25 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Classic Movie Characters

Disney Princess can be anything they want. Are they movie star material — these fan artists thing so!

Stephen King once likened writing to cooking eggs. There are a million ways to do it, but you’re always working with the same ingredients. I often find the same is true for articles about Disney princesses.

Welcome to another Disney princess article. While you may feel inundated with Cinderellas and Belles and Ariels, but there is still plenty of variety throughout. Here the Disney princesses are reimagined as famous film characters from various movies. There is some Star Wars in here, as well as some Marvel fare, Spielberg, and all sorts of horror films. It’s bound to whet your princess appetite. Sure, these princess could rule their respective kingdoms, but they could also lead a life of acting fame pretending to be classic characters that everyone knows and loves. If you like the content here, you are more than encouraged to visit the artists’ pages — all their work is great! These artists have captured the essence of these princess and made them something wholely unique.

Here are 25 Disney princesses reimagined as famous film characters.

25 Hogwarts Royalty

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

This glorious image comes to us from artist Isaiahks_art. It’s part of a series for Cosmopolitan illustrating Disney characters going to Hogwarts. You’ll notice Belle, Prince Phillip, and Aurora all sharing a compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Belle predictably has her nose in a book. Aurora is performing a little magic of some sort. Phillip looks like he’s happy just to be in a compartment with these two and we can’t blame him.

24 Colors Of The Wind Will Go On

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

I hope you love Isaiahks’s art because you’re in for a lot of it. What’s not to love though? Their style uncannily matches the original Disney princess designs. In this one, Pocahontas assumes the spot of Rose from Titanic when Leo is holding her at the ship’s bow.

Luckily things turn out happily for both couples from these films!

It calls to mind the scene where Pocahontas is gallivanting in the new world and singing about the wind at the top of a cliff.

23 Next Destination: Mount Olympus

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Enjoy this scene from one of Stephen Spielberg’s best films. That’s a controversial statement I know, but Catch Me if You Can has only grown more beloved over the years. Artist Isaiahks commemorated Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar win a couple years ago with this image. It shows him next to the chorus from Hercules and Megara. In Catch Me if You Can, Leo cons his way onboard a plane as a pilot. Next destination: Mount Olympus.

22 Means Family, Ohana Does

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

I told you there would be a lot of Isaiahks art here. So much of it is too sweet not to include. Again, he amazes us not only with his artistic skill but his clever pairing. While Lilo from Lilo and Stitch isn’t technically a princess, she’s one in our eyes. Thus she takes on the role of galaxy royalty, Luke Skywalker. Stitch is well-cast as the eccentric Yoda. He really is an alien after all.

21 Princess Troopers

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Ever wonder what those fearsome stormtroopers look like under their helmets? Not all of them look like John Boyega (though we wouldn’t be sorry if they did). Some of ‘em are girl storm troopers too y’know.

It’s a nifty juxtaposition between evil stock characters and pure-hearted protagonists.

It turns out Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, and Aurora are on the dark side. Makes you think about the real people who are forced to work for the dark side, like Finn.

20 A Real Downer

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

In contrast to the cheerier Titanic art in this article, this is one is a downer. Literally. A drowner, one might say. The choice to cast Ariel and Prince Eric in the tragic end to Titanic is wise; both films are heavily sea-focused.

The really mean thing is she’s still a mermaid from the waist down, but doesn’t want to share her comfortable wood plank.

Did you know that Mythbusters once proved that there was enough room on the plank of wood for both Kate and Leo? Thanks for nothing, Kate.

19 Meet The New Marauders

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Here we continue artist Isaiahks’ foray into Disney meets Hogwarts. We’ve added some new cast members. Milo from Atlantis has assumed Harry’s role, as shown him being front and center. Also, they’ve both got glasses. We also have Ariel, Pocahontas, and Tarzan now, as well as… uh, I’m sorry but all Disney princes look alike. I wonder how Tarzan is able to sit still long enough to stay through a class in Hogwarts. Likely he’d be a distant cousin of Hagrid’s or some other wild entity.

18 Disney’s The Notebook

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

This might be my favorite image of the bunch. Aladdin and Jasmine are recreating the famous kiss scene from The Notebook. Okay, there are many kissing scenes from The Notebook but you know the one I’m talking about. It’s the one where they’re in the rain, the DVD cover. I’m not sure what made the artist choose Jasmine and Aladdin but they’re perfect. They’re both from two different worlds and their parents don’t want them to marry. That’s the first time that’s ever happened in fiction.

17 Beauty and the Wolf Man

Art by: Travis Falligant

It’s a tale as old as time. Girl falls for wolfman. Girl turns into wolfman. Okay, it’s not as timeless as I thought. In The Beauty and the Beast, Belle gets a bad rap because it seems like she’s just into the Beast ‘cuz he’s all furry. It’s like she just wants a big cuddly teddy bear. Artist Travis Falligant has given us a rare glimpse into Belle’s heart here by showing us what she truly wants— to turn into a big hairy beast herself.

16 Build A Snowman With Us, Danny

Art by: Travis Falligant

Now this is an unlikely mash-up that we absolutely needed. For his gallery of Disney princesses turned into horror film characters, artist Travis Falligant cleverly portrays Elsa and Anna from Frozen as the twins from The Shining.

Danny would have had a better time if he had built a snowman with these two instead.

You will recall the twins as the two ghost girls that Danny encounters when he’s getting his tricycle on in the Overlook Hotel. It’s okay though because he grows up to be Ewan McGregor. Look it up.

15 Put The Ring On It

Art by: Travis Falligant

If you love it, you ought to put a Ring on it. That’s what presumably went through artist Travis Falligant’s mind when he decided to mash up Mulan and The Ring.

That was one way for Betamax to win the tape battle.

For those who never saw the film or may be too young to remember, The Ring was a scary Japanese film later remade into a Hollywood horror film starring Naomi Watts. When anyone watches a specific VHS tape, a creepy little girl calls to tell they’ll go bye-bye in seven days.

14 The Princess And The Candyman

Art by: Travis Falligant

Here is another entry from Travis Falligant’s wonderful series reimagining Disney princesses as famous horror film characters. Here we have Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog as Candyman. The mash-up is shrewd for a number of reasons. Mainly, Candyman’s premise relies heavily on urban legends. The Princess and the Frog is all about the myth of kissing a frog that turns into a prince. Okay, that connection is tenuous at best and made more sense when I started this paragraph but I’m in too deep now. Cool hook for a hand, though.

13 Pixar’s Chucky

Art by: Travis Falligant

Here is the final entry from Travis Falligant’s Disney princesses as horror film characters series— and it is a whopper.

It’s not a hard sell to believe Merida going full Chucky on her parents for setting her up with some of those suitors.

Merida has turned into Chucky. The connection is obvious; both of them have frizzy red hair. I guess red-haired characters are so underrepresented in mainstream cinema that the connection is enough.

12 Under The Sin

Art by: Ask Andy

We are eternally grateful to artist Andrew Tarusov for his remarkable Disney princess drawings. His niche is retro 50s style predominantly, but his talents vary. This image is a part of a series depicting the Disney princesses as characters from Sin City. Despite Ariel’s hardcore sartorial sharpness, we can’t help but still be charmed by King Triton’s littlest girl. She’s simply too adorable. That’s how she lures you in femme fatale style and does away with you.

11 A Clockwork White

Art by: Rodolfo Loaiza

Snow White meets the baddies from A Clockwork Orange. If you’ve never seen A Clockwork Orange before, you have to stop what you’re doing now and take in the Kubrick masterpiece. Go on. I’ll wait. The choice to pair Snow White and Alex together is a surprising one, but the menace is strong. The way he offers her the cup of milk brings to mind the poisoned apple. Just more of the same really.

10 Thunder And Frost


Art by: briannacherrygarcia.deviantart

Mjolnir! Now this picture gives us chills. Artist Brianna Cherry Garcia has taken one of Disney’s most famous siblings and turned them into two of Marvel’s most famous siblings. Elsa and Anna have become Loki and Thor. The resonances are unmistakable. Anna, like Thor, simply wants to get closer to her older sibling but she’s always kept outside the door. Luckily Elsa is nothing like the vengeful trickster god Loki. Also it’s fun to see Anna finally get some powers.

9 Snow White, Smash!


Art by: christopher-stoll.deviantart

Oh my, it’s the picture you never knew you needed: Snow White as the Incredible Hulk. Or is it The Incredible Hulk as snow white? I can’t really tell. This is part of a series by Christopher Still depicting the Disney princesses as Avengers characters. I don’t know what compels artists to keep reconfiguring the princesses in new styles, but clearly, we care enough to come back every time. Hey, I’ve never seen Hulk White before so that’s new.

8 By Rapunzel’s Hammer!


Art by: christopher-stoll.deviantart

Now this is killer. Many artists have thought of the connection between Thor and Rapunzel before (hint: it’s the flowing blonde hair), but none have ever drawn a Rapunzel/Thor fusion quite so realistically.

Swapping Thor’s hammer for Rapunzel’s frying pan is an ingenious flourish.

I must say, we want to see more of this lightning-wielding Rapunzel. Nobody’s going to keep her cooped up in a tower against her will for years. No siree.

7 Maleficent, The Trickster God


Art by: christopher-stoll.deviantart

Alright, alright, I know this isn’t a Disney princess but I couldn’t resist. Here we have Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty impersonating Loki from the Marvel films. The parallels are too good to ignore. Not only do the two characters occupy the villain roles in their respective films, they also a share a certain style. It’s easy to picture Maleficent with Loki’s horns. You don’t even need to change much else. The crows fit in with both characters.

6 Merida Vs The World


Art by: kasami-sensei.deviantart

For your enjoyment: Merida as a character from AMC’s zombie show. The toughest ginger of the Disney canon, Merida could fend for herself quite easily in the zombie-infested streets. She’s constantly traipsing off into the forest unaccompanied in Brave. She’s picked up a survival trick or two. She’s also handy with a bow and arrow, which would translate to a modern-day crossbow as seen here. Her smile suggest she likes it. Don’t lie, girl.

5 Lilo And Stitch And Zombies


Art by: kasami-sensei.deviantart

Here is another entry in Kasami Sensei’s Zombie Disney princess show series. Now this show doesn’t exist anywhere but in the artist’s supremely awesome artwork and now in my mind. But I can tell you from having hallucinated the first eighteen seasons that it’s better than that Citizen Kane show or whatever. How sweet would it be to see a show where the princesses duke it our against zombies and slowly get picked off one by one?

4 Game of Franchises


Art by: djedjehuti.deviantart

I introduce you to a classic in the field of Reimagined Disney princesses. You can see each individual princess on the artist’s page, but here they are all lined up together for your enjoyment. The artist says, “both the world of Disney Princesses and Game of Thrones have become so culturally pervasive, and feature such a diverse cast of ladies, it seemed crazy to me that this hadn't yet been done.” Whatever the inspiration, we’re grateful this exists.

3 Belle Is A Harry Potter Fan

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

In this Disney crossover spectacle, Beauty and the Beast’s Belle is a guest of Hogwarts. Both Belle and Hermione are similar for a few reasons, not just because they’ve both been portrayed by Emma Watson.

The perfect mash-up: Emma Watson as Emma Watson.

They’re both bookish, intelligent, loyal, and gorgeous. It isn’t hard to imagine that Belle would rapidly climb the ranks of Hogwarts and ace her OWLS. She could be a dark wizard and we’d join her cult.

2 Meg Goes Catwoman

Art by: Isaiah Stephens

Meg doesn’t get all that much in Disney fanart. It’s far more common to see the usual suspects: Belle, Snow White, Ariel, and Cinderella. Luckily she’s been given the superhero treatment here. She is dressed up as Catwoman from the DC universe. Rather than being a mash-up, in which the characters have merged, this is merely a Halloween costume. It’s part of a series where the princesses get dressed up for the season. The difference has absolutely no relevance to you whatsoever.

1 I’ve Got A Thing For Jedis


Art by: ralphsevelius.blogspot

In Tangled, Rapunzel undergoes one of the most interesting character transformations in Disney history— she gets her hair cut. I know, I know, sounds superficial. But her hair was her source of power and the only reason why Gothel was keeping her around. When Flynn Rider shears dem locks, he’s saving her life but also making the statement that he cares about the girl beneath the hair first and foremost. That’s a Jedi moment if I’ve ever seen one.

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25 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Classic Movie Characters