Disney: 20 Amazing Fan Arts You Won't Believe

If we haven't ruined your childhood already with this list of hidden adult jokes in Disney princess films, then this next one might just do the trick (but you've read the title, it'll be well worth it). The true greatness of any great franchise comes from how the fans show appreciations. This specifically includes stunning cosplay, compelling fanfiction, and gorgeous fan art. And not many studios can boast having massive trophies for all three. Still, when you've been making movies since the early 1900s, you're bound to grow a decent fanbase. Such a lengthy existence also adds a nostalgia factor, where young generations mature and experience their favorite childhood movies from a new perspective, all the while continuing to support new releases with the next generation.

If you've ever wondered what Tarzan would look like as a girl, what the various princesses of Disney would look like dressed as Sailor Scouts, or just wan to see a sultry punk version of Snow White, then you've come to the right place. With some artistic liberty and unique styles, the artists on our list have reimagined our favorite iconic characters from childhood in a completely new light. Some may amuse you, some may confuse you. And some just might make you feel things you haven't felt in a long time.

And with that ominously weird thought, let's dive right in.

20 Princess Slumber Party

via: DeviantArt (endy-endymia)

Sometimes after a long day of chasing princess (or avoiding them), ruling kingdoms, and just generally misadventuring, a girl just has to lay down on a bed of roses and contemplate where her life turned upside down. To be fair, most were born into their circumstances, and their misfortunes were only a result of others' misdeeds. Snow White had a jealous queen after her, Cinderella had an evil stepmother, Aurora's parents were mean to a fairy so she cursed their daughter.

What would be interesting to see is a Disney crossover film, where all the princesses meet each other at some ball or dance (after their respective "happily ever after" endings) and talk about their lives.

The artist, Endy, was born in England but raised in Japan. Like the one you see above, her works have a kind of melancholic tone to them. If thats a style you can appreciate, have a look at her portfolio.

19 They're Just Friends

via: x-arielle.deviantart.com

You'll recognize this unlikely couple as Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Jasmine from Aladdin. The first never actually fell for her "prince" but rather a soldier who had less than honorable intentions with her. Her relationship with Quasimodo was nothing more than a friendship, tainted by unrequited love. A string of unfortunate happenings later and she ended up in the gallows. Jasmine had a much happier ending, ending up with Aladdin. Still, he did lie to her throughout most of the film. Then again, it was all for love. But even still, he had just met this girl, so we all know what I mean by "love."

Point is, the men of Disney don't all deserve the pedestal they've been put on, so it's no wonder that sometimes the girls need some time alone. At least, this seems to be the thought process of Ehryel, the talented artist behind this lovely work.

18 Fairy Love

via: Deviant Art (p-girls)

As long as you're not one to Tink-shame then this is definitely art you can appreciate. The fairy on the far left is likely recognizable by all: Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. Her fairy friends first appeared in the CG animated film Tinker Bell where the lovable fairy talks for the first time (in Peter Pan, she communicated mostly through sassy body language and poofing out fairy dust).

In the P-Girls portfolio on DeviantArt, you'll find pieces pretty much just like this one, with few that are a bit more out there. The work is meant to appeal to a specific demographic when it comes to "personal preferences" and I'm hoping my use of "ambiguous quotations" provide ample enough hints as to what I'm "talking about." The real question is are you going to see for yourself or check out that next piece of fan art below.

17  If Tarzan Were A Girl

via: DeviantArt (samdelatorre)

Here we have recreated for us, the iconic scene from Tarzan where our brave protagonist battles a ferocious cheetah in the depths of the jungle. Many might remember the heart-pounding scene where the dust settles, and we fear King of the Jungle has perished. Then, out of the dark, he comes stumbling out, carrying the carcass of his prey over his head, letting out a triumphant battlecry. The image above shows the same scene with one small difference (I'll let you figure out what it is).

The artist, Sam DelaTorre hails from the Philippines. He has a distinct art style, applied to characters from all corners of video game and comic book universe. Fair warning, most have NSFW versions, including for the one above.

16 Draw Me Like One Of Your Disney Princesses

via: Deviant Art (herofan135)

It would be funny to imagine Leonardo DiCaprio's character from Titanic sitting across from her, nervously sketching the model that lays before him. Many would think Naveen, her love interest in the film, would be jealous. But I feel it'd be much more likely that he strips down and asks for a portrait of his own. Tiana herself seems more than happy to be his muse, though if you've seen Titanic, she is a tad overdressed.

Mathias Ryden Persson, or herofan135 as he's called on DeviantArt, calls himself a hobbyist, though his talent speaks for itself. His portfolio features a variety of interesting subjects, though the portraits of prominent female protagonists do stand out among the crowd.

15 Help Me [Insert Prince Name Here], You're My Only Hope

via: DeviantArt (jmascia)

Well this image is like four different fantasies coming true at the same time. And given that Disney has owned the Star Wars franchise for some time now, the mash-up makes some level of sense. Now, on the off chance the references here don't make sense, or if you simply can't believe your eyes, what you're seeing is basically some of the Disney princesses each dressed up like Princess Leia when she was enslaved to Jabba the Hutt. The only difference is that the girls here seem much happier about their situation.

James Mascia is the American artist behind this work. If there are any other dreams you want to come true through digital art, he takes commissions.

14 Make A Man Out Of You

via: DeviantArt (knightjj)

Let's take a break from the princesses and take a moment to appreciate the princes...in the princesses' outfits. The sheer combination of confusion, fear, and joy swirling around in this photo is absolutely hysterical. There's Hercules and the Beast, unsure of what life choices led them to this moment. Aladdin is trying to figure out why his top won't stay on, feeling a little sympathetic towards Jasmine. Naveen and the princes from Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are really feeling themselves in their new attire, while Prince Eric  has never seemed happier in his life to be a flopping mermaid.

You have knightJJ,  and illustration student from the Netherlands, to thank for this work of art. They consider the characters of Disney to be their primary muses, and are working on their own webcomic called Atlas.

13 What's His Safe Word?

via: DeviantArt (steevinlove)

In the original story, Belle is taken captive by the Beast in return for her father's freedom. In her time at the castle she turns from prisoner to friend to love interest. Her strong, independent nature manifests itself throughout her time in the castle, though only to a relatively measured degree. The film often reminds us she is a hostage, regardless of how fearless and calm she may seem at times.

Well, Steevin Love decided to take her "dominating" character trait to the extreme with a rather adult-themed depiction of the Disney duo. To many, it may seem like a fairly literal depiction of the actual relationship between Belle and the Beast. The American professional artist includes similar depictions of various other princesses and childhood characters in his digital portfolio.

12 Resemblance To Kate Upton Is Uncanny

via: DeviantArt (killkatt)

Any fan of Grand Theft Auto V will remember the famous photo of a girl in a red bikini on the beach, posing for a spunky selfie. In fact, there was a small legal dispute over it involving Lindsay Lohan, who claimed the artists used her likeness to create the character. Some saw the resemblance, while another camp believed she looked much more like the model, Kate Upton. You can read up on it here.

Perhaps Billy Rentaria, the Mexican artist, saw another character altogether: Gazelle from Zootopia. Voiced by the pop star Shakira, Gazelle herself is also a musical celebrity in the film (also a literal Gazelle). Whether or not her personality makes her a good fit for the above recreation is totally up to you.

11 They're Also Just Friends

via: DeviantArt (ehryel)

"Well, MY prince fought a dragon to save me!"

"Oh I wish I could've married him. Mine was alright but he could be a little untamed at times."

At least, that's how I imagine the conversation going down. It's strange how Prince Phillip was already a young boy, no less than 10 probably, when Aurora was born. That means that when they met again as adults, when she was 16, he was 26. I'm not sure about back then, but there are definitely laws against that now.

You may recognize the visual style as that of Ehryel, the artist of the first image. Be sure to check her out on DeviantArt for more princess love!

10 Disney Sailor Senshi

via: Deviant Art (twotigermoon)

Not many Disney princesses (besides perhaps Mulan and Kida) can actually boast the title of "soldier" as they haven't actually seen real combat. Still, who are we to say they couldn't hold their own in a fight, equipped with magical girl outfits and elemental abilities. I am referring, of course, to the characteristics of Sailor Senshi, from the popular anime Sailor Moon. Ordinary girls in society, they transform into their magic alter egos when the need to fight evil arises not unlike some of the storylines from Disney films.

Wendy Harmon, also known as TwoTigerMoon saw fit to make the mash-up in her own unique style. While she loves Disney, she also holds World of Warcraft close to her heart, using the lore as one of the many inspirations for her artwork.

9 That Ketogenic Diet Really Works

via: Deviant Art (kishishiotani)

You may not recognize him at first, but what you see before you is Maui from the recent Disney release, Moana. Rather than appear as a rather plump-looking surfer dude, he looks more like a kawaii sensei straight out of a swimming anime...y'know, if you're into that kind of thing. Maui is actually the major figure in Polynesian mythology, widely considered a god or diety in several cultures. In the film, he represents Hawaiian mythology, but he is also present in other Polynesian communities such as New Zealand.

Kristin Soltau is a German artist whose style consists of vibrant, anime-like themes. Using some stylish artificial lens flare and fantasy color schemes, she reimagines iconic characters in her own image. Be sure to check her out on DeviantArt.

8 Glass Half Full

via: DeviantArt (soniamatas)

In the climactic scene of Aladdin, Jafar traps Jasmine in a giant hourglass, which begins to fill up with sand. Aladdin rushes to save the princess, who looks terrified as she inches closer and closer to being buried alive. But somehow, the Jasmine in this drawing looks much more chill about her imminent death than the one from the movie. The outfit is one point, though, and that's all that matters in the end, is it not?

The creator of this artwork is Sonia Matas, who hails from Spain. She practices her craft professionally, trained with a degree in fine arts and blessed with a passion for creativity. Her wide range of artistic styles, from portrait sketches to full-color illustrations, share a common theme of complex realism and depth. Be sure to give her portfolio a look!

7 Bikini Weather

via: DeviantArt (clc1997)

Given the context of the image, one can assume Elsa is bathing in a pool of icy water, unfazed by the freezing temperatures. This brings up a whole range of physics-related follow-ups questions. Does that mean she's hypersensitive to heat? Does she have an accelerated metabolism to generate the extra energy needed to keep her warm? Would cryostasis actually work on her?

Most people, including the artist, would probably answer all of those with some variation of "it's magic" and insist that we drop the line of questioning and just appreciate the art. Hard to argue with that logic. The illustrator clc1997 takes on a more retro approach to his works, giving them a retro look in terms of both portrayal and color scheme. His many muses range from pop culture icons throughout the years, including but not limited to Disney, Marvel, DC, and even real-life celebrities.

6 The Beauty Of Spring

via: DeviantArt (ehillustrations)

We couldn't showcase Elsa without almost putting her sister Ana in the spotlight. You'll find her posing over a warmer backdrop, her dress seemingly made out of the very aesthetic of Spring. This serves to contrast the colder disposition of her sister. Also, the character was given more realistic proportions, with a likeness resembling that of a mature woman rather than the young girl from the films.

All these special touches are courtesy of the American artist Eric H., better known as eHillustrations. He completed a similarly-themed portrait of Elsa, which looks a lot more terrifying (possibly alluring?) than the one you see above. While mainly focusing on illustrations, Eric is also an aspiring film-maker, currently practicing photography and photomanipulation as some of his many hobbies.

5 A Little Something For The Ladies (Or Gentlemen)

via: DeviantArt (daekazu)

It's no wonder Jasmine fell in love at first sight. Also, it's a good thing Aladdin didn't have to waste any wishes on things like "being more attractive" since he's pretty much there already. Still, there are many ways he could've gone about wooing Jasmine without the whole charade about being a prince. In hindsight, he could've flown up to her balcony, posing and dress just as he is above, and the movie would've ended up being much, much shorter.

At least, that's one insight possibly shared by Daniel Kordek, the Polish artist who spawned this magnificent drawing. He's an avid fan of the Secession and Impressionism art styles, while appreciating the painted and alternative looks present in certain comics and manga.

4 A Little Scantily Clad For An Innocent Princess

via: Deviant Art (j-scott-campbell)

It may be difficult, but if you shift your attention away from the central focus of the image, you'll notice two hards reaching out from the first-person perspective, one of which is holding a basket of apples. As we know from the films, they're all poisoned and will put Snow White under a sleeping spell that can only be broken by true love's kiss. You'd think a girl with her sensibilities and "progressive" fashion style would know better than to accept such an offering from a creepy-looking old woman, but alas she does not.

J "Scott" Campbell is an American artist who, in his own words, simply "like[s] drawing girls." It's an admirable pastime, and his extensive portfolio proves that he's got quite a knack for it. Hit that link for some more quality content.

3 'Tis The Season

via: DeviantArt (ayyasap)

If she can bathe in freezing water, then she can surely brave a snowstorm in lingerie. The furry extensions to her clothing and the outline of a Christmas tree behind her adds the perfect touch to this holiday season. All that's missing is a caroling Olaf, Ana making eggnog, and a mistletoe.

As you may be able to tell, AyyaSAP specializes in female portraits, committing to every last detail in her work. The artist calls Turkmenistan her home, and over the years has become a professional artist. I could go on, but you simply have to check out her gallery to appreciate her talent. She even offers NSFW versions on her Patreon.

2 Saturday Is For The Boys

via: DeviantArt (irenemartini)

Remember way back when I said all the Disney princesses should meet up in a crossover film? Well, we couldn't have that without the same arrangement for the princes. Knowing them, I'm sure they would debate over who had the hardest time getting the girl (and from those featured above, the Beast would probably win that won on account of the fact that he literally had to die and come back to life).

Irene "Eleyon" Martini is a profession artist and animator from Italy. Her childlike, cartoonish style contrasts with her mature imagery and aging aesthetic. If you're unsure of what that looks like, click that link and find out!

1 Morning Stretches

via: DeviantArt (biaani)

When she's not playing with her pet tiger or lounging around a giant palace complaining about how miserable her life is because she can't go live like a poor person, we'd like to think Jasmine spends her spare time working on her morning yoga routine. At least, that's the most innocent thing we can glean from the artwork above.

Biaani is an artist from Mexico, an avid Disney lover, gamer, and rock/metal music fan. Recent additions to her portfolio feature Disney princesses in seductive attire, but she's also drawn inspiration for female video game and comic book characters. Using a cartoonish shading style but realistic coloring, her portraits have a striking resemblance to the characters upon which they are based.

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