Disney: 25 Things Wrong With Beauty And The Beast We All Choose To Ignore

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of really awesome Disney movies. They're given us so many new Disney Princesses and so many songs that are impossible not to sing along to. They make us laugh and warm our hearts when we watch the princess in the movie finally get her happily ever after.

One popular Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Not only is it an animated film but a live action version of the movie staring Emma Watson as Belle was released recently as well. The movie's main character is Belle, a woman living in a small village in France. In her home village, she doesn't exactly fit in. She loves to read and she dreams of having a life outside of her slow, tiny village while other people seem to be happy there. One day, her life changes when she finds herself in a castle just outside her village, living with a beast and a bunch of living household objects.

Although Beauty and the Beast is a classic Disney movie, we have to admit that it's not perfect. As catchy as songs like Be Our Guest are, there are some things in the movie that are totally wrong or just make no sense but, because the movie is such a nostalgic Disney classic, we totally ignore it in favor of just enjoying the film.

To see 25 of the most unusual things that we all pretend aren't totally wrong with Beauty and the Beast, keep reading!

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25 Why Did Belle Sing A Mean Song About The Village?

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We all know that a big part of Beauty and the Beast is the fact that Belle really doesn't fit in with the rest of the people in her village. In fact, she even sings a song about it right at the beginning of the movie.

Considering how rude she was to the other villagers in that song, is it any shock she didn't fit in?

Even though she didn't have much in common with them, being a little nicer and not singing about how boring they are definitely could have helped Belle make some friends!

24 Why Even Have A Library?

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The main reason that Belle doesn't fit in with the other citizens in the village in which she lives is because of the fact that she loves to read. Although there's nothing wrong with that, no one else where she lives likes to, so they just can't relate.

So why does the village even have a library?

Gaston says it's not right for a woman like her to read, but he doesn't seem to care about books either. Is Belle the only person visiting this well-stocked library?

23 Why Do Only Two Characters Have Accents?

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Beauty and the Beast, like the fairy tale that it's based on, is set in France. Even though it's perfectly normal for Disney movies to have characters that don't have accents that correlate with where the movie is set and where the characters are supposed to live, there's something that makes the lack of accents in Beauty and the Beast a little weird.

There are only two characters that have accents: Lumiere and the feather duster! Why give them accents when no one else has them?

22 What Prince Can't Use Silverware?

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Before being cursed to be an animal, Beast was a prince. That's why he lives in such a large castle just outside of Belle's small village! So, it's a little strange in Beauty and the Beast when Belle has to teach Beast how to use silverware to eat his food.

What kind of a prince isn't taught to eat properly?

With such a huge castle and huge dining room, we can't imagine that Beast didn't eat at a lot of fancy events as a prince.

21 What's In A Name?

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Does Beast have a name? He's never referred to anything through the movie as anything but "The Beast" but a Disney superfan might know that he actually does have a name! ...Kind of.

In the tie-in computer game that was released, Beast is given a first name but that's the only place it's mentioned.

Regardless of whether or not Beast has a real name, he's a pretty unforgettable character. It's just strange that even clocks and teacups in his castle have first names but he doesn't!

20 Why Was An 11 Year Old Letting People In?

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The reason that Beast was punished in the first place is because he refused to let an old woman into his castle on a dark and stormy night. While this is rude, there is something weird about it. Beast was said to have been 11 years old when this happened!

Why would an 11 year old be allowed to let strangers in?

Especially considering he's a prince, it seems weird that he was in charge of deciding whether or not strangers could enter the castle.

19 Honestly, No One Would Let Her In

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Let's be honest, no one would let a strange old woman wearing a big cape like this into their house. Whether or not they're an 11 year old prince who lives in a castle, letting a stranger in is just not something that many people do! Especially on a dark and stormy night like the one in which this prince turned away this strange old woman, it's not safe to let a random person into your home. It's not that unusual that this prince turned her away instead of letting her come in.

18 Why Such A Harsh Punishment?!

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Although we totally get that the old woman was offended that the young prince refused to let her into the castle, we have to admit that her punishment was, well, a little much.

Turning someone into a beast just because they failed your selflessness test is too harsh!

Turning him into a beast is bad enough but the only way to reverse it is by finding true love in 10 years? It just seems like a weird punishment that doesn't fit what he did wrong!

17 Why Did They Have To Get Turned, Too?

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When Beast decided not to let that old woman into his castle as a young prince, he wasn't the only one who was punished. Anyone familiar with Beauty and the Beast will know that Beast wasn't entirely alone in his castle. Several servants also lived there and they were turned into household objects.

Punishing them really isn't fair since they did nothing wrong!

Beast is the one who refused to let her in, so why force everyone else to live their lives as teapots and clocks?

16 Where Did That Chip Come From?

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Chip is adorable, right? He's a little teacup from Beauty and the Beast and the son of Mrs. Potts, the tea kettle. The cutest thing about Chip is how fitting his name is because of the fact that he has a chip in him!

That's cute until you remember that he was a human once.

Having a big chip in his head while he's in teacup form may be adorable, but this isn't quite as cute once you think about the fact that what each character looks like relates back to their human selves.

15 Why Is There Only One Of Everything?

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When Belle goes into Beast's castle, she meets a whole cast of living household objects that have been in the castle for the past decade keeping Beast company. Like him, they were all cursed when he refused to let the old woman into his home. They were turned into household objects.

But why is there only one of everything? 

Did Beast really only have one candlestick and one clock in his entire castle? They don't all need to be full, animated characters but it seems odd that only one of each thing like these are shown.

14 Where Did All Those Dresses Come From?

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For the ten years since he was cursed for not letting the old woman into his castle, Beast lived alone with all his servants that had come to life. Although it never mentioned his parents, this isn't exactly strange until you consider one thing.

When it was time for Belle to come down to dinner, the wardrobe just happened to have a dress that fit her perfectly. Where did Beast get these dresses? Did they belong to his parents or his servants? Was he just holding onto them just in case a girl came?

13 How Did The Beast Not Wake Up?

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Anyone who has seen Beauty and the Beast will know that Beast wasn't particularly friendly. He didn't react kindly to people just coming to his house and he wasn't happy about Belle trying to talk to him. Even though Be Our Guest is by far the best song in the movie, we have to admit that something about it just don't make sense.

How heavy of a sleeper was Beast that he didn't notice or care that all his dishes, plates, pots, and pans were performing a huge musical number for Belle?

12 How Did Gaston Know Macbeth?

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Belle is seen as weird in her village for her love of reading. Even Gaston, the village heartthrob, seems to dislike reading. Or does he?

During The Mob Song, Gaston makes a surprising reference to a famous piece of literature.

He sings, "Screw your courage to the sticking place!" as he hypes up the villagers to go after the Beast. This is a reference to MacBeth, a famous play by William Shakespeare. How would Gaston be able to reference this play if he hated reading?

11 How Did The Villagers Forget There Was A Prince?

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The people who live in the village with Belle seriously must have the shortest memory ever. According to the story, Beast was 11 when he was cursed to be transformed from a prince to a monster and it had been 10 years since that happened.

How can a whole village just forget about a prince in 10 years?

No one mentioned the castle even existing until they thought some kind of a monster lived inside it. How did no one remember that it was a prince?!

10 Too Young For Love?

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In order to break the curse that was put on him by the old woman, Beast had to find love. Since he was cursed as an 11 year old and only had about 10 years to find love, it seems like a pretty high order.

How many people really find true love as a teenager?

Even though there are definitely some, it doesn't seem like a high statistic and the fact that he had to find love in such a high-pressure situation definitely seems like it would complicate things.

9 Why Was The Castle Door Unlocked?

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When Maurice first got lost in the woods and stumbled upon the castle, he thought he had found somewhere to catch his breath and relax before he made the journey home. Luckily, the door was open for him to go right on in!

For someone who was so afraid of intruders coming to his castle, it's weird that Beast left the castle door cracked.

Why would someone who is trying to hide from the outside world because he was cursed to be a monster leave his door open? This just made no sense.

8 Why So Paranoid?

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It seems weird that the villagers who live in the village near Beast's castle totally managed to forget about him in 10 short years. But what's even weirder about the circumstances of Beast living in the castle, completely forgotten by the outside world, is the fact that Beast was so concerned about the fact that someone from the village had come to his castle. Maurice had no idea who lived there and neither did anyone else, so why was Beast convinced a villager had come to gawk at him?

7 Why The Sudden Change In Gaston?

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There are a lot of things about Gaston that just don't make sense to us. His jawline, his diet of two dozen raw eggs a day, his obsession with Belle, and the fact that he went from not believing that there even was a "beast" to wanting to form an angry mob to go attack the castle.

Even though The Mob Song is a really catchy song, the movie really doesn't explain his sudden change of heart or why he didn't ask Belle if Beast was really such a monster.

6 How Did Gaston Even Find The Castle?

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After 10 years of no one caring that anyone lived in the castle on the outskirts of the village, you'd think it would be hard for Gaston to find his way there as he lead the angry mob to attack Beast, right? Wrong.

Somehow, Gaston had the magic ability to take everyone straight to the castle. Even though the journey seemed to take Maurice and Belle each several hours, Gaston and his mob made it there in record time! Not only did he know exactly where he was going, he knew a shortcut!

5 Why Did The Village Suddenly Like Belle?

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In the beginning of the movie, everyone thought Belle was a little strange. Once they found out there was a possible monster living in a castle on the outskirts of the village, they were ready to go with Gaston to attack Beast.

But then, at the end of the movie, they stood in the ballroom of the castle and watched Belle dance with her prince. Even though they had mocked Belle for being different and were ready to take Beast out, they were more than happy to celebrate their love at their final dance.

4 Why Did Gaston Want Belle?

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Many Disney fans love Belle. And who can blame them? She's got those adorable Disney Princess eyes, fabulous hair, and she loves to read? She's got it all! But there's one person who was obsessed with Belle that we totally just don't understand.

What did Gaston see in Belle? They had nothing in common! He complained about her love of reading, didn't like Belle's father, and his feelings were clearly not returned. So, why not move on? Gaston's obsession with trying to win Belle over just makes no sense.

3 Why Was Everyone Into Gaston?

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While Gaston was busy obsessing over Belle, there was something in Beauty and the Beast that confused us even more about the hunky villain. You'd think someone so vile and self-centered would never be able to find someone who would fall for him, right? wrong!

Gaston didn't just have one girl following him around the village but he had three identical triplets who were head over heels in love with him. It just makes us wonder even more why he was so hung up on Belle.

2 Why Did Nobody Care About Gaston?

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We know that Gaston was the villain in the movie and that we were definitely not supposed to like him. But when he met his end, it was kind of awkward that no one really cared about it.

After Gaston fell into that hole off the edge of the castle, everyone just went and had a party. 

It was like nothing had even happened and Gaston hadn't just let a mob to the castle with him in order to take on the monster he thought lived within it.

1 Why Were Those Wolves Even There?

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At two points in the movie, wolves that were lurking between Belle's village and Beast's castle jumped out of nowhere to attack one of the main characters. Considering the fact that Beast's castle was so forgotten about, we have to wonder why the wolves continued to stay there and try to find food. There really couldn't have been that many people or animals that travel through that part of the woods for them to eat. Why wouldn't they go somewhere else to hunt instead of waiting right there?

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