10 Things We Wish We Knew before Starting Divinity: Original Sin 2

Thanks to the release on Nintendo’s Switch Divinity: Original Sin 2 is going through a resurgence as old and new fans dive into this great RPG. With a compelling story, great characters, and fun gameplay, it’s a game that can occupy players for a long, long time.

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That being said there are some things about the game that can be annoying and you may miss out on useful features that can make your character’s quest so much easier. Whether it’s useful mechanics, quality of life tools, or some hidden features, here is what you should probably know before starting.

10 Auto-Sort Inventory

There are a lot of things you’ll pick up and carry during the campaign and your inventory will get cluttered and disorganized very quickly. As a result, you’ll find yourself forgetting you had certain items, be unable to find what you need, or at the very least take several seconds to use your items.

Many players fail to see or take advantage of the auto-sort button that is on the right side of the inventory. Selecting this button will automatically shuffle the items in your inventory to be more organized and easier to manage.

9 Pick Up Bags

Another way to mitigate organization problems and clutter is to carry bags. Any bag can be gathered and you can use rope and leather scraps to craft your own. Granted the tutorial at the beginning of the game teaches this, but there’s an important feature it doesn’t go over.

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Once you place an item in a bag, any time you pick up that item it will automatically stack inside that bag. This allows you to dedicate bags to ammo, potions, herbs, etc. and have those items automatically sorted into bags for you.

8 Carry Locked Chests

It can be annoying to come across a chest you are just slightly under-leveled for and, therefore, cannot access. This becomes especially true when it’s an area you are unlikely to be able to return to.

Fortunately, Divinity: Original Sin 2 allows players to carry those chests and hold onto them until your character gets skilled enough to open them. This gives you access to loot you might not be able to go back for or at the very least saves you the trouble of doubling back. Just make sure you have a character strong enough to carry them.

7 Thievery Pays Big Time

If you aren’t afraid to get your character’s hands a little dirty then you should know that thievery pays big time in this game. With a high enough thievery level and some gear to provide boosts, you can literally earn tens of thousands of gold pieces through sticky fingers.

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In fact, it’s possible to have your roguish character stand on the sidelines at the beginning of the fight and then have that character pick everyone’s pockets in one turn before joining the fight. In addition to the added loot and fattening your gold reserves, this can rob enemies of useful potions and arrows.

6 Infinite Respec

If your character build is broken or isn’t clearing enemies as fast as necessary, it’s possible to respec your character for free as often as you want. This is great for making slight tweaks, undoing recent choices, or starting over from scratch.

This is nice as it allows a character to be retooled for any situation or to find the perfect build. Some of the more dedicated players will have a build in mind for any situation be it farming, boss fights, or specific encounters. Go wild and try some new skills.

5 Hoard Skillbooks

There are a lot of skills in the game that your characters can learn and each requires a certain number of skillbooks of the relevant type to both acquire and learn skills. With 48 skills, players will need a lot of books, especially if you take the above advice and occasionally respec your character.

Early on and throughout the campaign, it is important to hoard your skillbooks. You’ll always be running low and dedicating some time to farm for the gold to buy more is a worthwhile investment.

4 Heal With Bedrolls

Bedrolls are a non-consumable item that can be used to recover an entire party’s health outside of combat. It’s a free, infinite way of making sure your party is in top shape before progressing and should be routinely used.

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It’ll also save you a ton of money as constantly chugging potions can get expensive to replace and are more valuable in combat anyway. There is no downside to using a bedroll so make sure your characters are constantly taking naps after battles.

3 Torches Create Fire Arrows

One interesting mechanic in this game is that you can turn regular arrows into fire arrows by shooting them through a torch. Apparently the game has a built-in system that will immolate the arrow and give it elemental damage.

Granted this is only useful if there is a torch and you can position your character to fire the arrow through the flame and hit an enemy. But when you do see an opportunity, go for it, that extra damage is always appreciated.

2 Jump To Waypoints From Anywhere

It’s true, anywhere in the environment you have the ability to jump to the waypoints you have access to. This fast travel method will save you a ton of time and can be a real-life saver if your party is in bad shape.

Granted, the waypoints may not always be located exactly where you want to go, but odds are there’s one that’ll get you closer. There’s no cost to traveling this way and it saves quite a bit of traveling.

1 AP Is King

Perhaps the most crucial thing to know, and what veterans wish they knew when they started, is the importance of AP. It enables players to perform every action needed to win a fight and it's critical you get this as high as possible.

But it’s also important to remember that your enemies’ AP is just as important. The more AP they have, the more actions they can perform. Finding ways to waste their AP is as valuable as increasing your own. Summoning minions to absorb blows, negating their spells with high leadership, and applying status effects like frozen or stun, are all solid tactics. Managing everyone's AP makes battles much, much easier.

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