The Division 2 Grouping Up: How To Create (And Leave) A Group

Whether you’re new to the franchise, or you’re a veteran agent who has been out of the fight for a while, navigating The Division 2’s user interface and in-game menus is a bit tricky until you’ve spent considerable time learning the ins-and-outs. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time progressing through the game’s story, or leveling up your agent with friends? Well, you’re in luck!

Here’s our guide for how to easily create a group for you and your friends and, possibly more importantly, leave a group in The Division 2.

Grouping up with friends

From the in-game menu, select the “Social” tab located in the top-left corner of the screen. Once in the Social menu, you will be able to see nearby players, clan members, and your online friends list. Navigate to your list of friends, select the name of the friend you wish to invite to a group, and select the “Invite to Group” option. Your invitees will be loaded into the same instance as you, allowing you to take on missions, The Dark Zone, and strongholds until your hearts are content.

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Leaving a group

When you’re ready to leave your friends or even a random group that you joined (it’s so nice of you to help other agents in need), you can leave the group by going into the Social menu again and going into the Group Management section where you’ll see the names of the players in your group. It’s this section where you can kick players or make another player the leader of the group, if you’re willing to give up the power.

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To leave the group, select your name, which takes you to the menu on the right side of the screen, and select “Leave Group.” Doing so will effectively remove you from the group, sending you into a new instance so that you can get back to your lone-wolf ways.

It may not be the most difficult thing to do in The Divison 2, but with so much emphasis on matchmaking and grouping up, it’s important to know how to manage the Group Management menu, so that you can focus more on actually playing the game.

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