them than just what we saw on the outside or in their stories.

In fact, many in the Disney fandom have wanted to see what life would be like after their happily ever after, when they get their love interest and ride off into the sunset. In a lot of those cases, they have been reimagined as new mothers, who now have both the man of their dreams, as well as the family they have always wanted.

While most of these reimaginings of Disney Princesses as parents are very sweet and beautiful images that tell a whole new story, there are some that also show the ups and downs of motherhood as well. We even get to see how hysterical and bonkers certain situations can be when raising an infant.

Even though it may be odd to see these young princesses we grew up watching now diving into this exciting yet intimidating world of being a parent, it is also very fascinating to see them in this new light. So if you have ever wondered what Fa Mulan and Shang would be up to as parents, or if Ariel would be able to handle a rambunctious child, then look no further because we have every Disney Princess in their new roles as mother's compiled in this list. Here are the 25 Disney Princesses Turned Into Parents By The Community.

25 Ariel’s Messy Little Boy

via Popsugar

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Artist Isaiah Stephens managed to capture what life would be like for several different Disney Princesses as mothers, and Ariel was not immune to that treatment. It is a rather hilarious photo but is also incredibly detailed and vivid, with Prince Eric and Ariel's child in a high chair, throwing the food he is meant to be consuming in his mother's face.

Any parent can probably tell you they have been where Ariel is.

It is frustrating, to be sure, but you can't help but smile at the gleeful look of triumph on Ariel's little boy's face.

24 Anna And Kristoff’s Family Christmas

via DeviantArt (NightLiight)

Art by: NightLiight

There was no denying that Anna and Kristoff were meant to be, even if neither of them saw it at first in Frozen. But once they got together at the end of the film, it was easy to see that they had their happily ever after.

Now we get to see what that life is like around the holidays in the future with Anna and Kristoff's two children in tow. And of course, they are at Aunt Elsa's castle to celebrate.

Anna's daughter looks like her mini-me, while her son looks like a spitting image of his father. What a beautiful little family, indeed.

23 Aladdin And Jasmine Are Grandparents Now

via Daily Toast

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

According to this fanart image, Aladdin and Jasmine have not only found their happily ever after and had children of their own, but it seems they are now grandparents to boot.

They both look rather great for their age and are having a blast with their young grandchildren. Not only is it endearing seeing the two boys looking exactly like their grandfather when he was younger, but it's truly adorable seeing a young tiger cub that looks a lot like Jasmine's beloved Rajah.

22 Fa Mulan’s Growing Family

via Dorkly

Mulan was, in my opinion, one of the greatest Disney animated films - ever. Seeing Mulan defy the odds and go up against the Huns to save China was a truly inspiring tale.

Now it seems Fa Mulan has settled down.

Seeing Li Shang and Mulan embracing their toddler is beyond sweet, but seeing that Mulan is also pregnant again makes it all the more joyous. They are not only going to be a gorgeous family, but Mulan is bound to raise children just as fierce as her.

21 Rapunzel As Elsa’s Mom

via DeviantArt (archibaldart)

Art by: archibaldart

This has to be one of my favorite fanart images on the entire list, not to mention the backstory is just as incredible as the photo. See, this fanart reimagines Rapunzel as Queen Elsa's mom. We see Elsa as a child with Rapunzel holding her and looking on adoringly.

The story traces back to a fanfiction story someone posted, according to this artist.

The HD detailing is absolutely incredible, and they have even captured the hue of Elsa's blue eyes perfectly. I could definitely see Rapunzel and Elsa as mother and daughter after seeing this artist's interpretation of that relationship.

20 Merida’s New Clan

via Fanpop

The headstrong Merida who is known for being more of a tomboy than a proper Princess has apparently settled down and created a new clan of her own, so to speak.

It looks as though she is now dealing with her own triplet daughters, which mirrors her beloved triplet brothers she had in Brave. They seem just as headstrong and impetuous as their Scottish mother.

They have, of course, inherited her beautiful, red hair and are wreaking havoc, just as their mother surely did when she was young. The whole scene is rather adorable and hilarious at the same time.

19 Queen Elsa And Her Icy Child

via deviantart.com/isaiahstephens

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Queen Elsa started out Frozen as a scared young girl who was forced to rule a kingdom she was not yet ready to rule. But over the course of the movie, she not only accepted and embraced her powers but also embraced the fact she was now Queen of Arendelle.

In this artist's depiction of the Queen, she is now a mother to an infant that appears to have inherited his mother's icy powers. Elsa will most likely teach him to not be afraid of them and how to actually use them for good instead of evil. That is a story I'd love to see…

18 Flynn And Rapunzel Learn To Change A Diaper

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com/

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

One of the more daunting tasks when raising a newborn baby is how to change a diaper properly - especially without it turning into a gross disaster. In another of Isaiah Stephens' reimaginings of Disney Princesses, we have Flynn Rider and Rapunzel taking on that task, but Flynn did not come unprepared.

Flynn decided he was going to don a gas mask, while Rapunzel decides to be a bit braver and go without one. It is not only an adorable scene but rather comical too.

17 Belle’s Happily Ever After

via Fanpop

Belle and the Beast had a rocky friendship when they were first getting to know each other. But all of that changed as time went on. They grew so close, in fact, that they shared True Love's kiss, effectively breaking the curse that caused the handsome Prince to turn into a Beast in the first place.

Now, Belle and her Prince are taking their journey into parenthood in this fanart, and seem to be doing an absolutely amazing job. They seem perfectly happy with each other and their daughter, who clearly took after her mother with how beautiful she is.

16 Sleeping Beauty: Like Mother, Like Daughter

via Gurl

Here is yet another case of a child taking after their royal mother, but this time, it's because of a bad "habit".

Yes, it looks as though Aurora from Sleeping Beauty has a daughter who loves sleeping just as much as she did.

Well, it may not have been Aurora's choice to go into her cursed slumber, but her daughter has decided to sleep her days away from the looks of it in this fanart. As frustrated as Aurora looks, her daughter better hope its a sleeping curse causing her to be so tired.

15 Jasmine’s Baby Bump

via Bored Panda

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

In this artist's iteration of Jasmine and Aladdin, Jasmine is not yet a mother, technically, but she is well on her way. Here, she is very pregnant and showing off that baby bump for Aladdin.

Aladdin looks positively ecstatic to not only have a child on the way but to also be able to listen to it through Jasmine's belly. Knowing Aladdin, he is probably regaling his unborn child with the story of how its parents fell in love. Plus, he may be on the edge of his seat to see if his baby will kick as he speaks.

14 Feeding Time With Belle And Her Child


Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Something that is always beautiful to see is a mother feeding her child. It is also a great bonding time for the mother and child, which makes it all the more special.

Which is why it is wonderful to see this fanart of Belle in her signature yellow, feeding her child on what appears to be a park bench.

She looks completely in her element.

You can tell that she already has a significant bond with her child.  It is truly heartwarming.

13 Rapunzel’s Fairytale Ending

via Fanpop

This is the last Rapunzel fanart, I swear. But it was simply too good to pass on. The difference in this artist's reimagining of Rapunzel as a mom, as opposed to the others, is it shows her with her True Love, Flynn Rider, holding their daughter - who has her mother's beautiful, blonde hair - but Rapunzel now has her shorter, brown hair that she ended Tangled with.

She looks very happy to be with her new, little family. And her new hairstyle just shows how far she has come since her days with Mother Gothel. It is the perfect family photo for this adorable trio.

12 Megara And Hercules’ Little Family

via Intellego.info

Hercules and Megara made for a beautiful love story about Greek Mythology when Hercules came out in 1997. They nearly had a tragic ending, but of course, because its Disney, True Love prevailed.

Now they have moved onto the next chapter of their story which revolves around their life as parents.

They look like they are getting along swimmingly with this new adventure, and both Megara and her beau, Hercules, are looking on adoringly at their offspring.

Megara went from a jaded woman to a woman in love with a beautiful family which is the happily ever after she deserves.

11 Snow White And Her Daughter

via DeviantArt (Street-Angel)

Art by: Street-Angel

This fanart is a beautifully vivid depiction of Snow White with her young daughter. According to the artist behind it, her daughter's name is Marie and looks just like her mother. She might even be stiff competition when she's older for who the fairest in the land is.

But for now, the mother-daughter duo are enjoying a starry night together, with Snow White carrying Marie in her arms. They even look as though they are going to wish upon a (shooting) star.

10 Anna’s Adventure With Her Kids

via Gurl

It's no secret that most mothers at one point or another get beyond exhausted from their day to day lives as parents. The same goes even for Princess Anna, evidently.

She is gliding her children in a sled along the ice in this winter wonderland scene. While the kids are clearly having the time of their lives, Anna looks completely weary and longing to get home. All moms should know exactly how that feels. Sometimes, you just need time to turn off.

9 Moana And Maui’s Love Story

via DeviantArt (Odme1)

Art by: Odme1

Maybe the ending of Moana didn't feature a love story brewing between Moana and Maui, but some fans have desperately wished that was what actually happened.

There have been several fanfictions created around that very idea, and now that has carried on into fanart.

It appears that they have not only taken their story in a romantic direction but are now expecting a child together.

They look as happy as can be, and it makes you realize that maybe these fans who are wanting them to end up together might actually be onto something.

8 Mulan’s Fierce Little Girl

via Gurl

Mulan always forged her own path and ended up saving her people thanks to that instinct.

But now she has a daughter, who is on her own path, too. And it seems that is more of a girly path rather than a tomboy/warrior one. Even if that bewilders Mulan, her daughter will surely be fierce too, but only in her own way. I love that this fanart not only exhibits all of that but shows off the doll made famous in the original film.

7 Maleficent’s Greatest Revenge

via CollegeHumor

Oh, the irony. Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty, is now desperate to get some sort of remedy to get her newborn baby to sleep. But she may have turned to the absolute wrong person for the job.

This hilarious fanart image shows Aurora desperately asking for help from none other than Maleficent, her sworn enemy.

And yes, she's asking for something to help her child sleep.

While this may seem rather dark, it's more along the lines of dark humor, making this a very hysterical piece of artwork.

6 Snow White Deals With Her Moody Teenager

via Buzzfeed

There's nothing more frustrating for a mom than dealing with a moody teenager who just so happens to also be your child. Then, you have to learn to balance your frustration with understanding, which is quite the difficult task when they seem intent on not listening to you.

This appears to be exactly what is happening in this fanart image of Snow White dealing with her own moody teenager. He doesn't have any inclination to listen to his mother, and she is fed up, clearly. Poor, Snow White.

5 A Playdate With Princesses

via BoredBug

Art by: Sheerisan

There's nothing quite like seeing a bunch of new mom's get together for a playdate with their newborns. But it's even more of a special sight when they are all quite literally royalty.

So in this fanart, we see Ariel with Belle, Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella, three of whom have their babies in tow.

It is such a fun but beautiful scene set before us. All of the Disney Princesses seem to be completely thrilled to dive into their new lives as moms.

4 Beauty And Her Baby

via Pinterest

Art by: Kristen Reeves

This image is another one of my favorites on this list of Disney Princesses as parents. It is a gorgeous fanart that gives off vintage vibes.

But the best part is seeing Belle so in love with her newborn baby.

Not to mention that this photo looks so life-like and realistic that it feels as though you are right there in the room with the new mom and her child. For all of these reasons, it is definitely in the running as my favorite on this list.

3 Princess And The Newborn

via Pinterest

Art by: Giocondablu

Like most Disney love stories, Tiana and Prince Naveen's didn't start out as well as it could have. But they eventually came around and realized they were meant for each other.

And now, we get to see them move past that beautiful honeymoon stage they were in and go forth into the new world of being parents.

The artist behind this image created a wonderful image of the two lovebirds with their newborn baby underneath the starry New Orleans sky. It definitely transports you to a different time.

2 Princess Anna’s Maternity Photoshoot

via Pinterest

So far, we have seen Princess Anna already going through the journey of motherhood in different fanart images, but now we see her a little before that time.

She is seen here in a beautiful gown with a pregnant belly and looking as ethereal as ever. It even looks as if she is posing for an actual maternity photoshoot, which has become all the rage in recent years for soon-to-be moms.

Regardless, it is a gorgeous piece of fanart that is a new favorite of mine.

1 Tarzan And Jane’s Newborn Baby

via DeviantArt (ashren)

Art by: ashren

Jane and Tarzan were an unlikely couple but had an immediate infatuation with each other upon meeting in the jungle. While Jane was definitely more book smart, Tarzan was able to save her from the dangers of the jungle time and time again.

In the end, they both learned plenty from each other.

Now, Jane has a child to take care of with her love, and he seems to be taking after his dad with his fascination with bugs rather than his mother's reading. It may just be a fanart image, but its quite an endearing family photo of the two.

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