25 Disney Princesses Reimagined As New Moms

Disney Princesses mean a lot to a lot of people. While the franchise was initially invented as a way to market films towards young girls, people of all ages and genders have their favorite Disney Princess these days. The way they’ve evolved in recent years has been amazing: going from prim and proper girls in sparkly dresses to having a wide range of personalities and interests. The rules for being a Disney Princess have changed a lot over the years too. It used to be that you just have to be a princess. But with some actual princesses being left out of the line-up and some non-royals included, that can’t be said to be the case anymore. It used to be that every princess needed a prince, but thankfully that too has been abandoned.

But as so many Disney Princess films do end with the characters walking off into the sunset with their love interests, what do you think comes next? The obvious answer seems to be parenthood.

Obviously, not everyone wants kids. Getting married doesn’t mean you're obligated to have kids, nor does it mean that you should. But should our favorite Princesses decide to have children, what would those children be like? Some princesses have had children in sequels, but even then, did they have more children later on? What about the less beautiful moments of child-rearing that Disney don’t want to show us on screen? Well, if you’ve ever wondered, here are the Disney Princesses reimagined as new parents!

25 The Next Fairest

via grodansnagel.deviantart.com

I probably find Snow White the most questionable of all the Disney Princess films, which honestly makes sense given how long ago it came out. I get that it’s an old fairy tale and the role Snow White plays isn’t Disney’s fault, but there are still some weird moments that make me raise an eyebrow. Like when Snow runs off into the castle after seeing the Prince for the first time. That’s not a normal reaction when you see another human! It’s an action made even more questionable when she runs off with him at the end, despite never having had an actual conversation with him.

But I shouldn’t be so cynical. Maybe she just wanted a ride, especially after being in that coma for so long.

The baby in her arms looks incredibly like her, so one assumes that Snow passed on her legendary looks to her child. They’ve got that cute, rosy red cheeked adorableness that Snow White radiates. The moment between them is peaceful and serene, one that no witch could disturb. Mind you, none of them are dressed for that weather! (Maybe the Prince is.) One hopes that they also inherited Snow’s cleanliness. The would be one child who isn’t nagged to clean their room.

Art by Grodansnagel.

24 Future Warriors

via: freewingss.deviantart.com

Mulan II gets a lot of flak from Disney fans today. I never understood what the big deal was. I remember quite liking it as a kid. But I rewatched it as an adult and realized what the fuss was all about. The main villain is one of the heroes from the last film, and a bunch of new rules get thrown in for no apparent reason. It just doesn’t show Mulan in the positive light she’s in during the first film. But the storyline with the princesses is very sweet and was the reason I liked the film when I was young.

The reason I bring up the film is that there is a moment during the beginning that always comes to my mind when I see these fan arts. During their engagement party, Shang and Mulan are asked a series of questions, to which they both give opposite answers. When one person asks if they’ll have children, Shang replies: “As many as possible.” Mulan says: “Maybe one or two.”

Listen, Shang, when you’re the one who has to carry the kid around inside you for nine months, then you can have as many as possible! Let’s just hope Shang is satisfied with this little one.

Art by FreeWingss.

23 Child Of Land And Sea

via grodansnagel.deviantart.com

There are a lot of reasons I’m thankful for the internet. Worldwide communication, streaming sites like Netflix, or just having all the information you could possibly ask for at your fingertips. But I can’t deny that one of the things that I am most thankful for are The Little Mermaid memes. I’ll admit that I’ve been very harsh towards this film over the years, particularly its message. But that is trumped by the memes pointing out that she wishes for “legs” from Ursula, no other specifics. It could be assumed that Ursula didn’t give her any more than legs, given how that’s all she concentrated on when she turned up on the beach.

Yet in The Little Mermaid II, she has a daughter, so… her dad must have made her fully human I guess?

I know I shouldn’t be focusing on that. I should be focusing on her relationship with her daughter, the lengths Ariel goes to keep her safe, and how beautiful it is that Melody dreams of the sea when her mother dreamt of a life on land. The sequel is somewhat sweet and pretty good for a sequel (for a sequel). But nope, memes will always make me wonder who had to explain things to Ariel!

Art by Grodansnagel.

22 Back To The Pond

via: grodansnagel.deviantart.com

People have told me I’m too harsh on The Little Mermaid, but I’ll say in my defense that I’m far harsher on The Princess and the Frog. Yes, it has far more feminist messages and characters, and don’t get me wrong, I love Tiana. She’s one of my favorite Disney Princesses. But I liked who she was at the beginning of the movie. Yes, there are more important things that having a successful business. What you need is better than what you want. But you don’t “need” a spouse. Tiana had plenty of love in her life through her mother and friends. Isn’t it admirable how hard she was willing to work to get her restaurant? I guess that’s why Disney had to give it to her in the end.

Even so, this is a really beautiful family portrait. Maybe the daughter is around the toddler stage, but I would still call that new parenting. I love the idea of Tiana and Naveen taking their little girl down to the swamps where they bonded and telling them the story of how they turned to frogs, but were able to turn each other human again. Their daughter would love the story and believe it. At least for a little while.

Art by Grodansnagel.

21 Pristine Royals

via pinterest.com

This is a royal wedding portrait that could give Kate and Will a run for their money. It’s just so pristine, proper, and white. There is something very Edwardian about the clothes, although I could be wrong. Given the period Disney’s Cinderella is set in, I think it all matches up pretty well. Although I don’t care if you’re a princess or if you collect the trollies in a supermarket car park, please don’t dress your toddler up like that! Even if it is for a royal portrait. Toddlers need to be free and not restricted by uncomfortable clothing. Something big and frilly like that would weigh them down and restrict movement. Plus, if this were a real royal portrait, that kid would have to sit there for hours and hours, getting hot and fidgety, annoying their parents.

Cinderella gets a lot of flak from modern critics, who shun its messages, saying that Cinderella should escape herself and not rely on a man to save her. While a boy version of Cinderella would never work today, it does seem harsh to blame the victim. But I will say, knowing all she went through, you know that Cinderella would be a wonderful mother.

Art by Amy Paulson.

20 Tangled Parents

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

This is probably a very logical and tactically safe approach to modern parenting. At least no more ridiculous than using a frying pan as a military weapon! Given Rapunzel’s hair and the modern clothes their wearing, I can assume that this is a modernization of this couple.

One wonders what a modern version of that would be like.

A young girl is taken and trapped inside a house for the first eighteen years of her life before she escapes with the help of a wanted criminal. Whose crimes are suddenly forgotten about when the girl turns up safe. Wouldn’t he then end up a suspect? That might be a bit heavy for a modern Disney film. Although, it’s nice to see that even then, after all the therapy and unwanted media attention that would surely follow, these two still managed a happy ever after. Even if Eugene isn’t too sure about it during the first changing.

This artist always seems to make even the silliest image beautiful and serene. I love their approach to parenting and the sense of joy and pride they give to parents. Even when they’re wearing a gas mask! Still super cute, though.

Art by Isaiah Stephens.

19 Heirs Of Arendelle

via: nightliight.deviantart.com

It really feels like, no matter how much time passes since this film’s release, people will still be obsessed with it. Sure, Disney is doing all they can to keep it relevant, with Frozen Fever and the other short films, a Broadway musical, and a sequel coming out next year. But I’m pretty sure they could have left it with the first film and Elsa backpacks would still be selling pretty well.

I do love that Frozen didn’t end in a wedding. I’m sure many of us can completely relate to where Anna is coming from when she falls hard for Hans. We’ve all been lonely from time to time, and many of us have been in a position where we were desperate for attention. Sometimes it takes a creep like Hans for us to realize that we don’t need to rush into a commitment for affection. Although luckily it doesn’t often take the form of almost freezing.

Perhaps Anna and Kristoff don’t ever get married. They just carry on as a happy couple and eventually a happy family. In this wonderful fireside moment, you can tell that Anna has all she ever wanted. She has a loving family.

Art by Nightliight.

18 The Thing About Carpets

via collegehumor.com

So many of these focus on the beautiful side of having children. The side that brings many years of love, joy, and moments of serenity that come with raising your babies. But let’s be honest; those moments are few and far between! Raising children is a challenge, and the biggest part of this as a young couple (although I hope the Jasmine and Aladdin here are at least a few years older than they are in the film) is saying goodbye to your old life. No more staying out late, and no more magic carpet rides!

I was a bit unsure of the Whole New World sequence when it was just two young people.

Thank goodness they’re not attempting something like that with a small baby! When they made the journey, they don’t have any safety belts on. They’re just clinging to the edge of the magic carpet! At one point, don’t they loop in the air? How did they survive that? Is the carpet so magic it stops people falling off it? Go home, find the carpet of your choice, sit in the middle of it, and grip the edges. Now tell me if you’d be comfortable flying hundreds of feet in the air on it!

Art by CollegeHumor.

17 Above The Sea

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

I don’t know why, especially as I wouldn’t consider myself a member of the fandom for this film, but I love the idea of Ariel and Eric having another child after the events of the second film. Maybe they wanted Ariel’s father to watch one of his grandchildren grow up (not that Melody is likely to be his only grandchild; you have a heck load of daughters, you’re going to end up with a ton of grandchildren). Mostly, I think it’s just because I like the idea of Ariel having a kid with her red hair! As unlikely as that is with Eric’s black hair. I suppose since this is Ariel’s second child, it might not make her a “new” parent in some sense, but she has a new baby. Besides, this could be an alternative universe.

This absolutely has to be one of those moments where Ariel wishes she remained under the sea. I’m sure mermaid kids are a handful. I’m sure they bite and scream, causing restless nights and achy limbs. But what they don’t do is throw food! Next time you’re underwater, throw food at someone’s face like this. Tell me how that goes. Perhaps Ariel should have listened to Sebastian’s song.

Art by Isaiah Stephens.

16 Future Of The Pride

via jayie-the-hufflepuff.deviantart.com

Now we’re into that weird Disney area of “not really a Disney Princess, but still technically a princess who is Disney.” Kiara is called a princess during The Lion King II. She will be Queen of Pride Rock someday, and this is a fan art of her as a new parent. I think that qualifies enough for this list. Besides, aren’t baby lions just the cutest? Yes, in real life they could still kick your behind, but they’re cute in Disney form.

I love how so many people prefer the ending to The Lion King II to the ending of Romeo and Juliet. It’s true, the actual play is a lot more difficult if you really study it, then if you romanticize it the way modern audiences do. Granted, at the time it was written, the couple would most likely have reached a similar tragic end, what with family loyalty being such a big deal. But I admit that it would really have ended the mood in a Disney movie. As it is, Romeo and his beloved Juliet now get to live their life through these two animated lions. These three lion cubs will be raised in love and happiness in a way that would really annoy Shakespeare!

Art by Jayie the Hufflepuff.

15 Queen And Child

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

If you had a problem with the lion but not Elsa, I’d like to remind you that Elsa is a queen, not a princess, and both she and her sister were deemed too popular to become part of the official princess line up anyhow. I know that’s not a great defense, but hey, so long as the picture is cute!

By including this picture, I’m also not pushing against the “Give Elsa a Girlfriend” campaign.

I think that’s great. Maybe she adopted or found a donor. I’ll let you decide amongst yourselves who. But part of me also prefers the idea of Elsa being alone and being happy about it. It’s been pointed out to me that both Merida and Moana end their films without princes or weddings, which is very true. I love both those princesses and how they’ve subverted the genre. But they are also both sixteen. Elsa is twenty-one; she’s a grown adult who is happy alone. I’d love her to raise this little one with a loving wife by her side, but she’d do just as an amazing job by herself. Just look how happy that little one is to be close to his mother. He’s fine with mama and her ice magic.

Art by Isaiah Stephens.

14 Of Dragons And Bears

via pinterest.com

This is certainly an interesting cross-over. My main concern would be that I don’t think these two are from the same period. Granted, I’m not one hundred percent sure what century Brave is supposed to take place, but going by the atmosphere of the film, it looks like it takes place a couple hundred years after the Viking era. I could be wrong, of course, but it certainly is a tragic love story if one of them was laid to rest hundreds of years before the other was even born.

Regardless, I get where this artist is coming from. In many ways, these guys make a good match. They’ve both adventurous, good at taming animals, and both failed to live up to the expectations their parents set for them. I’m certain that Merida would enjoy flying across the sky on a dragon! I’m not too bothered by Hiccup already having a love interest. They’re both young, Astrid would find someone new. Their little one is also very sweet, and it’s lovely for Uncle Toothless to share this beautiful family moment with the new parents. I’m sure as soon as that kid can walk, it’ll be shooting a bow and training dragons. Mind you, they’re also going to have the wildest hair!

Artist unknown.

13 Sleepless Beauties

via grodansnagel.deviantart.com

Can anyone tell me if Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty are in the same universe? Or are they alternate timelines? I liked Maleficent as a film, but it feels a little weird if both films are canon to each other. And why take away the villain from the first film and make her a good guy, only for the villain role to be replaced by the princess’s father?

Regardless, I’m going to assume that this is in the canon of the original film.

That does mean that “true love’s first kiss” came from a guy she’d met once, but let’s try and gloss over that. I also don’t know if this is intentional, but I like that Sleeping Beauty has twins, since the princess gives birth to twins whilst unconscious in the original story. The less said about, that the better. Look it up if you’re interested. It feels like a small reference to the original canon, as disturbing as the original is. Maybe Aurora is genetically more likely to have twins. They both look very sweet and I love the swapped hair colors. Just remember to have a private birthday party and not to invite any fairies at all!

Art by Grodansnagel.

12 The Forgotten Family

via grodansnagel.deviantart.com

I really love that The Black Cauldron has a large cult following of adults these days. I know that the film was deemed “too scary” for kids during the eighties, but is it really? Was it any creepier than the Heffalump song in Winnie the Pooh or the pink elephant sequence in Dumbo? If you really want to see some creepy Disney, watch Mickey and the Beanstalk. That bit at the beginning with Donald Duck is the stuff of nightmares. Besides, kids are far harder to scare than adults! They don’t have anything to fear yet! For them, it’s all good fun.

True, the film felt a bit unfinished, especially for a project that was in the works for as long as this film was.

But hey, that’s what happens when you shove three books into one short film. But now, fans are showing their love for this film with amazing fan arts like this. Despite being a princess, it’s clear that Eilonwy would prefer a simple life with Taran, keeping pigs and making an honest living, than any royal standing. Perhaps this is how they would choose to raise their children, in nature with simple pleasures. What a wonderful way to be.

Art by Grodansnagel.

11 A New Colour For The Wind

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

Okay, so I’ve complained a lot about the downsides of being a new parent. Now let’s look again at something beautiful. This is a perfect piece of art. It looks like something a new parent would have taken professionally to send out as a birth announcement- or to keep on their wall to remind them that they really do love their children.

Even though the Disney version of Pocahontas isn’t very historically accurate, it does have a sense of beauty to it. I only recently learned that John Smith really did spin some horrid story about falling in love with Pocahontas. Of course, I already knew that Pocahontas was super young when he went to America and the Disney story was rubbish; I just thought Disney made the whole thing up. But since the real story of Pocahontas is so tragic, it’s really nice for modern audiences to see her with a happy ending (so long as they learn the truth). This is a really beautiful happy moment that a young woman should have had, so through Disney, it’s something that people can imagine for her. Maybe a historian would roll their eyes at me, but I think it’s nice.

Art by Isaiah Stephens.

10 Fun In Summer

via: grodansnagel.deviantart.com

This moment really takes you back to the true spirit of Frozen. There is the peaceful summer atmosphere (it must be Elsa's day off), giving the families the chance the spend a short relaxing moment with one another. It must be great fun having a sister who can control the weather and make it snow, but sometimes you just want a hot day to relax in the sun with your new baby. But the other similarity is that Kristoff isn’t of noble birth. He’s just a simple ice seller who was raised by rock trolls! With a weird obsession with his reindeer.

Because these kids don’t have a prince for a father, they’ll experience a lot of other things that royalty would miss out on. True, the kids would still have to be guarded heavily, criminals probably wouldn’t be turned off by the weird reindeer father, but there would be a lot more picnics out in the sun and a lot less royal formal balls. Sure, we like to fantasize about fancy galas, but they’d get really tiresome if you had to attend them all the time. On an unrelated note, would any of you trust Olaf to babysit?

Art by Grodansnagel.

9 Growing New Life

via bananacosmicgirl.deviantart.com

I made fun earlier, talking about how Ariel was fascinated with the wrong part of her after being transformed into a human. But I’m sure Ariel would have been expecting some new changes after she got her new body. Maybe she wouldn’t have known all the details, but she would have expected some unexpected changes when swapping over. What must have had to have been explained completely from scratch was the whole process of pregnancy!

As I’m sure you know, the majority of sea-dwelling creatures lay eggs, which I assume includes mermaids. They simply work very differently than humans do. So, when did someone explain everything to her? Was it after she became pregnant with Melody? She must have been very surprised.

Given her intense fascination with humans, I’m sure Ariel was thrilled by the opportunity. There is this very peaceful look on her face, perhaps excited for the joys to come. That and the attack from the second crazy sea witch who will attack your daughter for no better reason than spite for her sister, but she’ll cross that bridge when she comes to it. For now, she’s just excited to be carrying life.

Art by Bananacosmicgirl.

8 A New Demi-God

via grodansnagel.deviantart.com

You know what? No, Meg isn’t technically a Disney Princess. But do you know what she is? Completely awesome! Besides, she’s married to Hercules who is the son of the ruling god, so that makes her a princess. Besides, we need more Disney girls like her. I love her shade, I love her courage and her attitude. She’d make an amazing mom.

You wonder what powers their kid would have. Would they be a god at all? Presumably, they would have some abilities. Hercules had some when he was (mostly) mortal. Even if the kid was completely mortal, would they still be able to meet their grandparents up in Olympus? I know that only gods can be there, but given that they are Meg’s kid, they might have the power to ignore all the rules! God or human, that kid is going to grow up with a lot of great life lessons surrounding them. I wonder if the Muses are still following them. Maybe if the kid wakes up screaming in the middle of the night they’ll sing them back to sleep with some awesome catchy tunes. That would be the best god power ever.

Art by Grodansnagel.

7 See Your Light

via pinterest.com

Maybe I’ve missed something in the TV series, but why in most fan arts is Rapunzel drawn with her old hair? Eugene cut it at the end of the film to save Rapunzel from Gothel. It turned brown and stopped growing, right? So why do all future portrayals of her show her with the long magical blonde hair? Did I miss something super important that explains all this? She has short, punky brown hair at Elsa’s coronation, doesn’t she?

Regardless, I’m happy that this one shows the princess with her natural hair color. When that little one gets older it can ask all the questions about Mama’s hair. Why doesn’t it grow? Why is it forever in that style? So, Rapunzel can pass on all her wonderful stories. It’s not related, but I love the fact that Rapunzel doesn’t tidy up her hair any further. It might not grow anymore, but she could go and get it professionally styled. But she doesn’t because, as my head-canon goes, she likes what it represents. Her freedom! Plus, since her tears still heal, she doesn’t have to worry about this one crying all night with strange baby illnesses. That’s got to be a bonus.

Art by Judy Laverne.

6 Another World

via grodansnagel.deviantart.com

A lot of fans are down on the sequel to Pocahontas, and for good reason. Our heroine loses all her independence and tries her best to conform. She listens to what others think is best for her, rather than doing what she knows is best for herself. She loses a lot of the control fans loved about her. It’s also annoying that the film separates her from John Smith in the name of “historical accuracy,” yet nothing in that film is historically accurate. Historians still debate Pocahontas’s feelings for John Rolfe, with sources suggesting that she saw their marriage as political rather than one of affection. Plus, the film skips over all the stealing and illness! (The voices in that film are super annoying. Especially that kid in London.)

But I’m glad that someone liked the film enough to create this fan art.

Pocahontas and John Rolfe did have a son in real life. While her real story ended tragically, it’s nice to imagine some happiness for her and I thank Disney for helping us with that. I hope that these new parents, in the Disney Universe, have many happy years as a family.

Art by Grodansnagel.

5 Aunt And Mother

via muuuuug.tumblr.com

Regardless of who she ends up with or whether or not she has children of their own, we can agree that Elsa would be an amazing aunt. She can build snowmen with her sister and her nieces or nephews, as well as making pretty snow shapes to calm them down when they are upset. It’s amazing how popular a film about two siblings has become and it’s great that Disney is exploring these relationships more. These are the relationships that children need good examples of. The fun they have together as children and the relationship they manage to build at the end of the film shows how close siblings can be. It shows that it is possible to be friends with your sister (which so many kids don’t know).

Whether Elsa ends up with a girlfriend or not, we’ll have to wait until the next movie to find out. Maybe we won’t even find out then. All we do know is that, whatever happens to Elsa, she’ll always be by her sister’s side and her sister will want her kids to have their amazing aunt. There would be so much love for this new kid! And snow days too, of course!

Art by Muuuuug.

4 A Quiet Night

via darkmatternova.deviantart.com

I don’t know why I find these moments so peaceful. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious at this point that I don’t have children myself, nor am I ever likely to have them. But these kinds of artworks are the advert for it. I don’t know if the artist has any children either, but we all know that they can create a magical moment.

With the live-action version of Aladdin already in production, we’re about to see a brand-new version of Jasmine. If it’s anything like Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, then they are likely to try and mold the actors around the designs for the original characters. I think this is very respectful to the fans of Disney who grew up with these films and want to see the characters as they remember them. Even so, Emma Watson hasn’t replaced the original Belle in the artworks of fans, so maybe it’ll be the same for Jasmine.

This is a great image of Jasmine, it captures her smile, her perfect hair and the serenity of the moment. We’ve no idea how Jasmine would really feel about having children, but at this moment, she’s clearly very happy.

Art by Darkmatternova.

3 The Other Slippers

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

I hate to be the person to ruin this beautiful image, but didn’t one of those shoes get destroyed when the stepmother dropped it? So, there can’t be two shoes for the kid to try on. Besides, if the ending taught us anything, it’s that this Princess needs to find shoes that fit better anyway!

But this is a modern version of Cinderella, so I’m sure that the glass slippers here were more symbolic, so these ones were given to Cinderella as a present for her kid to play with. I guess.

Probably the funniest thing about kids is the silly things they do. I know people like to think that kids get sucked into technology these days, and it’s true, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have imaginations. Today I saw a small kid playing with a plastic, industrial basket. He was waving it around, laughing at it, and having the time of his life with it! I’m frankly jealous of how carefree and imaginative they are. Given that Cinderella is the patient, wonderful person that she is, I’m sure she would just smile at her kid and let them play with her shoes. Without breaking them, obviously.

Art by Isaiah Stephens.

2 Mothers Together

via instagram.com/kristenkreevesart

What better way to almost reach the end then with a collective drawing of some of our favorite Disney Princesses?

I don’t know why it is that people assume that Disney Princesses will certainly become mothers. The harsh answer would be that it is expected of them. For so long, they were supposed to be a stereotypical example of what little girls want and what they aspire to be; a pretty wife. So, it’s natural that this would evolve into motherhood. Even if they’ve moved beyond that now and created some truly inspirational characters, that initial feeling is still there.

But maybe it’s just because all these princesses would become wonderful mothers. Sadly, this could relate to the hardships a lot of them had to overcome. These princesses lost a parent, defied the ones they had, and did what they had to in order to find their happy ending. While the messages of these films can be questionable at times, the princesses all have admirable characters that we’d love to see passed down to new life. And I’m pretty sure their hair would still look amazing, even after zero sleep and someone grabbing it all day! Sweet dreams.

Art by Kristen Reeves.

1 Make This Moment Last Forever

via isaiahstephens.deviantart.com

Beauty and the Beast is one of the more questionable Disney films. Yes, it’s a story about looking beyond physical appearance and finding the beauty within, but it’s also the story of a girl falling in love with the person who stole her father and held her hostage in a castle. Yes, he eventually releases her, but he also captured her to begin with! The “beauty within” message is also a little under shadowed by the massive make-over the beast goes through in the end. If you fall in love with the person inside, then there is no guarantee they’ll transform into a more conventionally attractive person just to please you. So, don’t expect them to.

But every time I see this fan art, all my misgivings about the film just fade away.

This is a gorgeous moment, filled with peace and filled with love. All of Belle’s caring and generous nature is summed up in this moment, which is nothing more than a simple moment between a mother and her baby. There are a lot of horrible moments with a baby. A lot of crying and throwing up, a lot of noise and grossness. But seeing this Disney Princess at this moment is a great way to forget about all that.

Art by Isaiah Stephens.

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