Division 2 Players Discover Mysterious Bunker That Has Ties To CIA And Great Britain

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was released just less than a month ago, on March 15th. In this time, players have been exploring the online action role-playing game and starting to unearth some of its secrets. One such secret is a bunker, which has ties to Great Britain and the CIA. It was discovered by Polygon’s Charlie Hall, amongst others, and players are taking to Reddit to discuss what it all means.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Division 2

The game’s central hub is the White House, and the map is built around that. Situated at the seven o’clock position on the map is an area called Foggy Bottom. It was while exploring here that Hall uncovered a secret mission, by venturing up a winding drive between 23rd St. NW and the Potomac Freeway.

An open door at the top of this driveway takes you into the city’s underground, where you will meet Jane Applegate, who gives you a secret mission.

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Completing this first mission, titled "Navy Hill Transmission," will unlock another one called "G. Philips Protocol," and this is when it gets weird.

Unlike any other mission in game so far, the mission marker is a blue icon in the shape of a winged sword. Players who follow it are greeted by a long hallway, a stairway leading down to an unfinished basement. Then the icon vanishes.

Reddit users have spent weeks tearing their hair out over the bizarre mission, speculating why it even exists and how it links to the wider game.

Discussions have led players to believe the bunker in the first mission belongs to the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS. It also contains a replica of the Resolute desk, a gift given by Great Britain’s Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes, and several maps of D.C.

The second mysterious mission has further ties to Great Britain, with the map marker being reminiscent of the logo for Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS).

While no one is clear what all this is about, or how it links together, the mission is certainly intriguing and frustrating players in equal measure.

The Division 2 is filled with such secrets, and players are discovering more all the time. It remains to be seen if future missions will reveal any more clues about this particular mystery.

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