Dissidia NT Is Getting A Final Fantasy Tactics Stage

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics are always excited when the game receives some recognition from Square Enix, as it feels as if we are one step closer to a remaster or a true sequel. Dissidia NT is about to give Final Fantasy Tactics some much-needed love in the form of a new stage based on the game.

The Orbonne Monastery is being added to the PlayStation 4 version of Dissidia NT as a stage in an upcoming update that is due to arrive in March. This level is designed to look like the original as much as possible, to the point where you can see the background beyond the boundaries of the stage.


The Orbonne Monastery was the location where you fought your first battle in Final Fantasy Tactics. This is where Delita manages to capture Princess Ovelia, while her guards are busy protecting the Monastery from a frontal assault. Ramza has to return there later in the game, in order to find the Virgo auracite, which results in several pitched battles against the Knights Templar.

The Orbonne Monastery stage in Dissidia NT is notably smaller than most other stages in the game and lacks cover. The Monastery itself can be used as a platform so that the player can run up its walls and reach a higher elevation. The stage also has a day & night cycle, with the nighttime version of the Monastery covering the stage in a thunderstorm, which matches the first battle in Final Fantasy Tactics. 

There is still no word on a Final Fantasy Tactics villain being added to the game

The simplicity of the Orbonne Monastery stage might be favorable to some players, as one of the complaints about the other stages in Dissidia NT is that their size can turn matches into bouts of dashes where one character keeps fleeing from others. The Orbonne Monastery lacks space in which to run and cover behind which to hide, meaning that it would require a greater focus on offense, rather than evasion. This might be the Super Smash Bros. Final Destination-style stage that fans have been asking for.

The Orbonne Monastery stage will be added to the Japan-exclusive arcade version of Dissidia NT on the 22nd of February, with the PlayStation 4 version of the game receiving the stage in March.




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