Ubisoft "Looking Into" The Division 2's Signature Weapon Ammo Issues

Ubisoft's The Division 2’s latest major update, known as “Tidal Basin,“ has brought with it tons of new content for players who have reached the end-game. Unfortunately, it has also brought more headaches for Agents to deal with.

According to multiple sources from Twitter and Reddit, players are having issues finding ammo for the game’s signature end-game weapons.

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Unlike the skill-specific issues that players saw during the initial launch of The Division 2, the ammo drop issue affects all three of the end-game specializations, essentially rendering each signature weapon useless. Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment are “looking into the Signature ammo drop” issue, which just adds to the growing list of challenges that the team has faced since Tidal Basin’s launch a mere four days ago.

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The Tidal Basin update went live on April 5th. Two days later, Massive performed an unscheduled emergency server restart to fix an issue with daily and weekly projects that were repeatedly awarding players with rewards. However, the issue was not fixed, leading to the decision to disable the daily and weekly projects entirely, until a fix could be applied. No timeframe was given as to when that may happen, though.

It is odd that so many issues have presented themselves since Tidal Basin dropped, especially considering Massive Entertainment’s original vision to not release World Tier 5 until The Division 2’s major bugs were fixed. Kind of hard to take on World Tier 5 content when you don’t have any ammo.

For those who can’t wait for Massive to fix the ammo drop issue, PCGamesN provided a slight workaround for refilling your magazines. Players can return to the White House, where they can switch their specialization, and then switch back to their original specialization. Doing so will automatically refill the signature weapon’s ammo. Obviously, this isn’t exactly an ideal long-term solution, and is honestly probably a bigger hassle than it is worth. Just be patient, and hopefully, the fix will come sooner, rather than later.

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