27 Of Our Favorite Disney Princess Reimagined As Villains

These incredible artists have drawn these Disney villains working on the other side.

A lot of people love Disney villains. Maybe it’s because it is a way for us to deal with the things in our real life, or maybe it's just because they look so cool.

We are also just fascinated by the dark side aren’t we? That does not necessarily make us bad people. Villainy gives us an adrenaline rush and it’s a safe and riskless way to enjoy what we normally wouldn’t. Also isn’t it just satisfying when you see the bad guys get what’s coming to them? Real life does not always work like that.

While Disney sticks to the older formula of man versus man or nature for the sake of not going too far with their kids' movies. Maybe that’s why we have princess fan art of them if they were villains. What if they went to the dark side? In some ways, who can blame them after some of the things they’ve gone through? Disney likes to write them as beautiful icons, but sometimes fans like to bring the monsters out.

27 Dark Snow White

via: deviantart.com/martadewinter

It’s so refreshing to see someone who is beautiful and villainy. Then again, that is a cliché in itself when it comes to wicked women because people love mysterious eye candy. This version of Snow White is so charming in her own right, that it's hard not to love her. Of course, it helps that the art is fabulous and perfectly captures her intent.

Art was made by martadewinter.

26 Dressed As Villains

via: pinterest.com

Looking at this picture, it’s easy to realize a trait of most of the villains in Disney is that they are old. Since Disney’s target audience is kids, which makes sense right? Kids see adults and the old as “other.” Maybe old villains are easier to write because villainy is not often born, but grows inside you with your experiences. Tragically, a lot of villains become villains due to injustices and trauma that has happened to them. Not Gaston though. He’s just a jerk.

25 “Let It Go”

via: pinterest.com

People often associate red and black colors with villainy. Why? Black is often associated with the unknown and red with passion, so that could partly be why. Wicked Elsa is a very popular concept on the internet. This is because she was seen as villainous to the people who did not understand her powers at first. They were frightened of her. They did have a right to be, because she has a pretty amazing power that could doom everyone if she wanted.

24 Villainous Jasmine

via: deviantart.com/cristianoreina

Jasmine lucked out to not get hypnotized like her father, but what if she was? The story could have ended up far different where Jafar wins and Jasmine is mind controlled forever. When you introduce mind control in a story, it seems overpowered. However, Jafars seemed to be weak since sometimes the Sultan snapped out of it over the smallest of problems such as Jafar being too old to marry Jasmine. This is an alternate universe where Jafar is more powerful.

Art was made by cristiaoreina.

23 Beastly Beauty

via: pinterest.com

We only have our imaginations to come up with what made Belle and Prince Adam into monsters. The Beast having a noose is rather jarring and suggests that he may have confronted something serious.

Does becoming a beast forever also mean losing your mind?

That’s what this art suggests. Maybe this Belle grows to despise him more than fall in love and thus be becomes a real beast.

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

22 A Villainous Pride

via: deviantart.com/tlk-ileana

“Scar remains as the greedy king of the Pride Lands, bringing darkness and despair to the kingdom,” wrote the artist for this piece. “He takes Nala as queen (maybe after her return from the oasis) with whom he has an heiress that will ensure the continuity of his reign. Nala, highly resentful with both Simba and Scar, loses all hope and eventually becomes evil.”

Simba selfishly never saving the Pride Lands and Nala becoming villainous would be an interesting fanfiction.

Art was made by tlk-ileana.

21 Villainous Moana

via: test.paigeeworld.com

The artist titled this piece “Evil Moana,” which creates many questions since that’s all we’ve got. Why are her eyes glowing?

Like the other stories connected to the fan art on this list, is this an alternate reality where she fails in her quest?

Her eyes glowing are reminiscent of Te Ka’s red ones. Does that mean like Te Fiti, she may have somehow been corrupted? She’s not a goddess so it would be interesting to know how that happened.

Art was made by janouk.

20 Voodoo Princess

via: imgur.com

New Orleans voodoo culture goes way back and is still part of the city’s culture, so it was cool to see that integrate with Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. It was interesting that the antagonist was a man though, since Voodoo Queens were a big deal in voodoo culture. They were heads of communities and lead ritual dances. The antagonist in the movie was just a loner with no voodoo community. Maybe a voodoo queen kicked him out because he offended her.

Art was made by Kasami-Sensei

19 Beware The Bears

via: boredpanda.com

Yet another piece of art that seems to depict an alternate reality where the princess failed in her quest. Merida never saves her mother, so her mother becomes a feral bear and so does her three little brothers. King Fergus is ended; perhaps by trying to fight the bear that he had no idea was his own wife. The skull on Merida’s shoulder may be from Mor’du. Now Merida protects the feral bears, because they are the only family she has left.

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

18 The Cold Queen

via: deviantart.com/no1dawn

The snow monster Elsa made was actually a pretty frightening figure. This artist who made this fan art mastered a style to make the creature even more intimidating! What are the limits of her powers?

If she can make an ice castle in a couple minutes, Elsa could easily create an army, couldn’t she?

It is a very good thing the Elsa is on the side of good instead of villainy. If she was wicked, she could have been the most powerful big bad Disney had made.

Art was made by no1dawn.

17 Cinderella In Stitches


This villain version of Cinderella looks like a beautiful addition to a Halloween house. So in this image, she is a scarecrow. Despite the frightening look, maybe it’s just a scary scarecrow who wants to be a pretty princess at a ball? Sometimes we can’t help but be born as scary scarecrows. Do the rats live inside her since she’s a sack of hay? Now it would make more sense for her to have rats for friends.

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

16 Jasmine As Jafar

via: deviantart.com/jessica-nahulan

“I actually think that Jafar`s costume quite suits Jasmine!” wrote the artist for this piece. “She looks like some evil empress. So what if Jasmine got hold of the genie's lamp and wanted to make Jafar pay?”

Disney fans love to play dress up with their precious princesses.

They clothes swap with other characters like the princes or the villains. The Jafar clothes seem like they could make anyone look villainous once Jasmine puts them on. That whole red and black aesthetic can really change a character’s overall look.

Art was made by jessica-nahulan.

15 Part Of Your World

via: pinterest.com

Scary mermaids are cool. Sure, we can romanticize them like in the Little Mermaid, but there are also the stories of mermaids who took down sailors like the ones in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

They are beautiful at first but become more monstrous when they go in for the elimination.

Ariel was nothing like that of course. She did not know a thing about humans and had a curiosity about them. She was a sweetheart who thought a fork was a comb.

Art was made by Michelle Shickler.

14 Actually Tangled

via: pinterest.com

It’s difficult to make someone with ridiculously long hair seem monstrous, but here we are. Due to the placement of the hands, there are two people stuck in her hair. There is no way she’d be able to move very far if two people are stuck in her hair. The movie made sure her hair was gorgeous, but this would honestly be closer to reality if someone had hair that long. It would be disgusting and have so many things stuck into it.

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

13 Eyes Shut

via: pinterest.com

It may be a little difficult to tell through her make-up, but Aurora’s eyes are sewn shut in this image. In a way then...is she always sleeping? Is that her seeing-eye owl? Unfortunately, villainous characters are often given physical abnormalities such as having one hand or blindness in order to make them interesting but it really just demonizes people with disabilities. Those bandages are not going to help her arm with those owl talons.

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

12 Creepy Belle

via: pinterest.com

Of course, Beast’s castle would be haunted, why not? What if Belle hung herself and became a creepy ghost? That’s a character the movie was missing, the ghost of a princess who failed the Beast by escaping to the spirit world.

Too dark for Disney though but it would be interesting for a dark adaptation that is not for kids.

Or maybe adding ghosts to the beast and talking furniture in a castle is too much? Why is the ghost Belle watching Gaston through the enchanted mirror?

Art was made by Kasami-Sensei.

11 Stuck In The Underworld

via: pinterest.com

Meg from Disney’s Hercules is not quite a princess, but she minus well be one since she hooks up with a man of the Greek pantheon. This fan art seems to be in an alternate universe where Hercules never regains his godhood and instead perishes while trying to retrieve Meg’s soul from the Underworld. They also have some of the attributes as the sisters of fate such as Meg’s eye, the string, and the scissors. Why do they have those things though? Do they control fate now? The sisters got fired?

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

10 Freezing Her Sister

via: pinterest.com

We can’t get enough of wicked Elsa. To be beautiful, icy, and villainous is just something we love to see. It’s very obvious throughout the movie that Elsa was not twisted, but wouldn’t it have been better if we weren’t that sure?

We knew she was dangerous and that’s why people treated her like she was villainous.

What if Disney tried to make us see Elsa more from an uncertain point of view? That would have made the ending all the sweeter.

Art was made by Yukion.

9 Villainous Jasmine

via: deviantart.com/kasami-sensei

According to the artist, the story behind this piece is that Genie gives Jasmine the power to be a magical being to stop Genie Jafar. Then Genie Jafar fires his own genie power at her and she becomes a magical being of destructions and domination.

“She takes Jafar's lamp and commands him as her genie,” wrote the artist. “She summons a snake staff out of thin air and strikes Iago who tries to flee.”

Art was made by Kasami-Sensei.

8 Wicked Queen Anna

via: stirringwinds.tumblr.com

The artist for this had an alternate universe where she becomes Queen. “In one universe, Anna is a fraction of a second too late to save Elsa,” wrote the artist.

“She insists on being coroneted in mourning black, and fashions her crown out of the shards of Han’s sword as a reminder of how foolishly close she kept her enemies.

"(It’s the act of true love that counts- and so she thawed and in this case, so happens to be scarred by his sword).”

Art was made by stirringwinds.

7 Mermaid Pirate

via: deviantart.com/garthft

This piece is part of a line of twisted fairytale art made by the artist. “This time we delve into that classic maritime tale of love across different worlds and bad bargains,” they wrote.

“This time round, our head-strong mer-woman seems to have gathered together a hot crustacean band of cutthroats and sunk her prince's ship.

"Not satisfied with dubious contracts, she's bringing her prince (and all his gold) down to her.” We have heard things are better under the sea from that Disney song.

Art was made by garthft.

6 A Frightening Mulan

via: pinterest.com

Mushu as a tattoo is a really interesting idea. Maybe when Mulan prayed to her ancestors, she got far more than she bargained for and became a super soldier to make sure her father never has to fight again. Part of this, however, was submitting her free will to a dragon spirit that slays all the Huns without mercy, making her out to be more of a monster. She does not even have to pretend to be a man anymore with that kind of power, hence her make-up and dress in this art.

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

5 The Glitch

via: pinterest.com

Vanellope is not a character we often see take a princess spotlight, but she is a Disney princess! If you’re not tall and have an hour-glass shape, you are often forgotten. Not on this list though!

So much detail went into this piece of art from her candy cane scythe to her chocolate bar gun and her candy wrapper scarf.

Even drawn as a twisted character, she is just so likable. We need more likable Disney villains who are women.

Art was made by Jeffery Thomas.

4 Villainous Concept Elsa

via: deviantart.com/chiehchen

The release of concept ideas and art for Frozen gave birth to this form of Elsa. Originally, she was meant to be a villain named Helga who had short black hair like in this fan art. While Elsa has amazing powers at her disposal, making people small and trapping them into snow globes is not something we’ve seen before. Would Anna and Kristoff be stuck in little worlds filled with different trials? That is actually a really neat concept idea for a movie.

Art was made by chiehchen.

3 Punk Rapunzel

via: deviantart.com/muehlich86

Punk is not villainous, but a lot of people act like it is. Tattoos, dark makeup, and dark attire are often associated with a sinister side and “otherness.”

A lot of people are just raised with those symbolic connections. Punk princess fan art is very popular though. The editing work that went into this Rapunzel is very talented and natural looking.

Edits were done by muehlich86.

2 Twisted Anna

via: deviantart.com/kasami-sensei

According to the artist, this art tells a story. It’s an alternate reality where Hans ends Elsa and Anna remains frozen and he becomes the ruler of Arendelle.

“But the ghost of Anna lived on,” wrote the artist.

“Hanging on to the power of love for her sister and hatred for Hans, she came back as a snow spirit and scared everyone away. Hans was all alone now. She froze him with the powers that were once her sister's and now haunts Arendelle that the land belongs only to her and nobody else.”

Art was made by Kasami-Sensei.

1 Esmerelda On Fire

via: deviantart.com/kasami-sensei

The story behind this art is that Esmerelda is burned like a witch but makes it out alive and full of hatred and seeks out revenge against Frollo and all like him.

“Esmeralda, mad of sorrow after these many [goodbyes], decides to learn the secrets of sorcery and the handling of fire nearby. At the end of her painful apprenticeship, she promises to take revenge: she will torture Frollo in the Hellfire.”

This artist has a talent for making stories along with their art.

Art was made by Kasami-Sensei.

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