30 Crazy Fan Pictures Of Disney Princesses Reimagined As Men

These Disney Princess have taken on a whole new meaning thanks to this incredible fan art.

Disney Princesses have always been known for being glamorous, beautiful, romantic women. The key word there is that they have always been known to be women. But what if we saw a completely different iteration of their character and instead they were men? That is precisely what we will be exploring in this article.

See, "gender swap" or "genderbent" fanart has become a big deal in the fanart, as well as fanfiction, world. This has opened up so many possibilities to what can be done when depicting one's favorite character. It doesn't have to be as traditional as it once was and can actually be really fun, not to mention fascinating, to see someone like a Disney Princess become the opposite gender.

It gives you a glimpse into what that character's life would be like and how drastically different their storylines may have been if things had been just a bit different.  Since it has become a popular fanart trope, many artists have taken a shot at it and have done so with precision in their features while keeping a truth to the original character's gender.

Disney Princesses, in particular, are a very popular topic that gender swapping artists have gravitated towards and they have come up with some truly astounding creations. So, without further ado, here are the 30 Crazy Fan Pictures Of Disney Princesses Reimagined As Men.

30 Merida Is A Hunky Scot In A Kilt

via Pinterest

Art by: MabyMin

If you ever wondered what the rebellious and strong Merida from Brave would look like as a Scottish man, look no further. This male version of her is giving off Jamie Fraser from Outlander vibes with his bright red hair, striking good looks, and kilt, of course.

He also looks rather broody and probably has the same feeling of the weight of the world being on his shoulders as Merida herself felt. This artist managed to capture similar features of the original Merida in this male version of her and did so pretty seamlessly.

29 A Jack And Sally Twist

via Pinterest

Art by: sakimichan

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas are such an iconic couple that it is hard to imagine any other version of their quirky selves. But here we see a completely gorgeous version of Jack as a woman with Sally playing the role of leading man.

The detailing alone immediately catches the eye with Sally's stitching and luxe red hair. Not to mention that the gothic nature of Jack Skellington's female doppleganger makes them look the part of a tortured couple who are ultimately perfect for each other.

28 Princesses Turned Princes

via DeviantArt (msbrit90)

Art by: msbrit90

It is interesting enough to see a Disney Princess turned into a Prince instead by the fanart community, but it gets all the more interesting to see a group of six Disney Princesses turned into Princes in the same artwork.

Here we have Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Mulan and Pocahontas in very similar garb to what they wear when they are females. But now that they are males there have been some changes to their appearance, yet they look just as royal as ever.

The little details of having something significant from their stories in each of the palms of their hands is a nice touch, too.

27 A New Wonderland

via Geek Tyrant

Art by: sakimichan

Alice In Wonderland was a fantastical story that had many, many elements to it. One of the most notable was the Cheshire Cat and the way it interacted with young Alice who is lost in Wonderland.

Now it seems that this artist has made the already fantasy-driven world even greater than it already was with the vivid colors and details in their version.

Oh, and Alice is now a boy, as opposed to the girl we knew.

He has a very similar look but now has shorter blonde hair and slightly more masculine features.  He's still rocking the pale blue clothing, though.

26 Queen Elsa Is Now A King

via Drama Fever

Art by: sakimichan

Frozen has been one of the biggest Disney hit movies in recent years. Queen Elsa was at the forefront of the tale with her magical ice powers and her strained relationship with her sister being a focal point of the story.

Now, the Queen is a King.

Elsa is now in a male form, but still has retained the icy powers, of course. This new version of Elsa shows that while his hair is bright blonde, it is now much shorter. He is also dressing the part of being a King with luxurious clothing to show off his muscular physique. The cold never bothered him, anyway…

25 Handsome And The Beast

via Pinterest

Art by: sakimichan

Beauty and the Beast is a great Disney film about falling in love with another's inner beauty and not judging a book by its cover. Now that story has a new twist to it, with the Beast being a female and her love interest, being of the male variety.

The guy version of Belle is still very much a bookworm, though, which is nice to see. Other than that, he has become quite the dashing young man who is falling for the misunderstood Beast.

It is a story I would love to see unfold.

24 A Manly Tangled Tale

via Pinterest

Art by: Nadiezda

Tangled told the story of Rapunzel who was trapped by Mother Gothel and had beautiful, extremely long blonde hair that has magical properties.

Upon her first meeting of Flynn Rider, she hits him with a frying pan. And that seems to be illustrated in this scene with the gender swapped versions of the two characters.

Rapunzel is now a man, but is still wielding his frying pan. While Flynn Rider is a woman on the run. Regardless of their reversed genders, we just know they will end up together in the end, anyways.

23 Modern Day Princes

via DeviantArt (CloudedInfluence)

Art by: CloudedInfluence

This is another artist's version of several Disney Princesses as Princes instead. This time they took on eight different classic characters and even gave them new names to go with their male personas.

At the top, from left to right, we have Cinderella as Charlie, and Snow White as Seth. Then from the bottom, left to right, we have Belle as Ben, Aurora as Adam, Esmeralda as Ernest, and Meg as Matt.

They all look to be modern day Princes and have retained some of their qualities from their Princess forms. This artist did an incredible job.

22 Arendelle’s New King And Prince

via Geek Tyrant

Art by: sakimichan

The same artist who showed the portrayal of Queen Elsa as a King created another piece of art that shows not just the new King, but his little brother, the Prince.

The Prince has many similarities to Princess Anna, with the ginger hair and white stripe from a childhood incident.

But now Anna is a man and looks the part of a royal Prince.

Regardless of Elsa and Anna being brothers now, instead of sisters, it looks as though their bond is as strong as ever.

21 Ariel As A Merman

via Pinterest

Art by: Laovaan

Princess Ariel was a mermaid that dreamed of a life above the water - on land. She eventually got her wish and fell in love with the handsome Prince Eric.

But in this artist's iteration of the story, Ariel is a merman who is just as gorgeous with fiery red hair, but is now much more muscular where she once had curves. I'm sure, though, that he is still wanting a very similar life that Ariel achieved.

Also, I just love that he still has his buddy, Flounder, in tow.

20 A New Esmeralda

via Pinterest

One of the many great things about Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame was she was an incredibly independent woman.  She also had a great moral compass and had street-smarts, to be sure.

She also was stunningly beautiful, and even though we are now seeing her in the male form, it looks like he is just as good looking as the original Esmeralda.

Knowing all of that means that he is most likely very similar in terms of personality and standing up for what is right. The artist really did a tremendous job.

19 The Newest Generation Of Disney Princes

via DeviantArt (rebenke)

Art by: rebenke

This artwork really brings together a diverse cast of characters in one photo. It shows a rag tag group of Disney Princesses who are now envisioned as men. Each and every one of them look impeccable, I must say.

The Disney Princesses shown are Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, and Elsa. Then we also have Giselle from the movie Enchanted, who did play a fairytale Disney Princess, technically. And finally, there is Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph who is also technically a Disney Princess since she plays a video game princess in the Disney film.

This might be one of the most fun fanarts on the list.

18 Coronation Day

via Pinterest

This iteration of King Elsa (or maybe now Elso) is the most on point with what the original Queen Elsa looked like.

The features are strikingly similar with a more masculine touch.

He is still wearing a very familiar Coronation ensemble and has the same look of trepidation that Elsa wore on the day of her Coronation.

I will say, though, that while it definitely looks like a spot on version of Elsa as a man, it also looks as if this version could be related to Kristoff. They seriously look a lot alike when you look closely.

17 Prince Snow

via DeviantArt (GingaNoUtahime)

Art by: GingaNoUtahime

This male version of Snow White, who is known for being the fairest in all the land, is possibly more on the anime side of what he would look like in that form.

Nevertheless, it is definitely an astoundingly wonderful

version of our beloved Snow White. The only problem is he seems to be indulging in an apple that we can only assume is poisoned.

Let us hope that his Princess Charming is on her way to save the day, and soon.

16 A Sleeping Prince And His Villain

via DeviantArt (Kris-Schoonover-369)

Art by: Kris-Schoonover369

Just when you thought Maleficent couldn't look more creepy, this artist managed to make her look even more intense, but this time, as a man.

He is holding the young Prince, who is modeled after Sleeping Beauty herself, Aurora, captive and is very pleased with himself, it seems.

Between Maleficent's mischievous smile and the Prince's look of bewilderment and fear, it makes for quite the horrifying image. Which really just means that the artist did a fantastic job at capturing the core of the film in the first place, while still applying the gender swap treatment to the two characters.

15 Mulan And Mushu Gender Swap

via Pinterest

Art by: Ripushko

The whole premise of Mulan was that she was going undercover as a man to fight in the war against the Huns. But now it looks as though the tables have turned and for some reason, the male version of Mulan is going undercover...as a Geisha.

To top the entire image off, Mushu has also been gender-swapped from a male dragon to a female dragon.

It makes you wonder what the story would have been if we had gone with this version of Mulan instead.

14 The Tangled Crew: Gender-Swapped Edition

via Pinterest

Art by: rebenke

This fanart of the movie Tangled has nearly every main character getting "gender bent". First, there's Rapunzel who is now a man, complete with blonde scruff on his chin to match the flowing long hair. Then there's Flynn Rider, his love interest, who is now a leading lady.

Behind the two lovebirds are Mother Gothel, Rapunzel's captor, who I suppose should now be Father Gothel since he has taken on the male form.

Finally, we have the Stabbington Brothers, who are now the Stabbington Sisters. They still look just as gruff as before, but with just a touch of femininity.

13 Modern Prince Snow

via Pinterest

Art by: IsaiahStephens

Snow White is seen here in modern clothing, but still is wearing her - or his - signature color scheme: red, blue, and yellow. This time, though, he's donning yellow pants with a trendy red and blue shirt complete with red suspenders and a red, sporty hat.

He may look the part of a suave yet preppy modern man, but there are still traces of the original Snow we know and love.

Prime example: he stills gets along swimmingly with birds, it seems.

12 Prince Belle

via DeviantArt (Ripushko)

Art by: Ripushko

We've seen so far Belle as a man, but with the Beast as a woman by his side. This time, though, we seem him in a solo fanart, and playing out a pivotal scene of the film, too.

He's holding the mirror the Beast gave him to see his father, only what he sees is devastating.

Once the Prince, or Princess if we're going by the original film, sees what is happening to his father, it causes a dramatic turn of events that ultimately gets both the Prince and the Beast their happy ending after overcoming serious obstacles.

This fanart beautifully captures that, too.

11 Jane Becomes John

via Pinterest

Seeing the intelligent Jane fall in love with the rough and tumble Tarzan in the jungle was a beautiful story.

Now we see Jane in a similar yet different role - she's still intelligent, but is now a man.

Jane is now John, or some other male variation of her name, and he looks rather handsome. He's wearing a very similar outfit to her iconic yellow one seen in Tarzan. What completes the whole image, though, is the fact he has a book on hand. Very Jane-esque, if you ask me.

10 A Trio Of Princes

via DeviantArt (Nikadonna)

Art by: Nikadonna

This trio of strong-willed Disney Princesses have now been reimagined as Disney Princes and the results are striking.

First, we have Pocahontas envisioned as a Native man who has the same long, dark hair and soulful eyes that the female Pocahontas has. Then, there's the rugged male version of Rapunzel, who also is wielding his signature frying pan as a weapon.

Lastly, we have the cynical yet endearing Megara now seen as a man who looks just as jaded as his female counterpart.

These are all fantastic iterations of the iconic Princesses.

9 Gender Bent Kristoff And Anna

via Rebloggy

Shortly after Kristoff and Anna meet, and then subsequently meet Olaf together, Olaf begins to sing a song of his dream to finally experience summer. The only problem with that is he's a snowman and would definitely melt if he was in the heat of summer.

Kristoff makes a remark to Anna about wanting to tell him, to which she replies, "Don't you dare."

And this is the scene that is playing out here, but with a gender swap involved.

Kristoff is now a woman with Princess Anna being a Prince instead. They still seem to banter just as much regardless of the gender-bent characters, though.

8 Merida As A Wee Lad

via DeviantArt (Ripushko)

Art by: Ripushko

Merida was always a precocious girl who rebelled against what her mother and father wanted for her. We can only imagine she was just as rambunctious as a girl, if not more so, than she was as a woman.

But now we are seeing her as a boy instead, and his childhood looks just as wild as one would imagine.

He still is sporting the bright, red hair but is now wearing a kilt and playing in mud. Typical Merida.

7 Megara And Hercules’ New Love Story

via Pinterest

Hercules and Megara falling love against all the odds was a sight to behold. But now we get to see what that love story would have looked like if Megara was the man in the scenario, and Hercules was the woman he had his sights on.

Each of them has many of the same physical characteristics as the original versions of themselves, but Megara is noticeably more muscular while Hercules is a dainty, feminine woman.

They are bound to have just as beautiful of a love story as the original versions of themselves, regardless.

6 A Manly Fairy

via The Things

Art by: galaxyspeaking

I have to admit, that never in my wildest dreams would I think it was possible to make the adorable and feisty Tinkerbell into an aloof man with tattoos who also happens to be a fairy.

But that seems to be exactly what this artist was able to accomplish in their portrayal.

He still has a short spikey haircut, much like Tinkerbell's, but instead of the green mini dress she was always sporting, he is wearing an all green pant and shirt combination. He even has trendy red combat boots on.

This is definitely a fun interpretation of him.

5 Prince Jazz

via Pinterest

The always beautiful Princess Jasmine has gotten the gender swap treatment in this fanart, and she is now, in my mind, Prince Jazz. Even with the difference in genders, he still has significant love for his pet tiger, Rajah.

And though he is a man, he is still wearing the same sky blue colors in his clothing, but with an outfit that is much more suited for a Prince rather than a Princess.

Now, I can't help but wonder what Aladdin would look like as his female love interest…

4 Peter Pan And Wendy

via DeviantArt (aminelovercantdraw)

Art by: aminelovercatdraw

It would be difficult to not be endeared by the love and friendship between Wendy and Peter Pan in the film by the same name. Now they are being reimagined in the same friendship, but with opposing genders. Wendy is now a boy, while Peter Pan has become a fun and rebellious girl.

It looks like they are still off to Neverland, with the boy Wendy still in his pajamas.

It is interesting to see what the two characters who have become a staple in so many people's childhoods would look like in these new roles, that's for sure.

3 Sleeping Beauty Becomes A Prince

via DeviantArt (jon-lock)

The film Sleeping Beauty told the story of Princess Aurora and the villain Maleficent who held a serious grudge against the poor girl. She wreaked havoc on the land and on Aurora's life, sending her into a deep slumber thanks to a prick of a spinning wheel.

Now, though, we get to see the newest iteration of that tale, with a male taking the role of Sleeping Beauty.

It looks as though he has fallen under the same exact spell, and is just waiting for his True Love to come save him and defeat Maleficent, once and for all.

2 Prince Tiana

via Pinterest

Princess Tiana from The Princess and The Frog was a wonderful film featuring Tiana in New Orleans in the 1920's. She eventually falls in love, as the story goes, with a Prince.

But now she is taking on the role of the Prince in this fantastic fanart.

She is still wearing her mint green colors, but in a fancy gentlemen's coat and matching pantsuit. It's quite possible that he is not only the Prince in this new tale, but is looking for a Princess of his own in good old New Orleans.

1 Mulan The Warrior

via Pinterest

Mulan wanted to take the place of her father in the war to save China from the Huns, and in this artwork, it looks like she has gotten her wish, only now she is a man.

There doesn't seem to be a need for him to disguise himself since he can go in as the warrior he knows he can be with no problems. While in real life this would be a great thing, it would have made the story of Mulan significantly less impactful had he started out a man, to begin with.

Still, it is a wonderful piece of fanart that is impeccably done.

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