Division 2 Year One Content Revealed, Cosmetics Acquired Via Event Caches Or Apparel Store Purchases

As The Division 2 enters a weekend of open beta, Ubisoft has also released an overview of their content plan for the next year. The plan includes details about new episodes and specializations, as well as exploring in-game monetization.

The post outlines a commitment to bringing an exciting endgame experience to players. This is set to include three episodes, which will be released over the course of year one, to expand upon the original story. As well as offering more narrative driven content, they will also offer new ways to play the game.

These episodes will be free for all Division 2 players.

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The first episode will take you to the outskirts of Washington to chase down elite members of the Outcasts and Black Tusks. The second will bring you back into the heart of the city and into the Pentagon. Finally, the third episode is set to round off the year and pave the way for new content in the coming years.

The year one trailer below explains more about the plan, as well as offering a glimpse at the episodes and an upcoming 8-player raid, a first for the series.

Along with the free episodes, players can expect a Year 1 pass, which offers extra content including new assignments and specializations as well as cosmetic rewards. The Year 1 pass access also includes 7-day early access to the first year’s upcoming episodes.

The three brand new specializations will allow you to take on challenges in a new way. Each one will bring with it a new unique weapon and skills tree.

For players without the pass, three specializations will be available at launch, for players reaching level 30. Throughout year 1 there will be three more specializations released. Pass holders will see them unlocked when they become available, while others will have to wait until they have all been launched before unlocking them through gameplay.

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Finally, pass holders can expect eight classified assignments, which will provide more story behind the events in the game. These award backpack trophies. Players will also gain one additional bounty per week, and one extra Project per day for a challenging mission.

Further details are available in the news post on The Division 2’s website.

The Division 2 is currently in open beta from March 1-4. The full game is set to be released on March 15th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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