The 10 Best Weapons In Divinity: Original Sin II, Ranked

From the Fang of the Winter Dragon to the formidable Swornbreaker, here are some of the best and strongest weapons in Divinity: Original Sin II.

Divinity: Original Sin II is a fantasy RPG adventure that has so much to offer. From a compelling plot to a super-immersive world with tons of secrets and details, you're guaranteed to spend hours on this game.

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Your adventure will be challenging, and you'll face enemies that often have that edge against you. While it might feel unfair, with the right build and weapons, you can secure any fight easily. Keep in mind that most weapons in the game will only serve you for one or two levels, after which you should look for an upgrade. Due to this, the best goodies will be found in the final act of the game, the city of Arx. Without further ado, let's have a look at the ten best unique weapons found in the game.

10 The Reckoning

Dallis The Hammer is one of the earliest antagonists in the game. You have the option to fight her either in Fort Joy or later aboard the Lady Vengeance. After you've killed her, you can loot The Reckoning off her body, which is a powerful two-handed mace.

It gives you +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +2 Necromancy and 150% Critical Damage. For any warriors out there, this is a great weapon of choice fairly early on in the game, but we recommend only fighting Dallis on the Lady Vengeance once you're properly prepared.

9 Fang Of The Winter Dragon

On the island where Fort Joy is located, head to its Southwest side and you'll notice a snowy area where a dragon is chained. Speak with the winter dragon and complete his quests. After that you can choose whether or not to kill him. If you do, he'll drop the Fang of the Winter Dragon, which is a powerful one-handed sword.

It gives you +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, +1 Warfare, +1 Hydrosophist, +25% Cleave Damage and sets the Chilled status effect on your target for one turn.

8 Dumora Lam

In Arx, as you uncover the secret of the doctor in his basement, you'll be transported into the realm of Adramahlihk. In one of the chests inside this realm, you can find the Dumora Lam staff, which gives you 155% Critical Damage, +3 Intelligence, +2 Geomancer and +1 Dual Wielding.

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When aimed on the ground, it creates a small poisonous surface. The staff also grants you the skill Siphon Poison, which gives your attacks poison bonuses and clears any unfriendly poison surfaces.

7 Deiseis Riveil

As you arrive in Arx, just before you and your party decide to cross the bridge to make it to the cathedral, there's a vendor located nearby. Trader Non will be selling a unique bow called Deiseis Riveil.

It gives you 5% Critical Hit Chance, 150% Critical Damage, +3 Finesse, +2 Huntsman, +1 Ranged and +25% Cleave Damage. The bow has a 25% chance to set the Bleeding status effect for 2 turns. It also grants the skill Glitter Dust, which prevents an enemy from dodging your shot.

6 Voor D'Aravel

The Lizard Consulate is another central location in Arx which you're likely to visit. Once you make your way inside and into the gardens, you'll find a gilded chest with the one-handed sword Voor D'Aravel inside. It gives you 10% Critical Chance, 155% Critical Damage, +3 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Warfare and +25% Cleave Damage.

It has a 25% chance of giving your target the Taunted status effect for 2 turns. It also grants you the skill Guardian Angel, which allows you to soak up 50% of the damage your allies in melee range of you take.

5 Vord Emver

Whispers of a Godwoken being locked up in the sewers underneath Arx's prison reach your ears soon after your arrival to the city. If you visit Karon and free her, a battle will ensue.

One of her minions will drop a crossbow that gives you 5% Critical Chance, 155% Critical Damage, +3 Finesse, +2 Huntsman, +1 Ranged, -1 Movement, +5% Accuracy and +20% Life Steal. It has a 20% chance of freezing your enemy for 2 turns and grants you the skill Cryotherapy, which allows you to convert ice surfaces around you to magic armor.

4 Lucian's Divine Staff

In Arx, head on towards the cathedral. On your right side past a small chapel, you should find a door to Lord Arhu's chambers. Get inside, and begin investigating his quarters. You'll find tons of goodies inside, including Lucian's Divine Staff, which is located inside a box in his living room.

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The staff gives you 155% Critical Damage, +3 Intelligence, +2 Constitution, +2 Wits, +2 Hydrosophist, and +6 Initiative. It also grants you the skill Healing Ritual, which casts a healing energy bolt towards your allies.

3 Swornbreaker

Located inside Kemm's Vault, head to the sewers of Arx first to find the Thieves' Guild. Persuade their leader to tell you about the vault and then either buy or steal the Unusual Painting from her. Use the painting to unlock the Vault by placing it in the middle of the two other paintings. In the next room, on the right side bookshelf, pull out the Tome of the God King and proceed to the next room. Place a heavy item to the altar and you'll enter the final room.

Here, you need to help free Arhu, before finding the Swornbreaker on a statue. It gives you 20% Critical Chance, 155% Critical Damage, +3 Strength, +3 Intelligence, +2 Necromancer and +20% Accuracy. It grants you the skill Swornbreaker, which is relevant to the story line.

2 Domoh Dumora

Once you've made it inside Arhu's quarters in Arx, head over to his balcony. You'll notice a red dog bed by the edge of it, and if you scroll close enough, there's a dagger underneath it. In newer versions of the game, the item is bugged and you need to cast Apparition to get it.

The dagger gives you 10% Critical Chance, 155% Critical Damage, +3 Finesse, +2 Wits, +2 Scoundrel, +1 Dual Wielding. It has a 25% chance to set the Bleeding status for 2 turns and a 20% chance to set the Burning status for 2 turns. It also grants you the Terrifying Cruelty skill, which deals 110% damage to an enemy and puts Fear and Bleeding status on them.

1 Falone Scythe

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Finally, the best weapon in the game is without a doubt the Falone Scythe, which is located in a small chapel right after crossing the bridge to the cathedral area. The scythe is being held by a statue on the right side of the altar and needs to be stolen.

It gives you 10% Critical Chance, 210% Critical Damage, +3 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +2 Warfare, +1 Two-Handed and +50% Cleave Damage. It has a 25% chance to set the Decaying status effect for 2 turns and also grants you the skill Living on the Edge, which stops you from going under 1HP for 2 turns.

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