30 Nostalgic Disney Collectibles So Overpriced It's Unfair (And How Much They're Worth)

Disney has been a successful brand for many years. The company has produced dozens of movies and shows in the decades it's been kicking. Due to the popularity of their productions, their accompanying toy lines has been an almost equal success. Many of those toys are reasonably priced so parents can buy them for their kids, like plushes and toy sets. Some were a little bit fancier for display on your parents' bookshelf, like snow globes and mugs. I personally loved my large Eeyore and Tigger toys as a baby – I was tiny and they were bigger than me – but they were eventually lost to time as I got older. However, a few Christmases ago, my parents got me two large plushes of Pooh and Eeyore and, despite the fact that I was a nineteen-year-old, I loved them. My parents also have a beautiful snow globe from Disneyland Paris of Minnie stuck in a bubble and the other classic gang trying to help her.

We all have items like that which make us feel intense nostalgia for times gone by. It is this the nostalgia that causes certain rare items to be worth an absolute fortune. Fans and collectors who have some cash to burn can head to an auction and bag themselves an unusual piece of Disney magic. But just how much can these items sell for?

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30 Kissing Simba And Nala ($99.99)

via pinterest.com

This is so cute! Their little noses have magnets in them so when you bring their noses close they'll look like they're kissing. I love this so much, just look it; how could you resist this adorable toy.

I mean, I can't afford it and don't know what I'd do with it besides repeatedly push their noses back and forth forever. It would be better in another collector's hands but would they love it as much as me? I don't think so.

29 Adult Nala Plush ($149.99)

via wortpoint.com

Nala was always such a cutie. It's a shame that she didn't get so much screen time (shoutout to Sarabi while we're here – what a queen). I loved Nala as a kid and wished we could have seen more of her. She looks perfect for cuddling or just displaying in a glass case. I hope the kids who owned her played with her a lot because I would have sold all my candy to have a plush like this one.

28 River Rowing Pocahontas And Meeko ($190)

via flickr.com

Pocahontas was not the best Disney movie – controversial, I know – but at least its tone was consistent. Meeko is an adorable animal and Just Around The Riverbend is the second best bop in the soundtrack, so this toy is pretty neat. It's motorized so she does actually paddle through the water, probably in a bath or river if you live near one. This would have been pretty cool to play with – not bad, Disney.

27 Mickey’s Magic Water Game ($220)

via etsy.com

Water games were a big thing at my grandma's house. I would spend hours trying my best to get all the little hoops in the right place but would only succeed every once in a while.

It feels so nostalgic looking at this.

If you happen to have an old one of these lying around you may want to dig it out of the cupboard to make a quick buck. Did you ever win at one of these?

26 Darkwing Duck Thunderquak Jet ($275)

via: Pinterest.com

An underrated character in the Disney canon, Drake Mallard dons his disguise to fight crime in this episodic adventure series. He premiered in an age where Superman wasn't gone and Marvel hadn't sunk, so he had a lot of competition. Even so, he carved his own place in the hearts of nineties kids all over the West with his wit and cool gadgets. Here we have a toy version of the Thunderquak Jet – what a ridiculous bill!

25 Adventure Buddy Woody ($300)

via pinterest.com

This cheeky looking Woody is a talking doll complete with floppy legs just like Woody is in the Toy Story movie. It also emulates Woody's iconic voice box mechanism from the movies. If you want a new partner on your Wild West adventures then this would have been a good choice, but now that it's worth a lot maybe don't play with it. This toy belongs on a feature shelf where he can chat with all the other collectibles on this list.

24 Buzz Lightyear Toy ($354)

via thesaleroom.com

The irony here is astounding. In the original Toy Story movie, Buzz is adamant that he is not some toy but an actual Space Ranger who must defeat the evil Zurg. However, his journey to acceptance of friendship and his identity is sweet to watch.

To splurging and beyond!

Buzz Lightyear is a beloved character in the eyes of many and I'm sure any fan would be delighted to own this very fancy version of Buzz for themselves, despite its price point.

23 Aladdin Sega Genesis Video Game ($429.99)

via: Youtube.com

If you've got an old Sega Genesis lying around it may be worth giving this a go. This game came out not long after the release of the movie and enjoyed relative popularity during its run. If you happen to have a spare $500 dollars to drop on a vintage video game then go for it. If not, I'm sure there are emulators that have the game ready for a modern audience. Bless those archivists trying to preserve games for future generations by emulating them.

22 Vintage Mickey Watch ($455)

via: Topsimages.com

Having watches with hands and dates on them seems a little outdated these days, but allow me to romanticize them for a moment. Having a watch on your wrist helps you get to where you need to be and can even match your outfit.

Phones have the same functionality, but you can get different watches for different occasions. Old-fashioned watches are a sign that either you're rich, or old-school, or both. This Seiko Mickey is adorable and another thing I would pay for if I could.

21 Beauty And The Beast VHS ($500)

via pinterest.com

Beauty and the Beast is a real hot commodity, apparently. Getting a practically new VHS these days is gonna cost you a decent amount of money to get not only the VHS but also a VHS player if you can't scrounge one from a family member or neighbor.

It'll be interesting to watch younger children try to figure out how to work it. I wonder how long it'll take them. Kids are smart, so I'm sure it will be a breeze.

20 The Little Mermaid Storybook And Music Box ($500.90)

via youtube.com

Interactive books with narration and music are an excellent tool to help kids get into reading. With many children finding difficulty reading regular books, something like this would be ideal in any home or classroom.

However, now it is on eBay for a crazy amount of money. So maybe not the most ideal book to give to a child. I don't even know why this is so expensive. Granted it is a book and a music box, but hey, I don't know how selling stuff works.

19 Mickey And Donald, Snow White Pez Dispensers  ($600-$800)

via etsy.com

Does anybody out there remember Pez dispensers? In case you forgot, Pez dispensers are cute plastic toys that dispense fizzy candies. They often have cartoon character heads or superhero designs and were a massive hit among kids.

These are usually pretty cheap to pick up in any store so kids can buy them with their pocket money. How crazy is it, then, that there are two specific kinds that sell for hundreds of dollars?

18 Cheshire Cat Prototype Cookie Jar ($799)

via: Pinterest.com

Concept art is essential to the process of creating the characters we know and love. This means that they often look very different in the early planning stages when compared with their final polished counterpart; the Cheshire cat is no exception to this.

There was a short run of cookie jars designed like the early concept of the Cheshire Cat, smiling as always, made available to the public. However, this is a unique and rare find so not many know it even exists.

17 Aladdin Plush Genie ($1,000)

via worthpoint.com

Aladdin is many fans' favorite Disney movie, and for good reason; it has a good soundtrack, good characters, and the late Robin Williams. Genie was funny, charismatic, and well-developed as a character and features in many posters, merchandise, and promotional materials.

Imagine selling your old Genie plush for a grand online – is it worth letting him go for that much? Pretty ironic to sell him for money if you ask me. I mean, I loved my old Disney plushes but I don't know about buying one for that much.

16 The Little Mermaid Talking Ariel Doll ($1,700)

via: worthpoint.com

Disney owes The Little Mermaid a lot; it singlehandedly saved the Disney company from failing and began the Renaissance of movies we love today. It is no wonder then that Disney went all in when making merchandise for the flippered princess.

This talking Ariel doll is in mint condition and in the box that she came in – a rare find indeed. It's a shame no child got to play with her but she will make someone out there happy.

15 Cruella De Vil Display Prop ($8,750)

via: syfy.com

Disney stores are always so well decorated. They need to look attractive to bring in customers but I personally was always drawn to the props on the shelves. I never really wanted to collect figurines but I love Disney props. They are large, dynamic and bright versions of some of the most iconic characters in the Disney canon. One, in particular, Cruella De Vil, can sell for thousands of dollars to people like me (except they are way richer than me).

14 Indiana Jones Adventure Animatronic Hand ($10,000)

via icollector.com

Remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry messes up using floo powder? He ended up in Borgin and Burke's shop on Knockturn Alley and touches a hand that grabs him in a cheap jump scare.

Lending you a hand (for a price).

A skeletal hand like that from the Indiana Jones Adventure ride sold for thousands of dollars – go figure. Animatronics freak me out but I respect the engineering and smarts that are needed to create them. I was spooked by animatronics before Five Nights At Freddy's.

13 Original Beauty And The Beast Tea Set ($12,987)

via: pinterest.com

Lots of kids around the world have had imaginary tea parties, sometimes even going all out with juice and finger sandwiches, with their stuffed animals and friends.

It is regarded as a childish feminine pastime that people will grow out of at some point or other. I imagine that some may consider throwing another tea party if they own this particular original Beauty and the Beast tea set. Then again, at this price-point, this may be one of those sets that exist for presentation only.

12 Black Diamond VHS Of Beauty And The Beast ($13,500)

via pinterest.com

Feels like every other day there's a tweet about kids not knowing what old school tech is; cassette tapes, floppy disks and VHS' are slowly being lost to popular knowledge. Despite this, tonnes of families still have some VHS tapes locked away in the attic or the garage; if you do too then you could be sitting on a gold mine. eBay sellers are selling the black diamond collection editions of Beauty and the Beast for thousands of dollars.

11 1st Edition Walt Disney's Comics And Stories ($14,000)

via comicconnect.com

Not long after Disney began making a name for himself and his brand, he released a comic series in 1940 and ran until 2011. Not only were the comics fun and lighthearted tales for the characters to go on adventures, but they can be worth quite a bit of cash. Particularly the first edition of the first comic will net you $14,000, which is nothing to sneeze at. Comic nerds across the world unite to get your hands on a copy.

10 Jack Skellington Head ($30,000)

via icollector.com

Jack Skellington is a famous icon for Disney fans, Halloween fanatics, and Christmas fans alike. He is charismatic, fickle, and dramatic and therefore highly relatable. We all adore him and some adore him so much that they are willing to pay the big bucks to have him.

The Jack Skellington head is large and exactly as you would expect and honestly requires no persuasion. He's cool and I imagine you could find some interesting places to put this to jumpscare folks.

9 Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Devil ($37,375)

via icollector.com

I'll be real here, I don't know much about Mr. Toad; how are there devils involved with him? I know that the Mr. Toad story came from The Wind In The Willows, but that's about it. Supposedly the original ride was one of the first rides Walt Disney installed when the park first opened. Then another version cropped up until the late 20th century until that was replaced by the Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh ride.

8 Bedazzled Cinderella Castle ($37,500)

via shopdisney

I remember back in the early 2000s when bedazzled items and diamante items were THE fashion statement. Girls in the playground showed off their glitzy pencil cases and lunchboxes with their names surrounded by other envious girls.

Disney seems to have caught onto this at some point, considering this ridiculously bedazzled Cinderella castle is on sale for a whopping $37,500. Many little girls around the world would be pleased to have this in their room.

7 Enchanted Tiki Room Robot Birds ($40,250 - $153,400)

via icollector.com

Animatronics are a big deal in the auction and collector's world it seems. The Enchanted Tiki room was full of colorful and 'exotic' decor that many people remember fondly. There, like in many other places at the Disney parks, was full of animatronics to make the decor come alive for the visitors. Two examples that were sold were two animatronic Tiki birds that moved and squawked above the excited visitors. I wonder if they still work?

6 It’s A Small World Animatronic Doll ($41,300)

via icollector.com

I swear we just can't get away from animatronics on this list. In my honest opinion, this one is the creepiest of them all and honestly, I would not be surprised if it was haunted; Disney is one of the most popular places in the world to scatter a loved ones' ashes.

Great, so not only does it look creepy but it most likely has at least a dozen ghosts attached to it. I guess that explains the high price tag, but why you would invite that kind of energy into your home is beyond me.

5 Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Skeleton ($124,000)

via mickey photos

This skeleton is cool; he's just chilling and is ready to party. I would actually drop money on this one and set it up in my house (I'm one of those people who is super into Halloween). While casuals would dismiss this as a regular Halloween decoration, fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride know the truth. The problem is it is also probably haunted since this ride is also popular for macabre funeral rituals.

4 Charlotte Clark Mickey And Minnie Dolls ($151,524)

via google

Fans of vintage animation and games like Cuphead and Bendy And The Ink Machine will love these. Charlotte Clark was an American seamstress who designed and made the original Disney dolls.

The designs are reminiscent of old-school animation and are beautiful to look at. However, these dolls are rare to find and even rarer to find in excellent condition. With this in mind, the thousands of dollars it takes to get one starts to make sense.

3 Mickey Mouse And Goofy 1956 Comic ($250,000)

via: catawiki.com

Comics are less of a niche these days since the rise of modern superhero movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man. Now many people, even those who do not read comics, know that certain comics can be worth big bank depending on the comic, era and condition (among other factors). One of those valuable comics is the Mickey Mouse and Goofy comic from 1956, which would be amazing to see in person.

2 Signed The Art Of Walt Disney Artbook With Mickey And Donald Sketch  ($300,000)

via: amazon.co.uk

Getting autographs from your favorite Disney characters and mascots at the parks is part of the fun when you're a kid. It's great seeing each character's unique signature and trying to collect them all. If you're a signature fan, try grabbing hold of an original The Art Of Walt Disney artbook signed by the man himself. There's even a sketch of Mickey and Donald on there – so cute!

1 Celebration Mickey Gold Statue ($4,000,000)

via luxurylaunches.com

Some people get gift cards, clothes or maybe games for their birthday. Some lucky teens get cars for their sweet sixteens. What did good old Walt Disney get for his 100th birthday? A 24 karat gold 2-foot statue of Mickey Mouse. Not only is this a one of a kind item, but it also has a one of a kind price tag of four million. Anybody else feel poor just reading this? I feel you, friend.

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