Rumor: The Division 2 Is Returning To New York In January With DLC

The Division 2 players are scratching their head over a mysterious sign that might hint that survival mode and New York City are coming to the sequel.

The Division 2 players are scratching their head over a mysterious sign that has appeared in the game and might be evidence of a return to New York City. Some think this may be a hint that survival mode -- which the original The Division players really enjoyed -- might be coming to the sequel as well.

If player's wishes indeed come true, that would likely mean that the Year 1 roadmap would conclude with a new survival mode in no other location that NYC, where The Division also took place.

The sign in question says, "NYC: After Dark – a return to the Big Apple – January." However, what's interesting is that the sign appears to be in different locations for different players. You might spot it on a building wall, it might hover on a billboard above you, or it might be in some other location as you wander the streets.

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What about that "January" date? It means that we might be waiting a while for an update. Because, as everyone knows, we've just flipped into spring and April, so perhaps this survival mode will happen in next winter. (I guess we're now feeling a little more sympathetic for long-suffering Game of Thrones fans, who have been waiting over a year for the final season's release, which drops in two weeks.)

One Reddit thread shows a wealth of speculation among experienced The Division 2 players. Some of the ideas being put forth include:

  • Redoing the same New York City map into The Division 2 as either a dark zone or a limited-time seasonal mission.
  • A brand-new map for New York City in survival mode only.
  • A forthcoming prompt that one of the New Yorker Agents disappeared, which would cause a search in nasty winter weather. (The original poster suggested a snowstorm, but snow in NYC isn't that common -- water might be more appropriate.)
  • It's teasing a forthcoming DLC or season pass.

If The Division 2 is indeed going back to its NYC roots, this is a great tip of the hat to loyal fans who enjoyed the original story that much. Though a long wait is hard to accept, if this is indeed a recast of The Division, it's good that the developers are keeping fans in mind when making content. Now we just have to sit on our hands for a few months to find out what the heck these signs actually mean.

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