The Division 2: 10 Changes To Expect By The End Of The Year

During E3 Ubisoft revealed a couple of announcements and teasers regarding Division 2 and upcoming changes to expect this year. Among the changes were additional specializations, upcoming episodes, new raids, new areas, and small, but exciting lifestyle tweaks to the gameplay.

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It’s looking to be a thrilling year with lots of content and improvements to take this excellent game to the next level. Veterans will be eager to dive into the additional end game content and even casuals will be excited to see the storyline develop further with the new episodes.

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10 Episode 1 D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions

The first major update to the game will be the release of Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions later this summer. In this episode, players will explore the rural areas around D.C. which will introduce new missions and story elements.

Ubisoft hinted there was a new game mode that would take place in the outskirts of D.C. Not a lot of details were given, other than players would form an expedition to hunt down convoys through a combination of puzzles, exploration, and intense gunfights. It’s not clear how that will be accomplished, but it definitely looks interesting.

9 More Weapons

Ubisoft has confirmed that with all the episodes and periodic updates that The Division 2 will be receiving a host of new weaponry. Whether it’s variations on the same types of weapons available or entirely new categories, players will get to experience new and improved guns, grenades, turrets and other technological weapons of destruction.

Nothing specific has been confirmed by Ubisoft, other than the tease that new weapons and weapon classes are definitely coming. Some players speculate that improvements to drones are coming to make them more effective and adaptable in PVE and PVP.

8 New Areas

Ubisoft seems ready to drop a lot of new areas for the player to explore via the Episode releases. The rural areas outside of Washington D.C., the inside of the Pentagon in Virginia, and even returning to the streets of New York City players explored in the first Division game.

There’s no telling if additional areas will be added outside of the upcoming episodes, but with these three major areas being released in the upcoming episodes the world of Division 2 will be massive and varied.

7 Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle

Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle will release some time in late summer early fall. There was less information about this than Episode 1, but it was revealed that players would be invading the Pentagon to wrestle control back from hostile forces and uncover the secrets within.

It’s unclear if the Black Tusk or some other faction holds the Pentagon, or if there is a massive conspiracy regarding the administrators of the Department of Defense and the dollar flu and the rise of the various anarchist factions. Either way, it’s bound to take the story to much deeper and darker depths.

6 A New Raid

Players have been diving deep into the first raid Division 2 dropped earlier this year Operation Dark Hours. Similar to Operation Dark Hours the new raid coming out with Episode 2 will also be an eight-player venture, but little else is known about it.

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Considering the timing it’s more than likely going to involve the Pentagon itself as part of Episode 2, but this is speculation. In any case, it’s yet another piece of the end game and multiplayer content that players will appreciate as they grind their characters to new heights.

5 Three New Specialists

A great bit of news from early this year was that there would be three new specialists added to the game by the end of the year. Two of those specializations are still unknown, but one has been confirmed to be the Gunner.

He appears to be a tank type character with high damage output thanks to a minigun and has a number of devastating skills. Again there’s no word on the other types, but the Gunner is certainly going to be an interesting specialization to explore.

4 Any Specialization Can Use Any Weapon

This is a big change a lot of players have been wanting for some time now. Upon release, certain weapon classes were locked away depending on which specialization the player chose. A lot of people thought this stifled more creative builds and took away from the realism a bit.

With an upcoming update, players will be able to wield any weapon with any character. That being said, some specializations are still suited for specific weapon types meaning it’s probably not a good idea to do odd pairings anyway, but it’s still a nice bit of freedom for players.

3 Free Weekend Events

Now that the game has been out a while and the initial buzz and hype have died down, Ubisoft will be exploring new ways to draw new blood in and get them to sign up for their season passes. One way seems to be offering the content locked behind the paywalls for free every now and then.

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This weekend, in fact, is the first free event they’re opening up to the public. It can also be expected that after each major release there will be a free weekend here and there to give players a taste of the good stuff they can become addicted to.

2 New Rewards

Ubisoft’s Rewards Program has been having mixed success as some players are thrilled to shell out the money for cool weapon skins and other players wonder why anyone would pay for running shoes on a digital character in a video game. In any case, the program has been gaining steam and Ubisoft plans to reward the players who pay for the service with greater and greater rewards.

There’s no telling what future rewards will include, but you can bet there will be some crossover skins from Ubisoft’s other games, in-game skins like Black Tusk masks, and other imaginative cosmetics that give players the freedom to design their characters however they want.

1 Episode 3 Coney Island: Homecoming

Perhaps the most interesting piece of content coming this year is Episode 3 Coney Island: Homecoming. Apparently, it’ll take players back to the streets of New York City to see how things are faring after the first game.

There’s some speculation that there will be cross-game play, meaning players from the first Division can join in missions from Division 2 or vice versa, but this is unlikely. The only things that have been confirmed are that it’s coming out in winter, it will take place in New York City, players will face old enemies from the first game, and will go up against “the biggest threat of all”.

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