Disney Will Be Taking Its Newly-Bought Fox Shows Out For A Victory Lap At SDCC

Disney will be showcasing their new Fox conquests at SDCC, including but not limited to: The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob's Burgers.

Disney's presence at this year's San Diego Comic-Con will be heavily featuring shows they acquired through the purchase of Fox earlier this year.

Disney is well on its way to owning pretty much all of its entertainment rivals. Earlier this year, it made perhaps its biggest acquisition to date: the purchase of Fox. It took pretty much two years for the deal to be hashed out and finalized, but this past March it was confirmed that Fox and most of its big shows were now the property of Disney.

Some fans of Fox were worried that Disney might neglect some of the property it had acquired. However, if Disney's San Diego Comic-Con schedule is anything to go by, they can lay those fears to rest as reported by ScreenRant, a huge chunk of what Disney will be doing at the event this year revolves around its new Fox shows.

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The biggest show that Disney can now call its own after the Fox purchase is The Simpsons. On Saturday, July 20th at noon, Disney will host a Simpsons panel at SDCC which will hopefully include details about the upcoming season. Directly after that at one pm, a joint panel between American Dad and Family Guy will take place in the same room.

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That's not all far from it, in fact. Disney will also be hosting panels for Bob's Burgers, Bless The Harts, and also Solar Opposites, a new show from the creators of Rick & Morty. The Mayans M.C. and Fox's Sons Of Anarchy spinoff will also be getting a spotlight on Saturday. All in all, Disney's SDCC weekend will be extremely Fox-heavy.

It would have been easy for Disney to bury some of the Fox property it acquired as one final shot at a company it once called a rival a way of hammering home that buying them out was the final nail in Fox's coffin, so to speak. Considering the popularity of some of the shows that are now under the Disney umbrella, that would have been a fairly unwise move to make. Disney didn't become the entertainment giant it is today by making unwise decisions, as they are demonstrating with their SDCC lineup this year.

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