25 Disney Sequels Fans Pretend Don’t Exist

No matter what generation you are from, there is a high likely chance that you have encountered a Disney movie in your lifetime. Disney has a lot of charm and magic that keeps us coming back to watch these wonderful movies from time to time. They brought us wonderful characters, catchy songs, and powerful messages.

However, Disney can be seen as a cash grab company, wanting to capitalize the names of its famous movies like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. It all started in the 90s when we were shocked to find out that Aladdin would be getting a sequel. And from there, that’s where the quality of the movie drops significantly.

It’s like Disney decided to create a story after happily ever after so that fans can know what really happened. Some sequels take it too far and can be rather offensive, such as changing the tone of the original movie or be completely unnecessary. While there are a small number of sequels that are good, there are more bad than good.

Most of these sequels are so bad we wished that it never existed. They don’t really add anything to the movies other than make money for Disney. As kids, we probably loved these movies, but as we got older, we realize that they are not great compared to the originals and don’t try as much. With Frozen 2 being the most recent sequel about to come out, we hope it doesn’t fall into this category.

Here are twenty-five Disney sequels that fans pretend don’t exist.

25 No Bare Necessities Here

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Is it hard to believe that The Jungle Book 2 actually got a theatrical release? Sharing this trait with another Disney sequel, Return to Neverland, The Jungle Book 2 takes what we love about the original and make it uninteresting.

It’s a shame because the sequel consists of a talented voice cast.

This movie even has the nerve to let Smash Mouth cover “I Wanna Be Like You.” While the film did great at the box office, critics are not afraid to point out how bad this movie is.

24 The Adventures Of An Annoying Pup

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Lady and the Tramp might not be the most standout Disney movie, but it features cute characters and the spaghetti scene is a classic. Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure has an advantage for being slightly better in animation due to the year gap, but do we need to have an annoying dog as the main lead?

Besides, this movie is just a reversal of the first, so it’s basically seeing the same movie again. You’ll have more fun watching the first movie.

23 Not Really A Movie

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Tarzan released in 1999 and it performed okay. It has great animation and unique characters, despite having a lackluster villain. The “sequel” Tarzan & Jane suffers from having bad quality in animation and characters. Given how this consists of unaired episodes of The Legend of Tarzan, Disney decided to put these together to cash in money.

This movie also makes the characters of Tarzan and Jane not interesting, which annoys us and questions why we like them as characters in Tarzan.

22 Too Late For Redemption

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Pocahontas has been a polarizing film ever since it released in 1995. It has beautiful music, animation, and colors, but its historical inaccuracy makes the film suffer. So it was surprising how Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World came out three years later despite all odds.

For being a Disney sequel, it is surprisingly more accurate to the history of the Powhatan Indian.

This sequel also lacks the beautiful colors of the original film, so while the latter does lack in some areas, it is still better than the former.

21 Too Goofy For Its Own Good

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Thought that there’d only be animated Disney sequels? While not as controversial, live-action Disney sequels are for the most part pretty terrible. Inspector Gadget 2 has a lot in common with the animated Disney sequels, which is scary.

For instance, all but one of the actors in the first movie did not reprise their roles.

The sequel might be trying to have more influence from the cartoon series, but it doesn’t work in live-action. Just watch the funny cartoon instead.

20 Inferior To Its Predecessor

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The Fox and the Hound shares a powerful message of holding on to the friendships of those you part ways with. While it was sad, the movie ended perfectly. So how about making a sequel that throws all that out of the window and tries to threaten the friendship of Tod and Copper.

Like what many people say, The Found and the Hound 2 is a pale imitation of the first movie. This sequel should stay in the past and never be talked about again.

19 Just Footloose, But Underwater

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To cash in the popularity of The Little Mermaid, Disney gave us two sequels that did nothing to add what we love about the 1989 film. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning will be the first sequel we’ll mention on this list.

This movie and its predecessor just cannot outdo the great villain that is Ursula. Not to mention, it makes King Triton look like a hypocrite because he outlawed music since we see him introducing his daughters singing in the first movie. Overall, this sequel is just a rip-off of Footloose.

18 Lacking Humor

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Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch is that one Disney sequel that has good intentions, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The humor and characters are weak when Lilo & Stitch features powerful messages and complex characters. Lilo’s voice actress did not reprise her role, which was given to Dakota Fanning. While she did great, it just couldn’t compare to Daveigh Chase’s memorable performance. The follow-up is just as bad, but we decided to give the second movie this spot.

17 Worst Father In Disney?

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In by all means, Bambi II is definitely not the worst Disney sequel since it focuses on the bond between Bambi and his father. However, despite the interesting concept, Bambi’s father is kind of a jerk. Despite that, he is voiced by the incredibly talented Patrick Stewart.

What makes this sequel not really worthy is that we already know Bambi’s future, and the original film does not show hints of how his father affected his life after his mother’s unfortunate fate.

16 No One Asked For This

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When you look at this movie, you think it was made by Pixar. It does, but it is actually the studio behind the Disney sequels. Planes was not a great movie by any means, but the sequel is far worse. Planes: Fire & Rescue tries so hard to be an entertaining movie and it fails greatly.

After this movie was released, Disneytoon Studios announced it would shut down. With this, hopefully, there won’t be any awful Disney sequels any time soon.

15 How Did It Get This?

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an underrated Disney movie that is not a strong title, but it features interesting characters and an amazing depiction of Atlantis. What puzzles us is that this managed to get a sequel. Just like Tarzan & Jane, Atlantis: Milo's Return only consists of unaired TV episodes that never made the cut.

In fact, there was actually a canceled sequel titled Shards of Chaos, but because of the first movie’s less successful run at the box office, it never came to be.

14 Why A Prequel?

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Monsters University is a prequel but considered how Monsters Inc. was supposed to have a sequel, we decided to add this in since no one really talks about it. That might be a good thing because while it’s nice to see Mike and Sully again, it takes away what we experienced in the first movie.

If only we got a proper sequel. Imagine a grown-up Boo and witnessing the different areas of the world from each door. Unfortunately, we are not going to get something like that soon.

13 Oh, The Animation!

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When news broke out that there was going to be a sequel to Aladdin, fans freaked out. It was a fantastic movie filled with action and humor. Once the VHS was released and the movie started, the hype went down drastically.

This would be the first direct-to-video sequel released by Disney.

It is the pilot for the Aladdin TV series, which does help start the show off strongly. And if it wasn’t obvious, the animation was really, really weak compared to the 1992 film.

12 Same Concept, Boring Movie

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And here we are with one of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels on here. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is visually stunning, accompanied with fantastic music and acting, but that can be said for the other movies.

If you think about it, this movie can be removed from the series and it would not make much of a difference. Despite that, there is one worse sequel that this franchise has on its belt. Chances are you probably guessed what it is.

11 Slightly Better, But A Mess

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Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland sounded like a good idea since his dark and edgy tones can blend into the nonsenses of the world created by Lewis Carroll. The sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass is more colorful, but the story is convoluted and makes no sense, which is ironic given the whole point of the Alice in Wonderland series.

The sequel did terrible at the box office, which made Disney lose a hefty amount of money. It seems that audiences were smart to forget this sequel’s existence.

10 How To Ruin Christmas

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To its credit, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas isn’t exactly the worst, though it has no reason to exist. Once you start the movie, you can automatically tell that the budget for this movie was not that great.

Tim Curry portrays the villain and while he did give a good performance, it does not save this movie. However, there is one Beauty and the Beast sequel that is far worse than this, and you’ll be seeing it soon.

9 No Originality

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The Emperor’s New Groove was a decent film featuring the talents of David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, and Patrick Warburton, but a sequel is where it went downhill pretty fast. Kronk’s New Groove fails to have the comedy, writing, and interesting character aspects the previous film had.

It is rather painful because the sequel consists of great voice talents, but that 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is a sign that this movie is just plain bad. The TV series fared better despite its short running time.

8 Third Time’s Not The Charm

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The Santa Clause movie was heartwarming and had a lot of effort put into it in 1994. The sequel was not as good, but passable and had improved visuals and an intimidating villain. Then The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause came out in 2006 and it just blows.

Martin Short as Jack Frost is fine, but the execution is weak. This movie could have left a big impact as being the last of the trilogy, but instead, it just leaves on a whimper.

7 Tired Of Pirates Yet?

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While On Stranger Tides is one of the sequels that fans pretend that don’t exist, Dead Men Tell No Tales is by far the worst sequel from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. When you watch this movie, you can tell that Johnny Depp, while doing fine as the awesome Jack Sparrow, sounds really exhausted.

After all, he’s played the character for more than a decade now. However, Disney loves to milk in some cash for popular franchises, which does explain the lack of quality of sequels being made. Maybe the (hopefully) last sequel will close this series for good.

6 What Happened, Pixar?

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Pixar took some risky moves, and the first of them was the movie Cars. It was okay for what it presented, but many can agree that a sequel is not needed. Cars 2 had good intentions, but for Pixar, it did not meet expectations, especially with critics.

It currently holds a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The next sequel, Cars 3, ironically should have been the sequel to come after the first movie and while it does not need to be made, it is better than Cars 2.

5 Complete Filler

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Cinderella II: Dreams Come True is one of those Disney sequels that just did not need to happen. The only positives from this movie are Jennifer Hale portraying Cinderella and Anastasia having great character development.

The first two stories were just bland and boring to watch.

Cinderella did not need a sequel at all, but we did get Cinderella III: A Twist in Time which had a better story and character progression. Watch that one instead of this pointless title.

4 Same Song And Dance

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The Little Mermaid is one of the most beloved Disney Princess movies to date. Ariel has an adventurous spirit and while she fell for Eric at first sight, she worked hard to make sure she can be with him. The sequel Return to the Sea replaces Ariel with her daughter Melody and she, while being voiced by the lovely Tara Strong, is a weaker version of her mother. The villain is also Ursula 0.5 and the songs are vastly inferior to the original.

3 What’s The Point?

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Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful film that captured audiences and critics alike and it even got nominated for an Emmy. So what happened to the magic when this awful sequel arrived on VHS? Belle’s Magical World not only sports disgusting animation, but the “movie” is just an excuse to compile TV episodes.

Speaking of TV episodes, this was originally going to be a cartoon series, but because of how terrible the quality is, no wonder Disney canned it before it could even have a chance.

2 Frollo Rolling In His Grave

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Disney, just why? Why put us through this awful excuse of a movie? The sequel to The Hunchback of Notre Dame is practically an insult to fans of the original novel and predecessor film. The villain Sarousch is very disappointing compared to the magnificent Frollo.

The sequel has a brighter tone which contrasts greatly to the dark story originally written by Victor Hugo. Let’s not forget the terrible animation and bleak colors. This movie needs to stay in the Disney vault and never come out ever again.

1 Bringing Dishonor

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Mulan II might have gotten better treatment from the visual department despite being a sequel, the setup and one of the characters were ruined completely. Why is Mushu trying to tear Mulan and Shang apart? What happened to him?

This sequel currently holds a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Poor Mulan, she was amazing in her 1998 movie and in here, she is completely incompetent. She fought while defying gender roles and in here, she is bound to them like a loyal wife. That’s not Mulan at all. At least the live-action movie looks promising.

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