26 Dragon Ball Whispers That Are Hilarious

The concept behind whisper confessions is brilliant. The internet is hardly an anonymous place, so it is refreshing to have a single app where people are free to write whatever they please. It does not even need to be something particularly interesting or important, as most whispers tend to land on the mundane side. Still, whisper.sh provides a great way to get things off your chest while relieving some stress. There are whispers on pretty much every single topic; including love, sports, and politics.

We are not here to talk about silly things like relationships or the turbulent state of the world. No, this list is all about Dragon Ball. Remember that part of how there are whispers about everything? Well, that obviously includes anime. Akira Toriyama's manga captured the hearts of many readers from around the world, something that was only enhanced by the popularity of the anime and video games. Dragon Ball first started in the 1980s and is still going strong today, with Dragon Ball Super showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Quite a few people in their late 20s grew up watching the series, culminating in a huge fanbase that loves nothing more than to show their appreciation for the series. Deviant Art is packed with fan-art based on the franchise, and there is a budding cosplay community who dress solely as Dragon Ball characters.

Here are 25 disturbing Dragon Ball whisper confessions you won’t believe.

26 Going Super Saiyan Is Not Always Awesome

Via whisper.sh

For someone who has never tried out Whisper.sh, they might imagine that the majority of the posts fall on the deranged or disgusting side. Surprisingly, that is not actually the case. Most whispers are either completely tame or depict a vulnerability that the writer cannot quite express in their everyday life. Dimmick's post is a prime example, as he uses a well-known pop culture reference to elaborate on his current emotional state. Despite the goofy image, this declaration is harrowing. Here is a person who is clearly going through a hard time, and Whisper.sh might be the only resource available for them to vent out that frustration. Communities also tend to come together when the going gets tough, as another user left a supportive comment for Dimmick.

25 Time And Place...

Via whisper.sh

In this case, we recommend using your inner voice. While it might sound awesome, pretending to go Super Saiyan tends to always seem weird. Remove the blonde hair and massive pecs, and all you are left with is a guy screaming "FRIEZA!" at the top of his lungs. A partner who knows the transformation's origin story might not be completely lost, but they might not necessarily appreciate the sudden outburst. Obviously, this is not a universal rule, as many people love to engage in a bit of role-playing. At the end of the day, this is another whisper that reverberates the notion that finding a woman who enjoys Dragon Ball is rather impossible. If that elusive person ever happens to be discovered, please ask her before going Super Saiyan.

24 A Call For Action

Via whisper.sh

It can be said that everyone is searching for companionship, and whisper confessions definitely back up that belief. So many posts are centered around a potential rendezvous, with men and women asking whether there is somebody out there for them. As the whole point is to be anonymous, what is really the point? These whispers are unlikely to lead anywhere, although other people can reply with their own comment to start a back and forth. If there exists one common trend when it comes to Dragon Ball whispers, it would be that fans seem to be surprised there are actually women who like the anime. This whisper would not be out of place on craigslist, and that is troubling enough for anyone to be skeptical.

23 Time And Place (Part 2)

Via whisper.sh

Dragon Ball Z might be known for the explosive action-sequences and cool transformations, but there is definitely a lot of attractive dudes on it. If Sailor Moon helped boys through puberty, then Goku and friends might have done the same for girls. Most of the fighters spend the majority of their time working out or having their shirt blown off during a battle. Goku's abs are the real star of the show, and they get a considerable amount of screen-time. Like Sailor Moon, the transformation sequences are powerful and exciting, as Super Saiyan adds a degree of mystery to the characters. At the end of the day, Dragon Ball Z is a great way to distract yourself during a particularly stressful time, so why not watch it?

22 Trouble In Paradise

Via whisper.sh

To be fair, it takes two to tango. Chemistry might be hard to create if one half of the team is distracted by something completely unrelated. At times, it takes genuine efforts for sparks to fly between a couple, so giving up and blaming it completely on a single person is unlikely to help. Sure, she might not be great at the moment, but practice should help. As the old saying goes; when life gives you lemons, you should get right back on the horse because tomorrow is a brand new day. Sorry, we might be mixing up some of our clichés. Dragon Ball Z is not going anywhere, but your girlfriend might not always be there. So, prioritizing the latter is probably the smart bet.

21 A Girl's Creepy Dreams

Via whisper.sh

There is really no need to be embarrassed, as who among us has not dreamt about their favorite anime character? From the series' entire male cast, Vegeta seems to garner the most attention. Actually, this makes perfect sense, as the Saiyan Prince is Dragon Ball Z's resident bad boy. Unlike Goku, Vegeta actually demonstrates a genuine interest in his wife. While Goku continues to come across as somewhat of a child, Vegeta is definitely a man. He might be prone to throwing a tantrum or two; but, a the very least, Vegeta occasionally pretend to act like an adult. Going out on a date with Goku might feel like babysitting, while the Saiyan Prince would presumably take charge.

20 Them's Fightin' Words

Via whisper.sh

Dragon Ball Z is really not that old. Sure, the Japanese anime ended over two decades ago, but the English dub only started to hit its strides a few years later. Sure, someone not knowing about Dragon Ball might suggest they are younger than 18, but a previous whisper already established that every girl hates the entire franchise. From that perspective, not knowing about the series might be the better option. The reply is also rather juvenile and stereotypical, and it does not make all that much sense. Whether she has a life plays no part on how old she happens to be. There is this common misconception that anyone who enjoys an anime, even one as popular as Dragon Ball, must be an otaku. It might be time to grow up.

19 Sigh

Via Whisper.sh

Yeah, why is that? Why do people like things? Is there a correlation between shōnen anime and someone's race? If there is, this is the first time we are hearing about it. In this case, you will need to provide the research to back up this hypothesis, otherwise, we will have view this whisper with a grain of salt. A Twitter account provides a bit of a backdrop, so it is possible to find context for any perplexing comment. Sure, further information does not always help matters, but it is better than nothing. Whispers tend to be around the same length as a twit, without any chance of following up on the comment. Like a fart in a packed elevator, it just lingers in the air with nobody needing to take responsibility. Eventually, the moment will pass and everyone moves on.

18 Vegeta To Your Bulma

Via whisper.sh

Dude, there are countless of online communities dedicated to role-playing. While a whisper might be perfect for certain comments, you might have better luck fulfilling this fantasy by taking a different approach. Role-play refers to the act of assuming another persona for the sake of entertainment. While this Whisperer is probably not searching for wholesome fun, role-playing is not necessarily just for late-night activities. There are entire festivals dedicated to creating a unique setting or time-period, and cosplay has become an extremely popular way for fans to show their appreciation for their favorite products. Dragon Ball Z role-play probably does not rank among the most popular, although there should be a few people interested in trying it out. In the digital age, you are never truly alone.

17 After An Exhaustive Survey, The Results Are In...

Via whisper.sh

Girls, why do you not love Dragon Ball? We are just trying to understand the way you think. Honestly, there are countless whispers that directly contradict this declaration, as people tend to form their own opinions. Shockingly, there are even guys who do not enjoy watching Dragon Ball Z. Admittedly, the anime was marketed towards boys rather than girls, but there are definitely things that can be enjoyed by both parties. Regardless of someone's gender, Dragon Ball is primarily an action-comedy series and that style of entertainment is not going to be for everyone. Also, the plot was hardly the anime's strong suit, as Dragon Ball Z largely followed a set formula. Dragon Ball GT receives almost universal hate, while the fanbase seems split by Super. So, it is not like every fan loves the entire franchise.

16 The Passage Of Time

Via whisper.sh

Sadly, time stops for no man (or woman). Revisiting childhood favorites is not always a considered a great idea as the show might not hold up. At times, it is better to leave the memories alone. Rewatching a beloved series or movie from your formative years serves as a clear reminder that those days are gone. While watching anime and playing games can still be enjoyable, the best step might be to try something new and not stick to shows like Dragon Ball Z or Digimon. We grew up on these shows and that was quite a long time ago. Hiromi Tsuru, a veteran voice actress who worked on Dragon Ball and Ranma 1/2, recently passed away at the tender age of 57. She will be sorely missed and thank you for playing a part in our collective childhoods.

15 KamehameHOT

Via whisper.sh

Well, this is just sweet. You know, it is genuinely rare to find an online gamer who is willing to reach out to a complete stranger. While a handful of games do have great communities built around them, there are quite a few toxic ones out there. This is especially true when it comes to MMOs and competitive shooters, two genres that Dragon Ball tends to avoid. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is probably the game mentioned in this whisper, as Dimps' action-adventure title offers a decent multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, unlocking the Kamehameha takes a bit of work, so the girl might be left disappointed. Assuming the comment was not sent by a guy pretending to be a girl, this should put to bed the notion that women do not enjoy Dragon Ball.

14 Wait, How Is THAT Strange?

Via whisper.sh

Western fans of Dragon Ball Z tend to prefer the English dub due to Goku being voiced by a man. In the Japanese version, the talented Masako Nozawa is the actress behind the Super Saiyan, and her performance could be offputting for those who are used to the protagonist's manlier voice. The Saiyan Prince is easier to digest, as both versions are rather similar. Despite serving as a punching bag for the majority of the series, Vegeta's domineering voice ensures that he always comes across as powerful and dignified. Ryō Horikawa is the Japanese actor who spent the best part of the last 30 years screaming Kakarot at the top of his lungs, which is unlikely to change anytime soon as he continues to work on Dragon Ball Super.

13 They Exist! Quickly, Take A Picture Before It Is Too Late!

Via whisper.sh

Finally, the prayers have been answered. After dozens upon dozens of whispers asked for the creation of a girl who enjoys Dragon Ball Z, their wish was granted. Amusingly, there are only two whisper.sh to this whisper and neither seems interested. The person that she (or he) is searching for seems to good to be true. Humor is subjective, so might as well count that one out; but finding a partner who is nice, hard-working, and a big Dragon Ball Z fan? Someone that great must already be snatched up. Going from the assumption that the poster is female, this whisper should put to rest the notion that girls simply hate Dragon Ball. Guys, it is way too early to throw in the towel.

12 You Have Gone TOO Far

Via Whisper.sh

There are a few lines that simply should not be crossed. Over the course of history, humanity has only really agreed on a handful of topics. One of those happened to be that Dragon Ball Evolution is an atrocity and should be banished to movie-hell alongside The Last Airbender and Howard the Duck. Unsurprisingly, this whisper received a handful of replies, with nobody really backing up the anonymous' poster's declaration. Dragon Ball Evolution was Hollywood's lame attempt to bring Toriyama's anime to the big screen, resulting in a limp action-comedy that captured none of the franchise's charm. Dragon Ball GT was the only thing that benefited from the creation of the movie, as the series is no longer considered the worst release of the franchise.

11 Death, How About A Game Of Dragon Ball?

VIa whisper.sh

For most children, TV tends to provide their first experience with death. While a handful of children shows do write off a character, the majority shy away from showing anything too traumatizing. Dragon Ball Z was not one of these shows. Heroes and villains were dying all over the place, with even Goku succumbing to faith. Fortunately, the dragon balls made it relatively easy to bring them back from the afterworld. These items allow a single wish to be granted, including reviving an entire planet which was destroyed. It could be argued that Dragon Ball offers one of the worst depictions of someone ending, as the anime rarely shows it as being definitive. Since overpopulation is a genuine problem, it is probably for the best that the dragon balls are only fiction.

10 Prince Of Saiyans

Via whisper.sh

Come on, Disturbed were not THAT bad in the early 2000s. Ten Thousand Fists and Believe have a handful of rocking tunes on them, and the tracks used for the Dragon Ball movies were not terrible. Fear and Stupify featured on Lord Slug's soundtrack, while Cooler's Revenge included The Game alongside a host of Drowning Pool songs. In this case, we are referring to Funimation's English dub, as the original Japanese versions feature a completely different selection of songs. If anything, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within helped cement Disturbed in the public sphere a lot more than Dragon Ball Z, especially since the movies were nowhere near as popular as the main series. With regards to the fall of Disturbed's popularity, we are not quite sure what was meant by the Whisperer.

9 Who Wants To Go Dumpster Diving Tonight?

Via whisper.sh

That is actually a great find. Seriously, a quick search on Amazon reveals that the complete Dragon Ball Z series requires a hefty investment of around $250. We are just talking about the DVD set here, as the Blu-Ray goes for a few hundred more. On the other hand, Dragon Ball GT is currently on sale for a measly $24.96, which is a price that reflects the anime's overall quality. To be fair, GT is considerably shorter than its predecessor, although its poor reputation probably does not help matters. Dumpster diving is not an activity for the easily discouraged, as the probability of finding something worth this much is low. If the odds were slightly more favorable, everyone would be giving it a shot.

8 It's Over 9000!

Via whisper.sh

Ah yes, the age-old argument that women cannot express any desires without automatically incurring the wrath of every guy within a ten-mile radius. As this is the digital age, that area of effect has been increased to the entire developed world. The 9000 might seem like an exaggeration, but that number is probably not far from the truth. At the very least, the emails might feel like they go on forever. For the second part of the whisper, there is a right and wrong way to contact another person, especially if they happen to be a stranger. Leaving a positive first impression is vital, and talking about your dragon balls might not be the best way to launch a relationship.

7 What Dreams Are Made Of

Via whisper.sh

There is really no need to be embarrassed, as who among us has not dreamt about their favorite anime character? From the series' entire male cast, Vegeta seems to garner the most attention. Actually, this makes perfect sense, as the Saiyan Prince is Dragon Ball Z's resident bad boy. Unlike Goku, Vegeta actually demonstrates a genuine interest in his wife. While Goku continues to come across as somewhat of a child, Vegeta is definitely a man. He might be prone to throwing a tantrum or two; but, a the very least, Vegeta occasionally pretend to act like an adult. Going out on a date with Goku might feel like babysitting, while the Saiyan Prince would presumably take charge.

6 Yes, That Would Be Rather Weird...

Via whisper.sh

Where to even begin with this one? Was something lost in translation? Dragon Ball is a pretty long series, so maybe we missed an episode, but Gohan and Goku were never really THAT close. Honestly, Gohan and Piccolo would be an easier pill to swallow. The father and son mostly interact during Dragon Ball Z's first two arcs, when the latter was primarily a child. Rule 34 exists for a reason, but let us try to keep their relationship on the level. At the end of the day, Goku is an absentee father who constantly forced Gohan into life-threatening situations, and nobody can convince us otherwise. What is being advertised by the two Saiyans? Is it still available? How well did it sell? So many questions.

5 A Final Request

Via whisper.sh

Egyptians who possessed a decent amount of coin could request to be buried with a handful of their personal belongings. They believed that these funerary objects would accompany the deceased into their afterlife, presumably making the transition a bit smoother. At times, food was also included in the coffin. This practice is nowhere near as common nowadays, as people tend to prefer to leave an item on the grave rather than in the coffin. An action-figure and a DVD would probably fit, although sticking a computer into a casket is a rather tall order. As grave robbers are not extinct, it might be best to avoid leaving anything valuable on the surface. So, maybe place a copy of Dragon Ball GT? That should be safe.

4 A Change Of Color

Via whisper.sh

Over the years, white-face has been used to great comedic effect. Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle are just two examples of how talented entertainers used this tool to comment on privilege and social issues. Make-up is only as good as the person applying it, and the difference between an admirable and terrible job is night and day. In this case, we will have to take the whisperer's word for it. Android 19 was a rather quirky minor villain from Dragon Ball Z's android saga, and he is hardly remembered for his good looks. The antagonist's somewhat silly appearance contradicted his cold and violent personality. Still, the only thing that matters is whether the poster is happy with his new face.

3 The Search For Love Takes A Weird Turn

Via whisper.sh

Dude, this is disappointing. Launch is already a good and bad girl, so there was no need to bring Chi-Chi into this personal ad. There are a few telltale signs that give away when a whisperer was drunk while deciding to share a secret. Anyone who has ever sent or received a drunken text probably picked up on a few similarities, especially with the final line of this comment. That bipolar type behavior is rather common after a few, as everything starts to seem like an awesome idea. After a disappointing night out, whisper.sh is a rather safe bet for leaving a comment or two. Heck, most people might not even remember they left a whisper, while a bad twit is less likely to be forgotten anytime soon.

2 Where Do We Go Now?

Via whisper.sh

This type of declaration is extremely common on whisper.sh. The internet is a fantastic tool that allows people from all over the world to connect with each other. Due to the massive amount of content, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Writing a whisper is the equivalent of shouting out during a packed concert, as it will get lost in the noise. Still, the mere act can have a cathartic effect. Hopefully, this poster felt a bit better after reaching out to the community. There is nothing wrong with loving Dragon Ball Z or video-games, but you have to ask yourself whether they still provide any pleasure. Most things work best in moderation, so a change of pace might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

1 How Dare You Like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, And One Piece!

Via Whisper.sh

Yes, elitists can be found within the anime community. Dragon Ball ZNaruto, and One Piece might be three of the most well-known series of all time, but they earned that status for a reason. Their characters resonated with a huge crowd, resulting in a fan-base that continues to go strong today. Nobody has a right to decide what qualifies as anime, and this elitist mentality does nothing but harms the overall reputation of the community. Who cares whether you prefer Shinsekai Yori or Bleach? It is not your place to say what someone can or cannot enjoy. Also, this person seems to have gone out of their way to try and find a topic of interest that you both share. Frankly, their effort might have been better spent elsewhere.

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