The 15 Best Sets In The Division 2 (And The 5 Best Exotic Weapons)

The Division 2 brings a few new ways to gear up and kit out your agent, not least among which are the brand sets. With brand sets, players can collect pieces of equipment produced by various companies. Equipping multiple pieces branded by the same company will award them some pretty sweet stat bonuses, with more bonuses being unlocked as the player equips more pieces - up to three from the same set. Brand loyalty has never been more rewarding! In the context of video games, anyway. That's probably debatable. Anyway, moving on!

You can even mix and match between different brands to stack bonuses from separate sets. For example, you can equip two pieces from one brand, and then two pieces from another, granting you the two-piece bonus from both brands. While that leaves you totally free to experiment with a wide variety of different bonuses, some are just better than others. So we're here to highlight the fifteen sets with the coolest bonuses.

And while we're in the business of cherry-picking the sweetest loot, we'd may as well point out the five best exotic weapons currently available in-game. There aren't very many of them yet, but regardless, they're definitely the most desirable firearms to have in your arsenal. Let us know what your favorite exotics, or brand set combinations, are in the comments!

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20 BRAND SET: Overlord Armaments

via: pcgamer.com

This set is fairly straightforward, but that shouldn't diminish how useful it is. If you're a rifle user, you're incredibly likely to tote around at least one piece of kit from this brand, as it'll grant you a nice ten percent bonus to rifle damage right off the bat.

Continuing to stack up on Overlord Armaments will also boost your total armor by a little more than seven percent, and your damage versus elite enemies by seven percent, in that order. As a rifle user, you might be able to comfortably skip out on those, but tank builds looking to increase their damage mitigation might want to think about picking up two pieces, whether they use rifles or not.

19 BRAND SET: China Light Industries

via: gamesradar.com

China Light's bonuses can seem like an odd mix at first, but when mixed with other brand sets, it provides invaluable supplementary bonuses that can fit into a decent variety of builds.

The first bonus you'll unlock is a ten percent boost to all explosive damage, and the second bonus increases your shotgun damage by ten percent, making it an absolute must for high damage shotgun builds. Finally, the three-piece bonus will reduce your cooldown times by ten percent.

18 BRAND SET: Richter & Kaiser GmbH

via: Ubisoft

This can be a little bit of an oddball when it comes to the bonuses offered, but the bonuses can be worked into some really interesting builds.

Your initial, one piece bonus is a slight boost to hazard protection, but this set's two piece bonus dishes out a meaty twenty percent increase to pistol damage. While this may seem a little less than desirable, utilizing it with the D50 or the exotic Liberty can amount to an incredibly substantial damage increase.

17 EXOTIC WEAPON: The Chatterbox (SMG)

via: pcgamer.com

The Chatterbox is aptly named, as it never seems to shut up, so long as you've got a target to continuously hose down with lead, anyway. You're unlikely to need to let off the trigger for any practical reason due to two of its three talents.

Firstly, we have Incessant Chatter - with it, every shot you land increases your rate of fire until you reload. The real kicker is Box Magazine, though. Downing enemies refills your magazine by 20%, and will apply a buff that increases your magazine size with every shot you hit. And if that wasn't enough, it refills your whole clip if you down a target while it's active. Spray and pray, anyone?

16 BRAND SET: Airaldi Holdings

via: pcgamesn.com

This brand set is an absolute dream for snipers and marksmen, since every bonus it offers seems to be custom tailored to that specific play style.

Your first piece will increase your accuracy by ten percent, the second will do the same for your headshot damage, and the final bonus is a plain ten percent damage increase for marksman rifles. It's simple, to the point, and well worth collecting all three pieces if you're the type that digs keeping high accuracy and solid damage over long range engagements.

15 BRAND SET: Providence Defense

via: polygon.com

Providence Defense has a pretty humble set of bonuses attached to it, but it's hard to argue that any of them are entirely useless. It's a solid and well-rounded brand set to have at your disposal.

Your first bonus will boost your skill power by ten percent, and the second is a flat eight percent increase to your total health. I mean, hardly anyone's going to mind living a little longer if the going gets tough. The third and final bonus is a five percent increase to weapon damage. While that falls short of the damage bonuses provided by others, it isn't restricted to a specific weapon type, making it adaptable.

14 BRAND SET: Sokolov Concern

via: polygon.com

This set is likely to be a high priority for those partial to the run and gun style of play, rewarding them well with a host of nice bonuses.

One piece will immediately grant a ten percent damage boost for SMGs, and the second piece will augment that with an extra ten percent for critical damage. You can stop here if you don't need an extra fifteen percent power boost for your Seeker skill, but if you do, simply finish the set off with a third piece to unlock it.

13 EXOTIC WEAPON: Merciless (Rifle)

via: pcgamesn.com

The Merciless is an incredibly unique and powerful rifle, so there's quite a bit to unpack here. Let's start with its first talent, Binary Trigger, which allows it to fire on both trigger pull and release.

The second talent is the one that really makes this thing shine, and that's Guerilla Warfare. Pulling the trigger will fire primer rounds, which will stay attached to the target - you can load up to five primer rounds per target. Releasing the trigger fires a detonator round, setting off all the primers stuck to the target it hits and dealing an incredible amount of damage. The last talent is a passive boost that applies even while holstered, granting whatever weapon you're using a five percent chance to deal extra explosive damage.

12 BRAND SET: 5.11 Tactical

via: variety.com

If you find yourself playing a more cautious and defensive style, then you'll definitely want to consider the bonuses offered here, as they'll help you to stay alive just a little bit longer - and a little bit can go a long way.

The first bonus is a five percent increase to defense versus elite enemies. Equipping a second piece will increase all incoming healing by ten percent, helping tanks and those with survivability issues breathe a little easier when they really need it. The third piece is a minor increase to weapon handling, so it's understandable if you pass it up for a brand that further increases your basic defensive abilities.

11 BRAND SET: Fenris Group AB

via: gamingbolt.com

The Fenris Group AB set provides a generous set of generic increases for assault rifle users. None of them are too "niche" restrictive, and you're likely to get a lot of mileage out of each one.

Your first piece will kick things off with a ten percent damage bonus for assault rifles, and the second will yield a hefty ten percent boost to protection from elite enemies. Your third piece gives you the ability to snag twenty percent of your health every time you manage to drop an enemy, which is no joke in high-intensity combat situations. All in all, this is a great set for your typical front line AR junkies.

10 BRAND SET: Yaahl Gear

via: wccftech.com

Yaahl Gear isn't exactly the best brand set that you can put together, but it isn't the worst, either. It just sort of hovers around the middle, honestly. You're likely to have higher priorities, but until you get your hands on them, these will suit you just fine.

Starting things off with a ten percent increase to weapon handling and staying pretty modest with an eight percent bonus to hazard protection on the second piece is likely to turn off some potential users. But the third piece ties things off with a decent five percent boost to weapon damage, so it's worth the trouble if you really need a little extra bump to damage.

9 EXOTIC WEAPON: Sweet Dreams (Shotgun)

via: gamesradar.com

Sweet Dreams is essentially the beefier version of the pre-order exclusive "Lullaby" shotgun, carrying what are basically the same talents, plus more.

Speaking of talents, the titular "Sweet Dreams" talent gives you a massive 35% bonus armor when you land a melee attack, which you should have plenty of opportunities to accomplish given the close ranged nature of the shotgun. Furthermore, it applies the Sandman debuff, preventing enemies from healing themselves and reapplying your armor bonus if you manage to down an enemy while the debuff is active. It's also got the useful "Evasive" talent attached to it, which has a small chance to refill your weapon's magazine when you dodge an attack.

8 BRAND SET: Douglas & Harding

via: gdconf.com

This is a great set for just about anyone, but would absolutely shine when combined with the Wyvern Wear brand set, which is also mentioned elsewhere on this list.

The first piece just punches your accuracy up by five percent, but the second and third are the real winners here, providing ten percent more critical damage and a seven percent increase to your critical hit chance, respectively. Needless to say, this is an incredible set to have for builds that rely heavily on landing critical hits.

7 BRAND SET: Badger Tuff

via: gamerant.com

If you're looking to toughen up your defensive capabilities, you'll want to at least snag the first two pieces of this set. The third's optional, depending on your build, what you're doing with it and what other bonuses you're wanting to get from other sets.

The first piece grants seven percent bonus damage to elite enemies, which is alright. I mean, you're going to have it anyway if you go for the second, which will give you plus fifteen percent armor when you defeat a bad guy. The third bonus is a fifteen percent increase to Chem Launcher power, which honestly, I don't much care for. But that's just me.

6 BRAND SET: Petrov Defense Group

via: newgamesrelease.com

The Turret is easily one of the most overused skills in the game, and with good reason. So it should go without saying that anything increasing its effectiveness is going to come highly recommended.

And that's precisely where this set fits in. Piece number one will give you a welcome ten percent bonus to LMG damage, but the second piece will bump your Turret skill power by a nice, chunky fifteen percent. If you feel like rounding out the set with a third piece, you'll get an extra ten percent cooldown reduction.

5 EXOTIC WEAPON: Liberty (Pistol)

via: gamesradar.com

The D50 is the cream of the crop when it comes to sidearms, and the only way it could get better is if there were an exotic variant of it. Well, it just so happens that there is, so if you're a fan of big, powerful handguns, then you should find yourself overjoyed with this one.

The talents can be a little situational, but they're still incredibly powerful. "Liberty" doubles your damage versus enemy electronics and highlights enemy weak points. "Blind Justice" plays off of this by juicing up your next shot by a staggering five hundred percent after destroying hostile electronics or weak points.  "Independence" is a holstered talent that refills one-fifth of your weapon's magazine when you demolish a weak point.

4 BRAND SET: Wyvern Wear

via: gamewatcher.com

Wyvern Wear is a set that's nearly essential for anyone that loves landing critical hits, as that's precisely what this set aims to beef up. Well, mostly, anyway. It's best used along with the Douglas & Harding set for maximum benefit.

The set bonuses, in order of pieces required, are seven percent to critical damage, fifteen percent to your Drone skill power, and ten percent to your critical hit chance. While the second piece bonus is a bit of an outlier, it's not exactly unwelcome, and you'll have it anyway if you're wanting the full suite of critical bonuses.

3 BRAND SET: Gila Guard

via: mp1st.com

Here we've got another brand set that seems to lean towards defensive, tank style players that want to mitigate or soak up as much damage as possible.

The Gila Guard pumps up your armor by five percent with the first piece, so if armor is all you want, feel free to stop there and find other sets to stack up on. Otherwise, equip the second piece for twenty percent more protection from hazards, and the third for a fifteen percent increase to the power of your Pulse skill.

2 BRAND SET: Česká Výroba s.r.o.

via: express.co.uk

This one's a bit of a controversial inclusion, as while the statistics for it seem to be pretty well known, there's a definite scarcity of players reporting back with the actual set in hand. That said, if these statistics are indeed accurate and obtainable, they're pretty good.

Shotgun players should be particularly pleased with the initial ten percent increase to shotgun damage, as if they were lacking damage to begin with. But the next two bonuses are ten percent health on the defeat of a foe and a flat fifteen percent bonus to your total health, respectively. Make sure to keep an eye out for this one, as those are some incredible stat bonuses for a tanky, close combat shotgun user.

1 EXOTIC WEAPON: Pestilence (LMG)

via: pcgamesn.com

The Pestilence has the distinction of being the only exotic LMG available in-game, and while its damage output might not amount to the most impressive bunch of numbers you've ever witnessed, it has some of the most unique talents in the game attached to it.

The first two talents are the ones that really need to be discussed - Plague of the Outcasts, and the Pestilence debuff. Pumping twenty shots into an enemy will prime them to leave behind a toxic cloud when they die, dealing two hundred percent weapon damage per second to any bad dude inside of it, and afflicting them with Pestilence, a debuff that reduces received healing. The real kicker is that when an enemy would normally be downed, they're instantly eliminated. This has some pretty serious implications in PVP.

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