Division 2’s Episode Two Will Take Agents Through The Pentagon

Even if Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting mixed reviews, Ubisoft remains committed to the Tom Clancy brand. Rainbow Six Siege continues to have a dedicated esports following, one that the company is putting great effort into growing at a local level. The Division 2, meanwhile, is trucking along with its Year 1 content. The latest of this content takes the form of a massive Update 6, which includes a new story, a new specialization, a new PvP mode, a new map, and a bunch of game fixes,

For many, the main feature of Division 2's Update 6 will be the addition to the story. It's called "Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle." As the name implies, the new episode will have Division Agents fighting the Black Tusk to establish a new safe house in the Pentagon. Once inside, Agents will continue the fight to cure the virus plaguing the country. Those who bought the Year 1 pass will be able to access the new episode, with its two new main missions, on October 15. All other players will have to wait for the 22nd.

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Early access isn't the thing Year 1 pass holders get early access to. They'll also get instant access to the Technician Specialization. The new specialization gets a multi-missile launcher and EMP grenades. But don't fret if you're not a pass holder. You can still unlock the Technician by completing a series of tasks, just like with the Gunner specialization. You won't, unfortunately, get to play the two new Classified Assignments. Ubisoft has locked those to Year 1 pass purchasers only.

Good news to the PvP players, though– the new Conflict mode will be available to everyone on October 15. It's called Team Elimination, and it has two groups of four battle it out in a best-of seven-format. There's no respawning, so the emphasis is on tactical team play. There's also a new map to go along with Team Elimination, called Wharf. The abandoned harbor has several raised positions to facilitate the kind of surprise offensives Team Elimination was made for.

Finally, the Division 2 team included a lot of fixes in Update 6. Chief among them are targeted loot, improvements to the way crafting and inventory are managed, and changes to PvP rewards. There's more, it's a lot, and it shows that the Division 2 is still a priority project. Enjoy Division fans, you're sure to find something you like in all this content. If nothing else, you'll enjoy it a lot more than TheGamer's resident Ghost Recon fan enjoyed her new content...

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