30 Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than The Movies

These Disney fans have made even better versions of these classic princesses than Disney.

For as long as most of us can remember, Disney movies and their featured Disney Princesses have been not only a prominent part of our childhoods but our lives, as well. That means for the dedicated Disney fans or even the casual Disney movie watchers, we. all have a clear image of what each of the Disney Princesses looks like.

But what if we could see completely new versions of our beloved princesses? That is exactly what we will be exploring right now. Many fan artists in the Disney fanart communities have created nothing short of masterpieces when they reimagined what a Disney Princess could look like. Whether it's a completely new look for Elsa or a crossover with another film for Merida, there are so many different redesigns that will absolutely blow you away.

Redesigns of classic characters from films, television shows, or books have taken the internet by storm which is lucky for us because now we get to enjoy these incredible artist's and their artworks they are constantly producing. And that is exactly what we will be doing when looking at the many different iterations of beautiful Disney Princesses in new and exciting circumstances.

In fact, there are plenty of different versions of these princesses that have their own stories to tell. So if you've ever wondered what the entire line-up of Disney Princesses would look like as different characters from Sailor Moon, then look no further. Here are the 30 Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than The Movies.

30 Ariel The Ethereal Mermaid

via DeviantArt (PixieCold)

Art by: PixieCold

We may know Ariel as the dazzling mermaid with a gorgeous voice who had admiration for those living on land but in this artist's interpretation of the character, she is a mermaid goddess.

Aside from the out-of-this-world beauty that Ariel has, she looks like a much more realistic version of a mermaid.

From the aqua skin tone to her fiery, red hair to her beautiful hazel eyes, it is truly a beautiful piece of artwork. The added touch of the detailed jellyfish makes it all the more perfect.

29 Aurora In Carbonite

via DeviantArt (pushfighter)

Art by: pushfighter

Any Star Wars fan will immediately recognize this iconic moment from Empire Strikes Back. Except it was Han Solo encased in Carbonite instead of Princess Aurora here.

Artist Ralph Sevelius reimagined Disney Princesses in several iconic Star Wars roles, but this one of Aurora in Carbonite takes the cake.

What makes this fanart even more spectacular is the way he melded her signature pink dress (with a Star Wars twist) into the carbonite background as well. It's an interesting take on how life for Aurora would be in the Star Wars universe.

28 Elsa On Fire

via DeviantArt (RikaMello)

Art by: RikaMello

It's difficult to think of Elsa as having any other kind of powers other than the icy ones she was born with. But in this artist's clever iteration of Queen Elsa, she has fiery abilities instead.

They decided to create a new version of Elsa with scorching hot powers and even added fire elements to her formerly ice blue dress.

As she sings "Let It Go", she finally turns into the fire queen.

It is one of the most beautifully done fanarts of Queen Elsa with a completely new twist to her story.

27 Modern Snow White

via DeviantArt (Junica-Hots)

Art by: Junica-Hots

If I had to imagine a version of Snow White where she was a modern edgy girl, this would be exactly what I'd dream up. Of course, this artist did that for me with this incredible reimagining of young Snow White.

It looks like Snow is going through her high school years, sipping on her apple juice out of an actual apple - which is so clever - and even has a dwarf enamel pin on her tee.

All of these little details show the original version of the Snow White character shining through this fanart.

26 The True Pocahontas

via DeviantArt (MissMikopete)

Art by: MissMikopete

While we all adore Disney films, they are not always incredibly accurate. That is why it is no secret that they changed the story of Pocahontas to better fit their formula.

But here we have a truly refreshing and beautiful fanart of what Pocahontas would most likely actually look like in her Native American outfit as a true Princess of her tribe. It is still a bit Disney-fied but is otherwise a more accurate portrayal of the Native American princess and I can't help but love the artist's interpretation.

25 Mulan’s Warrior Side

via DeviantArt (cosmogirll)

Art by: cosmogirll

Mulan is one of the greatest Disney stories told if millennials have anything to say about it. And I'd have to agree with that sentiment. Which is why it is beyond incredible to see a fanart of Mulan in her warrior gear in a hyperrealistic form.

Mulan has easily come to life in this version of the Chinese warrior.

She is wearing the ensemble she wore when she saved China and has her sword at the ready for an upcoming battle. She's not only gorgeous but is also extremely fierce.

24 A Portrait Of Tiana

via Pinterest

Tiana is the title character from The Princess and The Frog and when in her human form, she is incredibly gorgeous. Now, we get to see her beauty brought to life in this very realistic portrayal of the princess.

She is still wearing her green dress that is reminiscent of a lily pad. But her features are much more lifelike than her cartoon counterpart. Overall, this portrait done by a fan artist is a wonderful way of reimagining the Disney Princess.

23 Actresses Turned Into Princesses

via UCreative

Art by: MartaDeWinter

In a truly unique take on Disney Princesses, we have this artist who partially took inspiration for her version of Disney Princesses from real life actresses.

Such as Kristen Stewart as Snow White or Jessica Alba as Rapunzel. The artist even portrayed Megan Fox as Esmeralda.

And even when using these actresses as inspiration, she still managed to make them look like the original Disney Princesses we know and love. That is no easy feat, mind you, especially when considering the popularity level of most of the original princesses.

22 High Fashion Princesses

via Fanpop

Art by: Hannah-Alexander

This next artist was inspired by Art Nouveau and created ensembles for each of the Disney Princesses based on that inspiration. In this set of Princesses, we have Cinderella, then Rapunzel, and finally, Elsa.

They are each donning similar gowns that we saw in their films, but with Nouveau intertwined in the design.

Hannah Alexander created this masterpiece, and each of the gowns looks like they are ready for the runway. She even included construction details of each dress, which is honestly impressive.

21 Jedi Merida

via DeviantArt (Phill-Art)

Art by: Phill-Art

Sometimes crossover fanart of two completely different television or movie universes ends up with an even greater creation than the original. And that just might be the case for this artist's iteration of Merida as a Jedi.

The artist behind this created a lightsaber for Merida that could also be used as a projectile. This is a bit of a reference to her original character's weaponry. And instead of the bear from Brave, we have a Wampa from Star Wars.

It makes for a truly awesome fanart that makes us wish it were real.

20 Steampunk Alice In Wonderland

via DeviantArt (rebelakemi)

Art by: rebelakemi

If you have ever wondered what a steampunk version of Alice In Wonderland would be like, then look no further. This artist created a world like that for us.

It looks as though Alice is on a rollercoaster of sorts in Wonderland with the Madhatter pouring tea above her.

Of course, many other notable characters from the tale are there, as well, such as the white rabbit and the Cheshire cat. The painting is incredibly detailed and makes for a fine piece of artwork.

19 Ariel As A Warrior

via DeviantArt (DHK88)

Art by: DHK88

Princess Ariel may be many things, but a warrior is not really the first thing to come to mind. Sure, she is brave, but we just have never seen her quite like this.

Ariel looks like she could easily blend in with the likes of Aquaman in her warrior get-up.

Dressed in an armor-like mermaid suit, she is wielding a trident and looks ready to face any foe who might come her way. She may have some differences in her appearance, but she still is sticking with the green and purple color scheme, it seems. This is an all-around great redesign.

18 Elsa’s Traditional Dress

via Pinterest

When thinking of Queen Elsa, one of the very first images you probably conjure up is her slinky, icy blue dress that she wears for most of Frozen. But this artist had a completely different take on the dress, and it actually is more plausible, too.

See, this artist designed a dress for Elsa based off the Norwegian national dress. It is very traditional to Elsa and her culture, and therefore, would make way more sense for her to be wearing it in the film.

It is a gorgeous gown that she still has no problem showing off her ice powers with.

17 Watch Out For Snow

via DeviantArt (kalisami)

Art by: kalisami

If only Snow White had been this skilled with a sword in her story, then maybe she wouldn't have fallen for that poisoned apple and instead cut it in half, much like in this fanart.

Even if that isn't how it played out for her in the original tale, this is still a superb way to show what it would have been like if she had fought her enemy in combat.

Not to mention, her dress has gotten the warrior treatment and now looks decidedly more awesome. Either way, Snow White is still beloved by all, warrior or not.

16 Moana Is Ready For The Runway

via DeviantArt (Hannah-Alexander)

Art by: Hannah-Alexander

Moana had a lot of high hopes and dreams and ultimately succeeded in making those dreams a reality in her story. And while she was working to save her land and people by restoring Te Fiti's heart, we all admired her drive and selflessness.

But here, we are just admiring how gorgeous this fanart is of Moana in her high fashion gown.

She looks runway ready while still having many elements of her ensemble related to her Hawaiian background. It's astoundingly gorgeous.

15 Esmeralda Strikes A Pose

via Pinterest

Art by: Jirka Väätäinen

Esmeralda has taken a completely life-like form in this fanart. It looks more like a portrait of the woman who Quasimodo fell helplessly in love with.

And who could blame him when she is outrageously gorgeous, as seen in this fan artist's portrait of Esmeralda?

Aside from her undeniable beauty, it's pretty incredible to see this portrait bring the animated character to life. It makes you see her in a new light and see what her life might look like in the real world instead of her fictional one.

14 The Princesses Of Nightmares

via DeviantArt (NoFlutter)

Art by: NoFlutter

It isn't often that you see a version of Disney Princesses that is anything but extremely beautiful. After all, that is how they have always been portrayed in the films.  But in this redesign of the Princesses, they have now taken a sinister turn.

It appears that Snow White is a version of Frankenstein's monster, while Belle is a werewolf, Cinderella is a zombie, Aurora is a vampire, Jasmine is a mummy, and Ariel is a version of the creature from the black lagoon. What a creative take on the Disney characters.

13 High-Definition Belle

via DeviantArt (OlchaS)

Art by: OlchaS

Who could forget the iconic moment that Belle entered the Beast's castle for the first time in Beauty and the Beast? It was the start of a great love story, unbeknownst to them.

In this new version of the famous scene, Belle is now in ultra HD and her beauty is shining through now more than ever.

The painting of Belle is crystal clear with her eyes bright and the colors throughout incredibly vivid. The high-definition nature of the artwork makes you feel as though you're right there with her.

12 Jasmine In The Twenty-First Century

via DeviantArt (fdasuarez)

Art by: fdasuarez

This artwork is just one of many in a series by an artist who creatively redesigned all of the Disney Princesses to be in modern times. Jasmine is as beautiful as ever and is still donning fashionable clothing in blue tones.

But now Jasmine's clothing is much more modern, with subtle touches of her original character's style throughout.

The truly genius part of this fanart has to be the addition of her cat. This is because it is a clear reference to her tiger, Rajah, in Aladdin. It makes for a picture-perfect portrait.

11 Sailor Disney

via DeviantArt (manony)

Art by: manony

In a completely unique redesign of the Disney Princesses, we now get to see them being portrayed as various characters in the cast of Sailor Moon.

According to the artist, from left to right, they are: "Pocahontas as Sailor Pluto, Mulan as Sailor Mercury, Belle as Sailor Jupiter, Esmeralda as Sailor Neptune, Madellaine (HoND II) as Sailor Uranus, Aurora as Sailor Venus, Melody as Sailor Chibi Moon, Ariel as Sailor Moon and Jasmine as Sailor Mars."

It shows off a little bit of each of the Princesses' personalities with the Sailor Moon character they were paired up with. It also shows just how fierce they can be in this instance as well.

10 Merida In The Winter Time

via Tv and Movie News

Art by: iaihoshi

Merida is not one to conform, and it looks like in this more realistic version of the Princess, she still is set in her ways. And that's a good thing.

Regardless, she looks like she is definitely in her element here as she is wielding her bow and arrow in the woods in the middle of winter. Plus, her features look more realistic and high-def than what we are used to. This gives her a natural beauty that is clearly showcased in this artwork.

9 The Sultry Megara

via DeviantArt (fdasuarez)

Art by: fdasuarez

Whether Megara is in Ancient Greece or in 2018, she is still rocking her lavender dress and is no damsel in distress. At least, that is how it appears in this fanart by a seriously talented artist.

Her makeup and hair may look far more modern than we're used to, but they are still similar enough that she still looks like our beloved Meg.

Plus, that lavender dress of her's and the gold jewelry are very reminiscent of the Megara from Disney's Hercules.

8 Meet Jane

via NeoGAF

Art by: Jirka Väätäinen

In yet another instance of a realistic portrait of a classic Disney Princess, we now see Jane, the love interest of Tarzan. This might be one of the most scarily accurate redesigns of a Disney Princess.

How this artist was able to bring the character of Jane from 2D animation to a very lifelike version of the intellectual beauty is surprising.

It shows true talent to be able to take on a task like that and have the end result be so gorgeous and true to the original character.

7 Kida’s Haute Couture Look

via DeviantArt (Hannah-Alexander)

Art by: Hannah-Alexander

Kida is the daughter of the King of Atlantis and the love interest of Milo in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She is also known for her striking features, including her long white hair, blue eyes, and the blue tattoo underneath her left eye.

All of that is still featured in this artist's redesign of the character, but with a new twist on Kida's traditional look.

She is seen here in a gorgeous haute couture type gown and is even using her spear as an accessory. It's pretty amazing.

6 Princess Anna Is A Firebender

via Pinterest

Art by: cartooncookie

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, there are different elemental bending arts. Four, to be exact. And in this crossover redesign of our Princess Anna, she is a Firebender.

While she may have seemed naive and, at times, timid in Frozen, she is seen here in the midst of using her ability to control fire.

It's pretty ironic, too, that she has fire-related powers that allow her to manipulate fire, while Elsa has the exact opposite power. She can manipulate and control ice instead. It's definitely a very interesting and unique version of Princess Anna.

5 Don’t Mess With Tinkerbell

via DeviantArt (IsaiahStephens)

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Beatrix Kiddo, otherwise known as The Bride, is the protagonist of the Kill Bill films. And here, we see Tinkerbell dressed up as the infamous character for Halloween, as this artist envisioned.

It is very interesting to see that the feisty fairy has taken on a character that was a formerly an assassin and is intent on ending the life of her enemy.

Tinkerbell definitely pulls off the yellow jumpsuit well and looks the part of The Bride perfectly. Don't mess with Tink, indeed.

4 BattleReady Cinderella

via DeviantArt (Ataraxicare)

Art by: Ataraxicare

In a series titled "BattleReady Princesses", this artist took on several different Disney Princesses and prepared them for battle - at least with their ensembles.

Honestly, Cinderella does look like she's ready to wage a war in this artwork and will look good doing it.

Her armor is absolutely perfect and definitely gives off a dark, edgy vibe that indicates you do not want to cross her. Plus, her prominent color of blue is still the main focus of her battle outfit while her strikingly blue eyes give off a menacing look to her enemies.

3 Vanellope Is A Teenage Girl Now

via DeviantArt (fdasuarez)

Art by: fdasuarez

The young racer from the game Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph is also considered a Princess in her world. Which clearly makes Vanellope a Disney Princess. But while we know her as being a rambunctious little girl from a video game, this artist has brought her into the modern world.

Vanellope now looks to be a teenage girl with a similar look to her younger, video game self. The detailing is truly impeccable throughout the entire artwork, but the best part has to be the "sugar" and "rush" enamel pins on her jacket. It's a nice touch.

2 Mulan And Mushu Are Ready For A War

via DeviantArt (Ataraxicare)

Art by: Ataraxicare

In another BattleReady Disney Princess artwork, we get to see the incomparable Mulan transformed into an incredible warrior. Well, at least another version of an incredible warrior, since she already is one in her tale.

She even has Mushu at her side, but a far larger, more daunting dragon version that her foes will have to face on the battlefield.

Her amazing armor and the fact she doesn't have to disguise herself as a man to fight in a war this time makes this one of the best fanarts on the entire list, in my opinion.

1 Stained-Glass Princesses

via DeviantArt (mandiemanzano)

Art by: mandiemanzano

There is something so natural and undeniably beautiful about stained-glass windows. But what could make them even more striking? Why, having Disney Princesses in the designs of the gorgeous windows, of course.

There are also a few other Disney friends and foes featured here, but the Princess are all at the forefront. Each and every one of them looks so peaceful and impeccably designed in the stained-glass.

It makes for a really beautiful fanart that you can't even bear to look away from.

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