25 Facts That Make Naruto Nuts

In 1997, a certain Masashi Kishimoto published the first volume of a manga series that would go on to make history by becoming one of the most popular shōnen manga series of all time. The Naruto franchise is one of the few eastern products to have not only overcome, but completely shatter the barriers between eastern and western culture. The series has attained fans all over the world, and has attracted a hardcore fanbase that pretty much worships the manga series as the very pinnacle of action-adventure storytelling. The amount of detail that Kishimoto put into crafting this world is truly admirable, and it's easy to see why this franchise is still going strong even after the end of the original manga series.

However, even the most devoted fans of this series have failed to notice a bunch of elements that have appeared in the course of the story that is nothing short of creepy. The fact that Kishimoto even thought that including such elements in a story that's mainly geared towards kids would be appropriate is nothing short of astounding, and one can only wonder if there are keen-eyed children who were scarred for life when they witnessed these disturbing scenes in the manga and/or anime. Here are 25 of the most disturbing facts about Naruto that are truly horrifying.

25 The Torture That Kakashi Felt Under Itachi's Tsukuyomi

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One of the earliest moments in the series when we truly witness the extent of the Sharingan's power comes when Might Guy and Kakashi face off against Kisame and Itachi in one of the most intense battles that had occurred at that point. During this rather tense encounter, Itachi manages to entrap Kakashi in his Tsukuyomi, and the scene that ensues is truly horrifying.

Kakashi enters a warped reality where he gets stabbed time and time again by Itachi, in a twisted form of mental torture that's hard to watch. The worst part is that in Itachi's illusion, time is completely warped. So, while only a few seconds passed in real time, in Kakashi's mind this illusion lasted for days. Any normal man would've lost his sanity, but thankfully Kakashi is no normal man.

That's not the only instance of Itachi abusing his powers...

24 Itachi Unnecessarily Made Sasuke Relive The Worst Night Of His Life

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Itachi's specialty is — among other techniques — genjutsu, which he uses to full effect when he goes into full battle mode against formidable enemies. So, it doesn't really make sense why he would use such a powerful technique against his own brother (especially after the revelations that occur later on).

And yet, for some reason, Itachi pulls out his powerful technique to completely traumatize Sasuke when they happen to meet in Part I of the series. If that wasn't bad enough, Itachi makes Sasuke experience the worst day of his life for well over 24 hours in his mind. It obviously didn't last that long in real life, but as mentioned before, Itachi's time-warping genjutsu makes things seem way longer than they actually are, which obviously made this experience all the more traumatic for Sasuke.

All this just points to the fact that...

23 Itachi Was One Messed-Up Dude

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A lot of fans consider Itachi to be one of the best characters in the series. His cool demeanor, awesome abilities and unwavering love for his brother are just some of the many qualities that have made him one of the fan favorites of the series. However, it seems that most fans simply ignore the disturbing nature of Itachi, and the despicable things he's done since the very beginning of the series. We've already talked about the manner in which he abuses his genjutsu, but the man is capable of worse things.

The fact that he ended all the members of his clan without so much as blinking twice, simply on the orders of the Leaf Village should've been enough of a red flag. If that wasn't bad enough, he also destroyed his lover without so much as a second thought (although in his defense, he did give her a relatively peaceful death).

It seems that everyone related to the name of Uchiha will sport a rather eerie vibe. After all, one thing that has been specified about the clan is...

22 The Disturbing Reality That The Uchiha Have To Steal The Eyes Of Their Kin To Get Stronger

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Just... why?

While the whole lore surrounding the nature of the Sharingan is somewhat impressive, there are certain parts of the history surrounding this eye technique that can get rather creepy... and at times, downright disturbing. According to the series, the more you strain your eye by utilizing the Sharingan's techniques (especially the Mangekyō Sharingan), the quicker you will lose your vision.

However, this can be negated by straight up stealing the eyes of another fellow Uchiha. Not only will this improve one's eyesight by a considerable margin, but it will also provide them with the power of an eternal Mangekyō, that will ensure the preservation of their eyesight for a long time.

The creepy nature of stealing Sharingan eyes is all the more evident once a person looks at...

21 Danzō's Freaking Right Arm

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Let's just get this out of the way before we decide to say anything else — Danzō is one of the most despicable characters in Naruto by a long shot. He's the main reason why the Uchiha were annihilated to begin with, and if that wasn't bad enough he also had a rather creepy ace up his sleeve — quite literally.

When Sasuke confronts Danzō to end his life once and for all after his enlightening encounter with Itachi, the then-Hokage revealed his right arm for the first time. The sight was certainly not for the faint of heart, as Danzō had a bunch of Sharingan embedded in his arm that was also embedded with Hashirama Senju's DNA, making him a fearsome foe indeed. Words cannot describe just how chilling it is to witness this abomination for the first time.

20 Orochimaru's Behavior Was Borderline [REDACTED] In Nature

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Orochimaru is hands down one of the most disturbing characters in the entire series. Kishimoto made sure to give Orochimaru a unique look that would help communicate to the viewers that he's nothing more than a snake who wants to shed his skin and attain the best body possible. However, it's the process of obtaining said body which is just plain creepy.

Orochimaru constantly makes remarks about Sasuke's body time and time again throughout the first part of the series, and it's pretty apparent that this thought absolutely excites the senses of Orochimaru. Keep in mind that during this phase, Sasuke was just a kid. His experiments with Anko and Kimimaro further cement this dark side of Orochimaru — not that he wasn't messed up already to begin with.

Speaking of Orochimaru's experiments...

19 The Torture Yamato Went Through Must've Been Absolutely Traumatic

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Yamato is introduced in Naruto Shippūden as a special ninja with the Wood Release ability — a technique that was the specialty of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. While he did serve as an important character in the series due to his ability to control tailed beasts, it's the sacrifice he made to obtain this forbidden power that is truly horrifying.

Yamato was one of the many children (sigh... here we go again), who was kidnapped by Orochimaru so that he could perform his tests. He injected the DNA of the First Hokage into all of these children, and Yamato was the only survivor. In his test tube, he looked on in horror as all of the other children died one-by-one in front of him. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, Yamato used the Wood Release ability that he'd gained to make a quick retreat.

The scene was so traumatic, that Yamato promptly lost all of his memories when he was discovered later on by none other than Danzō.

18 Naruto's Harem Technique Is Just Plain Disturbing


The [Steamy]-no-Jutsu that Naruto performs time and time again serves as nothing more than comic relief (god, we really hope that this wasn't some twisted form of fan service). After Naruto mastered the Shadow Clone Jutsu, he was able to upgrade this technique of his to tease people like Ebisu to no end. However, one need only take a closer look at this technique to realize that it is just on so many levels of wrong.

When Naruto performs his Harem Technique, his clones start performing rather lewd actions with each other. The implications of this are simply massive. Like... what in the hell was Kishimoto even thinking when he drew these scenes? Naruto must be a really weird kid if performing grown-up acts with female versions of himself is completely fine in his book.

This Jistsu is also the focus of the next disturbing entry on this list...

17 Jiraiya Mentored Naruto, But Only After Seeing His Altered Feminine Self

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Freakin' Jiraiya, man.

There are a lot of fan-favorite characters present in the series, and it goes without saying that Jiraiya is certainly one of them. The Legendary Sannin was one of the most powerful characters in the entire series, and his death impacted both Naruto and the viewers immensely. However, when he was introduced to the audience for the first time, Jiraiya was truly one of the most perverted people in the series by a long shot. If you're not convinced, just recall how Naruto convinced him to become his mentor in the first place.

Naruto had begged Jiraiya time and time again to become his mentor, but his efforts were fruitless. However, once he noticed the Sannin's creepy side, Naruto decided to use his this move as a last resort. The fact that watching a boy's feminine form excite Jiraiya is creepy enough as it is, and somehow this was enough to convince someone so powerful like Jiraiya to mentor Naruto. Jeez.

16 Ibiki's Scars Showcase The Horrifying Torture He Experienced

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The Chūnin Exam arc is certainly one of the finest anime arcs of all time. It introduced a number of characters to the Naruto Universe that would go on to play major roles throughout the rest of the series, and provided us with some of the best and most memorable fights and moments as well. However, it's during the written test that the viewers witnessed a rather horrible image.

The person who was overseeing the exam — that was meant to test the surveillance capabilities of the genin — was Ibiki, and his headscarf cleverly hid a number of scars that he'd attained during what seemed to be rather painful torture. The implications of something like this should be way too much for kids to bear, which makes it even more surprising that this wasn't cut from the American release (which is particularly strict when it comes to this kind of imagery).

15 Nagato's Implied Experiments With The Rinnegan

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It pretty much goes without saying that Naruto versus the Six Paths Of Pain is one of the best fights in the entire series, that completely showcased the incredible capabilities of Sage Mode — not to mention the full potential of the Rasenshuriken as well. However, one must ask this vital question — just how did Nagato gain 6 pairs of Rinnegan for the six bodies he was controlling?

After all, isn't the Rinnegan the rarest eye technique of all time? The only explanation that makes sense is also a rather disturbing statement — Nagato probably performed a bunch of experiments like Orochimaru did, so that he could fabricate these valuable eyes. One can only wonder just how many human beings were experimented upon to attain these Rinnegan-enhanced eyes.

And since we're on the topic of gross experiments...

14 Sasori's Puppets Are Actually Hollowed-Out Bodies Of His Victims

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It's a general consensus that Sakura is one of the most useless characters in the series, and to be fair we must say that Kishimoto certainly put her in the backseat at the final stages of Shippūden. However, her fight with Sasori showed exactly how much potential she had... that was promptly squandered later on.

When it comes to Sasori, his puppets are another story altogether. It turns out that to attain such authentic puppets, the crazy Akatsuki member actually hollowed out the bodies of his victims and prepared them accordingly so that they could serve his needs. Simply thinking about something so gruesome absolutely boggles the mind, and one must wonder exactly how twisted Sasori was to perform such a gruesome task.

13 Kagerō Literally Ends It All To End Naruto

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We might be cheating by picking the technique of a character who's not even canon, to begin with, but we simply cannot ignore this haunting technique that is performed by a person called Kagerō, who was tricked by Orochimaru into working for him. Her ability ensnares a gullible Naruto, and the poor kid ends up experiencing what is probably one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can go through.

You see, Kagerō's ability involves a way for her to use chakra threads to connect her heart to someone else's. After doing so, she can simply take her entire freakin' heart out of her chest and make the target (in this case, Naruto) to experience a pain unlike anything he's ever felt before.

And since we're already on the topic of disturbing techniques...

12 Hidan's Self-Harming Technique That Made Him Feel... Yuck

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To be honest, the audience might've actually liked Hidan as a character. Sure, he might've been a brash, foul-mouthed individual with no regard for human life, but he had a certain aura about him that would've warmed him up to the audience over time. Unfortunately, he ended up destroying Asuma, which pretty much dashed any hopes of him becoming a fan favorite. If that wasn't bad enough, it's the manner in which he ended Asuma that sent chills down everyone's spine.

Hidan was basically an immortal being, and his technique involved him entrapping an individual in his Jashin Ritual, that would utilize the victim's blood (in this case, Asuma) to basically become a voodoo doll. This, coupled with Hidan's immortality, let him inflict any form of damage on his body, which would be replicated on the victim's body as well. The worst part about this was that Hidan basically experienced a gleeful sensation when he landed the killing blow, making this technique all the more disturbing.

11 Obito's Rampage After Watching Rin Die Is Gruesome

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When it comes to picking the more brutal episode in Naruto, it goes without saying that I'm In Hell tops the list of the large majority of fans, due to the sheer nature of brutality that's showcased in this particular episode. For those of you who want a recap, I'm In Hell plays through Obito's memories as he witnesses Rin's apparent finale at the hands of Kakashi. This traumatic scene sends Obito into an absolute frenzy, and his berserk nature leads to one of the most brutal and visceral scenes in the entire series.

The Kiri-nin who were inadvertently responsible for Rin's death end up getting brutally massacred at the hands of a grief-stricken Obito, and the manner in which they're completely annihilated is certainly not for the faint of heart. In fact, the sound effects were so gruesome that they were muted out in the original TV release. Even the executives know this scene was taking it a bit too far.

10 The Chūnin Exams Are Basically The Hunger Games Of The Naruto Universe

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We've already mentioned before that the Chūnin Exam arc is an absolute treat to watch, but the fact of the matter is that the system that these Ninja Villages use to promote their genin is messed up in just so many ways. Each and every kid (and yes, they're certainly kids at this point) gets messed up in the worst ways possible, and to top it all off the final stage of the exam occurs in front of an entire crowd.

The fact that watching the children of their village fight to near-death states is a source of amusement for the people in the Naruto universe is proof enough of the fact that the inhabitants are truly sadistic people who have no concern whatsoever when it comes to the well-being of the future generation.

Oh well, it's still better than the next entry on our list.

9 The Hidden Village Of The Mist Pit Ninja Academy Graduates Against Each Other In A Fight To The Death

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The Village Hidden By The Mist (which we'll call Kirigakure now for obvious reasons) is a village rife with discontent, conflict... and a ton of messed up rules that have no place to be there, to begin with. The village has its own version of the chūnin exams as well, which is already bad enough to begin with. However, these particular exams are even more horrific for a whole another reason.

We say this because, in Kirigakure, ninja graduates were actually forced to face each other in a fight to the death for no particular reason. This whole system seems rather detrimental when it comes to the development of ninja generations, to be honest. In fact, the whole reason this system got scrapped was due to Zabuza, who ended up ending all of the ninja graduates in one go.

All this just points to the sad reality that...

8 Kids Have Little To No Safety In The Series

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It seems that in the Naruto universe, kids are seen as independent individuals who need no protection or guidance whatsoever in their lives. Ninja training should be reserved for much later on, but most people start of during their formative childhood years (because it's obviously smart for children to handle sharp objects). They're also sent off on dangerous missions from the get-go, as witnessed when The Third sent Naruto and gang into one such mission where they encountered high-ranking ninja in the form of Zabuza and Haku.

This, coupled with the events we've already talked about before, just points to the fact that kids are nothing more than an afterthought in the Naruto series. If you're still wondering whether this is true or not, just take a look at the next entry on our list.

7 Might Guy Let A 15-Year Old Rock Lee Drink

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It doesn't take an expert to tell you that substances are just bad, no matter at what age you might be when you choose to drink it. It does take an expert to tell you that being addicted to this stuff is an extremely debilitating condition that can afflict anyone, and it can be especially detrimental at an early age. Once you keep all this information in mind, one can only conclude that Might Guy is a horrible mentor.

Letting your protégé accidentally drink is bad enough in itself, but if you have full knowledge about the fact that said protégé turns into a mobile destructive machine when he gets drunk, then you should certainly be extra careful about avoiding such an unwanted situation. And yet, for some reason Rock Lee manages to get under the influence a number of times — that too under his very mentor's nose.

6 Haku's Dad Ended His Mom Just Because She Had A Kekkei Genkai

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Remember when we were talking about Kirigakure a few entries ago? Well, guess what — this messed up village is making another appearance on the list!

It goes without saying that Haku's story is one of the most harrowing tales told in the series, and this is mainly due to his dreadful childhood. You see, the ice kekkei genkai that Haku and his mother possessed was feared in the village due to past events. When Haku revealed this ability, she tried to hide it... but to no avail. Her husband had already seen it.

And the fear of this ability was so great, that Haku's dad completely forgot about the years of love he'd shared with his beloved, and mercilessly ended her when he amassed a mob to end the lives of his family members. Thankfully, Haku's abilities kicked up as a reflex when he was about to suffer the same fate, letting him live to see another day.

5 Summoning Implies That Sentient Beings Still End Up Serving Their Ninja 'Masters'

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We've already talked about the various problems surrounding the Naruto series that warrant a closer look, and the whole system of summoning certainly falls under this particular category. After all, when a ninja performs a high-level summoning jutsu, then what technically ends up happening is that they enter a pact with a particular creature... who just so happens to have a proper conscience.

Just what does this entail? Do these creatures with free will simply drop everything they have to do at that point and bend to the will of their masters, who can call them whenever they please? It seems like a system that's just a glorified form of slavery, which is certainly something that should not be promoted in a show that's geared towards kids.

If you thought that was bad enough as it is, just look at...

4 The Downright Unfair Treatment Of The Jinchūriki

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The existence of the Jinchūriki in the Naruto universe is a necessary evil, and there are certainly some problems associated with the overall concept that Kishimoto should've fleshed out a bit more. For example, female Jinchūriki should be a definite no-no since the seal gets weak during childbirth... but we digress.

After all, the whole point of this entry is to talk about the downright inhumane manner in which these people are treated. If the Jinchūriki are so important to begin with, then why are they completely shunned by the people closest to them? Won't that put them in danger since they'll be in constant isolation?

Just take a look at the next entry to find out why this treatment is so messed up.

3 Gaara's Childhood Was An Absolute Nightmare

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Normal kids spend the majority of their time hanging out with other children of the same age, interacting with their parents, or playing with their toys. What did Gaara do? Try and stab himself with a knife several times to end himself, only to realize that he was unable to do so due to his impervious sand barrier.

Just like most of the other Jinchūriki, Gaara was also shunned by his village since due to the beast inside him. The only person who even bothered to interact with him was Yashamaru... until the point where this so-called mentor tried — and failed — to end Gaara. Perhaps the worst part about this story is that Yashamaru was ordered by Gaara's own father to end his one and only son.


2 The Reaper Death Seal Dooms The User And Victim To Battle It Out For All Eternity

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The Reaper Death Seal is one of the most iconic jutsus in the Naruto universe — after all, it has been used in a bunch of memorable moments in the series, such as the eventful sealing of the Nine-Tailed Fox and the battle between Orochimaru and The Third Hokage. However, the reality of this jutsu is rather disturbing.

It's already bad enough as it is that The Dead Demon Consuming Seal takes the life of both the user and the victim, but what's even worse is that these souls can never go to the afterlife either. Instead, their souls will be doomed to fight against each other for eternity.

And since we're already on the cheery subject of death...

1 A Jutsu That Can Summon The Dead Has Really Disturbing Implications

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If forcing conscious creatures to come to the aid against their master with a summoning jutsu wasn't bad enough for you, then this particular jutsu pretty much has to take the cake when it comes to the most messed up ability in Naruto.

The Impure World Reincarnation technique is probably the most unethical jutsu in the entire Naruto series. Most of these souls experience rather peaceful deaths, and to be pulled out of their eternal rest just to fulfill the wishes of their masters has to be one of the most jarring experiences ever.

Being forced to look at someone whose death you've just gotten over would also definitely do a number on you psychologically as well... especially when you have to put your lives on the line and fight these souls on top of everything else.

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