Divinity: Original Sin II: The 10 Best Armor Pieces, Ranked

Fans of Divinity: Original Sin II know how important armor is in the game. We're ranking the greatest armor pieces that you'll find as you play.

If you too have been bitten by the Divinity: Original Sin II bug and can't seem to stop playing the game, you know how important armor is. Although old armor quickly becomes obsolete as you progress in your levels and the storyline itself, there are a few pretty interesting and strong unique pieces you can find throughout the game to aid you in your journey. While it's true that the best is found in Arx when your story is about to reach its closure, the Namaless Isle, Reaper's Coast and Fort Joy island have a few treasures worth sharing as well.

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Here are 10 of the best unique armor pieces you'll find within the game.

10 Band Of Braccus

As you venture out of Fort Joy, you'll eventually come across a lonely beach somewhere in the Southeast side of the island. After battling the salamanders, go inside the mysterious cave to confront Trompdoy, the annoying specter.

Once you defeat him, you'll find the Band of Braccus, a ring that grants you +1 Intelligence, +1 Constitution, but has the disadvantage of being cursed. However, what makes it so good is that with it you can skip the gargoyle maze by Braccus' old estate on the island.

9 Antique Armor

After reaching Reaper's Coast, head over to X: 632 and Y: 410. You should find yourself at a cliff. One of your perceptive party members will spot a mound, and underneath it you'll find buried treasure.

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The Antique Armor will be inside and gives you +3 Constitution, +3 Memory, +3 Perseverance and -0.5 Movement. It will set the Grounded status effect and is overall a really nice boost at such an early stage of the game.

8 The Shadow Prince's Signet

On the Nameless Isle, head over to its Southern parts where a river of lava flows through a ruined temple of sorts. There you'll find an encampment where a lizard called Shadow Prince is staying.

Fight him, and he'll drop his signet, which is a powerful ring that gives you +3 Finesse, +3 Wits, +1 Thievery. It also grants you the skill Chameleon Cloak, which allows you to become invisible during combat by blending in with the environment around.

7 Knight Of Vrogir Boots

Still on the Nameless Isle, found inside the orcish temple on one of the many orc bodies, you'll find a set of pretty impressive boots. The temple is located close to your entry point to the island and is hard to miss.

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Vrogir Boots give you +3 Strength, +1 Two-Handed and +0.25 Movement. It also grants you with the skill Enraged. Once cast on an allied character, they will be guaranteed to land critical hits with their weapons but have no ability to cast magic.

6 Nazad Hunola

After you arrive in Arx, head on over to Sanguinia Tell's house in the Eastern side of the city. Once you head down into her basement, you'll find an ornate chest with Nazad Hunola inside of it.

This piece of chest armor gives you +5 Finesse, +3 Intelligence, +10% Fire and Water Resistance, +1 Huntsman, +1 Scoundrel, +0.1 Movement, +282 HP and it also reflects 20% of melee attacks into water damage on your enemies. It's definitely the ultimate Wayfarer armor for any bow or crossbow users, so don't miss it during your Arx quests.

5 Dora Rav

Cross the bridge over to the cathedral and step inside Lucian's temple. Underneath it you'll find the so-called Death Room. One of the skeletons will have extremely valuable loot: the Dora Rav chest armor piece. The piece gives you +5 Strength, +2 Finesse, +2 Constitution, +2 Warfare, +1 Polymorph, +0.5 Movement and +282 HP.

The armor is great for a warrior specialized in warfare and two-handed or one-handed combat and a relatively easy find.

4 Rutoma Rivelleis

In Western parts of Arx you'll eventually find the Kemm Mansion. Go inside and you should find a woman in red known as Cat The Appraiser. Cat will give you a quest, but she can also be traded with and sells an amulet known as Rutoma Rivelleis. The amulet gives you +5 Strength, +20% Earth Resistance, +1 Retribution and +2 Polymorph.

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It grants you the skill Equalize which will split the vitality and armor ratings of characters in a single area and distribute it evenly. It's a great item, but mostly useful for any Polymorphs you might have in your party.

3 Kallisteis

Before you cross the bridge to the cathedral area in Arx, stop by one of the traders known as Aravae. She'll be selling a pair of boots named Kallisteis, which give you +3 Finesse, +2 Wits, +1 Scoundrel, +1 Sneaking, +1 Thievery, +6 Initiative and +0.5 Movement.

The best part about these boots is that they give you total immunity to being Knocked Down, Criplled or Slowed, which are some of the more common and annoying status effects in the game. Considering these boots are so easily available, they're definitely a must pick for any adventurer.

2 Vo Charlen

In order to get your hands on the best helmet in the game, head over to Dorian Gall's house, also known as the groom's house. The house is close to the bridge that you take in order to get to the Doctor. There's a room inside his house filled with poison clouds, and it's there you'll find Vo Charlen.

The helmet gives you +5 Finesse, +2 Constitution, +3 Wits, +20% Water Resistance, +1 Huntsman,+1 Sneaking and +358 HP. It also grants you total immunity to Charmed and Terrified status effects.

1 Ruvola

Ruvola is among the harder items to find in Arx. Hidden inside Kemm's Vault, you'll need to speak with the Thieves' Guild's leader first about getting inside. The guild is holed up in Arx's sewers, which you can get to next to the schoolyard by climbing down a vine. After persuading the guild leader, you can either buy or steal the Unusual Painting, which needs to be placed between the two other paintings in the Kemm's mansion to unlock the secret door.

The Ruvola is found in the next room and gives you +5 Intelligence, +2 Constitution, +2 Wits, +2 Summoning and +448 HP. It also gives you +10% resistance against all four elements, which is just amazing for a single armor piece. The Ruvola also reflects 20% of melee damage as Earth damage to your opponents.

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