Division 2 Stat Tracking Is So Detailed, It Tells You How Many Car Doors You Closed

There’s attention to detail, and then there’s tracking exactly how many car doors the player has closed.

There’s attention to detail, and then there’s tracking exactly how many car doors the player has closed. Impressive stuff, The Division 2.

If there’s one thing gamers can always appreciate, it’s developers taking the time to show just how much passion they have for their craft. As with any job, when you’re truly enjoying and committed to you work, it shows, and we dig that.

Take the super-successful Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for instance, in which the only characters to take damage while in water are Fire-type Pokémon (which are weak to it), Inkling (which cannot survive in water in Splatoon), and Sonic (who… well, we all know what happens to Sonic if he’s underwater for too long).

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Meanwhile, in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the new Raimi suit doesn’t feature webshooters (because, in the movie trilogy, Peter Parker produces the web organically from his wrists, rather than storing it in a fancy doohickey). In short: it’s often the insignificant touches that truly make a video game great, and we’re all for that.

Which brings us back to The Division 2 and its fixation on car door opening. As reported by VG247, players have been enjoying some time with the private beta, and they’ve found some curious tidbits about the game along the way. Mainly, the fact that we’re taking stat-tracking to new heights.

The Division 2 Car Doors
Via: Rock Paper Shotgun

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On the screen where you select your character, you’ll be able to scroll through the various items they have equipped. Each separate item of equipment will show you stats relating to that particular piece (your weapon will display the number of bosses you’ve defeated, for instance). Some of these are a little more obscure, like your melee-only kills, and some of these are very, very obscure.

That’s right, friends. Your gloves will tell you how many car doors you’ve opened.

As minor as it may sound, there is a precedent for this. If you’ve played the original, you’ll know that the series takes its car doors very seriously. Cars are a crucial source of cover, for one thing, and The Division even offered up the Shut that door achievement (for closing a door while in cover).

Rest easy, returning fans of The Division. The sequel has all your car-door-related needs covered too.

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