Division 2's World Tier 5 Will Only Be Released After Major Bugs Are Fixed, Says Devs

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 has been out for a bit now and, like most new games these days, has a few issues that need sorting out. The title's developers, Massive Entertainment, already provided a quick fix for the "skill bug," as well as for the "netcode bug."  To be fair though, it's turning out to be a great release overall. Fans waiting on the unlocking of World Tier 5, however, aren't about to be placated just yet, although the devs have promised that it will be released soon.

According to the first episode of their weekly State of the Game stream, Massive Entertainment is in the process of collecting information and player feedback as they look to have critical issues handled as quickly as possible. As such, they won't be unlocking World Tier 5 until the biggest bugs are fixed.

Of course, most players aren't ready for World Tier 5 right now, as the game only launched five days ago. The Division 2 is giving users plenty of content to wade through en route to and past level 30. However, there are some hardcore gamers out there who are more than ready, with World Tier 5 - set to begin with Tidal Basin - providing an opportunity for players to gather up even better gear.

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Tidal Basin is currently visible in the game and requires a gear score of 425, yet it remains locked.

The developers have not given a timeline for the completion of their bug fixing and balancing, so there's little indication as to when the new world will be made available. All we have to go on at the moment is: "World Tier 5 will not be released this week, but soon."

The game's eagerly awaited first 8-player raid, like the Tidal Basin stronghold, could be a while before it goes live too. So, if you're running through content like an expert and frustrated by the wait, it's probably for the best, as you'd presumable prefer a bug-free experience over quicker access.

Tidal Basin and the raid are next up on the roadmap, according to the game's Year 1 Content trailer, and they were both promised "soon after launch." As it stands, we're still in the "soon" window, so a bit of patience won't hurt us.

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